A high level XMPP parsing library based on GObjects.


This project grew out of necessity for Pidgin 3. We needed to modernize our XMPP support but we also have Bonjour support which uses the XMPP standards for sending messages. This meant we needed something reuseable between the two, and thus Xeme was born.

It's meant to be a standalone library so that others can use it as well. Its goal is to handle all of the marshaling and unmarshaling for you and give you high level XMPP stanza objects to work with.


The name Xeme comes from one of the alternate scientific names of Sabine's Gull. As this project is related to Pidgin, it is only fitting that it got a bird name. But since it is an XMPP project as well, it need an X. To top everything off, the name is very close to meme, which get shared via chat networks. This level of criteria is fitting for an open source project, so we went with it!


Standard meson project build:

meson setup build
meson compile -C build
meson install -C build


There are configuration options for a few things, but you'll probably only be interested in doc and introspection. Please note that doc requires introspection.


Documentation and API reference for the project can be found at docs.imfreedom.org/xeme.

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