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Remove some docs that were missed or are out of date.

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Pidgin: The Universal Chat Client
version 3.0.0 (??/??/????):
* Various core components of libpurple are now GObjects (Ankit Vani).
* Ciphers are now built from the libpurple directory.
* Doxygen has been replaced by gtk-doc for generating documentation (Ankit
* Added dependency GPlugin, which is now required to build libpurple with
plugins support.
* Added dependency gobject-introspection, which is now required to enable
non-native plugin support.
* Removed flags for manually configuring GnuTLS and NSS. They are now only
recognized through pkg-config. (Michael McConville)
* Fixed an issue where transient startup statuses could be deleted
(Jakub Adam) (#16762)
* Moved config files to XDG Directories. (Arkadiy Illarionov) (#10029)
* Specify a different set of encryption ciphers for TLS connections when
using GnuTLS. (elrond, belmyst, and Mark Doliner) (#8061)
* Don't allow SSL 3.0 (only TLS 1.0 and newer) for TLS connections when
using either GnuTLS or NSS.
* Install a purple-url-handler file to handle protocol schemes on Linux.
* Support building with the GTK+ 3.x toolkit. When configuring the
build, use --with-gtk=<2|3> to determine which toolkit to use. Using
either 2 or 3 will attempt to build with specifically 2.x or 3.x
support. The default is 'auto', which will first look for 3.x
development headers and then 2.x development headers.
* Add email notification in the docklet area. (Alexei) (#3571)
* Add a pref to select the type messages in conversation that triggers
the docklet notification. (Momchil) (#12598)
* Complete support for receiving a limited amount of history when
joining a room. (Kha) (#15458)
* Fix gevolution plugin to compile with e-d-s >= 3.6, older versions are
not supported anymore. (Ed Catmur) (#15353)
* Removed command line argument --multiple in *nix in favor of using
GApplication's uniqueness checking directly. The new way to allow
multiple Pidgin instances is to pass --gapplication-app-id with an
alternate, valid app id. Be careful not to use the same configuration
directory as the primary instance.
* Replaced purple-url-handler script with the ability to call Pidgin
itself for URI handling.
* Support the conversation-extended signal for extending the
conversation menu. (Howard Chu) (#14818)
* Support file transfers up to ~9 EiB.
* Possibility to require encryption. Also, using encryption when
available is default option now. (Tomasz Wasilczyk)
* Show local time for incoming messages. (Tomasz Wasilczyk) (#4579)
* Fixed password change dialog and problems with connecting to accounts
with non-ASCII passwords. (Tomasz Wasilczyk) (#14652)
* Option to show links from strangers. (Tomasz Wasilczyk) (#10591)
* Better handling of "invisible" and "chatty" statuses. (Tomasz
Wasilczyk) (#13836)
* Added a new prpl for the Facebook Messenger protocol
* Removed the defunct Facebook XMPP support
* Strip element prefixes from XHTML-IM messages as they're presented
to the core (and UIs) as incoming messages (Thijs Alkemade).
* Support file transfers up to ~9 EiB.
* Invalid user moods can no longer be sent to the server.
* Added WEBEX-TOKEN SASL auth (Bryon Roche).
* A new plugin API has been introduced. Plugins are no longer required
to be of a predefined type (such as protocol, standard, loader etc),
and can perform multiple roles.
* The Offline Message Emulation plugin now adds a note that the message
was an offline message. (Flavius Anton) (#2497)
* IPC test plugins have been removed, since the new plugin API does not
provide a separate IPC API.
* A single jabber plugin provides XMPP, GTalk and Facebook protocols.
version 2.14.1 (11/06/2020):
* Fixed issues with Windows installer that always thought Pidgin was
running. (Eion Robb)
* Fixed an issue where the Windows installer was not using Unicode while
doing checksums which made it fail. (Eion Robb)
* Fixed an issue in the released source code that caused the Mercurial
revision in the About box to be "unknown". (Gary Kramlich)
version 2.14.0 (10/06/2020):
* Fixed a memory leak in search results. (#17292 PR #320 David Woodhouse)
* Support SNI with GNUTLS. (#17300 tiagosalem) (PR #659 Mihai Moldovan)
* Add additional error handling to NSS and GNUTLS. (PR #679 Samuel Thibault)
* Add invisible buddy support to support presence/name/photos for non
buddies. (#17295 PR 321 David Woodhouse)
* Make purple-remote compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3. (Jan
Synacek of RedHat)
* Fixed some leaky deprecation warnings. (PR #586 Gary Kramlich)
* Fixed HTML logs which were writing invalid HTML. (#17280 stars PR #312
Daniel Kamil Kozar)
* Fixed a use after free in purple_smiley_set_data_impl. (PR #694 Gary
* Added the chat_send_file ability to protocol plugins. (PR #701 David
* Treat <p> tags as line breaks when pasting. (PR #678 Colin Xu)
* Reverted Ticket #17232/PR #695. It caused more harm than good and a new
solution needs to be found. (PR #695 Gary Kramlich)
* Always use port fallback for IPv4 addresses. (PR #382 Michael Osborne)
* Support for XEP-0198 Stream Management (PR #309 defanor)
* Decrease delay for file transfer using streamhosts (PR #464 #627 Evert
Voice & Video:
* Improve webcam failure handling. (PR #322 David Woodhouse)
* Show error when creating media pipeline fails. (#17290 PR 322 David
* Clip audio level reporting. (#14426 PR #322 David Woodhouse)
* Keep track of devices managed by GstDeviceMonitor. (PR #322 David
* Ignore PulseAudio monitors. (PR #322 David Woodhouse)
* Backport native Voice & Video prefs from 3.0. (PR #322 David Woodhouse)
* Fixed building against GStreamer 0.10 (PR #325 David Woodhouse)
* Fixed initial delay on incoming audio (PR #379 David Woodhouse)
* Properly cleanup timeouts. (PR #383 Jakub Adam)
* Added an audio mixer so mixed sources don't cause a pipe failure. (PR #522
Fabrice Bellet)
* Added screen share support for Wayland via XDP Portal. (PR #337 David
* Handle unplug and replug events of selected media device. (PR #699 David
version 2.13.0 (03/08/2018):
* Unified string comparison. (PR #186) (Arkadiy Illarionov)
* Properly shell escape URI's when opening them. (PR #271 Daniel Kamil Kozar)
* Fix a one byte buffer overread in function purple_markup_linkify
* Fix an issue were utf8 was incorrectly truncated which could lead to
crashes as we were potentially feeding garbage into glib/gtk.
* Fixed build against curses 6.0 with opaque structs set. (#16764 dimstar)
(PR #268 Daniel Kamil Kozar)
* Fixed a crash when resizing the window. (#16680 marcus) (PR #269 Daniel Kamil Kozar)
* Fixed bashism in autotools. (#16836 lameventanas) (PR #267 Daniel Kamil Kozar)
* Show XEP-0066 OOB URLs in any message, not just headlines
* Fix a user after free (#17200 debarshiray) (PR #266 Ethan Blanton)
* Removed pipelining from BOSH connections (#17025 PR #295 Tom Li)
* Don't try to TLS already secured BOSH connections (#17270 PR #293 Tom Li)
* Fix "Registration timeout" on SASL auth with InspIRCd servers
(and possibly others not based on charybdis/ratbox/ircd-seven)
* Fix issues with plugins that modify outgoing messages
(such as the custom PART/QUIT feature of the IRC More plugin)
* Fix IRC buffer handling. (#12562 PR #272 Shivaram Lingamneni)
* Properly handle AUTHENTICATE as a normal command with server prefix.
(PR #316 dx)
* Fix a crash caused by a use after free of the MOTD.
* Fix an out of bounds read in irc_nick_skip_mode.
* Fix a write of a single byte before the start of a buffer in
* Better support for dark themes. (#12572 Alyssa Rosenzweig and Gary Kramlich)
* Fixed IPv6 links by not escaping []'s. (#16391 cyisfor) (PR #270 Daniel Kamil Kozar)
* Only write buddy icons to the cache if they're not already cached. (PR #276 David Woodhouse)
* Rejoin persistent chats after reconnect. (#15687 PR #285 Christof Meerwald)
* Made the WIN32 Transparency plugin work on all platforms. (#3124 PR #287 Daniel Kamil Kozar)
* Ensure search results buttons are labeled (Backport from de2d88e575ee)
* Fix matching unicode smilies. (#17232 gnubfx PR #262 Daniel Kamil Kozar)
* Correctly update mute/unmute status when the remote side mutes/unmutes us. (#17273 PR #302 David Woodhouse)
* Rework the status icon blinking to not used deprecated API. (#17174 zelch PR #264 Daniel Kamil Kozar)
* Don't allow adding a buddy to protocols that don't have an add_buddy callback. (#4061 Paradox)
* Fix handling of search results (#17238 David Woodhouse)
Voice & Video:
* Port backend-fs to newer api for farstream relay-info property (#17274 bellet)
version 2.12.0 (03/09/2017):
* Fix an out of bounds memory write in purple_markup_unescape_entity.
* Fix use of uninitialised memory if running non-debug-enabled versions of glib
* Updated AIM dev and dist ID's to new ones that were assigned by AOL.
* TLS certificate verification now uses SHA-256 checksums.
* Fixed SASL external auth for Freenode.
* Removed the MSN protocol plugin. It has been unusable and dormant for some
time. MSNP18 has been discontinued and the protocol plugin would require a
large update to start working again. See: The
third-party Pidgin SkypeWeb plugin, however, should provide enough
functionality as a replacement if people still want to use MSN:
* Removed Mxit protocol plugin. The service was closed at the end of
September 2016. See
* Removed the MySpaceIM protocol plugin. The service has been defunct for a
long time. (#15356)
* Remove the Yahoo! protocol plugin. Yahoo has completely
reimplemented their protocol, so this version is no longer operable as
of August 5th, 2016:
A new protocol plugin has been written to support the new protocol.
It can be found here:
This also removes support for Yahoo! Japan. According to the service ended March 26th, 2014.
* Remove the Facebook (XMPP) account option. According to the XMPP Chat API service
ended April 30th, 2015. A new protocol plugin has been written,
using a different method, to support Facebook. It can be found at
* Fixed gnutls certificate validation errors that mainly affected google (Dequis)
* Replaced instances of with and updated the
urls to use https. (#17036)
* Fixed issue of messages being silently cut off at 500 characters. Large
messages are now split into parts and sent one by one. (#4753)
version 2.11.0 (06/21/2016):
* 2.10.12 was accidentally released with new additions to the API and
should have been released as 2.11.0. Unfortunately, we did not catch
the mistake until after 2.10.12 was released, but we're fixing it now.
See ChangeLog.API for more information.
* Include the Mozilla certificate bundle. This fixes connecting to servers
with certificates from Let's Encrypt.
* Remove all 1024-bit CAs
* media: fix an issue with ximagesink displaying only a corner cut-out of
a larger webcam video (Jakub Adam)
* mediamanager: update output window destruction so that it reflects recent
changes in the media pipeline structure (Jakub Adam)
* Ported Instantbird's CommandUiOps to libpurple (Dequis)
* Fixed #14962
* Fixed alignment of incoming right-to-left messages in protocols that
don't support rich text
* Fix a potential crash while exiting pidgin
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Use getaddrinfo for DNS to enable IPv6 (#1075)
* Updates to dependencies:
* NSS 3.24 and NSPR 4.12.
* Add support for the newer kerberos-based authentication of AIM 8.x
* Fixed building on Mac OSX (Patrick Cloke) (#16883)
* Stop truncating passwords to 8 characters like old ICQ clients did.
(#16692). If you actually needed this, truncate your password
manually by pressing backspace a few times.
* Base64-decode SASL messages before passing to libsasl (#16268)
* Fixed a buffer overflow. Discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco Talos.
* Fixed a remote out-of-bounds read. Discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco
Talos. (TALOS-CAN-0140)
* Fixed a remote out-of-band read. Discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco
Talos. (TALOS-CAN-0138, TALOS-CAN-0135)
* Fixed an invalid read. Discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco Talos
* Fixed a remote buffer overflow vulnerability. Discovered by Yves
Younan of Cisco Talos. (TALOS-CAN-0119)
* Fixed an out-of-bounds read discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco Talos.
* Fixed a directory traversal issue. Discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco
Talos (TALOS-CAN-0128)
* Fixed a remote denial of service vulnerability that could result in
a null pointer dereference. Discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco Talos.
* Fixed a remote denial of service that could result in an out-of-bounds
read. Discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco Talos (TALOS-CAN-0134)
* Fixed multiple remote buffer overflows. Discovered by Yves Younan of
Cisco Talos. (TALOS-CAN-0136)
* Fixed a remote NULL pointer dereference. Discovered by Yves Younan of
Cisco Talos (TALOS-CAN-0137)
* Fixed a remote code execution issue discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco
Talos. (TALOS-CAN-0142)
* Fixed a remote denial of service vulnerability in contact mood
handling. Discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco Talos (TALOS-CAN-0141)
* Fixed a remote out-of-bounds write vulnerability. Discovered by Yves
Younan of Cisco Talos. (TALOS-CAN-0139)
* Fix a remote out-of-bounds read. Discovered by Yves Younan of Cisco
Talos. (TALOS-CAN-0143)
version 2.10.12 (12/31/2015):
* purple-url-handler now works with Python 3.x (Daniël van Eeden)
* Fixed an issue where transient startup statuses could be deleted
(Jakub Adam) (#16762)
* The shout smile now matches the default theme (Steve Vaught)
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Updates to dependencies:
* Cyrus SASL 2.1.26
* libxml2 2.9.2
* NSS 3.20.1 and NSPR 4.10.10
* Perl 5.20.1
* SILC 1.1.12
* Remove support for Tcl plugins
* Updated internal libgadu to version 1.12.1.
version 2.10.11 (11/23/2014):
* Fix handling of Self-Signed SSL/TLS Certificates when using the NSS
plugin (#16412)
* Improve default cipher suites used with the NSS plugin (#16262)
* Add NSS Preferences plugin which allows the SSL/TLS Versions and
cipher suites to be configured (#8061)
* Fix a bug that prevented plugin to load when compiled without GnuTLS.
(mancha) (#16431)
* Fix build for platforms without AF_LOCAL definition. (#16404)
* Fix broken login due to server change (dx, TReKiE). (#16451, #16455)
* Fail early when buddy list is unavailable instead of wasting bandwidth
endlessly re-trying.
version 2.10.10 (10/22/2014):
* Check the basic constraints extension when validating SSL/TLS
certificates. This fixes a security hole that allowed a malicious
man-in-the-middle to impersonate an IM server or any other https
endpoint. This affected both the NSS and GnuTLS plugins. (Discovered
by an anonymous person and Jacob Appelbaum of the Tor Project, with
thanks to Moxie Marlinspike for first publishing about this type of
vulnerability. Thanks to Kai Engert for guidance and for some of the
NSS changes) (CVE-2014-3694)
* Allow and prefer TLS 1.2 and 1.1 when using the NSS plugin for SSL.
(Elrond and Ashish Gupta) (#15909)
libpurple3 compatibility:
* Encrypted account passwords are preserved until the new one is set.
* Fix loading Google Talk and Facebook XMPP accounts.
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Don't allow overwriting arbitrary files on the file system when the
user installs a smiley theme via drag-and-drop. (Discovered by Yves
Younan of Cisco Talos) (CVE-2014-3697)
* Updates to dependencies:
* NSS 3.17.1 and NSPR 4.10.7
* Fix build against Python 3. (Ed Catmur) (#15969)
* Updated internal libgadu to version 1.12.0.
* Fix potential remote crash parsing server message that indicates that
a large amount of memory should be allocated. (Discovered by Yves Younan
and Richard Johnson of Cisco Talos) (CVE-2014-3696)
* Fix a possible leak of unencrypted data when using /me command
with OTR. (Thijs Alkemade) (#15750)
* Fix potential remote crash parsing a malformed emoticon response.
(Discovered by Yves Younan and Richard Johnson of Cisco Talos)
* Fix potential information leak where a malicious XMPP server and
possibly even a malicious remote user could create a carefully crafted
XMPP message that causes libpurple to send an XMPP message containing
arbitrary memory. (Discovered and fixed by Thijs Alkemade and Paul
Aurich) (CVE-2014-3698)
* Fix Facebook XMPP roster quirks. (#15041, #15957)
* Fix login when using the GnuTLS library for TLS connections. (#16172)
version 2.10.9 (2/2/2014):
* Fix problems logging into some servers including and (#15879)
version 2.10.8 (1/28/2014):
* Python build scripts and example plugins are now compatible with
Python 3. (Ashish Gupta) (#15624)
* Fix potential crash if libpurple gets an error attempting to read a
reply from a STUN server. (Discovered by Coverity static analysis)
* Fix potential crash parsing a malformed HTTP response. (Discovered by
Jacob Appelbaum of the Tor Project) (CVE-2013-6479)
* Fix buffer overflow when parsing a malformed HTTP response with
chunked Transfer-Encoding. (Discovered by Matt Jones, Volvent)
* Better handling of HTTP proxy responses with negative Content-Lengths.
(Discovered by Matt Jones, Volvent)
* Fix handling of SSL certificates without subjects when using libnss.
* Fix handling of SSL certificates with timestamps in the distant future
when using libnss. (#15586)
* Impose maximum download size for all HTTP fetches.
* Fix crash displaying tooltip of long URLs. (CVE-2013-6478)
* Better handling of URLs longer than 1000 letters.
* Fix handling of multibyte UTF-8 characters in smiley themes. (#15756)
Windows-Specific Changes:
* When clicking file:// links, show the file in Explorer rather than
attempting to run the file. This reduces the chances of a user
clicking on a link and mistakenly running a malicious file.
(Originally discovered by James Burton, Insomnia Security. Rediscovered
by Yves Younan of Sourcefire VRT.) (CVE-2013-6486)
* Fix Tcl scripts. (#15520)
* Fix crash-on-startup when ASLR is always on. (#15521)
* Updates to dependencies:
* NSS 3.15.4 and NSPR 4.10.2
* Pango 1.29.4-1daa
Patched for
* Fix untrusted certificate error.
AIM and ICQ:
* Fix a possible crash when receiving a malformed message in a Direct IM
* Fix buffer overflow with remote code execution potential. Only
triggerable by a Gadu-Gadu server or a man-in-the-middle.
(Discovered by Yves Younan and Ryan Pentney of Sourcefire VRT)
* Disabled buddy list import/export from/to server (it didn't work
anymore). Buddy list synchronization will be implemented in 3.0.0.
* Disabled new account registration and password change options, as it
didn't work either. Account registration also caused a crash. Both
functions are available using official Gadu-Gadu website.
* Fix bug where a malicious server or man-in-the-middle could trigger
a crash by not sending enough arguments with various messages.
(Discovered by Daniel Atallah) (CVE-2014-0020)
* Fix bug where initial IRC status would not be set correctly.
* Fix bug where IRC wasn't available when libpurple was compiled with
Cyrus SASL support. (#15517)
* Fix NULL pointer dereference parsing headers in MSN.
(Discovered by Fabian Yamaguchi and Christian Wressnegger of the
University of Goettingen) (CVE-2013-6482)
* Fix NULL pointer dereference parsing OIM data in MSN.
(Discovered by Fabian Yamaguchi and Christian Wressnegger of the
University of Goettingen) (CVE-2013-6482)
* Fix NULL pointer dereference parsing SOAP data in MSN.
(Discovered by Fabian Yamaguchi and Christian Wressnegger of the
University of Goettingen) (CVE-2013-6482)
* Fix possible crash when sending very long messages. Not
remotely-triggerable. (Discovered by Matt Jones, Volvent)
* Fix buffer overflow with remote code execution potential.
(Discovered by Yves Younan and Pawel Janic of Sourcefire VRT)
* Fix sporadic crashes that can happen after user is disconnected.
* Fix crash when attempting to add a contact via search results.
* Show error message if file transfer fails.
* Fix compiling with InstantBird.
* Fix display of some custom emoticons.
* Correctly set whiteboard dimensions in whiteboard sessions.
* Fix buffer overflow with remote code execution potential.
(Discovered by Yves Younan of Sourcefire VRT) (CVE-2013-6490)
* Prevent spoofing of iq replies by verifying that the 'from' address
matches the 'to' address of the iq request. (Discovered by Fabian
Yamaguchi and Christian Wressnegger of the University of Goettingen,
fixed by Thijs Alkemade) (CVE-2013-6483)
* Fix crash on some systems when receiving fake delay timestamps with
extreme values. (Discovered by Jaime Breva Ribes) (CVE-2013-6477)
* Fix possible crash or other erratic behavior when selecting a very
small file for your own buddy icon.
* Fix crash if the user tries to initiate a voice/video session with a
resourceless JID.
* Fix login errors when the first two available auth mechanisms fail but
a subsequent mechanism would otherwise work when using Cyrus SASL.
* Fix dropping incoming stanzas on BOSH connections when we receive
multiple HTTP responses at once. (Issa Gorissen) (#15684)
* Fix possible crashes handling incoming strings that are not UTF-8.
(Discovered by Thijs Alkemade and Robert Vehse) (CVE-2012-6152)
* Fix a bug reading a peer to peer message where a remote user could
trigger a crash. (CVE-2013-6481)
* Fix crash in contact availability plugin.
* Fix perl function Purple::Network::ip_atoi
* Add Unity integration plugin.
version 2.10.7 (02/13/2013):
Alien hatchery:
* No changes
* The configure script will now exit with status 1 when specifying
invalid protocol plugins using the --with-static-prpls and
--with-dynamic-prpls arguments. (Michael Fiedler) (#15316)
* Fix a crash when receiving UPnP responses with abnormally long values.
* Don't link directly to libgcrypt when building with GnuTLS support.
(Bartosz Brachaczek) (#15329)
* Fix UPnP mappings on routers that return empty <URLBase/> elements
in their response. (Ferdinand Stehle) (#15373)
* Tcl plugin uses saner, race-free plugin loading.
* Fix the Tcl signals-test plugin for savedstatus-changed.
(Andrew Shadura) (#15443)
* Make Pidgin more friendly to non-X11 GTK+, such as MacPorts' +no_x11
* Fix a crash at startup with large contact list. Avatar support for
buddies will be disabled until 3.0.0. (#15226, #14305)
* Support for SASL authentication. (Thijs Alkemade, Andy Spencer)
* Print topic setter information at channel join. (#13317)
* Fix SSL certificate issue when signing into MSN for some users.
* Fix a crash when removing a user before its icon is loaded. (Mark
Barfield) (#15217)
* Fix two bugs where a remote MXit user could possibly specify a local
file path to be written to. (CVE-2013-0271)
* Fix a bug where the MXit server or a man-in-the-middle could
potentially send specially crafted data that could overflow a buffer
and lead to a crash or remote code execution. (CVE-2013-0272)
* Display farewell messages in a different colour to distinguish
them from normal messages.
* Add support for typing notification.
* Add support for the Relationship Status profile attribute.
* Remove all reference to Hidden Number.
* Ignore new invites to join a GroupChat if you're already joined, or
still have a pending invite.
* The buddy's name was not centered vertically in the buddy-list if they
did not have a status-message or mood set.
* Fix decoding of font-size changes in the markup of received messages.
* Increase the maximum file size that can be transferred to 1 MB.
* When setting an avatar image, no longer downscale it to 96x96.
* Fix a crash in Sametime when a malicious server sends us an abnormally
long user ID. (CVE-2013-0273)
* Fix a double-free in profile/picture loading code. (Mihai Serban)
* Fix retrieving server-side buddy aliases. (Catalin Salgau) (#15381)
* The Voice/Video Settings plugin supports using the sndio GStreamer
backends. (Brad Smith) (#14414)
* Fix a crash in the Contact Availability Detection plugin. (Mark)
* Make the Message Notification plugin more friendly to non-X11 GTK+,
such as MacPorts' +no_x11 variant.
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Compile with secure flags (Jurre van Bergen) (#15290)
* Installer downloads GTK+ Runtime and Debug Symbols more securely.
Thanks goes to Jacob Appelbaum of the Tor Project for identifying
this issue and suggesting solutions. (#15277)
* Updates to a number of dependencies, some of which have security
related fixes. Thanks again to Jacob Appelbaum and Jurre van Bergen
for identifying the vulnerable libraries and to Dieter Verfaillie
for helping getting the libraries updated. (#14571, #15285, #15286)
* ATK 1.32.0-2
* Cyrus SASL 2.1.25
* expat 2.1.0-1
* freetype 2.4.10-1
* gettext
* Glib 2.28.8-1
* libpng 1.4.12-1
* libxml2 2.9.0-1
* NSS 3.13.6 and NSPR 4.9.2
* Pango 1.29.4-1
* SILC 1.1.10
* zlib 1.2.5-2
* Patch libmeanwhile (sametime library) to fix crash. (Jonathan Rice)
version 2.10.6 (07/06/2012):
* Fix a bug that requires a triple-click to open a conversation
window from the buddy list. (#15199)
version 2.10.5 (07/05/2012):
* Add support for GNOME3 proxy settings. (Mihai Serban) (#15054)
* Fix a crash that may occur when trying to ignore a user who is
not in the current chat room. (#15139)
* Fix building with MSVC on Windows (broken in 2.10.4). (Florian
* Fix a buffer overflow vulnerability when parsing incoming messages
containing inline images. Thanks to Ulf Härnhammar for reporting
this! (CVE-2012-3374)
version 2.10.4 (05/06/2012):
* Support building against Farstream in addition to Farsight.
(Olivier Crete) (#14936)
* Disable periodic WHO timer. IRC channel user lists will no
longer automatically display away status, but libpurple will be
much kinder to the network.
* Print unknown numerics to channel windows if we can associate
them. Thanks to Marien Zwart. (#15090)
* Fix a possible crash when receiving messages with certain characters
or character encodings. Thanks to Fabian Yamaguchi for reporting
this! (CVE-2012-2318)
* Fix a possible crash when receiving a series of specially crafted
file transfer requests. Thanks to José Valentín Gutiérrez for
reporting this! (CVE-2012-2214)
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Words added to spell check dictionaries are saved across restarts of
Pidgin (#11886)
version 2.10.3 (03/26/2012):
* Fix buddies not going offline. (#14997)
version 2.10.2 (03/14/2012):
* Fix compilation when using binutils 2.22 and new GDK pixbuf. (#14799)
* Fix compilation of the MXit protocol plugin with GLib 2.31. (#14773)
* Add support for the GNOME3 Network dialog. (#13882)
* Fix rare crash. (#14392)
* Add support for the GNOME3 Default Application dialog for configuring
the Browser.
* Support new connection states and signals for NetworkManager 0.9+.
(Dan Williams) (#13859)
AIM and ICQ:
* Fix a possible crash when receiving an unexpected message
from the server. (Thijs Alkemade) (#14983)
* Allow signing on with usernames containing periods and
underscores. (#13500)
* Allow adding buddies containing periods and underscores. (#13500)
* Don't try to format ICQ usernames entered as email addresses.
Gets rid of an "Unable to format username" error at login. (#13883)
* Fix possible crashes caused by not validating incoming messages as
UTF-8. (Thijs Alkemade) (#14884)
* Support new protocol version MSNP18. (#14753)
* Fix messages to offline contacts. (#14302)
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Fix the installer downloading of spell-checking dictionaries (#14612)
* Fix compilation of the Bonjour protocol plugin. (#14802)
* The autoaccept plugin will no longer reset the preference for unknown
buddies to "Auto Reject" in certain cases. (#14964)
version 2.10.1 (12/06/2011):
* Fix compilation on OpenBSD.
AIM and ICQ:
* Fix remotely-triggerable crashes by validating strings in a few
messages related to buddy list management. Thanks to Evgeny Boger
for reporting this! (#14682)
* IPv6 fixes (Linus Lüssing)
* Fix problems linking against GnuTLS. (#14544)
* Fix a memory leak when admitting UTF-8 text with a non-UTF-8 primary
encoding. (#14700)
* Fix crashes and memory leaks when receiving malformed voice
and video requests. Thanks to Thijs Alkemade for reporting this!
* Separate "username" and "server" when adding new Sametime accounts.
* Fix compilation in Visual C++. (#14608)
* Fix CVE-2011-3594, by UTF-8 validating incoming messages before
passing them to glib or libpurple. Identified by Diego Bauche
Madero from IOActive. (#14636)
* Fetch buddy icons in some cases where we previously weren't. (#13050)
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Fix compilation
version 2.10.0 (08/18/2011):
* Make the max size of incoming smileys a pref instead of hardcoding it.
(Quentin Brandon) (#5231)
* Added a plugin information dialog to show information for plugins
that aren't otherwise visible in the plugins dialog.
* Fix building with GTK+ earlier than 2.14.0 (GTK+ 2.10 is still the
minimum supported) (#14261)
* Fix a potential crash in the Log Reader plugin when reading QIP logs.
* Fix a large number of strcpy() and strcat() invocations to use
strlcpy() and strlcat(), etc., forestalling an entire class of
string buffer overrun bugs.
(The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Dan Auerbach, Chris Palmer,
Jacob Appelbaum)
* Change some filename manipulations in filectl.c to use MAXPATHLEN
instead of arbitrary length constants. (The Electronic Frontier
Foundation, Dan Auerbach, Chris Palmer, Jacob Appelbaum)
* Fix endianness-related crash in NTLM authentication (Jon Goldberg)
* Fixed searching for buddies in public directory. (Tomasz Wasilczyk)
* Better status message handling. (Tomasz Wasilczyk) (#14314)
* Merged two buddy blocking methods. (Tomasz Wasilczyk) (#5303)
* Fix building of the bundled libgadu library with older versions
of GnuTLS. (patch plucked from upstream) (#14365)
* Fix crash selecting Tools->Set Mood when you're online with an
ICQ account that is configured as an AIM account. (#14437)
* Fix a crash when remote users have certain characters in their
nicknames. (Discovered by Djego Ibanez) (#14341)
* Fix the handling of formatting following mIRC ^O (#14436)
* Fix crash when NAMES is empty. (James McLaughlin) (#14518)
* Fix incorrect handling of HTTP 100 responses when using the HTTP
connection method. This can lead to a crash. (Discovered by Marius
* Fix seemingly random crashing. (#14307)
* Fix a crash when the account is disconnected at the time we are doing a
SB request. (Hanzz, ported by shlomif) (#12431)
* Do not generate malformed XML ("</>") when setting an empty mood.
* Fix the /join <room> behavior. (Broken when adding support for
<room>@<server>) (#14205)
Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN:
* Fix coming out of idle while in an unavailable state
* Fix logging into Yahoo! JAPAN. (#14259)
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Open an explorer.exe window at the location of the file when clicking
on a file link instead of executing the file, because executing a file
can be potentially dangerous. (Discovered by James Burton of
Insomnia Security) (Fixed by Eion Robb)
version 2.9.0 (06/23/2011):
* Fix a potential remote denial-of-service bug related to displaying
buddy icons.
* Significantly improved performance of larger IRC channels (regression
introduced in 2.8.0).
* Fix Conversation->Add on AIM and MSN.
* Entries in the chat user list are sorted properly again. This was
inadvertenly broken in 2.8.0.
* Fix logging in to ICQ.
* media: Actually use the specified TCP port from the TURN configuration to
create a TCP relay candidate.
AIM and ICQ:
* Fix crashes on some non-mainstream OSes when attempting to
printf("%s", NULL). (Clemens Huebner) (#14297)
* The Evolution Integration plugin compiles again.
version 2.8.0 (06/07/2011):
* Implement simple silence suppression for voice calls, preventing
wasted bandwidth for silent periods during a call. (Jakub Adam)
(half of #13180)
* Added the DigiCert High Assurance CA-3 intermediate CA, needed for
validation of the Facebook XMPP interface's certificate.
* Removed the QQ protocol plugin. It hasn't worked in a long time and
isn't being maintained, therefore we no longer want it.
* Duplicate code cleanup. (Gabriel Schulhof) (#10599)
* Voice/Video call window adapts correctly to adding or removing
streams on the fly. (Jakub Adam) (half of #13535)
* Don't cancel an ongoing call when rejecting the addition of a
stream to the existing call. (Jakub Adam) (#13537)
* Pidgin plugins can now override tab completion and detect clicks on
usernames in the chat userlist. (kawaii.neko) (#12599)
* Fix the tooltip being destroyed when it is full of information and
cover the mouse (dliang) (#10510)
* media: Allow obtaining active local and remote candidates. (Jakub
Adam) (#11830)
* media: Allow getting/setting video capabilities. (Jakub Adam) (half
of #13095)
* Simple Silence Suppression is optional per-account. (Jakub Adam)
(half of #13180)
* Fix purple-url-handler being unable to find an account.
* media: Allow adding/removing streams on the fly. (Jakub Adam)
(half of #13535)
* Support new connection states in NetworkManager 0.9. (Dan Williams)
* When removing a buddy, delete the pounces associated with it.
(Kartik Mohta) (#1131)
* media: Allow libpurple and plugins to set SDES properties for RTP
conferences. (Jakub Adam) (#12981)
* proxy: Add new "Tor/Privacy" proxy type that can be used to
restrict operations that could leak potentially sensitive data
(e.g. DNS queries). (#11110, #13928)
* media: Add support for using TCP relaying with TURN (will only work with
libnice 0.1.0 and later).
* Fix setting icons with dimensions greater than 64x64 pixels by scaling
them down to at most 64x64. (#12874, #13165)
* Allow showing your status only to buddies. (Mateusz Piękos) (#13358)
* Updated internal libgadu to version 1.10.1. (Robert Matusewicz,
Krzysztof Klinikowski) (#13525)
* Updated internal libgadu to version 1.11.0. (Tomasz Wasilczyk)
* Suppress blank messages that happen when receiving inline
images. (Tomasz Wasilczyk) (#13554)
* Fix sending inline images to remote users, don't crash when
trying to send large (> 256kB) images. (Tomasz Wasilczyk) (#13580)
* Support typing notifications. (Jan Zachorowski, Tomasz Wasilczyk,
Krzysztof Klinikowski) (#13362, #13590)
* Require libgadu 1.11.0 to avoid using internal libgadu.
* Optional SSL connection support for GNUTLS users (not on Windows
yet!). (Tomasz Wasilczyk) (#13613, #13894)
* Don't count received messages or statuses when determining whether
to send a keepalive packet. (Jan Zachorowski) (#13699)
* Fix a crash when receiving images on Windows or an incorrect
timestamp in the log when receiving images on Linux. (Tomasz
Wasilczyk) (#10268)
* Support XML events, resulting in immediate update of other users'
buddy icons. (Tomasz Wasilczyk) (#13739)
* Accept poorly formatted URLs from other third-party clients in
the same manner as the official client. (Tomasz Wasilczyk)
* Fix setting icons with dimensions greater than 64x64 pixels by scaling
them down to at most 64x64. (#12874, #13165)
* Fix unsetting your mood when "None" is selected. (Dustin Gathmann)
* Ignore Daylight Saving Time when performing calculations related to
birthdays. (Dustin Gathmann) (#13533)
* It is now possible to specify multiple encodings on the Advanced
tab of an ICQ account's settings by using a comma-delimited list.
(Dmitry Utkin) (#13496)
* Add "authserv" service command. (tomos) (#13337)
* Fix a hard-to-exploit crash in the MSN protocol when using the
HTTP connection method (Reported by Marius Wachtler).
* Support for an Invite Message when adding a buddy.
* Fixed bug in splitting-up of messages that contain a lot of links.
* Fixed crash caused by timer not being disabled on disconnect.
(introduced in 2.7.11)
* Clearing of the conversation window now works.
* When receiving an invite you can display the sender's profile
information, avatar image, invite message.
* The Change PIN option was moved into separate action.
* New profile attributes added and shown.
* Update to protocol v6.3.
* Added the ability to view and invite your Suggested Friends,
and to search for contacts.
* Also display the Status Message of offline contacts in their
profile information.
* Remember the previously entered user directory when searching.
(Keith Moyer) (#12451)
* Correctly handle a buddy's unsetting his/her vCard-based avatar.
(Matthew W.S. Bell) (#13370)
* Squash one more situation that resulted in duplicate entries in
the roster (this one where the server reports the buddy as being
in the same (empty) group. (Reported by Danny Mayer)
* The Voice/Video Settings plugin now includes the ability to test
microphone settings. (Jakub Adam) (#13182)
* Fix a crash when handling some saved settings in the Voice/Video
Settings plugin. (Pat Erley) (13290, #13774)
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Fix building libpurple with Visual C++ .NET 2005. This was
accidentally broken in 2.7.11. (Florian Quèze)
* Build internal libgadu using packed structs, fixing several
long-standing Gadu-Gadu issues. (#11958, #6297)
version 2.7.11 (03/10/2011):
* Our bundled libgadu should now build on HP-UX.
* Fix some instances of file transfers never completing. (Cristi Posoiu)
* Sort by Status no longer causes buddies to move around when you
click them.
* Fix embedding in the system tray on older GTK+ releases (such as on
CentOS 5.5 and older Fedora).
* No longer require libstartup-notification for startup notification
support. GTK+ has included support for years, so use it instead. (David
Benjamin) (#13245)
* Fix a bug where some buddies from your buddy list might not show up.
Affected non-English ICQ users the most. (#13386)
* Send keepalives for all types of network connections. Will hopefully
make chat rooms more reliable. (#1449)
* Fix bug that prevented added buddies to your buddy list in certain
circumstances. (#13298)
* MXit plugin and reported client version now follow the libpurple
* Don't try to request profile information for non-user contacts.
* Allow Re-Invite for contacts in Deleted or Rejected state.
* Ensure we don't send packets too fast to the MXit server and trigger
its flood-detection mechanism. Also increased the internal packet queue
to 32 packets.
* Fix building on platforms with an older glib (inadvertently broken in
2.7.10). (#13329)
* Don't treat the on-join status storms as 'new arrivals'. (Thijs
Alkemade) (#a14527)
* Extend the /join command to support room JIDs, enabling you to join
a room on any server. (Solarius, Matěj Cepl, Tirtha 'wyuka'
Chatterjee) (#4526)
* Add support for receiving a limited amount of history when joining a
room (not currently supported by Pidgin and Finch). (Thijs Alkemade)
(#10986, #a14219)
Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN:
* Fix CVE-2011-1091, denials of service caused by NULL pointer
dereferences due to improper handling of malformed YMSG packets. Thanks
to Marius Wachtler for reporting this and reviewing the fix!
version 2.7.10 (02/06/2011):
* Force video sources to all have the same capabilities. This reduces the
number of times video must be scaled down, saving CPU time. (Jakub Adam)
(half of #13095)
* Starting multiple video calls and ending one no longer causes the other
calls to stop sending audio and video. (Jakub Adam) (#12758, #13237)
* Perl bindings now respect LDFLAGS. (Peter Volkov, Markos Chandras)
* Added AddTrust External Root CA. (#11554)
* Resolve some issues validating X.509 certificates signed off the CAcert
Class 3 intermediate cert when using the GnuTLS SSL/TLS plugin.
* Don't drop whole messages when text is colored. (Jan Zachorowski)
* Don't show two windows when using "Get Info" on a buddy. (Gabriel Burt;
Novell, Inc.) (#13108)
* Don't send ISON messages longer than 512 bytes. (Jeffrey Honig) (#9692)
* Stop sending audio when placing a call on hold. (Jakub Adam) (#13032)
* Stop translating gpointers to ints in the dbus API. This removes
functions from the dbus API. (The openSUSE Project) (#12507)
* Fix D-Bus introspection calls that omit the interface parameter. (Tom
Samstag) (#13073)
* Fixed bugs in purple_str_to_time() that caused the most recent 'make
check' failures. (Nader Morshed) (#13131)
* Correct an issue that caused some UIs other than Pidgin or Finch to
leave a buddy in the "is typing" state. (Jan Kaluza)
* Fix potential information disclosure issues in the Cipher code. (Julia
* Support using the Page Up and Page Down keys on the numeric keypad in
the conversation window. (Ryan Flegel) (#13127)
* Fix a few memory leaks. (Nader Morshed) (#13162)
* Support rendering strikethrough when received as in-line CSS. (#13168)
* Editable comboboxes are now more friendly to some GTK+ themes. (Hugo
Pereira Da Costa) (#13164).
* The Voice/Video Settings plugin no longer resets selected devices to
defaults. (Jakub Adam) (#13044)
* The Voice/Video Settings plugin no longer crashes when a stored device
name is not found in the list of available devices. (Jakub Adam)
* The Autoaccept plugin now allows disabling filename escaping. (Rok
Mandeljc) (half of #11459)
* The Autoaccept plugin now allows choosing Reject/Ask/Accept for
non-buddies. (Rok Mandeljc) (half of #11459)
* QQ2008 is now the default protocol version. (Michael Terry) (#11635)
* Don't crash when receiving an unexpected/invalid jingle transport type.
(Nikita Kozlov) (#13136)
* Handle Connection: Close headers for BOSH, when the server does not
terminate the connection itself. (#13008)
* Improved parsing for DIGEST-MD5, which should resolve issues
connecting to some jabberd2 servers. This corrects an issue parsing
one-character or empty elements. (Noa Resare) (#a14514)
Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN:
* Fix a crash when an account disconnects before a p2p session is
completely set up. (Jan Kaluza) (#12432)
version 2.7.9 (12/26/2010):
* Fix CVE-2010-4528, a crash when receiving short packets related to
P2Pv2 messages.
version 2.7.8 (12/19/2010):
* Fix the exceptions in purple-remote on Python 2.6+. (Ari Pollak)
* When a conversation has reached the maximum limit on the number
of smileys, display the text representation of the smiley properly
when it contains HTML-escapable characters (e.g. "<3" was previously
displayed as "&lt;3").
* Drop dependency on GdkGC and use Cairo instead.
* New UI hack to assist in first-time setup of Facebook accounts with
icon from Jakub Szypulka.
* Don't hide the buddy list if there is no notification area in which
to put the icon. (#12129)
* Fix multipart parsing when '=' is included in the boundary for
purple_mime_document_parse. (Jakub Adam) (#11598)
AIM and ICQ:
* Buddies who unset their status message will now be correctly shown
without a message in your buddy list. (#12988)
* Updated our bundled libgadu and minimum requirement for external
libgadu to 1.9.0. (#12789)
* Stop showing ourselves in the list of endpoints that can be
* Allow full-size display names, by not escaping (most) non-English
characters. (#8508)
* Fix receiving messages from users on Yahoo and other federated
services. (#13022)
* Correctly remove old endpoints from the list when they sign out.
* Add option to disable connections from multiple locations. (#13017)
* Correctly update your own display name in the buddy list. (#13064)
* Correctly show ourselves as offline in the buddy list when going
invisible. (#12945)
* Correctly update your own icon in the buddy list. (#12973)
* Remove struct packing for better portability. (#12856)
* Terminate Jingle sessions with unsupported content types. (#13048)
version 2.7.7 (11/23/2010):
* Allow multiple CA certificates to share the same Distinguished Name
(DN). Partially fixes remaining MSN issues from #12906.
* The GNUTLS SSL plugin now discards any certificate (and all subsequent
certificates) in a chain if it did not sign the previous certificate.
Partially fixes remaining MSN issues from #12906.
* Open requests related to a file transfer are now closed when the request
is cancelled locally. (#11666)
AIM and ICQ:
* AIM should now connect if "Use clientLogin" is turned off and the
"Server" field is set to anything other than "" or
"". (#12948)
* Fix a crash on connection loss. (#5927)
version 2.7.6 (11/21/2010):
* Included Microsoft Internet Authority 2010 and Microsoft Secure Server
Authority 2010 intermediate CA certificates to our bundle. This fixes
the "Unable to validate certificate" error for
* Avoid a use-after-free race condition in the media code (when
there's an error reported by GStreamer). (#12806, Jakub Adam)
AIM and ICQ:
* SSL option has been changed to a tri-state menu with choices for
"Don't Use Encryption", "Use Encryption if Available", and "Require
* Fix some possible clientLogin URL issues introduced in version 2.7.5.
* Don't show a "<URL>: Ok" connection error when using clientLogin.
* Cleaned up some debug output for improved readability.
* Added support for MSNP16, including Multiple Points of Presence (MPOP)
which allows multiple simultaneous sign-ins. (#8247)
* Added extended capabilities support (none implemented).
* Merged the work done on the Google SoC (major rewrite of SLP code)
* Reworked the data transfer architecture.
* Lots of little changes.
* Don't process zero-length DC messages. (#12660)
* Fixed a bunch of memory leaks.
* Prevent a use-after-free condition.
* Avoid a double-free in the Google Relay (V/V) code.
* Avoid double error message when failing a file transfer. (#12757)
* Password-related information is printed out for SASL authentication
when the PURPLE_UNSAFE_DEBUG environment variable is set.
* Authentication mechanisms can now be added by UI's or other plugins
with some work. This is outside the API/ABI rules! (#12715)
* Fixed a few printf("%s", NULL) crashes for broken OSes.
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Build the Pidgin Theme Editor plugin (finally).
* Untarring (for themes) now works for non-ASCII destination paths.
version 2.7.5 (10/31/2010):
* Added Verisign Class 3 Public CA - G2 root CA.
* Properly differentiate between bn and bn_IN in the Translation
Information dialog.
AIM and/or ICQ:
* Display the "Authorize buddy?" minidialog when the requester has an
empty nickname. (#12810)
* New ICQ accounts default to proper ICQ servers. Old accounts using one
of the old default servers will be silently migrated to use the proper
* ICQ accounts using clientLogin now use the correct ICQ servers. This is
separate from the server settings mentioned above.
* '<' should no longer cause ICQ status messages to be truncated in some
locations. (#11964, #12593)
* Fix sending messages to chat rooms. (#12768)
* Don't crash when attempting to log into a Bonjour account and init
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Quote the path stored in the registry when the "run at startup" option
in the Windows Pidgin Options plugin is used. (#12781)
version 2.7.4 (10/20/2010):
* Fix search path for Tk when compiling on Debian Squeeze. (#12465)
* purple-remote now expects and produces UTF-8. (Guillaume Brunerie)
* Add Deutsche Telekom, Thawte Primary, and Go Daddy Class 2 root CAs
(#12667, #12668, and #12594)
* Fix CVE-2010-3711 by properly validating return values from the
purple_base64_decode() function before using them.
* Fix two local crash bugs by properly validating return values from the
purple_base16_decode() function before using them.
* Fall back to an ordinary request if a UI does not support showing a
request with an icon. Fixes receiving MSN file transfer requests
including a thumbnail in Finch. (#12561)
* Fix an invalid memory access when removing UPnP mappings that could
cause sporadic crashes, most notably when MSN Direct Connections are
enabled. (#12387)
* Add a sentence to the certificate warning for expired certificates
suggesting the user check their computer's date and time. (#12654)
* Add support for the Gadu-Gadu protocol in the gevolution plugin to
provide Evolution integration with contacts with GG IDs. (#10709)
* Remap the "Set User Mood" shortcut to Control-D, which does not
conflict with the previous shortcut for Get Buddy Info on the
selected buddy.
* Add a plugin action menu (under Tools) for the Voice and Video
Settings plugin.
* Use GRegex for the debug window where available. This brings regex
filtering to the debug window on Windows. (Eion Robb) (#12601)
* Add Google Chrome to the list of possible browsers on non-Windows
* Add Chromium to the list of possible browsers on non-Windows systems.
* The "Manual" browser option is now stored as a string. It is no
longer necessary to specify a full path to the browser command.
(Rodrigo Tobar Carrizo) (#12024)
* The Send To menu can now be used if the active account in the
conversation becomes disabled or inactive. (Keith Moyer) (#12471)
* xdg-open is now the default browser for new users on non-Windows
platforms. (Stanislav Brabec) (#12505)
* The "Authorize buddy?" mini-dialog now shows the nickname of
the buddy requesting authorization as well as the icon of
the IM protocol he is using. (#5038)
* Add support for drop-down account options (like the SILC cipher
and HMAC options or the QQ protocol version).
* Unify the connection security-related settings into one dropdown.
* Fix a crash when multiple accounts are simultaneously performing
SASL authentication when built with Cyrus SASL support. (thanks
to Jan Kaluza) (#11560)
* Restore the ability to connect to XMPP servers that do not offer
Stream ID. (#12331)
* Added support for using Google's relay servers when making voice and
video calls to Google clients.
* Fix detecting file transfer proxies advertised by the server.
* Advertise support for Google Talk's JID Domain Discovery extension
in all cases again (changed in 2.7.0), not just when the domain
is "" or "" (it's also needed for Google
Talk used for accounts on arbitrary domains not using Google Apps
for Your Domain). (#a14153)
* Improved handling of adding oneself to your buddy list when using
Non-SASL (legacy) authentication. (#12499)
* Generate a connection error instead of just stalling when the
_xmppconnect TXT record returns results, but none of them result
in a valid BOSH URI. (#a14367, #12744)
AIM and ICQ:
* Add support for managing Visible/Invisible lists. (#10967)
* Fix a problem with receiving HTML messages from
QIP/Miranda/Trillian. (#12044)
* Hopefully fixed all encoding-related problems, both
for sending and receiving messages. (#10833 and the like)
* Fix a problem with receiving messages from pyicqt. (#12284)
* Don't set a custom status text when going Invisible to avoid
being detected as Invisible. (#10633)
Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN:
* Stop doing unnecessary lookups of certain alias information. This
solves deadlocks when a given Yahoo account has a ridiculously large
(>500 buddies) list and may improve login speed for those on slow
connections. (#12532)
* Fix sending SMS messages. The lookup host changed on us. (Thanks to
todo) (#12688).
* Improvements for some file transfer scenarios, but not all.
* Bonjour support now requires Apple Bonjour Print Services version
2.0.0 or newer (
* Fall back to an ordinary request if a UI does not support showing a
request with an icon. Fixes receiving MSN file transfer requests
including a thumbnail in Finch.
* Add support for the Gadu-Gadu protocol in the gevolution plugin to
provide Evolution integration with contacts with GG IDs. (#10709)
* Remap the "Set User Mood" shortcut to Control-D, which does not
conflict with the previous shortcut for Get Buddy Info on the
selected buddy.
* Add a plugin action menu (under Tools) for the Voice and Video
Settings plugin.
* Add support for drop-down account options (like the SILC cipher
and HMAC options or the QQ protocol version).
* Unify the connection security-related settings into one dropdown.
* Fix a crash when multiple accounts are simultaneously performing
SASL authentication when built with Cyrus SASL support. (thanks
to Jan Kaluza) (#11560)
* Restore the ability to connect to XMPP servers that do not offer
Stream ID. (#12331)
* Added support for using Google's relay servers when making voice and
video calls to Google clients.
Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN:
* Stop doing unnecessary lookups of certain alias information. This
solves deadlocks when a given Yahoo account has a ridiculously large
(>500 buddies) list and may improve login speed for those on slow
connections. (#12532)
version 2.7.3 (08/10/2010):
* Use silent build rules for automake >1.11. You can enable verbose
builds with the --disable-silent-rules configure option, or using
make V=1.
* Fix the TURN server settings (broken in 2.7.0).
* Re-focus the input area after clicking the attention toolbar button.
* Re-arrange media window to make it more netbook-friendly.
* Rebindable 'suggest-next-page' and 'suggest-prev-page' actions for
textboxes (GntEntry) to scroll through list of suggestions.
* Rebindable 'dropdown' action for comboboxes (GntComboBox) to show the
dropdown list of options.
* Fix non-ASCII arguments to /mode et al. (thanks to Max Ulidtko)
* Support for web-based buddy icons, used when a buddy logs in to the
messenger on the Live website.
* Fix file transfers with some clients that don't support direct
connections (e.g., papyon, telepathy-butterfly, etc.) (#12150)
* Fix filename for the Shocked emoticon. (#12364)
* Implement the new naming conventions where possible. (MXitId, etc)
* Display a message in the Groupchat window when you invite somebody.
* Birthday field in profile cannot be edited when server says it is
* If a buddy is offline, show in their profile when last they were online.
* Handle pushed profile update packets (ie, when changing your avatar via
the Gallery bot).
* If a buddy is offline and we see from their profile that they have
updated their avatar, request the new avatar image from the server.
* Fix a possible crash if a link is clicked while disconnected.
* Unescape any escaped characters in a chatroom nickname.
* Add the new MXit moods and emoticons.
* MXit emoticons added to the small emoticon theme.
* Allow connecting to servers that only advertise GSSAPI and expect
a fallback to legacy IQ authentication (broken in 2.7.0).
* Fix a crash when receiving custom emoticons that don't adhere to
the specification.
* When initiating a file transfer, don't show resources that are certain
to not support file transfers in the resource selection dialog.
* Fix connecting to servers using BOSH and authenticating with
DIGEST-MD5 when libpurple was built with Cyrus SASL support.
Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN:
* Renamed "Use account proxy for SSL connections" to "Use account proxy
for HTTP and HTTPS requests" and tied the option to HTTP requests too.
* Properly detect HTTP proxy server use when the HTTP proxy is the
global proxy server, an account-level non-HTTP proxy server is
configured, and the "Use account proxy for HTTP and HTTPS requests"
account option is turned off. This fixes connecting for some HTTP
proxy servers.
* Fall back to connecting to (not configurable) if
the HTTP-based connect server lookup fails. This does not work for
Yahoo JAPAN accounts.
* Fix file transfers that get stuck with "Waiting for transfer to
version 2.7.2 (07/21/2010):
AIM and ICQ:
* Fix a crash bug related to X-Status messages that can be triggered by
remote users. This is CVE-2010-2528.
* Fix a rare crash bug caused by certain incoming SMS messages
(discovered by Jan Kaluza--thanks Jan!).
* Change HTML sent from ICQ accounts so that official ICQ clients
hopefully display it correctly.
* Fix a crash related to fast buddy icon transfers.
version 2.7.1 (05/29/2010):
* Build fixes on OpenSolaris. (Brian Lu)
* Add configure option --enable-trayicon-compat which installs tray
icons into directories that are compatible with older versions of
hicolor-icon-theme (0.9).
* Restore the tray icon's blinking functionality.
* Fix a crash setting moods when an account is disconnected.
* Fix a crash on disconnect.
* Fix bug that caused HTML to be displayed in incoming messages.
* Fix unnecessary bandwidth consumption for buddy icon requests when
buddies have capital letters in their passport addresses.
* Support for direct connections, enabling faster file transfers,
smiley and buddy icon loading. (Gábor Szuromi)
* Allow connecting to servers that advertise EXTERNAL (broken in
* Replace the MXit-specific mood management with the new standard Moods
* Add the standard MXit emoticons.
* Improve the handling of users being kicked from MultiMX rooms.
* MXit doesn't allow you to see your buddy's Email Address or Title,
so remove those two fields from the "Buddy Information" page.
* Show buddy's Registration Country in their profile.
* Increment protocol version to v6.0
* If an invite you sent was rejected with a reason, display that
message in the buddy tooltip.
* CAPTCHA value is a required field during account activation.
(Resolves issue on Maemo)
* When your avatar image is changed, don't forget the user's profile
Windows-Specific Changes:
* Fix a regression introduced in 2.7.0 that caused Window Flashing not
to work.
version 2.7.0 (05/12/2010):
* Changed GTK+ minimum version requirement to 2.10.0.
* Changed GLib minimum version requirement to 2.12.0.
* Using the --disable-nls argument to configure now works properly.
You will no longer be forced to have intltool to configure and build.
* Fix two related crashes in the GnuTLS and NSS plugins when they
suffer internal errors immediately upon attempting to establish
an SSL connection.
* Fix NSS to work when reinitialized after being used. (Thanks to
Ludovico Cavedon for the testcase)
* Added support for PURPLE_GNUTLS_PRIORITIES environment variable.
This can be used to specify GnuTLS priorities on a per-host basis.
The format is "host=priority;host2=priority;...". The default
priority can be overridden by using "*" as the host. See the
GnuTLS manual for documentation on the format of the priority
* Fix autoconf detection of Python. (Brad Smith)
* Fix a crash when a Windows proxy (from IE) does not have a port.
(Marten Klencke)
* Moved the "Debugging Information" section of the About box to a
"Build Information" dialog accessible on the Help menu.
* Moved the Developer and Crazy Patch Writer information from the About
box to a "Developer Information" dialog accessible on the Help menu.
* Moved the Translator information from the About box to a "Translator
Information" dialog accessible on the Help menu.
* Use GtkStatusIcon for the docklet, providing better integration in
notification area.
* Added UI for sending attentions (buzz, nudge) on supporting protocols.
* Make the search dialog unobtrusive in the conversation window (by
making it look and behave like the search dialog in Firefox)
* The Recent Log Activity sort method for the Buddy List now
distinguishes between no activity and a small amount of activity
in the distant past. (Greg McNew)
* Added a menu set mood globally for all mood-supporting accounts
(currently XMPP and ICQ).
* Default binding of Ctrl+Shift+v to 'Paste as Plain Text' in
conversation windows. This can be changed in .gtkrc-2.0. For example,
Ctrl+v can be bound to 'Paste as Plain Text' by default.
* Plugins can now handle markup in buddy names by attaching to the
"drawing-buddy" signal. (Daniele Ricci, Andrea Piccinelli)
* Be more accommodating when scaling down large images for use as
buddy icons.
* The 'Message Timestamp Formats' plugin allows changing the timestamp
format from the timestamps' context menu in conversation log.
* The 'Message Timestamp Formats' plugin allows forcing 12-hour
timestamps. (Jonathan Maltz)
* Fix pastes from Chrome (rich-text pastes and probably URLs
having garbage appended to them).
* Show file transfer thumbnails for images on supporting protocols
(currently only supported on MSN).
* Added support for IPv6. (Thanks to T_X for testing)
* Updated our bundled libgadu to 1.9.0-rc2 (many thanks to Krzysztof
Klinikowski for the work and testing put in here!)
* Minimum requirement for external libgadu is now also 1.9.0-rc2.
AIM and ICQ:
* X-Status (Custom ICQ status icon) support. Since most of the icons
available reflect moods, this is labeled "Set Mood" on the
Accounts->ICQ Account menu. (Andrew Ivanov, Tomáš Kebert,
Yuriy Yevgrafov, and trac users bob007, salieff, and nops)
* Allow setting and displaying icons between 1x1 and 100x100 pixels for
ICQ. Previously only icons between 48x48 and 52x64 were allowed.
* When using the clientLogin authentication method, prompt for a
password on reconnect when "Remember Password" is not checked and
authentication fails due to an incorrect password. (This is the same
behavior as the legacy authentication method)
* Support sending and receiving HTML-formatted messages for ICQ.
* Use the proper URL for "View web profile" link for ICQ buddies.
(Alexander Nartov)
* Support for version 9 of the MSN protocol has been removed. This
version is no longer supported on the servers.
* Support file transfer thumbnails (previews) for images.
* Fix CVE-2010-1624 (custom emoticon remote crash).
* Direct messages to a specific resource only upon receipt of a message
with content (as opposed to a typing notification, etc). (Thanks to
rjoly for testing)
* Present a better error message when authentication fails while trying
to connect to Facebook. (David Reiss, Facebook)
* When sending data using in-band-bytestreams, interpret the block-size
attribute as the size of the BASE64-encoded representation of the
* Validate the hash on incoming BoB data objects (for custom smileys
etc.), cache based per JID when the CID is not a valid hash (as
specified by the BoB XEP).
* Send whitespace keepalives if we haven't sent data in a while (2
minutes). This fixes an issue with Openfire disconnecting a
libpurple-baesd client that has just been quiet for about 6
* Only support Google Talk's JID Domain Discovery extension
(allowing a user to log in with "" or ""
interchangeably) for those two domains. This change was made
due to interoperability issues with some BOSH Connection Managers
and namespaced attributes.
Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN:
* Attempt to better handle transparent proxies interfering with
HTTP-based login.
* Fix handling of P2P packets, thus fixing the loss of some messages.
* Retrieve the pager server address from Yahoo!'s servers directly.
* Removed the "Pager server" account option, as it is no longer needed.
* The authentication code is now less order-sensitive with the
components of the server's response.
* The authentication process now acts more like the official client.
* New action 'history-search', with default binding ctrl+r, to search
the entered string in the input history.
Windows-Specific Changes
* Updated GTK+ to 2.16.6
* Private GTK+ Runtime now used (GTK+ Installer no longer supported)
* Minimum required GTK+ version increased to 2.14.7
* Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME
(Millennium Edition), and Windows NT 4.0 longer supported due to GTK+
requirements changes.
* Crash Report files (pidgin.RPT) are now generated in the ~/.purple
directory instead of the installation directory.
* NSS SSL Library upgraded to 3.12.5 (thanks to Berke Viktor)
* GtkSpell upgraded to 2.0.16, changing the spellchecking backend to
enchant. This means that myspell and hunspell (OpenOffice)
dictionaries can be used (previous versions' aspell dictionaries
will not work).
version 2.6.6 (02/18/2010):
* Fix 'make check' on OS X. (David Fang)
* Fix a quirk in purple_markup_html_to_xhtml that caused some messages
to be improperly converted to XHTML.
* Set "controlling-mode" correctly when initializing a media session.
Fixes receiving voice calls from Psi.
* When looking up DNS records, use the type of record returned by the
server (instead of the type we asked for) to determine how to process
the record.
* Fix an issue with parsing XML attributes that contain "&lt;br&gt;".
See ChangeLog.API for more details.
* Correctly disable all missing dependencies when using the
--disable-missing-dependencies option. (Gabriel Schulhof)
* Fix display of avatars after a server-side change. (Krzysztof
* Allow setting and displaying icons between 1x1 and 100x100 pixels.
Previously only icons between 48x48 and 50x50 were allowed.
* Fix CVE-2010-0277, a possible remote crash when parsing an incoming
SLP message. (Discovered by Fabian Yamaguchi)
* File transfer requests will no longer cause a crash if you delete the
file before the other side accepts.
* Received files will no longer hold an extra lock after completion,
meaning they can be moved or deleted without complaints from your OS.
* Buddies who sign in from a second location will no longer cause an
unnecessary chat window to open.
* Support setting an animated GIF as a buddy icon.
* Numerous code cleanups and memory savings.
* Fix a leak and crash when retrieving buddy icons.
* Less likely to send messages to a contact's idle/inactive resource.
Previously, if a message was received from a specific resource,
responses would be sent to that resource until either it went offline
or a message is received from another resource. Now, messages are
sent to the bare JID upon receipt of any presence change from the
* Added support for the SCRAM-SHA-1 SASL mechanism. This is only
available when built without Cyrus SASL support.
* When getting info on a domain-only (server) JID, show uptime
(when given by the result of the "last query") and don't show status
as offline.
* Fix getting info on your own JID.
* Wrap XHTML messages in <p>, as described in XEP-0071, for
compatibility with some clients.
* Don't do an SRV lookup for a STUN server associated with the account
if one is already set globally in prefs.
* Don't send custom smileys larger than the recommended maximum object
size specified in the BoB XEP. This prevents a client from being
disconnected by servers that dislike overly-large stanzas.
* Fix receiving messages without markup over an Openfire BOSH
connection (forcibly put the stanzas in the jabber:client namespace).
* The default value for the file transfer proxies is automatically
updated when an account connects, if it is still the old (broken)
default (from '' to '').
* Fix an issue where libpurple created duplicate buddies if the roster
contains a buddy in two groups that differ only by case
(e.g. "XMPP" and "xmpp") (or not at all).
* Don't send <span> and </span> tags. (Fartash Faghri)
* Support PingBox. PingBoxes will appear as pbx/PingBoxName. (Kartik
* Fix CVE-2010-0423, a denial of service attack due to the parsing
of large numbers of smileys. (Discovered by Antti Hayrynen)
* Correctly size conversation and status box entries when the
interior-focus style property is disabled. (Gabriel Schulhof)
* Correctly handle a multiline text field being required in a
request form. (Thanks to Florian Zeitz for finding this problem)
* Search friends by email-addresses in the buddy list. (Luoh Ren-Shan)
* Allow dropping an image on Custom Smiley window to add a new one.
* Prompt for confirmation when clearing a whiteboard (doodle) session.
(Kartik Mohta)
* Use the "hand" cursor when hovering over usernames in chat history to
indicate that the username is an actionable item.
* Double-clicking usernames in chat history will open an IM with that
* Put an icon on the "Filter" button in the debug window.
* Don't treat "/messages/like/this " as commands.
* Explicitly mark user interaction when inserting smilies from the
toolbar so "Undo" correctly removes these smilies.
* Clicking "New" or "Saved" in the status selector menu while typing a
status message no longer keeps the status entry area stuck in "typing"
mode forever.
* Show tooltips for ellipsized conversation tabs. On older systems,
tooltips will show for all tabs.
* The File Transfers and Debug Window windows are no longer created as
dialogs. These windows should now have minimize buttons in many
environments in which they were previously missing
(including Windows).
* Smiley themes with Windows line endings no longer cause theme
descriptions not to be displayed in the theme selector.
* Fix CVE-2010-0420, a possible remote crash when handling chat room
buddy names.
* Rebindable 'move-first' and 'move-last' actions for tree widgets. So
it is possible to jump to the first or last entry in the buddy list
(and other such lists) by pressing home or end key (defaults)
version 2.6.5 (01/08/2010):
* TLS certificates are actually stored to the local cache once again
(accepting a name mismatch on a certificate should now be remembered)
* Build-time fixes for Solaris. (Paul Townsend)
AIM and ICQ:
* Messages from some mobile clients are no longer displayed as
Chinese characters (broken in 2.6.4)
* Fix an issue allowing a remote user to download arbitrary files from
a libpurple client. (CVE-2010-0013)
* Do not crash when attempting to register for a new account on Windows.
* Fix file transfer with clients that do not support Entity Capabilities
(e.g. Spark)
version 2.6.4 (11/29/2009):
* Actually emit the hold signal for media calls.
* Fix building the GnuTLS plugin with older versions of GnuTLS.
* Fix DNS TXT query resolution.
* Don't send Proxy-Authorization headers to HTTP proxy servers until
we've received a "407 Proxy Authentication Required" response from
the server. (thecrux)
* Added "MXit" protocol plugin, supported and maintained by the MXit
folks themselves (MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd.)
* New 'plugins' sub-command to 'debug' command (i.e. '/debug plugins')
to announce the list of loaded plugins (in both Finch and Pidgin).
* Always rejoin open chats after an account reconnects.
AIM and ICQ:
* Better rate limit calculations and other improvements. (Aman Gupta)
* More detailed error messages when messages fail to send. (Aman Gupta)
* The simultaneous login account option is respected when using
the clientLogin authentication method.
* Fix offline message retrieval (broken in 2.6.3)
* Fix handling of markup on some messages (broken in 2.6.2)
* Fix SSL when clientLogin is enabled.
* Fix sending and receiving Unicode characters in a Direct IM
* Don't forget display names for buddies.
* Fix a random crash that might occur when idle.
* Fix more FQY 240 connection errors.
* Fix a crash that could occur when adding a buddy.
* Fix an occasional crash when sending message to an offline user.
* Fix a random crash that might occur when idle.
* Fix a crash when logging in with some long non-ASCII passwords.
(Shaun Lindsay)
* Cache our own friendly name as the server no longer does that for
us. Users of older versions may need to re-set their friendly name
as it has probably been reset.
* Users connecting to Google Talk now have an "Initiate Chat" context
menu option for their buddies. (Eion Robb)
* Fix a crash when attempting to validate an invalid JID.
* Resolve an issue when connecting to iChat Server when no resource
is specified.
* Try to automatically find a STUN server by using an SRV lookup on the
account's domain, and use that for voice and video if found and the
user didn't set one manually in prefs.
* Fix a crash when adding a buddy without an '@'.
* Don't show the option to send a file to a buddy if we know for certain
they don't support any file transfer method supported by libpurple.
* Keep the avatar on the server if one is not set locally.
* Fix sending /buzz.
* Fix blocking behavior for federated (MSN/OCS/Sametime) service users.
(Jason Cohen)
* Add support for adding OCS and Sametime buddies. OCS users are added
as "ocs/user@domain.tld" and Sametime users are added as
"ibm/sametime_id". (Jason Cohen)
* The TinyURL plugin now creates shorter URLs for long non-conversation
URLs, e.g. URLs to open Inbox in Yahoo/MSN protocols, or the Yahoo
Captcha when joining chat rooms.
* Fix displaying umlauts etc. in non-utf8 locale (fix in libgnt).
* The userlist in a multiuser chat can be styled via gtkrc by using the
widget name "pidgin_conv_userlist". (Heiko Schmitt)
* Add a hold button to the media window.
* Fix a bug where the conversation backlog stops scrolling in a very
busy chat room.
* In the Conversation "Send To" menu, offline buddies appear grayed
out (but are still selectable). Previously, only offline buddies on
accounts that do not support offline messaging appeared grayed out.
Pidgin Preference and Preference Window Changes:
* Removed the "Use font from theme" and "Conversation Font" preferences
for everyone except Windows users. The font can be controlled from
the Pidgin GTK+ Theme Control plugin.
* Tabs in the Preferences window are now on the left side.
* The Browser tab is now visible for GNOME users.
* Added a Proxy tab shown no matter what environment Pidgin runs in.
* The Browser and Proxy tabs show appropriate GNOME-specific messages
and allow launching the correct applications to change the relevant
GNOME preferences if found. These were previously together on the
Network tab.
* Moved the port range spin buttons on the Network tab to be beside the
checkbox that enables/disables them.
* Reorganized preferences on the Status/Idle tab to have one less
* Reorganized preferences on the Sounds tab to have one less "section."
* Renamed Smiley Themes tab to Themes.
* Moved Buddy List Theme and Status Icon Theme selectors from Interface
tab to Themes tab.
* Moved Sound Theme selector from Sounds tab to Themes tab.
* Changed the Smiley Theme selector to be consistent with the other
theme selectors.
* Rearranged tabs such that Interface is first and all remaining tabs
are alphabetized in English.
version 2.6.3 (10/16/2009):
* Fix a crash when performing DNS queries on Unixes that use the
blocking DNS lookups. (Brian Lu)
AIM and ICQ:
* Fix a crash when some clients send contacts in a format we don't
* Fix blocking and other privacy lists. (Thanks to AOL)
version 2.6.2 (09/05/2009):
* Fix --disable-avahi to actually disable it in configure, as opposed
to just making the warning non-fatal.
* Fix using GNOME proxy settings properly. (Erik van Pienbroek)
* Fix parsing of invalid TOPIC messages. (CVE-2009-2703)
* Sending custom smileys in chats is now supported.
* Ink messages are now saved when using the HTML logger.
* Fix a crash when receiving some handwritten messages.
* Fix a crash when receiving certain SLP invite messages.
* Chats with multiple people should no longer spontaneously
* Prompt the user before cancelling a presence subscription.
* Escape status messages that have HTML entities in the Get Info dialog.
* Fix connecting to XMPP domains with no SRV records from Pidgin on
* Fix typing notifications with Pidgin 2.5.9 or earlier.
* Fix connecting using BOSH and legacy authentication (XEP-0078).
* Adding buddies of the form "" are handled
properly. In addition, it is no longer possible to add buddies of
the form "", where is a MUC.
* Don't crash when receiving "smileyfied" XHTML-IM from clients that
don't support bits of binary (ie. when getting an empty <data/> in
* Fix bug where SSL/TLS was not required even though the
"require SSL/TLS" preference checked when connecting to servers
that use the older iq-based authentication. (CVE-2009-3026)
Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN:
* Accounts now have "Use account proxy for SSL connections" option.
This option force-overrides the account specific proxy settings for
SSL connections only and instead uses the global proxy configuration.
* Properly detect libpanel on OpenBSD. (Brad Smith)
* Remove IO watches in gnt_quit. (Tomasz Mon)
* Fix the auto-personize functionality in the Buddy List.
* Set the window icon for the media window to an icon corresponding to
the type of call (headphone or webcam).
* Customized sound files are no longer reset whenever opening the
Preferences dialog.
* The buddy list should now immediately refresh upon changing the icon
version 2.6.1 (08/18/2009):
* Fix a crash when some users send you a link in a Yahoo IM
* Fix compilation with GTK+ < 2.6.0
* Fix compilation on Windows
version 2.6.0 (08/18/2009):
* Theme support in libpurple thanks to Justin Rodriguez's summer of code
project, with some minor additions and cleanups from Paul Aurich.
* Voice & Video framework in libpurple, thanks to Mike Ruprecht's summer
of code project in 2008.
* It should no longer be possible to end up with duplicates of buddies
in a group on the buddy list.
* Removed the unmaintained and unneeded toc protocol plugin.
* Fixed NTLM authentication on big-endian systems.
* Various memory cleanups when unloading libpurple. (Nick Hebner and
Stefan Becker)
* Report idle time 'From last message sent' should work properly.
* Better handling of corrupt certificates in the TLS Peers cache.
* More efficient buddy list and conversation search functions.
(Jan Kaluza and Aman Gupta)
* Install scalable versions of the main Pidgin icon, the protocol icons,
the dialog icons, and the Buddy List emblems.
* Build properly on Hurd. (Marc Dequènes)
* Various memory leaks fixed as reported by Josh Mueller.
* Properly handle an IRC buddy appearing in multiple groups.
* Escape HTML entities in usernames when written with the HTML logger.
* Do not display MySpace status changes as incoming IMs. (Mark Doliner
and Justin Williams)
* DNS servers are re-read when DNS queries fail in case the system has
moved to a new network and the old servers are not accessible.
* DNS SRV records with equal priority are sorted with respect to their
weight as specified in RFC 2782. (Vijay Raghunathan)
* Don't do IPv6 address lookups if the computer does not have an IPv6
address configured.
* Fix a leak when the UI provides its own DNS resolving UI op.
(Aman Gupta)
* Don't fork a DNS resolver process to resolve IP addresses.
(Aman Gupta)
* Internationalized Domain Names are supported when libpurple is
compiled against the GNU IDN library.
Environment Variables:
* GnuTLS logging (disabled by default) can be controlled through the
PURPLE_GNUTLS_DEBUG environment variable, which is an integer between
0 and 9 (higher is more verbose). Higher values may reveal sensitive
* PURPLE_VERBOSE_DEBUG environment variable. Currently, this is an "on"
or "off" variable. Set it to any value to turn it on and unset it to
turn it off. This will optionally be used to only show less useful
debug information on an as-needed basis.
* PURPLE_LEAKCHECK_HELP environment variable. Currently, this is an
"on" or "off" variable. Set it to any value to turn it on and unset
it to turn it off. This will be used to perform various actions
that are useful when running libpurple inside of Valgrind or similar
programs. Currently, it keeps plugins in memory, allowing Valgrind
to perform symbol resolution of leak traces at shutdown.
AIM and ICQ:
* Preliminary support for a new authentication scheme called
* Fixed a bug where your away message sometimes would not get set when
you first sign on.
* Make sure links in your away messages show up as links to other
* For ICQ, Never change the privacy setting specified by the user.
* Accounts can specify a server to which to connect.
(Krzysztof "kreez" Tobola)
* Correctly show tooltip status for contacts with status messages.
(Krzysztof "kkszysiu" Klinikowski)
* Support for fetching buddy icons. (Krzysztof "kkszysiu" Klinikowski)
* Support connection progress steps in Gadu-Gadu. (Krzysztof "kkszysiu"
* Add support for receiving handwritten (ink) messages on MSN. (Chris
Stafford, Gal Topper, and Elliott Sales de Andrade)
* Add support for receiving audio clips on MSN. (Chris Stafford, Gal
Topper, and Elliott Sales de Andrade)
* Show the invite message for buddies that requested authorization
from you on MSN.
* Support sending an invite message to buddies when requesting
authorization from them on MSN.
* Timeout switchboard connections after 60 seconds (msn-pecan devs).
* Voice & Video support with Jingle (XEP-0166, 0167, 0176, & 0177),
voice support with GTalk and voice and video support with the GMail
web client. (Mike "Maiku" Ruprecht)
* Added a Service Discovery Browser plugin for Pidgin.
(Andrei Mozzhuhin)
* Support for in-band bytestreams for file transfers (XEP-0047). (Marcus
* Support for sending and receiving attentions (equivalent to "buzz"
and "nudge") using the command /buzz. (XEP-0224)
* Support for connecting using BOSH. (Tobias Markmann)
* A buddy's local time is displayed in the Get Info dialog if the remote
client supports it.
* The set_chat_topic function can unset the chat topic.
* The Ad-Hoc commands associated with our server are now always shown at
* Support showing and reporting idle times in the buddy list. (XEP-0256)
* Support most recent version of User Avatar. (XEP-0084 v1.1)
* Updated Entity Capabilities support. (Tobias Markmann)
* Better support for receiving remote users' nicknames.
* /affiliate and /role will now list the room members with the specified
affiliation/role if possible. (Andrei Mozzhuhin)
* Put section breaks between resources in "Get Info" to improve
* Silently remove invalid XML 1.0 entities (e.g. ASCII control
characters) from sent messages.
* XHTML markup is only included in outgoing messages when the message
contains formatting.
* Show when the user was last logged in when doing "Get Info" on an
offline buddy, provided the server supports it.
* Support custom smileys in MUCs (only when all participants support the
"Bits of Binary" extension, and a maximum of 10 participants are in
the chat to avoid getting too many fetch requests).
* Fix an issue with Jabber (pre-XMPP) servers and the user's preference
to require SSL not being respected.
* Fix an issue where Cyrus SASL DIGEST MD5 authentication might fail if
the username, password, or realm (the JID domain) contain non-ASCII
* Show emblem for mobile, handheld, and web clients and bots (if the
other client supports it).
* Google Talk mail notifications should now work for people for whom
they inexplicably did not. (Thanks to yukam for determining the
* New XMPP and Google Talk accounts require SSL by default.
* Display kicks (and the reasons given) in chat rooms when an occupant
is kicked.
* Fix issues with case-sensitivity of XMPP roster and case-insensitive
Purple groups.
* For contacts who advertise Entity Capabilities, only send rich text
markup if they support it.
* Removed support for obsoleted XEP-0022 (Message Events) and XEP-0091
(Legacy Entity Time).
* When the GNU IDN library (libidn) is available, it is used for
normalization of Jabber IDs. When unavailable, internal routines are
used (as in previous versions).
* Topics that contain '<' followed by a non-whitespace character can now
be set properly.
Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN:
* P2P file transfers. (Sulabh Mahajan)
* Sending text messages (address to +<countrycode><phone number>).
(Sulabh Mahajan)
* Addition of MSN buddies to Yahoo accounts by adding them as
'msn/' is now supported. (Sulabh Mahajan)
* Further fixes for buddy pictures, aliases, etc.
* Yahoo! and Yahoo! JAPAN are now two separate protocol plugins that share
common protocol code. You can now have the same account on both
networks. Accounts should be seamlessly migrated to the new
* Ability to set personal details for an account and for buddies in the
* Added -f command line option to tell Pidgin to ignore NetworkManager
and assume it has a valid network connection.
* Allow plugins to specify custom link types to the GtkIMHtml widget.
* The status message input box at the bottom of the buddy list expands
correctly when starting a new line of text.
* Pressing the Enter key in the message entry box of the New Status
dialog and various other dialogs now causes the cursor to move to
the next line.
* Created a unified Buddy Pounce notification window for all pounces
where "Pop up a notification" is selected, which avoids having a
new dialog box every time a pounce is triggered. (Jorge Villaseñor)
* The New Account dialog is now broken into three tabs. Proxy
configuration has been moved from the Advanced tab to the new tab.
* Dragging a buddy onto a chat pops up a chat-invitation dialog.
(Carlos Bederian)
* The nicks of the persons who leave the chatroom are italicized in the
chat's conversation history. The nicks are un-italicized when they
* Always set unseen-count and unseen-state on conversations.
(Joshua Stein)
* Fix a bug in 'Conversation Colors' plugin for RTL messages.
* Pressing the Left and Right arrow keys in the buddy list will expand and
collapse buddy groups or contacts. (Peter Ruibal)
* Support saving animated custom smileys as animated images or animated
custom smileys. (Andrea Piccinelli)
* Support for keyboard navigation on the status icon. (Li Yuan)
* IMG tags without 'id' attributes are turned into links to the image URL.
(Dmitry Petroff)
* Draw the user's buddy icon at the bottom of the Buddy List with rounded
corners for visual consistency with the actual icons in the Buddy List.
(Kosta Arvanitis)
* When file transfers are complete, the received file name written to the
conversation window is now linked to the file.
* Fix a crash when closing a conversation tab that has unread messages
when the Message Notification plugin is loaded.
* Fix a crash when closing the New Mail dialog if an account with new
mail was previously disconnected while the dialog was open.
* Fix incorrect unread message counts for the new mail notifications.
* Do not lose unread messages with a hidden conversation window when
new IM conversations are hidden and "Close IMs immediately when the tab
is closed" is unset.
* The hardware cursor is updated correctly. This will be useful
especially for users of braille terminals, screen readers etc.
* Added a TinyURL plugin, which aids copying longer URLs.
* Fixed UTF-8 compatibility problems which could cause exits or other
unrequested behaviour.
Pidgin GTK+ Theme Control Plugin:
* Removed mouse cursor color preferences.
* Added "Typing Notification Color" preference.
* Added "Disable Typing Notification Text" preference.
* Preferences have been reorganized into three tabs for Colors, Fonts, and
Miscellaneous categories.
version 2.5.9 (08/18/2009):
* Fix a crash via a specially crafted MSN message (CVE-2009-2694,
thanks to Core Security Technologies for discovering this and
notifying us privately before announcing it).
* Fix a crash in Bonjour, MSN, and XMPP when trying to transfer files with
NULL names.
version 2.5.8 (06/27/2009):
* Fix misparsing a web message as an SMS message. (Yuriy Kaminskiy)
* Increase NS command history size to prevent crashes on buddy lists that
have a lot of buddies on other networks like Yahoo!.
* Accounts with empty buddy lists are now properly marked as connected.
* Fix receiving messages from users of MySpace's web IM client.
* Fixed phantom online buddies. They should now properly disappear when
signing out.
* Fixed the crashes some users were seeing with in
* Fixed compiling on systems with glib 2.4.x or older.
* Fixed an issue with file transfers. This may not resolve all issues,
but it should resolve at least some of the most common ones.
* The pager server will automatically update to if the
user empties the field or if it is This should ease
the pain of transition to the new login method.
* Fix an incompatibility between Prosody and libpurple clients.
version 2.5.7 (06/20/2009):
* Yahoo Protocol 16 support, including new HTTPS login method; this should
fix a number of login problems that have recently cropped up. (Sulabh
Mahajan, Mike "Maiku" Ruprecht)
* Only display the AIM "Unable to Retrieve Buddy List" message once per
connection. (Rob Taft)
* Blocking MSN users not on your buddy list no longer disconnects you.
* When performing operations on MSN, assume users are on the MSN/Passport
network if we don't get network ID's for them.
version 2.5.6 (05/19/2009):
* Improve sleep behavior by aggregation of longer timeouts on second
boundaries to allow better power saving. (Arunan Balasubramaniam)
* Fix various crashes on exit.
* Make XML parsing more resilient to interactions with other libraries.
This, along with the fix for libxml2 bug 564217, fixes the crashes
on connect in XMPP with recent gst-plugins-bad (see #8830 for details).
* Many security related fixes.
* Correctly handle WHOIS for users who are joined to a large number of
* Notify the user if a /nick command fails, rather than trying
fallback nicks.
* Fix a race condition causing occasional Pidgin crashes.
* Fix some errors about the friendly name changing too fast caused
by MSN/Yahoo integration buddies.
* Less likely to pop up a new conversation window in disregard of
the "Hide new IM conversations" preference.
* Fix a crash when sending very long messages.
* Fix a bug where UTF-8 status messages get garbled when going idle.
version 2.5.5 (03/01/2009):
* Fix a crash when removing an account with an unknown protocol id.
* Beta support for SSL connections for AIM and ICQ accounts. To
enable, check the "Use SSL" option from the Advanced tab when
editing your AIM or ICQ account. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix a memory leak in SILC. (Luke Petre)
* Fix some string handling in the SIMPLE prpl, which fixes some buddy name
handling and other issues. (Paul Aurich, Marcus Sundberg)
* Implement support for resolving DNS via the SOCKS4 proxy (SOCKS4a).
* Fix retrieval of status messages from users of ICQ 6.x, Miranda, and
other libpurple clients. (Daniel Ljungborg)
* Change client ID to match ICQ Basic 14.34.3096. This fixes publishing
of buddy icons and available messages.
* Properly publish status messages for statuses other than Available.
ICQ 6.x users can now see these status messages. (Daniel Ljungborg)
* Fix receipt of messages from the mobile client Slick. (David Jedelsky)
* Fix transfer of buddy icons, custom smileys, and files from the
latest Windows Live Messenger 9 official client. (Thomas
* Large (multi-part) messages are now correctly re-combined.
* Federated/Yahoo! buddies should now stop creating sync issues at
every signin. You may need to remove duplicates in the Address
Book. See the FAQ for more information. Thanks to Jason Lingohr
for lots of debugging and testing.
* Messages from Yahoo! buddies are no longer silently dropped.
* We now save and use the CacheKey for ABCH SOAP requests.
* Don't try to parse Personal Status Messages or Current Media if they
don't exist.
* Convert from ISO-8859-1 encoding to UTF-8 when no charset is specified
on incoming messages. This should fix some issues with messages from
older clients.
* Force sending the font "Segoe UI" if outgoing formatting doesn't specify
a font already.
* Queue callbacks when token updates are in progress to prevent two token
update attempts from trampling each other.
* Fixed a crash on Windows when removing a buddy's alias.
* Update the Address Book when buddies' friendly names change. This
prevents seeing an outdated alias or not seeing an alias at all for
buddies who are offline when you sign in.
* Update tokens for FindMembership and ABFindAll SOAP requests.
* We no longer try to send empty messages. This could happen when a
message contained only formatting and that formatting was not supported
on MSN.
* Buddies on both the Allow and Block list are now automatically
removed from the Allow list. Users with this problem will now no
longer receive an ADL 241 error. The problematic buddy should now
appear on the buddy list and can be removed or unblocked as desired.
* Resources using __HOSTNAME__ substitution will now grab only the short
hostname instead of the FQDN on systems which put the FQDN in the
hostname. (Matěj Cepl)
* No longer send a 'to' attribute on an outgoing stanza when we haven't
received one. This fixes a registration bug as described in ticket
* Tooltip windows now appear below the mouse cursor. (Kosta Arvanitis)
* Tooltip windows now disappear on keypress events. (Kosta Arvanitis)
* Tooltip windows no longer linger when scrolling the buddy list. (Kosta
* Allow rebinding keys to change the focused widget (details in the
man-page, look for GntBox::binding)
version 2.5.4 (01/12/2009):
* Fix a connection timeout with empty Gadu-Gady buddy lists. (Martin
* Don't ignore namespace information when parsing XMPP data. (Michal
* Fix a crash that occurred when retrieving certain Offline Messages
on MSN.
* Extended purple-url-handler to handle "gtalk" URI's. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix the hang on exit in Network Location Awareness for Windows XP
and Windows Vista. (Paul Aurich)
* Change Contact Server to temporarily fix connection problems.
(Thanks to Youness Alaoui)
* Support for XEP-0191 blocking. (Vijay Raghunathan)
* Don't put SASL PLAIN or IQ Auth passwords in debug logs. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix removal of avatars (both PEP and vCard), we weren't removing
them correctly before. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix a crash in the Add Account dialog when changing protocols under
certain circumstances.
* Redirect stderr outputs to the debug window.
* Fix rebinding actions with the arrow-keys and tab.
version 2.5.3 (12/20/2008):
* The Buddy State Notification plugin no longer prints duplicate
notifications when the same buddy is in multiple groups. (Florian
* The Buddy State Notification plugin no longer turns JID's, MSN
Passport ID's, etc. into links. (Florian Quèze)
* purple-remote now has a "getstatusmessage" command to retrieve
the text of the current status message.
* Various fixes to the nullprpl. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix a crash when accessing the roomlist for an account that's not
connected. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix a crash in purple_accounts_delete that happens when this
function is called before the buddy list is initialized.
(Florian Quèze)
* Fix use of av_len in perl bindings to fix some off-by-one bugs
(Paul Aurich)
* On ICQ, advertise the ICQ 6 typing capability. This should fix
the reports of typing notifications not working with third-party
clients. (Jaromír Karmazín)
* Many QQ fixes and improvements, including the ability to connect
using QQ2008 protocol and sending/receiving of long messages.
The recommended version to use is still QQ2005.
* Fix a crash with DNS SRV lookups. (Florian Quèze)
* Fix a crash caused by authorization requests. (Florian Quèze)
* Add support for IM images. (Tomasz Sałaciński, Adam Strzelecki)
* Gadu-Gadu now checks that UID's are valid. (Adam Strzelecki)
* Gadu-Gadu now does proper charset translations where needed. (Adam
* Fix an error with offline messages by shipping the *new*
"Microsoft Secure Server Authority" and the "Microsoft Internet
Authority" certificates. These are now always installed even when
using --with-system-ssl-certs because most systems don't ship
those intermediate certificates.
* The Games and Office media can now be set and displayed (in
addition to the previous Music media). The Media status text now
shows the album, if possible.
* Messages sent from a mobile device while you were offline are now
correctly received.
* Server transfers after you've been connected for a long time
should now be handled correctly.
* Many improvements to handling of "federated" buddies, such as those
on the Yahoo network.
* Several known crashes have been resolved.
* Many other fixes and code cleanup.
* Respect your privacy settings set using the official MySpace client.
* Add support for blocking buddies.
* Fix a bug where buddies didn't appear in their correct groups the
first time you sign into your account.
* Properly disconnect and sign out of the service when logging off.
* Support for foreground and background font colors in outgoing IMs.
* Support for background font colors in incoming IMs.
* Many other fixes and code cleanup.
* Fix insanely long idle times for Sametime 7.5 buddies by assuming
0 idle time if the idle timestamp is in the future. (Laurent
* Fix a crash that can occur on login. (Raiko Nitzsche)
* Fix a crash when a malformed message is received.
* Don't allow connecting accounts if no server name has been
specified. (Florian Quèze)
* Fix the namespace URL we look for in PEP reply stanzas to match
the URL used in the 'get' requests (Paul Aurich)
* Resources can be set to the local machine's hostname by using
__HOSTNAME__ as the resource string. (Jonathan Sailor)
* Resources can now be left blank, causing the server to generate a
resource for us where supported. (Jonathan Sailor)
* Resources now default to no value, but "Home" is used if the
server refuses to provide a resource.
* Quit trying to get user info for MUC's. (Paul Aurich)
* Send "client-accepts-full-bind-result" attribute during SASL
login. This will fix Google Talk login failures if the user
configures the wrong domain for his/her account.
* Support new <metadata/> element to indicate no XEP-0084 User
Avatar. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix SHA1 avatar checksum errors that occur when one of the bytes
in a checksum begins with 0. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix a problem with duplicate buddies. (Paul Aurich)
* Corrected maximum message lengths for Yahoo!
* Fix file transfers with older Yahoo protocol versions.
* Enable auto-reply, to emulate 'zaway.' (Toby Schaffer)
* Fix a crash when an account is configured to use tzc but tzc is
not installed or the configured tzc command is invalid. (Michael
* Fix a 10 second delay waiting on tzc if it is not installed or the
configured command is invalid. (Michael Terry)
* On GTK+ 2.14 and higher, we're using the gtk-tooltip-delay setting
instead of our own (hidden) tooltip_delay pref. If you had
previously changed that pref, add a line like this to
~/.purple/gtkrc-2.0 (where 500 is the timeout (in ms) you want):
gtk-tooltip-timeout = 500
To completely disable tooltips (e.g. if you had an old
tooltip_delay of zero), add this to ~/.purple/gtkrc-2.0:
gtk-enable-tooltips = 0
* Moved the release notification dialog to a mini-dialog in the
buddylist. (Casey Ho)
* Fix a crash when closing an authorization minidialog with the X
then immediately going offline. (Paul Aurich)
* Fix a crash cleaning up custom smileys when Pidgin is closed.
* Fix adding a custom smiley using the context menu in a conversation
if no custom smilies have previously been added using the smiley
* Improved support for some message formatting in conversations.
* Allow focusing the conversation history or userlist with F6.
* Fixed the Send Button plugin to avoid duplicate buttons in a single
* Double-clicking a saved status will now activate it and close the
saved status manager, rather than edit the status.
* Allow binding meta+arrow keys for actions.
* Added default meta+erase binding for delete previous word.
* Added "Show When Offline" to buddy menus, so a plugin is no longer
version 2.5.2 (10/19/2008):
* Fixed a crash on removing a custom buddy icon on a buddy.
* Fixed a crash caused by certain self-signed SSL certificates.
* Enable a number of strong ciphers which were previously disabled
when using NSS. (Thanks to Marcus Trautwig.)
* The status selector now saves your message when changing status.
* Fix a case where a conversation window could close unexpectedly.
* A mute sounds option has been added to the preferences window to
help with discoverability. CTRL+S is no longer bound to mute.
* Added ability to change the color of visited links (using the theme
control plugin, or setting the color in ~/.gtkrc-2.0)
* Fix a crash occurring when a custom smiley is deleted and re-added and
used in an open conversation after being re-added.
* A new 'Nested Grouping' option in the 'Grouping' plugin. Group
hierarchies are defined by the '/' character in the group names.
* A bug was fixed where some key-bindings wouldn't work with some TERMs
(e.g. xterm-color, screen-linux etc.)
* Operations (such as moving to a new group) on contacts that were added
in the same session should now complete correctly, and not cause
synchronization errors at next login.
* Minor fixes to login process during a server transfer.
* Restored the "Has You" feature to the MSN protocol tooltips.
* ADL 205/214/etc errors should no longer prevent login.
* Sending and receiving custom smileys using the specification in
XEP-0231 (bits of binary) and XHTML-IM
* Only send a Ping once every hour. This prevents the account from
being disconnected from the server periodically.
version 2.5.1 (08/30/2008):
* In the Join/Part plugin, add the ability to apply the rules to
buddies. By default, joins and parts for buddies are still shown.
* Support SOCKS proxies specified in GNOME or Windows proxy settings.
* Fix some possible crashes in MSNP15.
* Enable a default SSL trust relationship for MSN servers.
* Avoid disconnecting from XMPP servers on parse errors that are
* Include some perl files that were mistakenly omitted in 2.5.0.
* Prevent use of custom smilies without "shortcuts."
* Fix a crash that could appear with AIM buddy tooltips.
* General refresh of many icons in the interface.
* Many cleanups to artwork source are now included in the distribution.
* A new "throbber" animation has been added to indicate when accounts
are connecting.
version 2.5.0 (08/18/2008):
* Ability to create custom smileys (currently only the MSN protocol
utilizes the feature). (Thanks to Mauro Sérgio Ferreira Brasil,
Marcus Lundblad, Jorge Villaseñor and other contributors)
* Add a configure option, --with-system-ssl-certs to allow packagers
to specify a system-wide SSL CA certificates directory. When set,
we don't install our SSL CA certs, so it's important that the
libpurple package depend on the CA certificates.
* Add SSL Certificates support to the NSS SSL plugin. (Thanks to Lou
* Fix a bug that caused the UI to not refresh and caused the client
to use 99% CPU when an XMPP account lost its connection to the
* Possibly fix a bug where some clients could get into a state
where they moved a buddy back and forth between two groups in
an endless loop.
* /ctcp command (Vladislav Guberinić)
* Allow for auto-detection of incoming UTF-8 formatted text on
accounts which are configured to use some other encoding.
* Update MSN support to protocol 15 (Elliott Sales de Andrade, Jorge
Villaseñor, Mike Ruprecht, Carlos Silva, Ma Yuan, Daniel Ljungborg
and others)
* Personal messages are now supported. They are treated as status
* Offline IM is now supported.
* Aliasing is now supported server-side.
* Buddies are now emblemed. Bots and web clients should now be
* Update smiley set for non-faces.
* Failing to update a buddy icon when the buddy has gone offline no
longer crashes.
* Custom smileys received in a chat no longer go to a new window.
* Processing is no longer completely frozen after the servers block a
message because it contains (what they consider) inappropriate text.
* Custom buddy icons can now be added to and removed from buddy list
entries via the buddy list entry right-click menu.
* Resize large incoming custom smileys to a maximum of 96px on either
* Offer to add new buddies into the same contact as existing buddies
in the same group if the alias given is the same.
* Minor smiley style update.
* Group and Chat buddy list entries can now be given custom buddy
* Added "Invite..." menu to chats.
* Added "View All Logs" menu in the buddylist to display a list of all IM
* Added '/msgcolor' command to change colors of different classes of
messages in a conversation. See '/help msgcolor' for details.
* Added tab-completion for commands in conversation windows.
version 2.4.3 (07/01/2008):
* Yahoo! Japan now uses UTF-8, matching the behavior of official clients
and restoring compatibility with the web messenger (Yusuke Odate)
* Setting your buddy icon once again works for Yahoo! accounts.
* Fixes in the Yahoo! protocol to prevent a double free, crashes on
aliases, and alias functionality
* Fix crashes in the bonjour protocol
* Always use UTF-8 for Yahoo! (#5973)
* Fix a crash when the given jabber id is invalid.
* Make the IRC "unknown message" debugging messages UTF-8 safe.
* Fix connecting to ICQ
* Fix a memleak when handling jabber xforms.
* Include the send button plugin in the win32 build
* Various memory leak fixes
version 2.4.2 (05/17/2008):
* In MySpaceIM, messages from spambots are discarded (Justin Williams)
* Strip mIRC formatting codes from quit and part messages.
* IRC now displays ban lists in-channel for joined channels.
* Fixed a bug where the list of loaded plugins would get removed when
switching between different operating systems.
* Fix reception of IRC PART without a part message on Undernet
(fixes a problem with litter in the channel user list).
* IRC no longer crashes on /list on servers which erroneously omit
* Update the NetworkManager support to use D-Bus directly, instead of
libnm-glib. Hopefully it's stable now. It will now compile by
default if you have D-Bus support and NetworkManager.h. (Elliott
Sales de Andrade)
* MSN buddy list synchronization is now more forgiving, only asking
about buddies who have disappeared completely from the server list
and not those that have simply moved groups.
* IRC will now try to append 1-9 to your nick if it is in use, instead
of substituting the last character with 1-9 where possible.
* Bonjour buddies will be saved persistently if they're moved out of
the "Bonjour" group. (Eion Robb)
* The typing notification in the conversation history can be disabled or
customized (font, color etc.) in .gtkrc-2.0.
* Added a plugin (not installed by default) which adds a Send button
back to the conversation window. People without physical keyboards
have a hard time with the lack of the button.
* Clicking on the buddyicon in the conversation window toggles the
size of the icon between small and large.
* The settings of a chat (e.g. Handle in an XMPP chat, or Exchange in
an AIM chat) can be edited from its context menu in the buddy list.
* Add a "Present conversation window" preference to the Message
Notification plugin; the "Raise conversation window" option does not
unminimize windows or draw attention to them when they are on other
workspaces--the "Present" option should.
* Add a preference to set Escape as the keyboard shortcut for closing
the conversation window.
* Add an option in the context menu to disable smileys in the selected
text in the conversation history/log viewer. This should help people
who regularly paste code in conversations.
* Add a preference to choose the minimum size of the text input area in
* Moved the "Local alias" field in the Modify Account dialog to be below
the "User Options" heading on the "Basic" tab.
* Number of room occupants is now shown in chat tooltips where possible
* The configure script now dies on more absent dependencies. The
--disable-xxx arguments to configure can be used to bypass unneeded
dependencies. This will also cause the configure script to die if an
--enable-xxx option is used and the dependencies it requires are
* The Evolution integration plugin must now be explicitly enabled. Use
the --enable-gevolution argument to configure to enable it.
* The Contact Availability Prediction plugin must now be explicitly
enabled. Use the --enable-cap argument to configure to enable it.
* New default binding ctrl+x to open context menus.
* Menu triggers and other bindings will no longer conflict.
* Middle click pastes the internal clipboard (when mouse support is
version 2.4.1 (03/31/2008):
* Treat AIM Unicode messages as UTF-16 rather than UCS-2; this
should have no functional effect, other than continued support
on systems which have dropped UCS-2 conversions.
* Add support for setting buddy icons on Gadu-Gadu (Tomasz Salacinski)
* Fix a crash when clearing the buddy icon for an account on XMPP
* Fix a crash during login for some ICQ accounts
* Prefer more available resources on XMPP when priorities are equal
* Fix incorrectly marking some Yahoo! contacts as blocked
* Improved handling of UTF-8 group names on ICQ (beret)
* Fix a crash when starting if you have a Zephyr account
* Increase XMPP ping timeout to 120 seconds, to prevent poor network
connections from timing out unnecessarily.
* Don't crash on XMPP forms with empty default values.
* Fix issues with CHAP authentication for SOCKS5 proxies.
* Remove a workaround for older versions gstreamer that was causing
crashes on some non-Linux systems such as HPUX
* Fix some cases of the conversation input entry area being 1 pixel high
* Fix for displaying channel & buddy names in conversation window when
they have '&' in them
* Some memory leak fixes, especially in the Text Replacement plugin
* Rectangular but non-square buddy icons have rounded corners in the buddy
* Fix compiling with Glib older than 2.6
* Ensure existing conversations selected from the 'Send IM' dialog are
given focus
* Move the tooltip on the left of the buddylist if there's not enough room
on the right to show it.
version 2.4.0 (02/29/2008):
* Added support for offline messages for AIM accounts (thanks to
Matthew Goldstein)
* Fixed various problems with loss of status messages when going
or returning from idle on MySpaceIM.
* Eliminated unmaintained Howl backend implementation for the
Bonjour protocol. Avahi (or Apple's Bonjour runtime on win32) is
now required to use Bonjour.
* Partial support for viewing ICQ status notes (Collin from
ComBOTS GmbH).
* Support for /notice on IRC.
* Support for Yahoo! Messenger 7.0+ file transfer method (Thanumalayan S.)
* Support for retrieving full names and addresses from the address book
on Yahoo! Japan (Yusuke Odate)
* The AIM/ICQ server-side preference for "allow others to see me
as idle" is no longer unconditionally set to "yes" even when
your libpurple preference is "no."
* Fix SSL certificate checks for renewed certificates
* Fix the ability to set vCard buddy icons on Google Talk/XMPP
* D-Bus fixes on 64bit
* Fixed retrieval of buddy icons and setting of server-side aliases on
Yahoo! and Yahoo! Japan when using an HTTP proxy server (Gideon N.
* Fixed an MSN bug that would leave you appearing offline when transferred
to different server
* Added the ability to theme conversation name colors (red and blue)
through your GTK+ theme, and exposed those theme settings to the
Pidgin GTK+ Theme Control plugin (Dustin Howett)
* Fixed having multiple alias edit areas in the infopane (Elliott Sales
de Andrade)
* Save the conversation "Enable Logging" option per-contact (Moos
* Typing notifications are now shown in the conversation area
* Color is used in the buddylist to indicate status, and the conversation
window to indicate various message attributes. Look at the sample gntrc
file in the man page for details.
* The default keybinding for dump-screen is now M-D and uses a file
request dialog. M-d will properly delete-forward-word, and M-f has been
fixed to imitate readline's behavior.
* New bindings alt+tab and alt+shift+tab to help navigating between the
highlighted windows (details on the man page).
* Recently signed on (or off) buddies blink in the buddy list.
* New action 'Room List' in the action list can be used to get the list of
available chat rooms for an online account.
* The 'Grouping' plugin can be used for alternate grouping in the
buddylist. The current options are 'Group Online/Offline' and 'No
* Added a log viewer
* Added the ability to block/unblock buddies - see the buddy context menu
and the menu for the buddy list.
* Fixed a bug preventing finch working on x86_64
version 2.3.1 (12/7/2007):
NOTE: Due to the way this release was made, it is possible that
bugs marked as fixed in 2.3.1 will not be fixed until the
next release.
* Fixed a number of MSN bugs introduced in 2.3.0, resolving problems
connecting to MSN and random local display name changes
* Going idle on MySpaceIM will no longer clear your status and message.
* Idle MySpaceIM buddies should now appear online at login.
* Fixed crashes in XMPP when discovering a client's capabilities
* Don't set the current tune title if it's NULL (XMPP/Google Talk)
* Don't allow buddies to be manually added to Bonjour
* Don't advertise IPv6 on Bonjour because we don't support it
* Compile fixes for FreeBSD and Solaris
* Update QQ client version so some accounts can connect again
* Do not allow ISON requests to stack in IRC, preventing flooding IRC
servers when temporary network outages are restored
* Plug several leaks in the perl plugin loader
* Prevent autoaccept plugin overwriting existing files
version 2.3.0 (11/24/2007):
NOTE: Some bugs marked fixed in 2.2.1, 2.2.2 or 2.2.3 may not
have been fixed until this release (2.3.0).
* Real usernames are now shown in the system log.
* We now honor a PURPLE_DISABLE_DEPRECATED define to allow plugins to
catch deprecated functions earlier rather than later.
* Thanks to a patch from Intel, the Bonjour prpl now supports file
transfers using XEP-0096 and XEP-0065. This should enable file
transfers between libpurple clients and Gajim clients, but will not
work with iChat or Adium as they use a different file transfer
* XMPP password changes that return errors no longer cause the saved
password to be changed.
* XMPP file transfer support has been enhanced to support sending
files through a proxy when the server supports discovering a
a bytestream proxy. This should make file transfers much more
reliable. The next release will add support for manually specifying
a proxy when the server doesn't advertise one.
* If a plugin says it can't be unloaded, we now display an error and
remove the plugin from the list of saved plugins so it won't load
at the next startup. Previously, we were ignoring this case, which
could lead to crashes.
* Mark dialog windows as transient for appropriate parent windows to
help window managers do the right thing (Gabriel Schulhof)
* Connection errors are now reported in mini-dialogs inside the buddy
list, rather than as buttons in the buddy list and with dialog
boxes. If several accounts are disabled when you sign on elsewhere,
you can now re-enable them all with a single click.
* Added tooltips to the Room List window to show full topics
* Added buttons in preferences to access GNOME network and browser
preferences configuration dialogs when running under GNOME
* If you alias a buddy to an alias that is already present within
a particular group, we now offer to merge the buddies into the
same contact.
* A music emblem is now displayed in the buddy list for a buddy if we
know she is listening to some soothing music.
* Added a 'Move to' menu in buddy list context menu for moving buddies
to other groups as an alternative to dragging.
* Group headings are now marked via an underline instead of a
different color background.
* It is now possible to mark a chat on your buddy list as "Persistent"
so you do not leave the chat when the window or tab is closed.
* The auto-join option for chats is now listed in the "Add Chat"
dialog along with the new persistence option.
* Closing an IM no longer immediately closes your conversation. It
will now remain active for a short time so that if the conversation
resumes, the history will be retained. A preference has been added
to toggle this behavior.
* The "Smiley" menu has been moved to the top-level of the toolbar.
* Pidgin's display is now saved with the command line for session
restoration. (David Mohr)
* ICQ Birthday notifications are shown as buddy list emblems.
* Plugin actions are now available from the docklet context menu
in addition to the Tool menu of the buddy list.
* The manual page has been heavily rewritten to bring it in line
with current functionality.
* If a plugin says it can't be unloaded, we now display an error and
remove the plugin from the list of saved plugins so it won't load
at the next startup. Previously, we were ignoring this case, which
could lead to crashes.
* It's possible to bind key-strokes to specific menuitems in the windows.
Read the 'Menus' section in the man-page for details.
* 'transpose-chars' operation for the entry boxes. The default key-binding
is ctrl+t.
* 'yank' operation for the entry boxes. The default binding is ctrl+y.
version 2.2.2 (10/23/2007):
NOTE: Due to the way this release was made, it is possible that
bugs marked as fixed in 2.2.1 or 2.2.2 will not be fixed
until the next release.
* Various bug and memory leak fixes
* Look for a default prefs.xml in the CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA directory
(e.g. c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\
Application Data\purple\prefs.xml) on Windows, similarly to
how this is done on other platforms.
version 2.2.1 (09/29/2007):
NOTE: Due to the backporting that happened for the actual
release, it is possible bugs marked as fixed in 2.2.1
will not be fixed until 2.2.2.
* A few build issues on Solaris were fixed.
* Cancelling the password prompt for an account will no longer leave
it in an ambiguous state. (It will be disabled.)
* Fixed an erroneous size display for MSN file transfers. (galt)
* Fixed multiple memory leaks, particularly in XMPP and MySpace
* Fixed remembering proxy preferences and status scores
* Gmail notifications are better tracked
* Fixed keyboard tab reordering to move tabs one step instead of two.
* You should no longer lose proxy settings when Pidgin is restarted.
* Fixed detection of X11 when compiling
* Pressing 'Insert' in the buddylist will bring up the 'Add Buddy'
version 2.2.0 (09/13/2007):
* New protocol plugin: MySpaceIM (Jeff Connelly, Google Summer of
* XMPP enhancements. See (Andreas
Monitzer, Google Summer of Code for Adium)
* Certificate management. libpurple will validate certificates on
SSL-encrypted protocols (William Ehlhardt, Google Summer of Code)
* Some adjustments were made to fix sending messages when using
the MSN HTTP method. (Laszlo Pandy)
* Yahoo! Chat is fixed.
* Some AIM file transfer issues between Pidgin and other clients
have been fixed. (Kyryll A Mirnenko)
* Properly restore idle status and time for AIM and ICQ accounts
when they reconnect after being disconnected.
* Insert Horizontal Rules and Strikethrough text from toolbar.
* Option to show protocol icons in the buddy list, from the
Buddies > Show menu. (Justin Heiner)
* Ability to build with native, non-X11 GTK+ on OSX. (Anders
* Remember the 'Enable Sounds' setting for a conversation.
* Right-clicking the empty space in the formatting toolbar
allows you to toggle back to the old "ungrouped" version.
* Protocols supporting account registration via Pidgin now show
a descriptive checkbox instead of a vague "Register" button.
* Fixed a bug where a tab would be shown on single conversations
when tabs were disabled.
* Per-conversation mute and logging options (accessible from the menu).
version 2.1.1 (08/20/2007):
* Added an account action to open your inbox in the yahoo prpl.
* Added support for Unicode status messages in Yahoo.
* Server-stored aliases for Yahoo. (John Moody)
* Fixed support for Yahoo! doodling.
* Limited support for MSN Messenger contacts
* Bonjour plugin uses native Avahi instead of Howl
* Bonjour plugin supports Buddy Icons
* Only report conversation close when 'send typing notifications'
preference is turned on (Bob Rossi)
* Show current outgoing conversation formatting on the font label on
the toolbar
* Slim new redesign of conversation tabs to maximize number of
conversations that can fit in a window
* Tab bar is not visible when only one conversation is open. You can
drag and drop conversations from the infopane.
* Moved "Reset Formatting" toolbar button to Font menu.
* Double click on the infopane to alias buddies and set topics
on chats
* New smiley style
* Sound support (Eric Polino)
version 2.1.0 (07/28/2007):
* Core changes to allow UIs to use second-granularity for scheduling.
Pidgin and Finch, which use the glib event loop, were changed to use
g_timeout_add_seconds() on glib >= 2.14 when possible. This allows
glib to better group our longer timers to increase power efficiency.
(Arjan van de Ven with Intel Corporation)
* No longer linkifies screennames containing @ signs in join/part
notifications in chats
* With the HTML logger, images in conversations are now saved.
NOTE: Saved images are not yet displayed when loading logs.
* Added support for QIP logs to the Log Reader plugin (Michael Shkutkov)
* Ensure only one copy of Pidgin is running with a given configuration
directory. The net effect of this is that trying to start Pidgin a
second time will raise the buddy list. (Gabriel Schulhof)
* Undo capability in the conversation window
* The formatting toolbar has been reorganized to be more concise.
* A new status area has been added to the top of conversations to
provide additional detail about the buddy, including buddy icon,
protocol and status message.
* Show idle times in the buddy list as days, hours, seconds
* There's support for workspaces now (details in the manpage)
* There's a new custom window manager, Irssi
* Some improvements for tab-completion, tooltip and the password entries
* Some bugs regarding search results fixed
* A new DBus-script to create a docklet for finch
* Support for showing empty groups in the buddy list (Eric Polino)
version 2.0.2 (06/14/2007):
* Added a custom conversation font option to preferences
* Fixed smiley ordering in the insert smiley popup to be more intuitive
* Conversation->More menu items work for Chats as well as Buddies,
including those not on your buddy list
* newline plugin should work better with conversation colors plugin now
* Get Info on users now provides immediate feedback that something is
* Aliasing a buddy will not be interrupted by other buddy list activity
* Using the -l option to log in to a specific account works better
* Moving an ICQ buddy from one group to another no longer
re-requests authorization from that person (Rene Hausleitner)
* Added nullprpl, an example protocol plugin (Ryan Barrett)
* Fixed SOCKS5 bug which caused Jabber file receiving to fail
* Remove MSN's random "Authorization Failed" dialogs
* Fix MSN to correctly detect incorrect passwords and disable the account
* Get User Info on MSN is now more reliable & accurate
* Updated SILC protocol to support SILC Toolkit 1.1 (Pekka Riikonen)
* Fix for some QQ authentication problems
* Fix for building on FreeBSD
* Prevent "Logged in:" times for AIM buddies being ridiculously high
* Updates and fixes to Bonjour support
* Improve ICQ encoding support for some non-latin languages
* Auto account reconnecting
version 2.0.1 (05/24/2007):
* Buddy list update speedups when buddy icons are not being
displayed. (Scott Wolchok)
* Fix icons on docklet change status menu to match the status selector
* Custom smileys on MSN can be saved by right-clicking on them
* Fix a crash deleting a buddy that is in the Buddy List more than once
* Compile fixes for Solaris
* Fix GTalk formatting when there's a space before/after a */_
* Fix Log viewer crash when the filename is not in the expected format
* Get User Info now provides immediate feedback, and is updated when the
user information is available
* Make the choose buddy icon dialog correctly list the current directory
* Fix for buddy icons disappearing
* Timestamps are always on in debug output (-d) and Debug Window now
* Don't escape html entities in Yahoo! system messages
* Fix for the choose buddy icon dialog resizing strangely as files are selected
* Receives notifications when XMPP buddies send "leaving chat"
* Fix the typing animation so it doesn't stop animating once a conversation
has gone from typing -> not typing -> typing
* Fix error messages when joing XMPP chats
* Identify the account when warning about plaintext auth over an
unencrypted channel
* Fix XMPP SASL authentication error when using Cyrus and a connect server
* Fix changing tab locations to update properly
* Turning off "Show formatting on incoming messages" now ignores
formatting in <span> tags too
* File transfer progress for transfers on MSN is now correctly displayed
* You can set/change alias of buddies/chats by double-clicking on the
conversation tabs (Ma Xuan)
* Fix IRC connection bug with dircproxy (xjoe)
* Ctrl+[shift]+tab focuses the next most active tab (William Thompson)
* Fix Open Hotmail Inbox for MSN to work more reliably
* Add a Google Talk item to the protocol list, to help users who think
we don't support Google Talk. The item acts just like "XMPP".
* Remember if the X server supports XScreenSaver, to avoid waking it
every 5 seconds. (Arjan van de Ven with Intel Corporation)
* Change our idle checking to poll only as necessary and raise the
unidle timeout from 5 seconds to 60 when using XScreenSaver. This
and the XScreenSaver change will reduce Pidgin's effect on power
consumption when running with NO_HZ. (Arjan van de Ven with Intel
* Conversation -> Save As will now use aliases.
* ALSA added as a possible sound method
* Google Talk accounts will not import buddies from your Gmail address
* Userlist in chat windows, which can be turned on or off using
"/users" command
* Menus in the conversation windows
* Improved tab completion support
* Ctrl+c prompts with a dialog before exiting
* Filter string in the debug window
* Notify when you leave a chat
* Work around an ncurses bug which appears when half of a multi-cell
character is covered by an upper-level window
* New plugins are shown in bold text in the plugin dialog
* Nicer HTML screendumps
version 2.0.0 (5/3/2007):
* The project has new names - libpurple for the core, Pidgin for the
GTK+ UI and Finch for the ncurses based console UI (AOL LLC)
Build Changes:
* With the Core/UI split complete, it is now possible to build
libpurple without any UIs, creating a library upon which other
UIs may be constructed
* A new ncurses-based console UI called Finch is now available
(Sadrul Habib Chowdhury, Google Summer of Code)
* Reorganized the source tree to split apart the code for the UI
changes and libpurple targets
* libxml2 is now required. We switched from gmarkup to libxml2 for
more correct XML parsing.
Status System:
* The code dealing with buddy and account status, away messages,
away states, online/offline, etc has been completely rewritten.
Huge thanks to Christian Hammond, Dave West, Daniel Atallah and
Sadrul Habib Chowdhury.
* Your status can now be set from inside the buddy list using the
selector at the bottom of the window.
* To see messages when a buddy signs on or off, goes away, or
becomes idle, load the "Buddy State Notification" plugin
Buddy List:
* Performance when manipulating and displaying the buddy list has
been significantly improved (Aaron Sheldon, Google Summer of Code)
* Buddy icons are now shown in tooltips (Felipe Contreras)
* Tooltips now contain additional information about a "Person" that
contains multiple online buddies
* Added a "Last Seen" field to buddy tooltips
* Contacts will auto-expand when buddies are dragged around
* If Pidgin is exited with the buddy list hidden in the docklet, it
will remain hidden when Pidgin is started again (Scott Shedden)
* Improved buddy list searching with CTRL+F
* Ability to set a buddy icon for all of your accounts at once via
the buddy list (You can still set per-account icons via the
account editor)
* The space wasted by the group expanders has been eliminated and
the expander setting in .gtkrc-2.0 is no longer needed
* Authorization requests don't popup new dialogs anymore. They are
displayed at the bottom of the buddy list instead.
* New mail notifications don't popup new dialogs anymore. They are
displayed at the top of the buddy list instead.
Conversations and Chats:
* Timestamps honor the locale. To use the traditional style,
enable the "Message Timestamp Formats" plugin. The plugin
also provides options to show dates in timestamps.
* Messages from buddies in the same "Person" will automatically
use the same conversation window.
* The "Send As" menu has been replaced with a more appropriate
"Send To" menu based on "Persons" on your buddy list
* Message formatting persists between messages (Igor Belyi)
* Full message background colors are now supported
* Smooth scrolling when receiving a new message
* Screenname colors in chats now chosen intelligently
* Conversation buffer scrollback limited to avoid large memory
usage in active conversations
* Control-Shift-Tab will reverse cycle through the conversation tabs
(James Vega)
* Many problems related to having an IM conversation and a chat open
with the same name are fixed (Andrew Hart)
* Warning dialog when closing a window with unread IM messages
* In chats right-click on names in the conversation window to
IM/Send File/Get info/ignore the user
* Added tab management options to the tab right-click menu (Sadrul
Habib Chowdhury)
* Brand new message queueing system. Sounds are played when a
message is queued rather than when the message is dequeued
(Casey Harkins)
* Ability to find the last message from a user in a chat (Levi Bard
and Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)
* Formatting is preserved across messages
(There are known issues with pasting formatted text. Either use
"Paste as Plain Text", hit Ctrl-R after pasting, or use the Clear
Formatting button on the toolbar.)
* Performance while joining large chat rooms has been significantly
improved (Aaron Sheldon, Google Summer of Code)
* Bi-Directional text support improvements for GtkIMHtml (Shlomi Loubaton)
* Beautiful new default sounds (Brad Turcotte)
* Use GStreamer for playing sounds, instead of libao
* A volume control in the preferences (Casey Harkins)
Log Viewer:
* Log viewer aggregates logs from the same "Person"
* When opening the log viewer, show the most recent log by default
(Peter McCurdy)
* Logs are now saved with the current timezone, which is displayed
in the log viewer
* Text logs are linkified, so URLs are clickable
* The old logger now caches file offsets, so opening the log viewer
for buddies with old logs should be much faster now if you have large
log files (except the first time for a log, when the cache is built)
* Plugins are now accessed through a separate dialog from the Tools
menu of the Buddy List
* Newly installed plugins can now be activated without restarting
Pidgin (Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)
* Overhauled the system tray/docklet plugin (Casey Harkins)
* Text Replacement Plugin rewritten, works in real time and far more
intuitively (Benjamin Kahn)
* Entries in the text replacement plugin are now sorted
* The text replacement plugin allows non-whole-word replacement rules
(Levi Bard)
* The text replacement plugin offers both case sensitive matching and
automatic case handling
* I'dle Ma'ker plugin now has an easier method to unidle accounts, a
way to idle all accounts at once, and a way to unidle all accounts
idled via the plugin (John Bailey, Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)
* The Evolution Integration plugin now supports Groupwise contacts
* Mono plugin loader (Eoin Coffey)
* Perl plugin loader has been rewritten (John Kelm, Google Summer
of Code)
* New music messaging plugin (Christian Muise, Google Summer of Code)
* gaim-remote has been superseded by new DBUS bindings within libpurple
(Piotr Zielinski, Google Summer of Code)
* The purple-url-handler program has been added to provide a way to
automatically launch IM links via Pidgin or Finch.
* The functionality of the auto-reconnect plugin has been
moved into the core, and the plugin itself has been removed.
* 'Highlight when nick said' option added to Message Notification
* The system tray icon is now properly transparent (Dan Winship)
* New Log Reader plugin that can read and display logs from Adium,
MSN Messenger, and Trillian in the log viewer
* New Contact Availability plugin that attempts to predict the
times when people in your buddylist will most likely respond
to you, based on times in the past when they have responded
(Geoffrey Foster, Google Summer of Code)
* A few new plugins: Autoaccept, Autoreply, Buddy Notes, New Line,
Offline Message Emulation, Conversation Colors and Markerline
MSN Features:
* Custom smiley receiving support (Irving Cordova & Francesco Fracassi)
* Added support for sending (with the /nudge command) and receiving
"nudges" (Julien Cegarra, Martin Bayard)
* Added an account action to open your Hotmail inbox from MSN
* Bi-directional text is correctly handled now (Shlomi Loubaton)
Yahoo Features:
* Stealth Settings have been implemented
* Doodle is now supported (Andrew Dieffenbach, Google Summer of Code)
* Buddies' requests to add you to their lists now prompt for
* Account option to ignore chat and conference invitations (Peter
* Added a /list command to bring up the room list (Peter Lawler)
AIM/ICQ Features:
* ICQ file transfer support with newer ICQ clients (Jonathan Clark,
Google Summer of Code)
* Many overall improvements to AIM and ICQ file transfers (Jonathan
Clark, Google Summer of Code)
* Support for pausing and resuming AIM and ICQ file transfers
(Graham Booker)
* Ability to set ICQ "require authorization" and "web aware"
setting (Ettore Simone)
* ICQ encoding fix for offline buddies (Ilya Konstantinov)
IRC Features:
* SSL support for IRC connections (Daniel Atallah)
* Show an error message when temporarily unable to join an IRC
channel or change your nick
* Added /nickserv, /memoserv, /chanserv and /operserv
commands (Joao Luís Marques Pinto)
* Added CTCP VERSION via /version (Andrej Krivulčík)
* Added /whowas command (achris)
Jabber Features:
* Support for SRV lookups
* Support for buddy icons
* Jabber User Directory searching
SILC Features:
* Whiteboard support (Pekka Riikonen)
* Sending/receiving images in IMs (Pekka Riikonen)
* Cipher and HMAC selection support (Pekka Riikonen)
* Buddy Icon support (Pekka Riikonen)
Other Protocol Changes:
* Bonjour (Rendezvous) protocol support (Juanjo Molinero Horno, Google
Summer of Code)
* Updated Gadu-Gadu protocol support (Bartosz Oler, Google Summer of
Code). This requires the libgadu library. See for more information.
* SIP/SIMPLE support (Thomas Butter, Google Summer of Code)
* Sametime protocol support
Requires the meanwhile library:
* QQ protocol support (Mark Huetsch, Google Summer of Code, and the
developers of the OpenQ project)
* Removed the Napster and TOC protocols plugins
Other Noteworthy Changes:
* NAT traversal support via UPnP (Adam J. Warrington, Google Summer of
* NAT traversal support via NAT-PMP (Evan Schoenberg and R. Tyler Ballance)
* The modify account dialog now contains two tabs, which should display
better at lower resolutions (Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)
* New "find buddy" results dialog (Alex Converse)
* People using input methods can now use Enter again
* Mouse-over hyperlink coloring is now themeable
* Buddy Pounces now have a proper management window. (Kevin Stange)
* Buddy icons maintain aspect ratio when resized
* The last used directory is remembered for opening or saving files and
buddy icons
* Add an SVG version of our desktop icon, pidgin.svg (John Oyler)
* If a given protocol doesn't support privacy, we now handle blocking
in the core. (Jean-Yves Lefort)
* Smiley themes can now include spaces in the smiley definitions.
The spaces (and now backslashes) must be backslash-escaped.
(Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)
* New e-mail notices are now grouped into one dialog.
(Sadrul Habib Chowdhury, Chris Stafford)
* "Open" in the File Transfer window integrates with GNOME, KDE, and
Windows and falls back to the browser in other environments.
* On Mac OS X, the keyboard/mouse idle time pref now uses system idle
time instead of X11 idle time (Michael Culbertson)
* Autocomplete in the buddy pounce dialog (Sadrul Habib Chowdhury)
* Non-blocking socket I/O is used in most protocol plugins
* All-new icons all over the place (Hylke Bons)
Preference Changes:
* Preferences have been substantially reorganized and cleaned up
* Smiley theme descriptions are now shown correctly for the highlighted
smiley theme (Levi Bard)
* All Buddy List preferences have been moved to the Buddies menu of
the buddy list window.
* Proxy settings will be taken from Gnome if it is running. These may
still be overridden on a per-account basis.
* Removed "Dim idle buddies;" behavior is now always enabled
* Removed keyboard shortcut preferences for ctrl-B/I/U; enabled by
default, but won't interfere with bindings set by the GTK theme
* Removed keyboard shortcuts preferences for ctrl-# to insert a smiley;
behavior removed from Pidgin
* Removed "Enter" vs. "Ctrl-Enter" to send; "Enter" sends by default,
but it is now possible to change this binding in your GTK theme
* Removed "Show multi-colored screennames in chats;" behavior is now
always enabled and screenname colors automatically adjust themselves
to compensate for background color.
* Removed "Raise Buddy List Window on Events" and the related behavior
* Removed "Display remote nicknames if no alias is set"
* Removed "Show idle times" and "Show warning levels" on the buddy
list; behavior is now always enabled
* Removed "Auto-expand contacts;" contacts expand only when dragging
buddies around the buddy list
* Removed conversation and buddy list buttons and related preferences
* Removed "Raise conversation window" preferences; moved feature to
the notify plugin
* Removed "Show alias in tabs/titles;" behavior is now always enabled
* Removed "Show formatting toolbars;" the setting in conversations'
"Options" menu now affects the global preference
* Removed "Show timestamps;" behavior is now enabled, but is overridden
by the timestamp plugin
* Removed all protocol options pages
* Removed "Escape closes windows;" default key binding is now Ctrl-W
* Removed "Log when buddies sign on/sign off/become idle/become
un-idle/go away/come back" and "Log your own actions;" all of these
will be logged when the system log is enabled
* Removed the separate ignore formatting preferences; behavior has been
consolidated into a single preference
version 1.5.0 (8/11/2005):
* Ability to set IRC quit message (Lalo Martins)
* OSCAR file transfers now work for 2 users behind the same NAT
(Jonathan Clark)
* Yahoo! buddy requests to add you to their buddy list now prompt for
* Added a /clear command for conversations/chats
* Fixed ICQ encoding for messages with offline ICQ users
(Ilya Konstantinov, SF Bug #1179452)
* Default Yahoo! chat roomlist locale to 'us'
version 1.4.0 (7/7/2005):
* Fix system log start times for some protocols
* SILC compiles with newer SILC toolkit versions (Pekka Riikonen)
* Fixed a bug where buddy icon cache files were left in the icon
cache directory after they were no longer in use.
* Attempt to detect the file type of a buddy icon when saving.
* Additional Yahoo! boot protection (Peter Lawler)
* A few Yahoo! memory leaks plugged (Peter Lawler)
* Fixed handling of the new Yahoo! profile page. (Joshua Honeycutt,
Peter Lawler)
* Fixed localized Yahoo! room lists. Please refer to the Yahoo!
section of the Gaim FAQ for details. (Peter Lawler)
* Enabled sending files to ICQ users using ICQ 5.02 and newer
(Jonathan Clark)
version 1.3.1 (6/9/2005):
* The file transfer details section now also displays the full path to
the local file sent/received.
* Yahoo! has the following new "/" commands: /join, /buzz
* Fix Yahoo! privacy bug
* Fix Jabber Get Info crash on busted servers
* Updated our gaim.desktop file, thanks to all our terrific translators
for sending in translations of the changes
* Improvements to how Gaim handles new message notification
* Fix Jabber registration on XMPP servers (including
version 1.3.0 (5/10/2005):
* Removed parts of the font selection dialog that were not respected
* Fix being invited to a multi user chat on MSN
* Multiple SILC accounts should work now (Pekka Riikonen)
* Fix times on jabber chat backlogs
* Fix gevolution plugin to compile with e-d-s 1.0 or 1.2
* Fix gevolution plugin to remember buddy name when someone added you
and you then add them
* Formatting in jabber chats works
* Fix to prevent MSN disconnecting if you change status while connecting
* Fixes for two remotely exploitable crash bugs. See for more information.
* Change to correctly handle adding jabber buddies on ejabberd servers
version 1.2.1 (4/3/2005):
* URL escaping now works with UTF-8 text. This may break some old log
* Revert to XOR auth for ICQ as the md5 is not fully functional
* Fix bug with going away while in a jabber chat
* MSN bug fixes (Felipe Contreras)
* Escape things properly in IRC
* Docklet fixes: fix the "1 pixel-wide icon" bug, fix problems with Gaim
crashing when the tray manager dies, and work correctly with multi-headed
displays where the tray isn't on the primary screen (Robert McQueen)
version 1.2.0 (3/17/2005):
* Yahoo file receiving and buddy icon receiving work again.
* Limit animated buddy icon frame rates to 10 frames per second
(Nathan Conrad)
* Fix a bug where portions of your account configuration would
fail to be read correctly if you set a proxy user name or
password containing invalid XML characters such as < and >
(Bastien Durel)
* Yahoo! privacy improvements (Bleeter)
* Fix receiving Jabber formatting (broken in 1.1.3)
version 1.1.4 (2/24/2005):
* Fixed a bug where Yahoo! would lose messages (and any other packet
* Correctly show the time when incoming Gadu-Gadu messages were sent
(Carl-Daniel Hailfinger)
* Fixed crashes with glib 2.6
* Fixed MSN crash when conversations time out after the conversation
window was closed
* Fixed an html parsing bug, CAN-2005-0208
version 1.1.3 (2/17/2005):
* CHAP authentication support for SOCKS5 proxies (Malcolm Smith)
* ICQ offline messages are sent using your specified character
set instead of Unicode (Magnus Hult)
* MSN HTTP method works with proxies using authentication (Bastien Durel)
* Really fix the bug where buddies show as logged in for 49 thousand days
* Buddy pounces containing '&' are saved correctly
* Improved MSN error handling when the servers are unavailable
* More MSN bug fixes
* Fix some leaks
* Fix "Find" in the log viewer so that it finds in all logs
* Smileys not appearing at the end of lines has been fixed
* Closing conversation windows no longer cancels active file transfers on
MSN (Felipe Contreras)
version 1.1.2 (1/20/2005):
* MSN 'HTTP Method' fixed (Felipe Contreras)
* Better handling of MSN's Individuals group and buddy status updates
(Felipe Contreras)
* Fix a crash inviting MSN user to a chat when they're already there
* AIM SecurID login support
* Fix configuration of Jabber chat rooms on some servers
* More MSN bug fixes (Felipe Contreras)
* Fix queue messages to Docklet when not globally away (Robert McQueen)
* Fix some leaks
* The Autopackage now builds both the mozilla-nss and the gnutls
ssl plugins, and requires at least one of those libraries.
version 1.1.1 (12/28/2004):
* Allow SILC authentication via public key if your key is password
protected (Michele Baldessari)
* More MSN bug fixes (Felipe Contreras)
* Drag-and-drop to conversation window file transfers work again
* Disable the delete button on pounces that aren't saved yet anyway
(Kevin Stange)
version 1.1.0 (12/02/2004):
New Features:
* Binary relocable. Gaim will find its files even if it's installed
in a location other than the --prefix it was ./configured with.
Pass --disable-binreloc to ./configure to disable.
* IRC now has fallback encodings, and tries harder to display
something useful during an encoding error.
* New MSN protocol icon (Felipe Contreras)
Bug Fixes:
* Fix some leaks (Miah Gregory, Felipe Contreras)
* Fix crashes when removing buddies in certain situations (Andrew Hart)
* Eliminate MSN switchboard errors (Felipe Contreras)
* Fix MSN buddy icon synchronization (Felipe Contreras)
* Correctly display file transfer dialogs for filenames containing &, < or >
* Correctly display MSN authorization dialogs for friendly names containing
&, < or >
* Properly align the right-click docklet menu with the docklet icon in
* Fix a crash if the MSN buddy list is not available
* Fix a bug in the request api (Gary Kramlich)
version 1.0.3 (11/11/2004):
Bug Fixes:
* Jabber authentication fixes (Michael Plump)
* Yahoo buddy idle reporting is more accurate (Evan Schoenberg)
* "Allow All" privacy setting works on Yahoo (Peter Lawler)
* Fix a crash when dragging a buddy to the conversation entry area
* Fix a crash removing chats from the buddy list
* Correctly display buddy pounces for aliases with &, < or > in them
* Correctly follow the per-conversation logging option
version 1.0.2 (10/19/2004):
Bug Fixes:
* MSN file transfers work on big endian machines (Jean-Francois Roy and
Evan Schoenberg)
* Fixed the MSN signon crash with Miranda users in the buddy list
* Fixed sending messages to MSN Web Messenger users (Damien Ayers)
* Fixed some memory leaks in the MSN plugin (Evan Schoenberg)
* Fixed a crash viewing certain MSN user profiles (Evan Schoenberg)
* Fixed a crash sending a file on MSN when the file is unreadable
* Fixed a crash deleting accounts (Andrew Hart)
* Fixed a crash inviting to chats (Andrew Hart)
* Fixed a bug in Yahoo privacy handling (Peter Lawler)
* Fixed a crash trying to join a chat from the docklet when not signed in
to a chat-capable account (Daniel Atallah)
version 1.0.1 (10/07/2004):
New Features:
* Use the GNOME default browser when opening links if you're running GNOME
(Alex Duggan)
* Added support for multiple addressbooks in the gevolution plugin
(Henry Jen).
Bug Fixes:
* Send-As menu duplicates less work (Dave West)
* Can now see your own MSN buddy icon (Felipe Contreras)
* Jabber roomlist fetches work again
* Close buttons on tabs in existing conversations correctly reflect the
"show close buttons on tabs" preference (Nathan Fredrickson)
* Fix to make the get_signon(buddy) perl plugin function work (Gregory C.
* Fixed crashes when reloading the gevolution plugin (Henry Jen)
* Fixed some memory leaks in the gevolution plugin.
* Wrap at character boundaries if there is not enough space for a full word
* 64 bit compile warning fixes
version 1.0.0 (09/17/2004):
New Features:
* Drag-and-drop buddy support for the Invite dialog (Stu Tomlinson)
* Drag-and-drop buddy support for the Pounce dialog (Stu Tomlinson)
* View Chat log available from the interface (Daniel Atallah)
* Ability to receive offline messages in character encodings
other than ASCII (thanks to Nick Sukharev)
* File transfer status messages printed to conversation
windows (Dave West)
* Display file transfer messages when someone sends you a file
over AIM (Dave West)
* Handle MSN buddy lists more sanely (Felipe Contreras)
* Zephyr can use tzc to run from behind a firewall (Arun A Tharuvai)
Bug Fixes:
* Work around window manager stupidity with new dialog windows (Dave West)
* Compile with gtk 2.5.x (Gary Kramlich)
* Escape invalid characters in log names (Daniel Atallah)
* Fix for clicking add in an msn chat with 2 or more people in your buddy
list (Daniel Atallah)
version 0.82.1 (08/27/2004):
Bug Fixes:
* Fix a crash when changing the preference for how to display buttons
on conversation windows
* Remove a stray printf() when beginning new conversations and logging
is enabled
version 0.82 (08/26/2004):
New Features:
* Ability to set available messages for AIM
(Tools->Account Actions->Set Available Message...)
* Ability to specify a custom character set for messages sent to ICQ
users and messages received from ICQ users
* Ability to edit your current away message (Rhett Robinson)
* Topics in the conversation window (not the topic field at the
top) with URLs will now appear as links (Stu Tomlinson)
* File transfers appear in the file transfer window when they
are initiated rather than when they begin transferring (Dave West)
* Instead of toggling slash commands on/off, you can now toggle
passing through unknown slash commands on/off.
Bug Fixes:
* Joining a Jabber chat no longer causes a crash (Stu Tomlinson)
* Selecting a buddy icon for a brand new account no longer
causes a crash
* Better file transfer error messages (Dave West)
* Remotely canceled file transfers in MSN are now noticed, so that we
don't accidentally cancel the file transfer and crash Gaim
(Felipe Contreras)
* Protocols that don't support joining chat rooms by name no longer
allow chat rooms to be added to the buddy list (Felipe Contreras)
* Delayed messages and system messages no longer cause
sound events to be triggered (Nathan Fredrickson)
* The chat invite button has a correct label (Stu Tomlinson)
* The system log should leak fewer file descriptors (Ka-Hing Cheung)
* Buddy list tooltips display in more appropriate positions when
using multiple monitors (Dave West)
* Better parsing of URLs containing special characters
* All users are shown when joining a Yahoo! conference (Bleeter Yaluser)
* You now leave all Yahoo! conferences when you log out of Yahoo!
* Buddy Icon updating bug fixed (Felipe Contreras)
version 0.81 (08/05/2004):
New Features:
* The autorecon plugin will somewhat remember state information(Yosef
* Visual display of ops/voice/halfops/so on in Chats (Stu Tomlinson)
* Tab completion of slash commands in Chats (Stu Tomlinson)
* gaim-remote can now manipulate status (István Váradi)
* The text messages of Yahoo Audibles are now displayed, although
the audio and graphics are not.
* Yahoo! away messages can be 255 characters long now
Bug Fixes:
* Gadu-Gadu should connect again (Andrew Wellington)
* Novell fixes (Mike Stoddard of Novell):
* Fixed reconnect crash
* Fixed duplicate root folder bug
* Fixed bug with folder ordering (on a first time login
folders were being added in reverse order).
* Use ISO date format for the system log (Eduardo Pérez)
* Long buddy lists with irc should cause flooding disconnects less
(Stu Tomlinson)
* Better smiley substitution
* Fix a crash related to auto-expanding contacts at the bottom of
buddy lists
* Fix a crash on Solaris when changing or viewing information for
your AIM account (Format Screen Name, Change Email Address, etc.)
* HTML in OSCAR buddy comments is now escaped (and not rendered)
* Fix a crash when dragging a screen name to a conversation window
for that screen name
* User-requested new conversation windows are now always given focus
* Pasting HTML into Gaim from certain sources no longer results in
the spaces between some words being removed
* The alias of a contact is now displayed in more places when the
alias of a buddy is not set
* .gaimrc is no longer imported
* Prevent a crash if you sign off and try to dequeue messages from
the away dialog (Kevin Stange)
* Prevent a possible crash if gaim_gtkconv_write_conv is called
with who as NULL (Kevin Stange)
* Prevent (null) or an empty string from being logged as the sender's
name if the sender no longer has an alias because the account is
signed off (Kevin Stange)
* The auto-reconnect plugin will no longer attempt to reconnect an
MSN account if you were disconnected because you signed on from
another location (Stu Tomlinson)
* On Solaris, chatting in IRC using the UTF-8 charset no longer gives
a "conversion failed" error for every message (Arvind Samptur)
* ICQ offline messages should have the correct timestamp (Dave West)
version 0.80 (07/15/2004):
New Features:
* Ability to send files from the conversation window (Daniel Atallah)
* Drag a file into the buddy list or a conversation to send it to that
* Yet more new commands and features for SILC (Stu Tomlinson)
* Gaim uses the new file chooser when compiled for GTK+ 2.4
(Fernando Herrera)
* Support for the Epiphany web browser (Leonardo Serra)
* Status messages in Gadu-Gadu (Andrew (proton) Wellington)
* Parentheses are now displayed around the title and tabs of
conversations from offline accounts or parted chats.
* Zephyr typing notification (Arun A Tharuvai)
* Account dialog's columns are resizable (Eduardo Pérez)
Bug Fixes:
* The firefox browser option now works with firefox 0.9
* Buddy icons in conversations no longer depend on the
buddy list
* Fix for the bug where some buddies seemed logged in 4
thousand some odd days (Alan Ford)
version 0.79 (06/24/2004):
New Features:
* Display name changes are now shown in the conversation windows.
(Robert Mibus)
* Get Info on Yahoo! now works for nonenglish profiles.
(Ambrose Li)
* General "Get Info" improvements on Yahoo! and MSN (Ambrose Li)
* Yahoo! Japan support. Click More Options and check Yahoo Japan
in the account editor, to use your Yahoo! Japan account
* Gtk themes can now theme the Gaim buddy list independently of
other things (Stu Tomlinson)
* Show timestamps now has a per-conversation option in addition
to the global one, bringing it in line with the other conver-
sation options (Stu Tomlinson)
* Added MSN buddy icons (Felipe Contreras)
* Added MSN file transfer (Felipe Contreras)
* MSN's idle state now actually sets a buddy idle
* Buddy pounce defaults are now more sane, and apply to the state the
buddy is currently in. For example, if the buddy is idle, set
"Return from idle" by default. The last action(s) used are the
defaults for the next pounce
* Yahoo buddy icon support
* Selected buddy icons will automatically convert to the appropriate
format for the protocol. (GTK 2.2 and higher only)
* Dragging an image file into the Modify Account dialog will set that
as a buddy icon.
* Development headers for compiling third-party plugins are now
installed. (Stu Tomlinson)
* Headers for gaim-remote now reside in gaim/ instead of
* Basic YCHT support, which allows joining Yahoo! Chats when
logged in using the web messenger method
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Yahoo! authentication problems. (Cerulean Studios)
* Non-looping animated icons no longer cause Gaim to freeze
* Flashing windows should work again for unix in window managers that
support the URGENT hint (Etan Reisner)
* Better handling of character sets in RTF for Novell (Mike Stoddard of
* Contact list sync problems in Novell fixed (Mike Stoddard of Novell)
* Fixed a crash in SILC that sometimes happened when resolving
the buddy list (Pekka Riikonen)
* Parallel compiles of the perl plugin should work better
(Stu Tomlinson)
* The disconnected UI op was called twice on connection errors. Now
it is only called once. (Evan Schoenberg)
* Dragging into conversation windows works better
* Protocol-specific settings for accounts were being removed whenever
the account was modified. Now they're only removed when the protocol
type changes, as it should be.
* Zephyr bug fixes and memory leak plugs (Arun A Tharuvai)
* Rewrite of MSN buddylist support, which fixed a known synchronization
bug and some others (Felipe Contreras)
version 0.78 (05/30/2004):
New Features:
* Support for the SILC protocol (
(Pekka Riikonen)
* Option to suppress disconnect notification when using
the autoreconnect plugin (Christopher (siege) O'Brien)
* Added support for dragging buddies from the buddy list into the
Add Buddy Pounce dialog
* Pounce notification now includes time (Mike Lundy)
* The history plugin now shows history for chats in addition to IMs
* Menu item to view conversation logs (Tom Samstag)
* Conversation and chat sizes automatically saved (Stu Tomlinson)
* Added support for Novell privacy settings (Mike Stoddard of Novell)
* Added ability to initiate multi-user conferences (chats) in Novell
(Mike Stoddard of Novell)
* Find and Save buttons on the debug window (Stu Tomlinson)
* Plugin Actions menu (Christopher (siege) O'Brien)
* Plugins can now add entries to the right-click menu of a group or chat
(Stu Tomlinson and Christopher (siege) O'Brien)
* Hyperlink colors are now themeable via your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file
Bug Fixes:
* Compiles again with gcc 2.96 (Ignacio J. Elia)
* Gtk2.0 compatibility fixes (Tim Ringenbach)
* Many documentation updates (Jonathan Champ, Gary Kramlich,
Stu Tomlinson, and Kevin Stange)
* Yahoo works on 64 bit machines (Gary Kramlich)
* Zephyr works on 64 bit machines (Arun A Tharuvai)
* Novell 64bit fixes, better error messages, and buddy list sync fixes
(Mike Stoddard of Novell)
* Novell protocol works on big endian machines (Novell)
* Massive rewrite of MSN support, which should fix a number of issues
and make errors easier to interpret (Felipe Contreras)
* Fixed a privacy-related bug in MSN that affected blocking/permitting,
which was due to case-sensitive string comparisons (Gudmundur
* Fixed an MSN HTTP method bug where MSN would queue data indefinitely.
(Andrew Wellington)
* All known MSN formatting bugs were fixed.
* Overly long messages and paging cell phones in MSN no longer cause
disconnects (Felipe Contreras)
* Several bug fixes for MSN's MSNSLP and MSNObject support (Finlay
* ALT-F works correctly in the System Log Viewer (Stu Tomlinson)
* New tabs should scroll correctly again (Tim Ringenbach)
* Dialogs opened from a conversation window are now closed when
the conversation window is closed, preventing a crash (Kevin Stange)
* Copy/paste encoding fixes (Joe Marcus Clarke)
* IRC disconnect crash fix (Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha)
* Ampersands in links should work correctly (Tim Ringenbach)
* DirectIM and IM Image support for AIM are greatly improved
(Tim Ringenbach)
* Gadu-Gadu updates (Andrew Wellington)
* Print Gadu-Gadu messages to the debug window instead of the console
* Updated and standardized blist signals (Gary Kramlich)
* Made the recieve-*-msg signals match the sending ones (Stu Tomlinson)
* The idle time for the buddy-idle and buddy-unidle signals should
be correct again.
Preference Changes:
* Added "Conversation placement - By conversation count"
* Added a "none" smiley theme to replace the "Show graphical
smileys" option
* Replace default formatting preferences with a dialog to set a
default formatting in a WYSIWYG manner.
* Removed "Show logins in window," default to yes
* Removed "Send URLs as links," default to yes (in protocols that
support HTML)
* Removed "Show URLs as links," default to yes
* Removed New window height & width and Entry field height for Chats &
IMs, sizes are now saved automatically
* Removed "Tab-complete nicks" default to yes
* Removed "Old-style tab completion", no longer supported
* Removed "Sending message removes away status", default to no
* Removed "Show numbers in groups", default to yes
* Removed "Icons on tabs", default to yes
* Removed "Sounds when you log in", default to no
* Removed "Seconds before resending autoresponse", default to 600
* Removed "Send autoresponse in active conversations", default to no
* Removed "Show people joining in window", default to yes
* Removed "Show people leaving in window", default to yes
version 0.77 (04/22/2004):
New Features:
* The System Log returns (Ka-Hing Cheung)
* Added a conversation-drag-ended signal (Etan Reisner)
* Reorganized and cleaned up the MSN protocol plugin (Felipe Contreras)
* Added the -c option to specify location of the .gaim directory,
removed the outdated -f option that no longer had any effect (Daniel
* Novell GroupWise protocol support added (Novell)
* WYSIWYG improvements (Tim Ringenbach)
* WYSIWYG editing for user info (Jon Oberheide)
* Rich-text copy and paste
* Plugins can now add menu items to the buddy context menu
(Christopher O'Brien)
* Plugins can now add preferences (Gary Kramlich)
* The TOC protocol is no longer built by default. The plugin is not
being properly tested and is no longer officially supported.
* Bumped up the plugin API version number, and added version numbers
for loader plugins and protocol plugins. Authors will want to
update their plugins, and possibly use GAIM_PLUGIN_API_VERSION,
* Zephyr error reporting works (Arun A. Tharuvai)
* Zephyr deals with non-utf8 characters (Arun A. Tharuvai)
Bug Fixes:
* Formatting in the Log viewer is fixed (Kevin Stange)
* Save Conversation works again (Kevin Stange)
* The Clear button in privacy works (Robert Mibus)
* MSN error reporting works again (Stu Tomlinson)
* MSN e-mail notifications should no longer cause Gaim to crash
(Felipe Contreras)
* Fixed an infinite loop bug that would sometimes cause MSN to lock
up (Nickolai Zeldovich)
* All away messages should now show up in tooltips
* Removing zephyr buddies no longer crashes (Arun A. Tharuvai)
version 0.76 (04/01/2004):
New Features:
* WYSIWYG text input (with much help from Gary Kramlich and Kevin
* Ability to be invisible on AIM
* Chatroom list support (Tim Ringenbach)
* Added auto-completion for screen names to the New Instant Message and
Get User Info dialogs.
* Non-ascii character support in AIM chats (Uli Luckas and Marco Ziech)
* Vastly improved browser opening, with tab support! (Nathan
* Added support for connecting to MSN using the port 80 method.
* Support for Mozilla Firefox (Chris Friesen and Nathan Fredrickson)
* Added protocol-specific preferences (Gary Kramlich)
* Local IP address information can be changed in Preferences
(Tim Ringenbach)
* Improved local IP address detection (Tim Ringenbach)
* Offline accounts in account drop-down lists are now greyed (Etan
* Improved accessibility support for screen readers and other
accessibility tools (Marc Mulcahy)
* Improved accessibility in conversation windows (Nathan Fredrickson)
* Keyboard access to context menus via Shift+F10 (Marc Mulcahy)
* Core/UI split event loop code. (Scott Lamb)
* Added improvements to the multi-field request code, including
required fields and account fields.
* Moved more dialogs to the request API for interface consistency
(Send Message, Get User Info, and Insert Link dialogs)
* Jabber file transfer
* IRC file transfer (Tim Ringenbach)
* Added a hidden preference for disabling buddy list tooltips or
changing the pop-up delay in prefs.xml.
* Moved translation news to po/ChangeLog
Bug Fixes:
* Changes in AIM/ICQ server-side buddy lists take
precedence over the local buddy list
* Significant work on the Zephyr plugin (Arun A. Tharuvai)
* You can now use :/ as a smiley safely (Nathan Owens)
* Various buffer overflow fixes (Stefan Esser)
* Tabs now stay green when they are supposed to (Etan Reisner)
* Fixed a bug where only the first user in a chat room list was removed
sometimes when trying to remove a group of users (Tim Ringenbach)
* Clearing an AIM buddy icon actually removes it from the server,
icons changes in the account editor do not take effect if the
cancel button is used (Stu Tomlinson)
* Improved chat parting logic (Tim Ringenbach)
* Yet Another IRC channel user duplication bugfix (Tim Ringenbach)
* Deleting an account while modifying it will no longer crash gaim.
* Only one account preference window will now appear per account when
clicking Modify.
* Aliases are now shown alongside the screen name in the message
queue window. (Kevin Stange).
* TCL Plugin API changed
* The mobile icon on MSN users is now removed when the person disables
mobile paging (Stu Tomlinson)
* Removing invalid buddies in MSN with a space in their name no longer
causes a disconnect (Stu Tomlinson)
* Multiple MSN chats should now work (Robert Mibus)
* Added new MSN error codes and fixed an incorrect one (Stu Tomlinson)
* Incoming colors are now processed correctly in MSN.
* Conversation placement by account now works correctly with both
chats and IMs, and takes the Combine Chats and IMs option into
* Minor tweaks to the list box in the multi-field request dialogs
so they work without a label and scrollbar (Pekka Riikonen)
* Hitting enter in a multi-field request dialog when a textfield has
the focus no longer ignores the changed text in the textfield
(Gary Kramlich)
* The Disconnect dialog no longer raises and gains focus each time
a disconnected account is added (Ka-Hing Cheung)
* Gadu-Gadu might actually connect again (Ignacy Gawedzki)
* Buddy pounces for an account are removed when the account is
deleted (Gary Kramlich)
* Various bug and memory leak fixes (Gary Kramlich)
* Assorted SSL crashfixes
* --enable-debug no longer breaks compilation when using gtk 2.4,
which also broke garnome.
* Tooltips shouldn't crash now (Daniel Atallah)
version 0.75 (01/09/2004):
* New Yahoo! auth method
* Yahoo! file transfer (Tim Ringenbach)
* Yahoo! chat joining fixes (Tim Ringenbach)
* Persons can auto-expand when hovering your mouse over it
* Improved i18n support for MSN email notification (Felipe Contreras)
* Jabber SASL PLAIN support
* Improved Jabber MUC (Chat) support
* Fixed an MSN login bug some people likely experienced (Felipe
* Touch-up various dialogs to follow the Gnome Human Interface
Guidelines more closely (Steven Garrity, Nathan Fredrickson, and
Ka-Hing Cheung)
* Works better with all-black gtk themes (Etan Reisner)
* Mozilla Firebird support (Chris (darth_sebulba04))
version 0.74 (11/25/2003):
* Sort-by-size log sorting fix
* Log directory umask fix for users of gaim-remote
* Fix Jabber room creation on MUC servers.
version 0.73 (11/21/2003):
* New Logging format and code:
* fixes i18n issues with logs
* compatible with old logs
* hopefully fixes segfault in viewing logs
* New disconnected account dialog (Thanks, Daniel Atallah)
* Fixes several Jabber bugs
* Fixes the bug where some dialogs would crash when spell checking was
enabled. Closes #827930.
* Fixed unblocking of users in MSN (Robert Mibus)
* Fixes outgoing mobile pages on MSN.
* The border on the close buttons on inactive tabs are no longer shown,
thanks to a fix used by Galeon.
* Compatible with autoconf 2.58.
* Cleaned up gtkspell-related code (Robert McQueen)
* Changed the parameters for the received-chat-msg signal.
* Added a Release Notification plugin
version 0.72 (10/31/2003):
* Added a search feature to conversations.
* Added an option to remove the formatting toolbar, both globally and
on a per-window basis (Nathan Fredrickson)
* Added a drop shadow to the buddy list tooltip
* Smileys are copyable
* Fixed the ICQ login crash
* Fixed a crash in the Add Chat dialog when selecting an
account that doesn't support chats. Closes bug #821606.
* Fixed a bug where new MSN accounts without buddies added wouldn't
* Fixed a crash when deleting an account that has IMs or chats open.
Closes bug #821630.
* Smileys have background colors
* If SSL is not enabled, MSN will load, but error on connect.
* Disable Jabber SASL auth until the standard stabilizes
version 0.71 (10/09/2003):
* The right-click menu for e-mail links now presents a "Copy E-Mail
Address" item
* Fix sort by idle to behave as it did pre-contact support (David
* Display AIM away messages in the tooltip for buddies when
they are away
* Support for Buddy Comments for AIM and ICQ buddies
* Window icons are now set as buddy icons or status icons
* Get User Info in MSN and Yahoo now return an error indicating that
the information doesn't exist if the profile is empty (parts by
Nathan Poznick)
* Added startup notification support for window managers that support it
* The protocol icon for an account in the accounts window will now
"pulse" when signing the account on.
* Zephyr formatting fixes (Arun A. Tharuvai)
* Zephyr can connect to chats (Karsten Huneycutt)
* SSL support can now be provided by third party plugins.
* Multiple copies of gaim installed at different locations no
longer attempt to load the same, possibly incompatible plugins
(Robert McQueen)
* Implemented another new Yahoo! authentication method
* Fixed a bug displaying Chinese MSN messages (Ambrose C. LI).
* Additional fixes and checks for the perl build process (Sean Burke).
* Massive core/UI splitting.
* Re-write of Jabber protocol plugin
* Conversation API changes.
* Some plugins must be updated due to code variable changes,
function name changes, and change of behavior for certain
version 0.70 (09/28/2003):
* Implemented Yahoo's new authentication method (Cerulean Studios)
* Protocol plugins that have plugin dependencies now load correctly.
* Perl installs where it's told to a bit more correctly.
* Robert "Robot101" McQueen cleaned and core/UI split IM
image support.
version 0.69 (09/24/2003):
* Added Contact (aka Person, aka Meta-Contact, aka Buddy Merging, etc)
* Added MSN 6 smileys.
* Added animated smiley support (Ka-Hing Cheung)
* Added SSL support, compatible with GNUTLS and Mozilla NSS.
* Added plugin IPC.
* Added support for gettext 0.12.x.
* Updated MSN support to the MSN Protocol version 9.
* Jabber now supports SSL
* Yahoo now shows people using the java chat client (Tim Ringenbach)
* Yahoo chat and conference (Tim Ringenbach)
* Yahoo ignore support (Jesse Farmer (farmerje))
* Yahoo idle times displayed, long buddy lists work, sms users,
and other improvements (Tim Ringenbach)
* The accounts window now shows offline accounts as greyed out, and
online accounts as colored.
* Fixed the text replacement plugin.
* Fixed all known signal problems in perl.
* The right-click menu for conversation tabs now shows the tab icon
and status, if tab icons are enabled. (Jesse Farmer)
version 0.68 (09/01/2003):
* Removed the old event system and replaced it with a much better
signal system.
* Added plugin dependency support.
* Rewrote the Perl plugin. All old scripts will break, but it offers
a much better API for new scripts.
* Yahoo color support (Tim Ringenbach (marv_sf))
* Yahoo and MSN get info support (Nathan Poznick)
* Fixed Jabber registrations.
* Fixed a problem where pouncing two users with the same name
appeared in the same conversation window, and other related
problems. (Robot101)
* Corrected problems with proxy preferences.
* Mailchk.c and simple.c compile again (Paul A (darkrain))
version 0.67 (08/14/2003):
* Brought back the message notification plugin (Brian Tarricone)
You'll need to reconfigure your settings for this plugin
* IRC protocol plugin rewritten (Ethan Blanton)
* New IRC protocol icon (Nuno Donato)
* Protocol and status icons now optionally appear on tabs.
(Etan Reisner)
* Various dialog rewrites (Jabber vCard, Add Group, Alias Chat,
Rename Group, Privacy)
* Shows "hiptop" icon for AIM buddies using hiptop
devices (Robey Pointer)
* Privacy core/UI split.
* Conversation placement by group now applies to chats in the buddy
list as well.
* Events in a conversation (user logged in, logged out, window closed,
etc.) now grey the tab.
* Various bug fixes (larne from irc, Tim Ringenbach, Bjoern
Voigt, Paul A (darkrain))
version 0.66 (07/18/2003):
* Freebsd compile fix (Matthew Luckie)
* .spec file improvements (Ethan Blanton)
* Added a gaim-remote man page (Robert McQueen)
* The Remote Control plugin no longer adds duplicate groups to your
buddy list.
* Servers and ports are now imported correctly in MSN.
* Core/UI split the core initialization and shutdown.
* MSN messages with newlines are now sent correctly to MSN clients.
* Fix some sound initialization stuff
* Fix saving and import of default away message
version 0.65 (07/16/2003):
* Massive internal core/ui splitting
* New account dialog
* Preferences moved to ~/.gaim/prefs.xml
* Account information moved to ~/.gaim/accounts.xml
* Pounces moved to ~/.gaim/pounces.xml
* Added protocol icons to various drop-down boxes
* New Send IM buddy icon merged from Ximian Desktop 2
* Fixed "Sort by Status" crash
* Fixed the MSN signon crash
* Fixed the MSN add buddy crash
* Fixed the MSN empty buddy list bug
* Fixed all known MSN chat bugs
* Fixed HTTP redirect handling in smiley retrieval. This fixes the
problems with some smiley themes.
* Chats in MSN can now be initiated by right-clicking a buddy and
choosing Initiate Chat.
* MSN Alerts and incoming MSN pages no longer pop up several error
* Ability to view iChat "Available" messages for AIM
* Stores your buddy icon on the server for AIM
* Support for non-ascii characters with Yahoo! Messenger
* Focus returns to the input box when you click elsewhere, like it used
* New typing notification icons from Ximian
version 0.64 (05/29/2003):
* Buddy list sorting in buddy list preferences.
* Improved debug window with timestamps and pause buttons.
* New core/ui split notification and request APIs.
* New mail notification dialog.
* Several bug fixes in MSN.
* Conversation window buddy icon bugs were fixed.
version 0.63 (05/16/2003):
* A rewrite of the plugin API. Plugin authors will need to change their
code based off the changes found in other plugins.
* Perl script support is now provided in the perl plugin.
* Debugging is core/ui split, and has a new API with support for
debug levels and categories.
* Support for adding chats to your buddy list.
* MSN protocol plugin was rewritten, has experimental buddy icon
support, and MSN Mobile support.
* Buddy list speed enhancements (Thanks Ethan Blanton).
* Napster protocol updates (Thanks Auke Kok).
version 0.62 (04/23/2003):
* Keyboard shortcuts in the buddy list work again (Thanks Joe
* Support for Jabber XHTML messages
* Ability to re-request authorization from ICQ and Jabber users by right
clicking on them in your buddy list.
* Improved Zephyr internationalization.
* Bug causing 'Hide on Send' windows to be lost forever fixed.
* Iconified windows are now raised properly.
* Dates printed for old/offline messages.
* Some assorted crash bugs fixed.
version 0.61 (04/07/2003):
* Split the buddy pounce core and UI, and rewrote the UI for it.
* Removed folder icons and excess space from the buddy list (Thanks
Dave Camp)
* Fixed a bug involving dragging buddies and groups
* Re-implemented the logout icons.
* New icons for "away" and "aol" (Thanks, Moses Lei)
version 0.60 (04/04/2003):
* Auto-loading protocol plugins.
* Plugins dialog and perl script menu merged into preferences.
* Don't auto-login if an existing Gaim session is already
* Moved "privacy preferences" to Tools menu.
* -n, --loginwin option to disable autologins.
* Added support for gettext 0.11.x.
* Added support for automake 1.6.
* aim:// URI's supported with gaim-remote command.
* Quit Gaim remotely with gaim-remote. (Thanks, John Silvestri)
* Added rudimentary support for X11R6 session management. (Thanks,
Robert McQueen)
* Conversation backend and UI are now separated. (Thanks,
Christian Hammond)
* Asynchronous, non-blocking, DNS function (Thanks, Nicolas
* As a side effect of the above: IPv6 support. Tested only with IRC
(you can receive ipv6 chat requests from irssi!).
* Tray icon plugin--replaces the old GNOME applet. You'll need
the panel Notification Area applet (aka system-tray-applet)
for GNOME 2, or the Kicker for KDE 3.1. (Thanks, Robert
McQueen, Nicolás Lichtmaier, Kristian Rietveld, Ari Pollak &
Patrick Aussems)
* Added GAIM::remove_event_handler and made set_info short
circuitable in perl. (Thanks, Ryan McCabe)
* event_del_conversation for plugins. (Thanks, Bill Tompkins)
* Notify.c plugin rewritten; check its configure dialog. (Thanks,
Etan Reisner)
* Buddy Ticker made a plugin.
* Idle Maker added to source.
* Fortune profile added to source.
* TOC no longer compiles statically by default--use OSCAR.
* ICQ plugin no longer gets built--use OSCAR.
* Server-stored buddy lists for ICQ with full support for
authorization (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* File send/receive support for Aim over Oscar (Thanks, William T.
Mahan and Mark Doliner)
* Non-direct connect typing notification for AIM over OSCAR.
(Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Allow only people in buddy list privacy option added for AIM.
* Full ICQ info reading support. (Thanks, Vincas Ciziunas)
* Support for synchronizing group renames on server. Group
rename server synchronization for AIM. Server-side
synchronization for moving individual AIM buddy to new
group improved. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Ability to add people to AIM buddy lists.
(Thanks, Graham Booker)
* Ability to change ICQ password. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Option to have AIM notify you if you have
unread mail. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Parse URL messages, Contact Sending and Pager Messages
in ICQ. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* use snprintf instead of sprintf. (Thanks, William T. Mahan)
* Fixed crashbug on empty rvous requests. (Thanks Brandon Scott
(Xeon) for pointing this out, and Matt Pandina for the patch)
* Nice Oscar changes--mostly internal. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Added more IRC slash commands -- /W, /VERSION, /MODE, /CTCP stuff,
-- and other cool IRC enhancements. (Thanks, Jonas Birmé)
* IRC's /topic with no argument displays the current topic (Thanks,
Mark Doliner)
* DCC File Receive support for IRC.
* Optional password on IRC accounts. (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
* Added half-op support.
* Jabber invisibility and permanently cancel sending on-
line status to Jabber buddies.
* Jabber roster updated on group renames.
* Fixed a possible segfault when signing off Jabber. (Thanks,
Craig Boston)
* Improved typing notification support for Jabber and
Yahoo! (Thanks, Nathan Walp)
* File receive support for Jabber. (Thanks, Nathan Walp)
* MSN users are notified when the other party closes the conversation
window. (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
* File receive support for MSN. (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
* Now using libiconv for better i18n support (Thanks, Junichi
* Lots of i18n fixes (Thanks Matt Wilson, Ethan Blanton, A Lee)
* Correct i18n handling for many parts of AIM/ICQ, including
instant messages, away messages, and profiles (Thanks,
Ethan Blanton)
* Improved MSN internationalization (Thanks, A Lee)
* Optionally uniquely colorize nicks in chats
* Add / Remove buddy menu item added to the chat users list
(Thanks, Jonas Birmé)
* View log button in conversation toolbar (Thanks, Etan Reisner)
* Option to log IMs and Chats separately. (Thanks, Etan
* Removed Ctrl-C binding for color
* Fix first message in tab not displaying bug (Thanks, Etan Reisner)
* Changed some default options
* Updated desktop and window icons (Thanks, Robert McQueen)
* Switch the .desktop file to the new KDE/GNOME common vfolder
format (Thanks, Robert McQueen)
* Removed all deprecated GTK calls. Now 100% GTK 2. (Thanks Nathan
Walp, Christian Hammond, Ari Pollak, Ethan Blanton, Robert McQueen)
* Read proxy environment variables. (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
* Fixed security vulnerability with manual browser option (Thanks,
Robert McQueen)
* Can get info for ICQ and Jabber users from the "Edit
Buddies" tab (Thanks, Brian Bernas)
* Code cleanups and fixes (Thanks, Federico Mena Quintero and
Ka-Hing Cheung)
* Word-wrapping on mail notification text (Thanks, Andrew Molloy)
* Generic File Transfer PRPL interface (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
* Better suppression of auto-responses (Thanks, Joshua Blanton)
* Drag-and-drop tabs in conversations, and multiple windows with tabs
in each (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
version 0.59.9 (03/01/2003):
* Updated zh_TW.po file (Thanks breeze833)
* Fix an oscar bug that caused some messages from
AOL 8.0 to be dropped (Thanks Mark Doliner)
* Changed "openprojects" to "freenode" in irc.c
* Fixed charset conversion on systems which use a BOM for UCS-4
(Thanks, Alfredo Pen~a, Ethan Blanton)
* Fixed a typo in the man page (Thanks Eric S. Raymond)
version 0.59.8 (01/06/2003):
* Ripped out all gtk2 support (Thanks Nathan Walp).
* Fixed smiley related segfault (Thanks Robert McQueen)
* Yahoo! can connect again
version 0.59.7 (12/21/2002):
* Yahoo i18n fix (Thanks Ethan Blanton).
* Fixed a bug in escaping saved passwords (Thanks
Eric Timme)
* Fixed an overflow bug in perl script autoloading
(Thanks David Kaelbling)
* Some build fixes for those using stricter compilers,
notably MIPSpro (Thanks David Kaelbling)
* Fixed a bad argument to accept() calls (Thanks David
* Fixed crashbug on empty rvous requests (Thanks Brandon Scott (Xeon))
for being the first to point this out.
version 0.59.6 (11/07/2002):
* Fixed a segfault introduced in 0.59.5 when gtk
fails to read the ~/.gtkrc or reads it but fails
to create a style from it.
* Jabber conference timestamps are no longer gigantic
version 0.59.5 (10/14/2002):
* Fixed a Yahoo! segfault (Thanks, Craig Metz)
version 0.59.4 (10/06/2002):
* Removed color keybinnding altogether.
* Added a horizontal scrollbar to Edit page of
buddy list. (Thanks, David Fallon)
* Various bug fixes ((Thanks to (in no particular order)
Ethan Blanton, Mark Doliner, Luke Schierer)
* i18n fixes (thanks, A Lee)
version 0.59.3 (09/14/2002):
* Reversed patch that accidentally caused Yahoo
not to connect--for implementation reasons
* Changed "color" binding to Ctrl-K.
* Unaliaising a person in the "Online" tab will show up
in the "Edit" tab as well (Thanks, Jason Willis)
* Internationalization fixes, esp. with UTF-8 locales
(Thanks Matt Wilson and Ethan Blanton)
version 0.59.2 (09/09/2002):
* Japanese translation updated (Thanks, Junichi Uekawa)
* Won't crash when you set your MSN Friendly name to an
empty string.
* Default manual browser command changed to reflect the
fix in 0.59.1
* Fixed the non-manual browser settings which were broke in
0.59.1 (Thanks, Chris Blizzard)
* Improved MSN internationalization (Thanks A Lee)
* Smiley lookup will search for longest match for smilies
like :-(( (Thanks Eric Melski)
* When an IM image is clicked, don't open the browser (Thanks
Ari Pollak)
* Prevent a possible crash in unhide_buddy_list() (Thanks Ari
* Fixed a compilation problem on systems without iconv.
* GtkIMHtml can be set to render font sizes as point size
or AIMish relative sizes -- no more huge Yahoo fonts. (Thanks
Ka-Hing Cheung)
* Fixed a bug with regard to Jabber resources (Thanks Nathan
* Fixed a possible segfault when signing off Jabber (Thanks
Craig Boston)
* Word-wrapping on mail notification text (Thanks, Andrew Molloy)
* Strip trailing and leading spaces from MSN/Yahoo names (Thanks,
Arun Tharuvai)
version 0.59.1 (08/25/2002):
* Created a gtk1-stable branch for GTK+ 1.2 bugfix releases.
Development will continue in our main branch in GTK+ 2 only.
* Fixed a security bug in the manual browser setting (Thanks
Robert McQueen)
* Now using libiconv for better i18n support (Thanks Junichi
* Will work with Perl 5.8 (thanks, Timothy Lee and Dan
* Fix for HTTP proxies (thanks, Ethan Blanton)
* Read proxy environment variables. (thanks, Christian Hammond)
* Use the pretty gaim.png for our menu entry.
* Added support for gettext 0.11.x.
version 0.59 (06/24/2002):
* Squashed a bug in buddy right-click menu handling
that crashed Gaim. In the process: found and
eliminated some memory leaks.
* Fixed a significant applet leak
* Can now change Jabber password on server (Thanks,
Nathan Walp)
* Certain types of Jabber presence errors no longer
falsely show a buddy on-line. Instead now a "broken
light-bulb" icon is shown and the error status is
available via "Get Away Msg" (Thanks and a tip o'
the hat to Christian Hammond for the graphic)
* Conversation struct has pointer to toolbar (thanks Brent
Priddy and Paul Miller)
* Zephyr fixes (thanks, Arun A. Tharuvai)
* Aliases in buddy ticker
* Perl scripts can play Gaim sounds (thanks Andrew Rodland)
* Internal sounds can be played by commands (thanks Lex Spoon)
* Auto-login item in applet menu (thanks Chris Boyle)
* Fixed MSN "Unknown Error Code", "Already there", and
"Already in opposite list" errors
* Changed "Play sound" button to "Mute" button
* You can now have "reserved" chars in IM and proxy passwords
* Jabber now has typing notification (Thanks, Nathan Walp)
* Improved support for Jabber resources (Thanks, Nathan Walp)
* Fixed problem with Gaim crashing on non-ASCII Jabber buddy
aliases (Jabber "name" attribute) chars (Thanks, Ho-seok Lee)
* Plugged memory leaks in Jabber plug-in
* Fixed problem with Jabber away status not being propagated to
conference rooms for jabberd (server) v1.4.2 and above
* Chat room buddy lists are now sorted independent of case
* Added capability for protocol-specific edit buddy menu entries
* Can now remove a Jabber buddy roster item from the server
* Gaim can now handle messages from Mac ICQ and Miranda ICQ
(Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Added Mozilla to browser options and changed KFM to
* Can now set the server and port for MSN and Napster
* MSN Internationalization (Thanks Felipe Contreras and
countless, countless others)
* E-mail addresses are no longer truncated when there is a '.' at
the end.
version 0.58 (05/13/2002):
* Better applet transparency
* Option to raise buddy list on signons/signoffs
* Formatting of incoming MSN messages
* Get Info from menu multiple-account-aware (thanks
Brian Bernas)
* Hide and unhide functions for the filectl plugin.
(Thanks, Ari Pollak)
* Added helpful stuff to the Help menu.
* Self-aliasing from the account editor.
* Better selection in GtkIMHtml (Thanks Ben Miller)
* A warning when your OSCAR buddy list is too long
(Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* ICQ status messages in OSCAR (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Play sound when your name is said in a chat
* Approval dialog for Jabber when somebody wants to
subscribe to user's presence. Also gives user the
opportunity to add that buddy if not already on the
user's buddy list.
* Jabber "Change buddy group" roster synchronization now
works again. (This was unknowingly broken when the
"out-sourced" Jabber libs were upgraded in 0.56)
* Invalid Jabber I.D.'s no longer crash Gaim. User now
notified with pop-up's.
* Jabber Buddy sign-on time support, added in 0.57,
removed until and unless and inconsistency can be
resolved. (Thanks, Nathan Walp)
* Bug-fix for potential buffer overflow in Jabber
plugin. (Thanks, rwscott)
* Tempfiles used for secure MSN/HotMail login (added in
0.57) are now themselves created securely.
* Secure MSN logins (added in 0.57) no longer blow up
on Solaris.
* Timezone support improved.
version 0.57 (04/25/2002):
* New authorization method for Yahoo!
* Jabber will tell you when your buddies signed on (Thanks
Nathan Walp)
* Jabber improvements (Thanks, Nathan Walp)
* More keyboard shortcuts
* event_chat_recv takes char**'s, and event_im_recv takes
a *guint32 for flags
* Secure hotmail login for MSN (thanks for the tips,
Scott Werndorfer)
version 0.56 (04/11/2002):
* Shell-like send history binded to Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down
* libjabber upgraded to most recent stable version
* Buddylist looks a little better
* Fixed MSN privacy settings
* Group deletion fix (Thanks Mark Doliner)
* Alias/Group synchronization for Jabber (Thanks JSeymour)
* Fixed broken signal handling in gdm-started GNOME sessions
(Thanks Jim Seymour, Vann, Robert McQueen)
* Oscar group synchronization (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* ICQ Authorization via Oscar (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
version 0.55 (03/29/2002):
* Jabber improvements (Thanks Jim Seymour)
* Various sound cleanups (Thanks Robert McQueen)
* Login process shown in single window (Thanks Michael
* Can reorder your accounts in the account editor (Thanks
Luke Schierer)
* Shows "mobile" icon for Oscar buddies using mobile
devices (Thanks Mark Doliner)
* Fixed bug in MSN smilies that crashed PPC (and other?) platforms
* HTTP Proxy settings now HTTP compliant (Thanks Robert McQueen)
* Speling corections (Thanks Tero Kuusela)
* Oscar list icon fixes (Thanks Mark Doliner)
* Oscar idle times work again (Thanks Mark Doliner)
* Protocol icons on Edit Buddies tab (Thanks Christian Hammond)
version 0.54 (03/14/2002):
* Compiles without GdkPixbuf again
* GtkIMHtml will refresh when you set a new GTK+ theme
* Improved Yahoo! typing notification (thanks Brian Macke)
* Prompt to authorize MSN buddies who added you while you
were offline (Thanks Jason Willis)
* Option to globally disable Buddy Icon animation (Thanks
Luke Schierer)
* Numerous bugfixes
* Yahoo! will tell you when your buddies are playing Yahoo!
games and give you the ability to join them
* Yahoo! can receive offline messages
* IRC can do DCC chat.
* IRC will convert HTML formatting to mIRC formatting.
* Buddylist tab placement option (Thanks Jason Willis)
* Protocol specific smiley faces
* IM Image sending
version 0.53 (02/28/2002):
* Minor bug fixes re: queued away messages
* Better buddy icon transparency (for real this time ;-))
* Ability to change formatting of Oscar screen name
* Better selection in HTML widget (Thanks BMiller)
* New icons for ICQ (Thanks Kevin Miller)
* Editable buddy pounces (Thanks Jason Willis)
* Server side buddy lists in Oscar (Thanks Mark Doliner :-))
* Fix for the chatlist plugin
* Typing Notification (AIM Direct Connect, Yahoo, MSN)
* IM Images (Receive Only)
* Prettier GtkImHtml selection
* Better buddy icon transparency (for real this time ;-) )
version 0.52 (02/17/2002):
* Better buddy icon transparency (thanks SeanEgan)
* Fixed a little bug with connecting via proxy (thanks
for reminding me of this, Manish Singh)
* Yahoo! Messenger works again
* MSN Works again
* Can register a new user with a Jabber Server (JSeymour)
* Can now set Jabber vCards (JSeymour)
* Jabber vCards are now shown in their entirety (JSeymour)
* Various jabber bug fixes/enhancements (JSeymour)
version 0.51 (01/24/2002):
* Arrow buttons in log viewer and some other dialogs
work (thanks Ben Miller)
* Option to only send auto-response while idle (thanks
Sean Egan)
* Control time between sending auto-responses (thanks
Mark Doliner)
* Should be able to sign on to Oscar using Mac OS X
(thanks Fingolfin, Vincas Ciziunas, et al.)
version 0.50 (12/14/2001):
* Able to import GnomeICU contact lists
* Galeon as browser option (Thanks Rob McQueen)
* IRC /list, /invite (Thanks Sean Egan)
* Option to have IMs and Chats tabbed in same window
* Finally put the lagmeter plugin out of its misery and
removed it. (/me dances on its grave.)
version 0.49 (11/29/2001):
* Can compile against GTK+ 2.0 (version 1.3.10/1.3.11)
* Confirm before removing buddies
* Yahoo updates (thanks Brian Macke)
* Jabber updates
* Zephyr updates (thanks Arun A Tharuvai)
* Gadu-Gadu updates (thanks Arkadiusz Miskiewicz)
* Option to show aliases in conversation tabs
* Option to hide windows after sending messages
* conversion script (thanks Arturo Cisneros, Jr.)
version 0.48 (11/18/2001):
* Right-click on links to open/copy URL
* Yahoo changes
* Oscar can send/receive offline messages in ICQ. Since the "real"
ICQ protocol isn't working too well it's recommended that you
use Oscar for ICQ.
version 0.47 (11/01/2001):
* Better font loading (pays attention to charset now)
(thanks Arkadiusz Miskiewicz)
* Better recoding in Gadu-Gadu (thanks Arkadiusz Miskiewicz)
* Open Mail button for when you get new mail (Yahoo and MSN)
* New buddy pounce option: Popup Notification
* When adding a buddy, the groups list now updates when you switch
* When creating a new buddy pounce, gaim now automagically
selects "on away" or "on idle", if the user is away
or idle.
* Add Opera to the available browsers (thanks Brian Enigma)
* Improved log viewer (thanks to Ben Miller)
* When you are queueing away messages, double clicking on
a buddy's name will cause the messages for that name to be
* You can choose which sound player you use at run-time
(thanks Ben Miller)
* When someone adds you to their buddy list, it asks if you want
to add them as well (Yahoo, ICQ, and MSN) (thanks Nathan Walp)
* Option to grey idle buddies (thanks Nathan Walp)
* MSN Privacy Options
* In MSN you can set a person's alias to their "friendly name" by
right-click on their name while they're online.
* IRC can do /WHOIS
* The usual bug fixes and memory leak plugs
version 0.46 (10/18/2001):
* New applet icons (courtesy David Raeman)
* ICQ works on big-endian platforms, e.g. sparc and ppc
(thanks to Nathan Walp and Ben Miller)
* Better applet icon drawing (thanks to Ari Pollak)
* An extraordinary number of bug fixes
* Ability to stop animation on buddy icons, restart animation,
hide certain buddy icons, and save people's buddy icons, all
through a right-click menu
* Event handlers in perl passed arguments as elements of
an array rather than all concatenated as a string, making
perl much easier to use (thanks Dennis Lambe Jr.)
* Can pass an argument to timeout_handlers in perl
(thanks Artem Litvinovich)
* Redesigned Modify Account window (thanks Sean Egan)
* Add buddy dialog now lets you select which protocol
to add the buddy to
* Pressing 'signon' on the first screen for accounts that
do not require passwords no longer incorrectly displays
an error message.
version 0.45 (10/04/2001):
* New plugin event: event_chat_send_invite
* Major updates to the perl system (reread PERL-HOWTO and
* Major updates to event_chat_* events for plugins (reread
* Some GtkIMHtml improvements
* Various bugfixes
* Nick Highlighting in chat
* Tab-completion for nicks in chat (thanks to Sean Egan)
* Large internal reworkings
* New Protocol: Gadu-Gadu, written by Arkadiusz Miskiewicz
* Can choose buddy icon to send (for Oscar)
version 0.44 (09/20/2001):
* More sane scaling of buddy icons (intelligently scale to
either 48x48 or 50x50 depending on icon)
* Have you ever had it happen where you cancel a login and
Gaim starts using all the available processing power? I
think I fixed that.
* Temporarily removed Jabber user registration, which wasn't
working anyway.
* Added a spiffy Help button
* Wrote a plugin for all those people who miss having the
chat rooms in their buddy lists (
* Updated libfaim
* Added drop down selection to chat invitation
* Improved the look of the chat invitation dialog
* Improved the look of the proxy preferences
* event_im_recv and event_im_display_rcvd passed whether
the message received was auto-response (see SIGNALS)
* IRC fixes (largly copied from X-Chat)
* Internal change to how preferences are stored
* Other bug fixes
* Option to hide buddy icons
version 0.43 (09/06/2001):
* Can change friendly name in MSN again
* Bug fixes
* Auto-reconnect plugin has exponential timeout (i.e. it
tries after 8 seconds, then 16, then 32, etc. up to 17
* Removed file transfer things from Napster. It didn't work
well anyway. It'll be back eventually. (Does anyone even
use napster anymore?)
version 0.11.0-pre15 (08/28/2001):
* MSN works again
* Fixed a little segfault when images are links
* Redid the about box again.
* Fixed a nice little bug with the manual browser command
* Oscar Unicode fix (Thanks John Matthews)
* Can select which protocols are compiled statically
(e.g.: ./configure --with-static-prpls=oscar,jabber)
* New plugin events: event_im_displayed_sent and
event_im_displayed_rcvd. Use these to change messages after
they're displayed (e.g. encrypt sent messages, or send
auto-responses and have them display locally properly)
* Can use Arts for sound (thanks Tom Dyas)
version 0.11.0-pre14 (06/17/2001):
* Fixed a segfault with Oscar's account confirmation
(Thanks, Adam)
* Some MSN changes
* Some HTML widget changes
* Can specify hosts/ports for Yahoo (thanks Jeremy Brooks)
* Many many bugfixes
version 0.11.0-pre13 (06/06/2001):
* Can view/set chat topic in Jabber (thanks faceprint)
* The napster plugin no longer segfaults on invalid names
and/or passwords.
* HTML is properly stripped from away messages in protocols that
do not use HTML. (thanks, faceprint)
* Can view/set chat topic in IRC
* MSN properly escapes outgoing messages
* Much needed updates to the gaim man page (thanks, Sean Egan)
version 0.11.0-pre12 (05/29/2001):
* Fixed a funny bug with auto responses when queued messages
are enabled.
* Redesigned the Font Options preference page
* Improved Jabber chat support (it whispers now, too)
* Zephyr can do Subscriptions now (thanks to nsanch)
* Auto-recon plugin got reworked
* Lots of clean-ups
* Some new pixmaps (Thanks, DennisR).
* Fixed a segfault in IRC (Thanks Sean Egan)
* MSN can now change your 'friendly name' (Thanks for the
packet logs, aechols)
* More IRC improvements [colors, etc] (Thanks Sean Egan)
* Improved proxy options
* Fixed a small issue with HTML not being stripped from
log files properly (Thanks, faceprint and David Stoddard)
* Can turn on/off Yahoo! Mail announcements
* Can force messages through the server for ICQ (use this if
you have problems sending)
* Can receive buddy icons in Oscar (requires gdk_pixbuf,
which GNOME depends on. If you --disable-pixbuf, it will
disable this.)
* Redesigned plugins dialog (thanks Mike Heffner)
version 0.11.0-pre11 (04/30/2001):
* Zephyr updates and additions, thanks Neil Sanchala (nsanch)
* Jabber can send/accept chat invites (due to mid)
* MSN has the option to notify you of new hotmail
* Fixed a problem with ADD requests in MSN
* Fixed a small memory leak with MSN
* Moved MSN's spammy debug output into debug_printf's
* Can rename groups/buddies in the Edit Buddies pane
(thanks Neil Sanchala)
* Some perl updates (thanks to Sean Egan)
* IRC got the following slash commands:
op, deop, voice, devoice, mode, raw, quote, and kick (thanks
to Sean Egan)
* MSN Properly handles URL decoding of 'friendly' names
* Redesigned Preferences pages (design by DennisR)
* Can select where tabs are for tabbed IM/Chat windows
* Option to queue away messages while away
* Jabber got good updates (from faceprint)
* Oh yes, and Oscar works, yet again. (gee... that's what, 4
releases that have "fixed" it now?)
version 0.11.0-pre10 (04/13/2001):
* Many, many bug fixes
* Can choose to not send away auto-response (thanks phzzzt)
* Uh... Oscar works? For now?
* IRC Plugin can do whois (right click and info)
* IRC Plugin got away message support
* Gaim blist to WinAIM blt perl script (courtesy Andy Harrison)
* Sound on buddy pounce (Thanks Andrew Echols)
* Can view all group chats in one tabbed window (same keybindings
as for tabbed normal conversations)
* More Protocol plugins:
Zephyr (plugins/zephyr) (DON'T USE THIS unless you know
what it is and why you'd want to use it)
version 0.11.0-pre9 (03/26/2001):
* Can register Jabber accounts (load the Jabber plugin and click
Register on the login window)
* GtkIMHtml handles themes (no background pixmaps though) (thanks
decklin, mishan)
* URLS Linkify properly in Buddy chats
* Jabber compiles better on Solaris?
* Gaim works with Oscar Again (Huge thanks to Adam Fritzler of
version 0.11.0-pre8 (03/23/2001):
* Fixed a problem with MSN not detecting signoffs and buddy updates.
* Implemented away options in MSN
* Alt-[1-9] to go to [1-9]th pane in tabbed convo window
* Jabber fixes, Oscar fixes (!), Yahoo fixes, TOC fixes
* Can use Alt to access menu, and Ctl-char for certain actions
(thanks baldnik)
* Oscar blocking works (?)
* MSN can see status of other users
version 0.11.0-pre7 (03/16/2001):
* Can build RPMs as non-root
* New yahoo library (can use HTTP proxy)
* Command-line arg to specify config file (thanks Jason Boerner)
* Can view all conversations in one tabbed window (Control-[ and
Control-] move left and right respectively; Control-Tab moves
to the next unread, or the next tab if there are no unread tabs)
* Tooltips on links work again
* Can log system notices: signons/signoffs, awayness and idleness
(thanks Andrew Echols)
* MSN fixes
* Applet fixes
version 0.11.0-pre6 (03/06/2001):
* Fixed bug with NAS support
* Napster plugin is included again
(Thanks for pointing out that it was missing,
(Yan V. Bulgak)
* Oscar can: search by email, request confirmation, change password
* TOC fixes
* ICQ fixes
* Faster HTML parsing/rendering
version 0.11.0-pre5 (02/26/2001):
* Minor GUI changes
* ICQ Alias problem fixed
* Negative times fixed
* Cannot create blank away messages/messages with blank titles
* Can right-click Edit Buddies list to alias/add pounce/etc.
* Ability to independently set accounts as away
* Can use all away states for ICQ, Yahoo (N/A, Be Right Back, etc.)
* Fixed hanging trees
* Can close windows by hitting 'Esc' (optional)
* Better HTML Widget
* Can toggle timestamps by hitting F2 (optional)
* Rewritten file transfer for TOC
* Jabber got chat
* Log Viewer (courtesy BMiller)
* Can save conversation history
* Napster can kinda sorta download files sometimes :)
* You can activate IDs in Yahoo
* ICQ upgraded to use icqlib 1.1.5
version 0.11.0-pre4:
* ICQ upgraded to use icqlib 1.1.0
* An enormous amount of bug fixes
* Even More Protocol Plugins:
Jabber (plugins/jabber)
Napster (plugins/napster.c)
* Fixed a segfault with 'Ignore new conversations while away'
version 0.11.0-pre3 (12/15/2000):
* Away messages arranged alphabetically (Thanks Justin)
* More GUI adjustments
* Can optionally run command to play sound files
* Icons for ICQ plugin (blatantly stolen from GnomeICU)
* Icons for Yahoo plugin (not-so-blatently stolen from GTKYahoo)
* Optionally display warning level next to name in buddy list
* Optionally ignore fonts on incoming messages
* Command-line option to automatically set yourself as
away upon signon (thanks bmiller)
* Buddy list backups now stored in ~/.gaim/SN.protocol.blist (gaim will
move the old file for you). Needed for when you have the same name on
two different protocols. (Oscar and TOC share the same file.)
* More Protocol plugins:
MSN (plugins/msn)
version 0.11.0-pre2 (12/04/2000):
* Fixed a segfault with a bad util.c
version 0.11.0-pre1 (12/03/2000):
* Multiple connections
* Protocol plugins:
IRC (plugins/irc.c)
Yahoo (plugins/yay)
ICQ (plugins/icq)
* Logs now stored to ~/.gaim/logs rather than ~/.gaim/SN/
* User configurable sounds
* Scroll bar now functions properly in chat room user lists
* X-Idle support added (thanks bmiller and bryner)
* small change in the way away messages are displayed
(Thanks Ryan C. Gordon)
* Plugin system uses GModule now (improves portability, adds features)
(Requires recompile and probably modifications of most plugins)
* Perl got updates (reread plugins/PERL-HOWTO)
* Spell checker now uses gtkspell
* Auto-Away (thanks, yet again, to bmiller ;)
* More buddy pounce options
* Various GUI improvements
version 0.10.3 (10/09/2000):
* Segfault when viewing user info fixed
* libdb problem fixed
version 0.10.2 (10/07/2000):
* A few fixes to the URL parser.
* Better placement of smiley dialog
* Improved log file readability
* Code cleanups (thanks kylev)
* Fixed problem when closing away message box (thanks bmiller)
* sprintf() problem on some systems
* Various small bug fixes
version 0.10.1 (09/15/2000):
* Better chatroom logging
* Oscar works again. Pay no attention to Slashdot.
* gtkhtml handles background colours better.
* A third conversation window display preference.
* Better support for things like Sawfish
version 0.10.0 (09/11/2000):
* New Smiley Faces and Pixmaps added.
* Smiley faces now properly wrap in the conversation windows.
* Smiley dialog
* Fixed 0-byte file segfault.
* Borderless buttons (for that cool pop-up look)
* Fixed some resizing bugs
* Added Ctrl+{B/I/U/S} hotkeys to conversation windows.
* Added Ctrl+(number) hotkeys to insert smileys in conversation windows.
* Support for %n, %d, and %t in away messages. Thanks bmiller!
* Background colors
* Redesigned preferences dialog
* Redesigned conversation dialog
* Removed the Lag-O-Meter (Lag-O-Meter is now a plugin)
* SOCKS 4/5 proxy works
* Buddy Pounces are now saved in .gaimrc
* Buddy Chats are now saved in .gaimrc
* Ability to merge gaim, aim2, aim4 buddylists. Thanks again bmiller!
* ICQ-style aliases. This lets you change the name you see your buddy
as. For example, if your buddy's SN is 'CouldntGetMyName', you can
alias him as 'Loser'.
* Compile with GNOME bits if available
* Added GNOME Url Handler as an available web-browser
* Added the S html tag.
* Optionally Ignore TiK's Automated Messages
* Option to beep instead of play sound
* New icons for panel (depends on some GNOME pixmaps)
* Perl scripting. See plugins/PERL-HOWTO for how to write perl scripts.
All .pl files in ~/.gaim are autoloaded when gaim starts.
* HTML widget is faster, more stable
version 0.9.20 (07/14/2000):
* More plugin events, more plugin features
* Run-time OSCAR support
* Added buddy list ticker (See prefs/Appearance). Clicking on a
name will cause a new or previous IM window to display for
that screenname
* "You are sending messages too quickly" error is now fixed
when you have a large buddylist.
* Fixed the LC_ALL compile problem on Solaris boxes
* Fixed PPC and ARM compile problem with oscar.c
* Smileys work better, and don't cause font attributes to drop
* Dialog windows are now prettier
* /me in IM window; font/color dialogs and smileys in chat window
version 0.9.19 (06/09/2000):
* Graphical Smiley Faces
* Applet got a bit of a makeover (inside & out)
* Compile-time options affect Preferences dialog
* Whispering in chat works (does anyone even use this?)
* HTML-tag buttons in chat
* Chat got all kinds of new features (like IRC-sytle /me)
* Chat in oscar works much better
* Locale support
* Fixed the segfault when your server-side config is null
* Many many bugfixes
version 0.9.18 (06/02/2000):
* Logging in works better for oscar
* Double error bug when sending message to an offline user is
* Pressing enter once again sends a message in buddy chatrooms (oops)
* More fixes for the change on the AOL sign-on process.
* Fixed bug where Gaim sometimes doesn't find a font to use.
* Per-conversation font and color dialogs (thanks fflewddur)
* Chat in oscar works (somewhat)
* Even more fixes for the sign-on process, and now you don't flash when
setting permit/deny lists.
version 0.9.17 (05/31/2000):
* Automagic feature to check for new versions has been removed
* Infinite loop bug fixed
version 0.9.16 (05/31/2000):
* Paned buddy chat window (Thanks Syd)
* Buddy lists (and changes) are cached to ~/.gaim/<sn>.blist
where <sn> is your screen name. If for some reason, you log
into the AOL server and the buddy list comes back empty, we
check for a cache file, and, if we find one, read it in. This
essentially implements recovery from a server crash at AOL
(AOL does not back up machines that contain TOC-based buddy
lists, unfortunately). (Thanks Syd)
* Font selection dialog
* Small changes to the Oscar/libfaim stuff (see libfaim/README.gaim)
* SOCKS 4 proxy support
* Better proxy support overall (you can get people's info now! :) )
* Two-way file transfer (you can get and send files, but you still
can't initiate either)
* Fixed font problem with Misconfigured X-Servers. Thanks Decklin!
* Fixed the No Configuration problem that came about today (5/31)
version 0.9.15 (05/06/2000):
* Plugin support enabled by default (oops)
* Some plugins built/installed by default
* Option to automagically check for new releases
* Ability to receive files (one-way file transfer)
* In-line spell checker (thanks to Torrey Searle of the
Everybuddy Devel team for this one)
version 0.9.14 (04/24/2000):
* Numerous Fixes by G. Sumner Hayes (buffer over flow patches,
* Paned Conversation Windows (Thanks Syd)
* Raise Window On Message Received, Fixed (Thanks Syd)
* When multiple screen names, Gaim now correctly remembers the name
that was used last.
* FONT sizes now work correctly.
* PLUGIN SUPPORT!! (Lots of cool goodies here)
* Fixed another leak or two
* Added ability to change your screenname password
* Devil pixmaps
version 0.9.13 (03/27/2000):
* Dialog Box Segfault Fixed (When You Click A Toggle Then Cancel)
* Double Log-Out Message Fixed
* GNOME compile error fixed
* Away Message Problem Fixed
* Fixed URL Right Click Menus
* Conversation Logging now shows Full Date and Time
* Internal Change to Buddy List
version 0.9.12 (03/25/2000):
* Segfault fix for PPC/Alpha/etc machines with log(0)
Thanks to Todd Cohen for this one.
* Small internal change to the way prefs work
* GNOME Applet support works better
(thanks to Eric Warmenhoven for the patch)
* Support for displaying true type fonts
* Lag-O-Meter does not send lag-test if not selected
* Fixed problem with saving away messages which contain spaces
and numbers.
* Various GNOME Applet Enhancements (thanks AGAIN to
Eric. Someone needs to stop this boy :-) )
* A lot of random, obscure bugs fixed
* All of the major and I believe all of the minor memory leaks are
now fixed
(Thanks to Peter Teichman, Larry Ewing, Je