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15 months ago, Gary Kramlich
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Nullprpl is a mock protocol plugin for Pidgin and libpurple. You can create
accounts with it, sign on and off, add buddies, and send and receive IMs, all
without connecting to a server!
Beyond that basic functionality, nullprpl supports presence and away/available
messages, offline messages, user info, typing notification, privacy
allow/block lists, chat rooms, whispering, room lists, and protocol icons and
emblems. Notable missing features are file transfer and account registration
and authentication.
Nullprpl is intended as an example of how to write a libpurple protocol
plugin. It doesn't contain networking code or an event loop, but it does
demonstrate how to use the libpurple API to do pretty much everything a
protocol might need to do.
Nullprpl is also a useful tool for hacking on Pidgin, Finch, and other
libpurple clients. It's a full-featured protocol plugin, but doesn't depend on
an external server, so it's a quick and easy way to exercise test new code. It
also allows you to work while you're disconnected.
To build, just run ./configure as usual in the root directory of the pidgin
source distribution. Then cd libpurple/protocols/null and then make. To
install, run make install. Then run Pidgin.
To build nullprpl on Windows (with Cygwin/MinGW), use: make -f Makefile.mingw
To add a nullprpl account, go to the account editor window and click Add.
Select Null Protocol from the protocol drop-down list, and enter any username
you want.
Now, use Pidgin like normal. You can add buddies, send IMs, set away messages,
etc. If you send IMs to your own username, they will be echoed back to you.