Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for PurpleConversation and additional cleanups

The setters for PurpleConversation are kind of crappy because of the
conversation cache in the purple_conversations api, which we'll address at a
later time.

Testing Done:
Compiled and ran locally, parted a chat and just signed out to verify no new issues.

Reviewed at
Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clients That're Good for the Soul
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Current Developers:
Daniel 'datallah' Atallah - Developer
Paul 'darkrain42' Aurich - Developer
Ethan 'Paco-Paco' Blanton - Developer
Sadrul Habib Chowdhury - Developer
Gary 'grim' Kramlich - Maintainer
Richard 'rlaager' Laager - Developer
Marcus 'malu' Lundblad - Developer
Sulabh 'sulabh_m' Mahajan - Developer
Richard 'wabz' Nelson - Developer
Etan 'deryni' Reisner - Developer
Michael 'Maiku' Ruprecht - Developer, voice and video
Elliott 'QuLogic' Sales de Andrade - Developer
Evan Schoenberg - Developer
Kevin 'SimGuy' Stange - Developer & Webmaster
Will 'resiak' Thompson - Developer
Stu 'nosnilmot' Tomlinson - Developer
Jorge 'Masca' Villase├▒or - Developer
Tomasz Wasilczyk - Developer
Crazy Patch Writers:
Jakub 'haakon' Adam
James 'jgeboski' Geboski
Krzysztof Klinikowski
Eion Robb
Ankit Vani
Retired Developers:
John 'rekkanoryo' Bailey - Developer
Herman Bloggs - Win32 Port
Thomas Butter - Developer
Ka-Hing Cheung - Developer
Mark 'KingAnt' Doliner - maintainer
Jim Duchek <> - maintainer
Sean Egan - Developer
Rob Flynn <> - maintainer
Adam Fritzler - libfaim maintainer
Christian 'ChipX86' Hammond - Developer & Webmaster
Casey Harkins - Developer
Ivan Komarov - Developer
Syd Logan - hacker and designated driver [lazy bum]
Christopher 'siege' O'Brien - Developer
Bartosz Oler - Developer
Tim 'marv' Ringenbach - Developer
Luke 'LSchiere' Schierer - Support
Megan 'Cae' Schneider - support/QA
Jim Seymour - XMPP developer
Mark Spencer <> - original author
Nathan 'faceprint' Walp - Developer
Eric Warmenhoven <> - lead developer
Retired Crazy Patch Writers:
Felipe 'shx' Contreras
Decklin Foster
Dennis 'EvilDennisR' Ristuccia - Senior Contributor/QA
Peter 'Bleeter' Lawler
Robert 'Robot101' McQueen
Benjamin Miller
Peter 'Fmoo' Ruibal
Gabriel 'Nix' Schulhof
Hylke Bons - Icons
Other Contributions:
Much thanks to Evan Martin <> for writing
GtkSpell <> responsible for the
"Highlight misspelled words" feature and for gtk-nativewin
<> the default GTK+-2.0
engine originally used in our win32 port.
Peter Teichiman <>
Larry Ewing
Jeramey A. Crawford
Thanks to these boys. Peter and Larry managed to stomp
out a large list of Mem Leaks. Jeramey found the remaining
onees and pointed me to those. Props to the boys at
Helix Code. Thanks guys.
Nathan Walp
A healthy amount of patches for the Jabber plugin
Neil Sanchala
Wrote most of the Zephyr plugin
Arkadiusz Miskiewicz
Wrote the Gadu-Gadu plugin
David Prater <IM: dRaven43>
Log and Colour Button Images
S├ębastien Carpe <IM: Seb Carpe>
Base HTTP Proxy Support
Ari Pollak <IM: Ari Pollak>
Resize conversation window patch
Decklin Foster
Many GUI improvements, other nifty additions and fixes
David <IM: CrazyDavy>
The neato-bigger text box
S D Erle
Writing a cool perl script to translate WinAIM lists to gaim
A good collection of stuff. %n for away messages, import winaim
lists, pic/text/pic+text for buttons, among others
Lance Rocker
Improved HTML formatting in logs, plus lots of debugging on *BSD.
GNOME Url handler patch
Justin M. Ward <>:
Alphabetical Away Messages patch
G. Sumner Hayes <IM: SumnerFool> Security Patches
Brian Ryner for a little make file patch :)
Ryan C. Gordon - I still think you look like Silent Bob.
Elliot Tobin <>
Thanks to Jeroen van der Vegt for the initial smiley plugin and images.
The OpenQ Team
Wrote the QQ plugin dropped in 2.8.0 (see libpurple/qq/AUTHORS in 2.7.11)