Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for PurpleConversation and additional cleanups

The setters for PurpleConversation are kind of crappy because of the
conversation cache in the purple_conversations api, which we'll address at a
later time.

Testing Done:
Compiled and ran locally, parted a chat and just signed out to verify no new issues.

Reviewed at
Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clients That're Good for the Soul
Our development blog is available at:
2.8.0 (06/07/2011):
Paul: I fixed a few things in this release, and committed some
patches, but am being vague because I can't remember any specifics.
Hopefully you enjoy this, and happy May!
John: Wow, this release has taken forever. But there are a crapload
of patches that have been committed this time around, a lot of them by
me. The infamous MSN bugs are still outstanding, but otherwise this
release has brought some excellent progress. Oh, and we dropped the
hasn't-quite-worked-in-ages QQ plugin, too. Enjoy!
Jorge: I managed to get one patch applied! Wii for end of semester!
2.7.11 (03/10/2011):
John: Yet another release. This time around we finally fixed that
annoying MSN buddy adding problem and a security issue in Yahoo. You
know the drill--upgrade already!
2.7.10 (02/06/2011):
John: It's release time again. This release contains a bunch of stuff
committed from Trac. This is another "thank a patch writer" release.
Unfortunately, no one has fixed our wonderful MSN issues yet. There is
a tiny security fix in this release, as well.
2.7.9 (12/26/2010):
John: Just a quick release for a security fix here. Elliott has not
yet had a chance to work on the MSN breakage that's been present in
the last couple releases, but we hope he can do it before 2.7.10!
2.7.8 (12/19/2010):
Elliott: OK, so I know a few things broke with the last release, and
it's too bad we had to rush it for that silly certificate thing that
the MSN people can't configure properly. I've certainly done a lot of
small fixes this time, but it's too bad we haven't been able to get the
transfers with the official client fixed yet. I promise it'll be in
the next release (barring any quick security issues).
John: So, it's been about a month since we last released. Again, we've
assembled a bugfix release for your enjoyment. While a few commonly
reported bugs remain, particularly in MSN, we're working on it for the
next release. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and enjoy!
2.7.7 (11/23/2010):
John: Well, this time around, we should finally have the certificate
issue really and fully fixed for all of you MSN users. Also, we have
a few AIM-related fixes in this release, most notably the fix for the
new "SSL Handshake Failure" message some of you got after upgrading.
That one was an oversight on our part. Enjoy the fixes!
2.7.6 (11/21/2010):
Jorge: In this release I have merged two branches where I have spent
most of my time in the last months, the MSNP16 and SLP-rewrite. I
hope you all will enjoy the hability to be connected on multiple
instances at the same time. I also hope that the SLP rewrite
fix a lot of old bugs that we have in the tracker. I am really
happy with this rewrite because there was untoched code from almost
5 years ago. I hope you like this release!
John: In this release, we give you some new features and a bunch of
bug fixes. This includes shipping intermediate certificates to fix
certificate validation for MSN's servers. Upgrade and enjoy!
2.7.5 (10/31/2010):
John: A bugfix release for all of you! This time we fixed a bunch of
bugs ranging from annoying regressions to long-standing bugs we didn't
realize until now were bugs. Enjoy!
2.7.4 (10/20/2010):
John: This release came at this particular time due to some security
issues Daniel discovered for us when investigating a bug. There are
a ton of other changes, including some partial Yahoo file transfer
fixes and a bunch of other little things. Enjoy!
2.7.3 (08/10/2010):
Mark: Lots of little incremental[1] bug fixes and enhancements in this
[1] No whales were harmed[2] during the creation of this release.
[2] Probably.
John: Finally got some fixes out there for you Yahoo users behind some
particularly annoying firewalls and proxies, among other fixes. Enjoy!
2.7.2 (07/21/2010):
Mark: We discovered a security issue in Pidgin 2.7.0 and 2.7.1 and
decided to release a patched version quickly. This release contains
the fix for that crash, and a few other minor fixes.
2.7.1 (05/29/2010):
Elliott: Hey, I'm first! How did that happen?! Maybe because of the
interesting changes in this release. Sure there were quite a few bug
fixes, but I know what you've all been waiting for is the direct
connections in MSN. Trust me, it's really really fast!!
John: Whoa, short turnaround for us. This is just 17 days after our
previous release! This fixes a number of bugs that you've all been
reporting a ton of duplicate tickets about and even gives you the new
direct connection file transfer support for MSN. Enjoy!
Marcus: Quite a bit quicker to get this release out, compared with the
previous one :). Fixes a number of bugs, and I'm sure the MSN direct
connections will please many users. Enjoy!
2.7.0 (05/12/2010):
John: We FINALLY got the ICQ X-Status stuff merged in! And a few other
patches that have been sitting on Trac forever. Couple that with some
new features and we have an excellent release for all of you!
Marcus: Finally time for a new release, seems like it took
quite a while this time. But then again, there are some new features
in there, like file transfer preview (thumbnails) support (only on MSN
so far), plus a lot of bug fixes. Enjoy!
Paul: Yay, a new release! I don't think I added very much useful to
this release, other than fixing a paste bug from Chrome (no weird
characters appended to the end of your URI). Enjoy!
Jorge: This is my first NEWS! I'm not sure I added something nice
to this release. I know it took a lot of time to bring this one
out, however I'm really excited by this release. I hope everyone
likes the new features this release brings.
Elliott: This release took so long, I had to go check the ChangeLog
just to see what happened. I doubt many people will notice, but we
dropped support for many old things, like GTK+<2.10 and MSNP9. In more
exciting news, we have file transfer previews on MSN, and support for
setting moods on ICQ and XMPP (which has been waiting forever.)
2.6.6 (02/18/2010):
Mark: This release includes some great little changes and fixes a few
security-related bugs. See the ChangeLog for details.
2.6.5 (01/08/2010):
Paul: This release fixes a pretty serious bug in the MSN code, so we're
releasing this build a little earlier than planned with only major
bugs fixed. See the ChangeLog for details. Enjoy!
2.6.4 (11/29/2009):
John: It's release time again. Lots of bug fixes this time around, as
well as a new protocol plugin developed and maintained by the MXit folks
folks. Elliott and I also did a ton of work on the Preferences window,
which will now hopefully fit on most people's small screens. Enjoy!
Elliott: This release has been in the works for so long, I don't really
remember doing any work on it. But I do know the MSN servers gave us a
little bit of trouble this time around, forgetting people's friendly
names. Nothing too problematic, just a touch annoying. Also, we've got
a nice new Preferences dialog. You can thank John for that mostly, with
a couple of tweaks by me.
Sadrul: A lot of little fixes for a lot of things! Among them, a fix
for a long standing issue with displaying unicode in non-utf8 locale in
finch. We also have a new prpl for MXit. This release is very very cool
altogether. Enjoy!
2.6.3 (10/16/2009):
Mark: Someone reported a fairly serious bug in our AIM/ICQ code
so we're releasing a special "severe bug fix only" build. See the
ChangeLog for details. Enjoy!
2.6.2 (09/05/2009):
Mark: Woo boy it's been a busy two weeks. There was a lot of new code
in 2.6.0, and with new code comes new bugs. The cadre of relentless
developers responsible for Pidgin have been hard at work, and I believe
they have fixed all the major bugs that cropped up. My thanks to all
those names listed as Current Developers in Pidgin's 'About' window.
Elliott: Well now, just as Mark said, there was a lot of new stuff that
probably came up with tons of bugs. So I can't say I wrote anything
super-awesome, but I definitely fixed quite a few of those itty-bitty
why-didn't-this-work-this-way sort of bugs.
2.6.1 (08/18/2009):
Mark: There were a lot of changes in 2.6.0, and so a few major bugs
crept in. This is a very minor release to fix those bugs. Sorry for
the inconvenience!
2.6.0 (08/18/2009):
John: Wow, four straight releases that I'm the first to NEWS on. This
is getting kinda scary! I'm beginning to wonder who else actually does
anything around here! (Just kidding, of course.) LOTS of new features
and a crapton of bugfixes this release. There should pretty much be
something for everybody. A great example of this is the ton of Yahoo
changes that have happened thanks to our SoC student from 2008, Sulabh
Mahajan. Among his massive improvements are the ability to add MSN
buddies by adding them as "msn/user@domain.tld" and peer-to-peer file
transfers. Of course, history shows we can't please everyine, so I'm
sure I'll see a complaint or five thousand in trac. Enjoy, though!
Marcus: This is my first news! It's been quite a few microreleases this
time, but now we're finally at 2.6.0. I suppose the most anticipated
new feature in this release is the voice and video support, thanks to
Mike's heroic work. I've managed to slip in a few features too, like
in-band bytestream file transfers as a fallback on XMPP and idle time
reporting on XMPP. Enjoy!
Paul: This is my first news, too! This release has definitely been a
long time coming; hopefully it won't disappoint since we've closed over
200 tickets. Among other things, Tobias Markmann's GSoC project from
last year was merged, which means we now support BOSH (XMPP connections
over HTTP), and Andrei Mozzhuhin contributed an XMPP Service Discovery
Browser. Also, thanks to Bernmeister for poking (at least) several
hundred old tickets!
Mike: Ditto. This is my first news as well. I have a feeling this is
getting repetitive at this point, but voice and video support is
finally here! Thanks to the rest of the Pidgin team, Farsight 2, and
GStreamer developers for making this possible! (I finally finished my
Summer of Code project :D)
Elliott: Hey, this is my firs... Wait, no it isn't. Now I feel left
out. So have you heard about this voice and video thing?
Unfortunately, not quite ready for all protocols, but it's getting
there. MSN gained support for receiving voice clips at least, and
finally we have Ink receiving capabilities too. Thanks to the guys
who wrote the original patch. And finally, MSN no longer has over a
100 tickets open!
2.5.9 (08/18/2009):
John: This release is just a crash fix release to address a security
issue reported to us by CORE and a couple crashes Elliott found.
2.5.8 (06/27/2009):
John: This release is another somewhat rushed bugfix release to fix
a number of bugs that have come up since we released Pidgin 2.5.7.
Hopefully anything I broke there is fixed now, or at least made to be
less broken. Enjoy!
2.5.7 (06/20/2009):
John: This release is really just a rushed fix for the broken Yahoo
protocol plugin. I spent way more time on this release than I care
to admit, so I hope that time is well spent and this fixes the issues
people have been having.
2.5.6 (05/19/2009):
Ka-Hing: Many much bugfixes. Hooray. (Paul told me to say that)
Oh, no one has met Paul yet? He's awesome, he backported my fixes
to the release branch so I didn't have to checkout a
workspace... except I just did to NEWS to tell you all about
that. Oh and I actually did do something for this release, none of
which is user visible though. This basically applies to the rest
of the release as well, nothing exciting, but you definitely want
Daniel: This should fix a number of annoying issues that some users
have encountered. We also would like to thank Veracode
( who performed a code analysis and found some
bugs that were addressed in this release.
Elliott: I feel like I'm repeating myself, but there are some more MSN
fixes that should make things better behaved at login as well, and
maybe you'll stop getting some of those annoying errors (though not all
are fixed yet). Some other bugfixes, plus the craziness that is the
libxml "structured error handler" make up the rest of this release.
2.5.5 (03/01/2009):
John: Well, yet another release with bug fixing and patches. Hopefully
one of the fixed bugs is one that irritated you. Also, thank Dimmuxx
for spending far too much time working on ICQ this release.
Elliott: Lots and lots of MSN bugfixes again (I hope they're fixed, at
least). I think we finally have OCS/Yahoo!/federated buddies working
now. And there should be some workarounds for some server things that
may or may not have been our fault (like buddies on Allow+Block) which
should make general usage a bit smoother.
2.5.4 (01/12/2009):
John: Well, we fixed a few bugs for you this time around, I applied
a few patches, and we've dealt with what feels like a TON of tickets
about two very common issues. Feels like time for a release to me.
Etan: My first NEWS in quite a while and I don't have much to say. I
haven't been too active lately and I'm hoping that won't be the case
going forward. I managed to get in a few perl fixes and some UI
language tweaks this release. My plan is to work on some of the
issues pointed out by mpt (during his expert review of pidgin a little
while back) in the near future.
2.5.3 (12/18/2008):
Mark: It's been about two months and woo-boy have we been fixing
bugs. Enjoy!
Kevin: I didn't do much of anything this release, but Mark and
John must be commended for their tireless efforts to fix bugs
and approve patches, especially in areas of Pidgin that have
not usually received much attention. Lots of changes have
been made, so definitely check the ChangeLog to see what's new.
John: It feels like it's been an age or two since we last released,
and I think it's well worth the wait. Mark has sunk more time into
MSN and MySpace IM this release than any sane person should be
allowed to, and I've sunk more time into patches than I care to
admit. By my count, our ChangeLog has 58 bullet points(!) and we've
closed 85 tickets specifically for this release. Enjoy!
Ka-Hing: Bring your XMPP server to 2008 some time in 2009 would be
nice, DreamHost!
Elliott: Well, I can't blame the server for this release taking so long
but that's just how it worked out. A few interesting MSN changes this
time. Hopefully, federated & Yahoo! buddies will work for you, but I'm
not yet certain it's ready. Mark made so many fixes, I'm not even sure
I recognize everything anymore, but hopefully that'll make things less
crashy for you.
2.5.2 (10/19/2008):
Ethan: After a bit of a struggle with our services, which put
this release off for an unfortunate length of time, we're
ready for another bugfix release for your bug-free(er?)
messaging pleasure.
Sadrul: Despite our best efforts, this release got delayed by a
couple of weeks. But here it is! It is mostly a bug fix release, with
a couple of important fixes, e.g. fix for the Yahoo! disconnect
problem. Also, welcome our newest Crazy Patch Writer, Marcus Lundblad,
who, among various other fixes, has implemented custom smileys for the
XMPP protocol, included in this release. Enjoy!
Stu: I guess this is the time of year for server migrations, and
I've just about had enough of them. Fortunately Pidgin is still fun,
and this release should be superb.
John: Although our services were down for quite some time, we didn't
lose any data, except perhaps some mail that would have failed to make
it to us. Overall, the only major effect it had was to delay this
release far longer than we expected. Hopefully the bugfixes make you
Elliott: This release took a while, but that was due to an unfortunate
server snafu. I didn't have much to do with it, but hopefully the new
servers will help us out a bit. Anyway, mostly bug-fixes this time.
Nothing spectacular, unless you happen to suffer from one of those bugs.
Oh, and don't forget, the "Has you" tooltip is back!
2.5.1 (08/30/2008):
Kevin: This release is mainly a bug-fix release. It solves a few
known crashes and updates some of our artwork. Google's Summer of
code recently finished up. Some of our students are still working
on their branches and none have been merged into released code yet.
Look for some of those results to show up in Pidgin releases over the
coming months.
Elliott: I'm just commenting so Kevin wouldn't be the only one in NEWS
and no-one else seems to want to. Anyway, there's a couple MSN login
fixes, so try it out. The contact list problems might still be around,
but you can probably find a workaround in trac. And there's a tooltip
fix for our AIM friends, not that I had anything to do with it (except
closing many many duplicate tickets).
2.5.0 (08/17/2008):
Daniel: Lots of good stuff in this release. Lots of people have worked
very hard on the updated MSN protocol, and it's finally time to bring
it to the world! There are myriad bugfixes, including some important
ones so you should be sure to update.
Hylke: Finally MSNP15 support. To celebrate this I refreshed a lot of
the smilies used in the protocol and added the long awaited indispensable
bunny icon. I think this is one of those releases that will make a lot
of users happy, especially MSN users.
Elliott: Oh look, my first NEWS! Well anyway, with that new MSNP15
support, this release is set up to be a huge success and a total flop
all at the same time. Here's hoping it's the "huge success" one for you.
Those icon changes that Hylke made, while minor, really make things look
a little cleaner, I think. Oh yea, did I mention that MSNP15 stuff?
Mark: Speaking of MSNP15, we'd like to welcome Elliott Sales de Andrade
as a full fledged developer! He took the last few strides mushing the
new MSN code into shape. Then he decided that wasn't enough and started
doing other great stuff.
Ka-Hing: "Reject"ing a certificate after your account is signed off is
not recommended. Deleting the file after you start sending it is also
2.4.3 (07/01/2008):
Richard: This release includes important bug fixes. I'm just cutting
the release. Thank you to the real heroes who did the fixing!
2.4.2 (5/17/2008):
Sadrul: We added some usability changes in this release, including the
typing notification, buddyicon and input area size in the conversation
windows, escape to close conversation windows etc. These changes should
make pidgin more usable and more fun for Everyone! *wink*
Stu: I fixed some memory leaks, but nothing like as many as Daniel did.
MSN buddy list synchronization should be significantly less painful now,
and opening MSN inboxes might work better too. SILC passphrase changes
and support for passphrase-less keys has been improved also.
2.4.1 (3/31/2008):
Stu: We fixed some bugs, this release should be 110% better than 2.4.0
John: Well, I didn't really do much this release except muck about with
the configure script. Blame me if it worked in 2.4.0 but doesn't now.
Will: We seem to be falling into a nice pattern of releasing on the last
day of a month. Hypothetical AIX users might be pleased to learn that
Pidgin might actually run for them now!
2.4.0 (2/29/2008):
John: While this release took what seems like forever to get out the
door, I think it's well worth the wait, especially for Yahoo! users.
This release serves up some fixes for long standing bugs and adds
file transfer for transfers with newer Yahoo! clients (finally!). As
is standard with code I committed, where it works great thank the
patch writer, and where it's broken, feel free to yell at me. Enjoy!
Sadrul: Finch is more colourful and blinky in this release! There's
now a log viewer, which is very useful, and also the ability to
block/unblock buddies. It's now also possible to find chat rooms on
many services, e.g. XMPP, IRC, Yahoo! etc. Happy Leap Day!
Ka-Hing: I think all I've done for this release is committing some
patches written by other people.
Stu: Finally, 2.4.0 lands. I didn't do all that much except complain
about things I didn't like or just revert Sean's changes. I'm quite
pleased with how well it's turned out in the end.
Happy Birthday Fred, you must be nearly 10 now ;-)
2.3.1 (12/7/2007):
Stu: I'm sorry for the MSN problems and the plugin crashes in 2.3.0.
Hopefully this will redeem us. This fixes a number of bugs. I'm a
bit late but I'd like to welcome John to the team. Enjoy!
Luke: I've done absolutely nothing in the last 2 weeks, except watch
others commit bug and, more, leak fixes. People should be noticing
remarkably fewer memory leaks now than 2 or more releases ago.
Kevin: I'm not quite sure what happened to our MySpaceIM Summer of
Code student, but I fixed a few MySpace bugs with idle and status.
I will try to fix some of the other more significant bugs, after I
figure out the protocol, especially including grouping issues.
2.3.0 (11/20/2007):
Luke: While this does not have the new MSN code, rest assured that
we are working on it and that it is nearing release. This contains
a significant number of fixes, including some that were marked as
fixed for earlier releases. Happy Thanksgiving!
John: This is my first NEWS entry! So, this time around we have an
updated man page (the old one hadn't been really updated since
before the GTK+ 2.0 migration!), lots of bug fixes, and some new
features for you all. Enjoy!
2.2.2 (10/23/2007):
Luke: Because the main branch of pidgin development is still not
ready for public consumption, I have taken some time to try to
pull the many bug fixes that have happened since then into a
separate branch. This release is the result of that effort.
2.2.1 (9/28/2007):
Richard: We have some new code in the pipeline, but it's not quite
ready for a general release. Instead, this is basically a bug fix
Luke: Unfortunately the necessity of this bug fix release means
some of the tickets that have been closed as part of the 2.2.1
milestone are not actually fixed yet. We have grabbed as many
of the changes as we could while avoiding those that are as
yet unstable though, and this should still be a marked
improvement over 2.2.0. We have spent a lot of time since the
last release looking at the tickets that have been submitted
and many of them have been closed.
Stu: I haven't NEWS'd in a while. I haven't actually done much for
too long also, maybe I'll find some time soon. This release is
basically what 2.2.0 should have been - it actually compiles this
2.2.0 (9/13/2007):
Sean: 2.2.0 contains the results of several major Google Summer
of Code branches bringing some new, extraordinary features. We
have a new protocol, MySpaceIM, a bunch of new features for an
existing protocol, XMPP, and nifty new certificate management
to make sure your IM server is who it says it is.
Ka-Hing: A number of you noticed crashes when dragging windows
around when certain options are enabled. Well, that was my fault,
and Sadrul fixed it. So Props to him and poos to me. I haven't
done much for this release, but the next one should contain
something that I helped work on. Hint: students are cheap slave
Kevin: I haven't really been coding much in Pidgin, and this
release is no exception, but I will be working on getting our
wonderful web site to be a little more functional by next
release. I promise!
2.1.1 (8/20/2007):
Sean: Continuing our schedule of frequent releases, Pidgin 2.1.1
is out. In it, we've addressed a lot of UI issues from our
experimental new changes introduced in 2.1.0, and gave a lot of
attention to Yahoo! and Bonjour. Thanks to everyone who
Luke: We have reworked some parts of the conversation windows in
response to user comments. We did not quite reach 100 tickets
closed this release, so a fair few will role over again. Still,
we are slowly but surely working our way through the reported bugs.
Many thanks to everyone who has helped with tracking down the
various issues, testing fixes, and getting patches in.
Tim: Sean finally got me to fix some of the buddy list bugs with
Yahoo! when in version 15 mode. So now we have some Yahoo! to
MSN support, which is kind of nice. Looks like some others have
been contributing to Yahoo! while I've been AWOL, so many thanks
to them.
2.1.0 (7/28/2007):
Sean: This release took a bit longer than 3 weeks, but boy is it
worth it! We're beginning to experiment with new UI concepts and
this release features a largely re-designed conversation window.
We've closed 150 tickets for this release; much thanks go to all
the developers, translators, and testers who made this possible.
Ka-Hing: Sean said no one else NEWS'ed, so I figure I should.
2.0.2 (6/14/2007):
Sean: Another big maintenance release. Again, about 100 tickets were
resolved in this release, and they keep coming in. Lots of bug fixes,
some minor icon adjustements, hopefully we addressed some ICQ
internationalization issues, and support for Bonjour on Windows!
Our next release will be 2.1.0, and will come with some great new
Stu: I think we're gradually getting the hang of this 3 week thing
again. This release includes yet more bug fixes. I'd also like to
specifically thank Pekka Riikonen for the patch to enable using SILC
Toolkit 1.1 with Pidgin/libpurple that is included in this release.
2.0.1 (5/24/2007):
Sean: 2.0.1! Three weeks later, as scheduled! It is so nice to have
regular, frequent, releases again! This is a bugfix release; We have
fixed over 100 issues reported to us at
Thanks to everyone for their great work, and look for the next release
in another three weeks!
Stu: Lots'o'fixes in this. I don't know how you users find so many
things for us to fix. 24 hours in a day (sadly). 24 is divisible by the
sum of its digits and by their product. It is the smallest composite
number, the product of whose divisors is a cube.
Luke: I requested that we have a bug fix release, and so we have!
Many, though unfortunately not all, of the reports that have been
submitted to us since 2.0.0 have been fixed now, and so you should
all have a much more stable experience with this release. I also
want to thank the many users who have resubmitted their reports
as we close out the old Source Forge bug tracker. If all goes well,
your report will get the attention it deserves as we continue to
work on Pidgin, Finch, and libpurple.
Nathan: A ton of fixes have gone into this release. The feedback
we've gotten on 2.0.0 has been incredible. Hopefully we've resolved
most of the critical issues with 2.0.1. If we haven't, I'm sure
our wonderful users will let us hear about it. I seem to be
forgetting something...oh, right, I haven't promised any cool new
features in the next release! So, I promise at least one cool new
feature in the next just might have to adjust your
definition of 'cool' to get it.
Etan: Perl plugins now have access to almost all of the savedstatus
API functions. I also removed a couple of the preferences from the
Pidgin GTK+ Theme Control plugin which should help many of the people
for whom the configuration dialog size was a problem. The removed
preferences no longer had the effects they were added to have anyway.
2.0.0 (5/3/2007):
Sean: 2.0.0! It's real exciting to finally release Pidgin 2.0.0! I'm
really proud of all the work we've all done. I'm pumped. And, while
I could go on about all the amazing thing that have been added since
1.5.0, what I'm really excited about is getting back to a regular,
rapid, release cycle of active, open development, unhindered by legal
quandries. Huge thanks to everyone involved.
Luke: We have finally managed to get 2.0.0 out the door, after nearly
but not quite 2 years of effort and fustration. No one regrets more
than I that we were unable to make any of betas 3-6 the actual release.
But at long last, it is out, and life can return to a more normal
state. There were many tough calls to be made in the last 2 years.
Not everyone has agreed with the resulting decisions, that is un-
fortunate, but unavoidable. Suffice it to say that despite what
some users appear to think, a ton of thought, argument, discussion,
and experimentation has gone into this release. This release
builds on many years of experience, both as developers writing the
code, users using it, and in supporting other users. I hope that
those who download and install this will give it a fair shot, and
attempt to avoid knee-jerk reactions.
Evan: One small step for bird, one giant leap for birdkind... except
this is hardly one small step. A lot more has changed from Gaim 1.5.0
than just the name. Pidgin has a *very* attractive new look, a whole
new member of the family (Finch, formerly gaim-console) has been born,
and libpurple has come into its own as a solid, full-featured library
powering the greatest IM clients around. Bugs were fixed and
features were added by the hundreds (thousands?) since the last
major release, all while improving performance and resisting feature
creep. As Luke said, a ton of thought and effort has gone into
Pidgin 2.0.0; I'm proud to have played a part.
Stu: We did it! finally, we have 2.0.0. It's been a long time coming,
but there's a great deal of goodness here. When I say a long time, I'm
not kidding - it's been 972 days since we branched off "oldstatus"
(aka 1.x). The early Greeks were uncertain as to whether 2 was a
number at all (or if we'd ever make this release) - it has a beginning
and an end but no middle (much like our unfortunately quiet development
period). 2 is the first prime number and the only even prime. 2 is also
the first deficient number (oh well). There are only 10 types of people
in the world - those who like our new names and those who do not.
Richard: I'm very glad that we've finally gotten 2.0.0 released and
I look forward to returning to a more normal development schedule.
Again, a big thanks to everyone who helped in any way to get things
where they are today. Congratulations everyone!
Sadrul: My first NEWS, and on what an occasion! Pidgin 2.0.0 is finally
released!! And it's *really* very good!!! Give your soul a break ...
Use Pidgin!
Daniel: There has been a fair amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth
due to the delays in getting this beast out. I'm really happy that it
is done. I'm also very happy with what we're releasing - I think it is
far more stable, packed with useful features and, dare I say, prettier
than any previous release.
2.0.0beta7 (4/29/2007):
Sean: Beta 7. The final beta. A few major changes from beta6. For
starters, we have some new names. That's pretty cool. We have a new
logo, to go along with it. And a lot of great icons! As Nathan mentions
below, we're totally back in the open now, having a signed agreement
from AOL that puts us in the clear. We all really regret having to go
completely dark for so long. Anyway, unlike betas1-6, which were of
normal release quality, this one is actually beta quality. There are
a few significant known issues, and a lot of changes that need a lot
of real-world testing. So, if you'd like to help us out, give it a
whirl, and let us know if you run into any major issues.
Nathan: So, the secret is out now. We renamed to Pidgin. I'd just
like to apologize to everyone we've had to keep in the dark for the
last however-many months. I know it looked like development slowed
to a crawl, but in reality we've been working pretty hard to get
2.0.0 out the door, without getting into any legal trouble. I
realize that if we were some big corporation, we'd be getting flamed
about this secrecy for months. Please try to remember that we're
just a bunch of geeks who were scared of legal stuff (well, at least
I was. Scared, that is). The bottom line is that we're out in the
open again, and fully plan to stay that way. We're also opening up
the mail archives from the secretive past few months. You can scan
through them if you want, or I can summarize. "Are the lawyers done
yet? No. Now? No. How about now? No." All lawyer jokes aside,
I'm grateful to our legal team for crossing all the 't's and dotting
all the lowercase 'j's to get us the deal we got. Anyways, thanks
for your patience, and on to 2.0.1!
Gary: Well my silence, and our silence has ended. Finally the name
change is over and done with and we can go back to a normal dev
cycle. Now if I can just get myself back onto a normal dev cycle,
but that's another story all together.
Ethan: Not to be too "me-too", but I have to say that I'm really
excited about the project's new name and identity, and glad to be
out of the legal mess. We're pushing beta 7 with all of the
branding and organizational changes that have been going on for
the last few months, so there are likely to be some snags --
please help us out by trying beta 7, searching for any bugs you
find in the bug tracker at, and
documenting them if they are unknown or you can provide new
information. Help us make 2.0.0 final a release to be remembered
(in a good way)! I'd like to give huge thanks to all of the
developers, our steadfast supporters, the crazy patch writers, and
everyone else who has made this transition to Pidgin possible, and
the improvements that go along with it. I'd like to extend a
special thanks to Sean, for leading us through the legal issues
and taking care of all of the paperwork and overhead that no one
wants to deal with.
2.0.0beta6 (1/17/2007):
Sean: Barring any seriously major new issues, we expect this to be
the final beta release before 2.0.0. This has a bunch of cool UI
changes, some Google Talk features, a bunch new plugins, and other
Nathan: Beta6 rocks. That is all.
Gary: Long time no news. My silence will end soon ;)
Evan: My first news! I knocked out a nice collection of crashes,
thanks in part to my ever-patient Adium beta testers. Gaim 2.0.0
is going to be delicious. :)
2.0.0beta5 (11/9/2006):
Sean: Another release in our endless stream in betas. This one's
pretty awesome; and it fixes major bugs introduced in previous
2.0.0beta4 (10/17/2006)
Sean: Still beta. Maybe the next one should be a gamma.. :)
Daniel: I'm super chuffed to announce that this will work with newer
(i.e. >= 2.8.0) versions of GTK+ on Windows.
Luke: Several significant changes in this one, including no longer
using libao for sound! There are no doubt bugs here, but hopefully
nothing major.
Nathan: I don't have much to say, but yay for another beta!
Etan: I did a bunch of perl work for this beta again, there is now
some support for perl scripts to call functions in the gtk ui, it
still needs work.
2.0.0beta3 (03/25/2006):
Mark: Yeah, I know, another beta. Don't worry, we'll get this
puppy out the door eventually.
2.0.0beta2 (01/24/2006):
Mark: So this is the new year, and I don't feel any different, but
Gaim is getting better. We hope this will be our last beta before
we release the final version of 2.0.0. As before, please shower us
in feedback!
Richard: I'm proud to say a lot of bugs have been squashed in this
version. If you filed a bug against beta1, please test to see if
it's fixed now and update your bug report accordingly (by either
closing it or setting the version to 2.0.0beta2). I'm also looking
for someone who uses Gaim on MacOS X to test a patch for me before
I can commit it. See for my
contact information.
Etan: So I did a bunch of work on the perl plugin since beta1, so
anyone who uses perl plugins would do well to expect some things to
need updating (I'm not certain everything works yet, so please send me
any reports of things that don't). Most of the work was correcting
some namespace issues, but I also improved the support for perl
plugins having plugin_pref frames, and plugin actions. Multiple perl
plugins can now have plugin_pref frames at the same time, and every
perl plugin can have multiple plugin actions now. Like Mark said
above, let us know how this beta works out.
2.0.0beta1 (12/17/2005):
Sean: I think Nathan sums everything up really well below. There's still
a bunch we want to add (and remove) before the official release, but we
really want to start getting feedback about what's good and what's not.
So, please, be vocal about this beta!
Nathan: 15 months since we branched oldstatus, and started working on
the behemoth that is 2.0.0. In that time, we've added a couple new
protocols, we had a few crazy patch writers become developers, and
had a few more people step up to be crazy patch writers. Sean wrote
a book, and we arbitrarily decided to make a version 1.0.0, and a
new versioning scheme. We got new artwork, and added almost 200 lines
to the ChangeLog. We've watched 2 major GTK+ releases, and added all
kinds of features using them. OK, I've wasted enough bits here. This
beta rocks, but it is a beta. Treat it as such, and enjoy!
Gary: Finally we have a beta. There are a lot of new goodies, including
quite a few summer of code projects that couldn't get added into the
oldstatus branch because API changes. We also have a new mono plugin
loader for even more plugin fun.
Richard: Thanks to all who wrote patches (big or small) for this beta.
Tim: Well here it is, the first beta. There's a lot of cool things in
here, but not all of them are finished or debugged. But then that's
why it's called a beta. Conversations are now contact-aware, and
there's a new status selector. There's smooth scrolling on incoming
messages as well. Our Crazy Patch Writers have been doing a good
job too, it seems like we're never lacking some patches in the
tracker to review.
Etan: I know I'm not going to be able to think of all the things I should
talk about here so I'll just go with the stuff I remember. Adding buddies
on ejabberd jabber servers should work more correctly now (it's possible
adding buddies on other servers is a bit broken currently I'm still
looking into it). There are still other jabber issues I'm looking into
with handling of buddies.
In other topics, I finally brought my Accounts menu into gaim, though the
current example of it isn't exactly what I had in mind, anyone with any
suggestions/comments/etc about it please speak up.
Other than the stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention this beta should
be awesome as gaim 2.0.0 is going to be awesome. Have fun with it.
Luke: pretty much everything important has been said, so this is going to
be rather repetative. This is a beta folks, so it will have bugs. It
will crash unexpectedly. Perhaps even frequently. Use it at your peril.
But do use it (though you might want to back up ~/.gaim first), and let us
know what needs to be fixed.
Mark: Yay.
Stu: Wow!
Siege: Sametime accounts created with gaim-meanwhile should merge over
for use in the beta just fine. Some of the familiar settings regarding
the buddy list are gone, so I recommend backing up your Sametime blist
before getting down and crazy. Have fun, and happy early Decemberween!
Daniel: Enjoy! In the hopes that this prevents someone pain... do not use
Glib/GTK+ 2.8.x with Wingaim - it will not work. We're looking into the
problem and hope to have it resolved before the final release.
"Happy Holidays!"
1.5.0 (8/11/2005):
Mark: No super crazy major changes here. Just the usual bug
fixes and some pretty important security updates.
Stu: Buy Sean's book. He obviously needs the money. Other than that
we fixed some bugs with this release (I don't think we did much else).
SoC students are doing lots of cool stuff which we'll hopefully be
able to bring you in a future release.
Nathan: I've continued my streak of doing nothing useful lately.
However, I've now got a brand-spanking-new DSL line, so I might
actually get to contribute soon. One way or another I'd like
to get HEAD into a more useable state in the next month or two.
Also, like Stu said, buy Sean's book. I've been reading and
fixing it for the last umpteen months, so you had better enjoy
1.4.0 (7/7/2005):
Mark: The last month or four we've promoted a bunch of the Gaim
Crazy Patch Writers to developers, so there is now an even larger
team of brilliant and amazingly sexy committers working around
the globe for your instant messaging pleasure. Also, we have
what I believe to be our first contribution from a Summer of Code
student in this release: Jonathan Clark enabled the sending of
files to certain ICQ users. Support is still a bit rough, but
he'll be working on it throughout the summer.
Luke: Exciting times this summer as our Summer of Code interns
start their projects. This is mostly a bug fix release, with the
ICQ file transfer that Mark mentioned and some buddy icon work
being the only real new code. Hence the extra week delay. A
big thanks to our translators who keep churning out updates even
when we give them short notice as well. Enjoy!
1.3.1 (6/9/2005):
Sean: It's been a while since I've done one of these. Welcome to
Gaim 1.3.1, "New Hyde Park." This is, again, another bugfix release
but it comes with two keen announcements. First, I'd like to welcome
Christopher O'Brien to the Gaim team. He has integrated his work on
the Meanwhile project into Gaim, ensuring that Gaim 2.0.0 will include
Sametime support. Also, we're participating in Google's Summer of
Code, which you all should check out at
1.3.0 (5/10/2005):
Luke: This release fixes SILC for multiple accounts. HOWEVER, you
may lose your buddy list (for SILC only) upgrading. This is
rather unavoidable as the previous code did not keep track of
which account each buddy belonged to.
Stu: I'm glad we're finally getting this out, if fixes a number of bugs
ranging from minor to not so minor. I'd also like to welcome Gary to
the team - he's done a great job with Guifications, I'm sure he'll do
good stuff here too.
Gary: Well I got pretty much nothing done for this release. Although I
do have quite a few things in the works that will come to fruition when
I find some more free time.
1.2.1 (4/3/2005):
Luke: Several important fixes this time around. Big thanks to
Robert McQueen, Stu, Nathan, Ethan, and everyone else who has helped
with this effort. Maybe next time we can get a decent chance to fix the
problems *before* they go public to have a normal release process.
Nathan: Jabber got some updates this release (finally). I've got
more planned, but simply haven't had the time to anything about it.
1.2.0 (3/17/2005):
Luke: Happy St. Patrick's Day all. Sean scheduled a release for
today, we'll see if we can pull it off. :-) This release
features somewhat more than just bug fixes, some improvements
have been made to the conversation API which may affect plugin
developers. Yahoo users should also thank Tim and Bleeter for
their efforts.
Etan: I'm going to NEWS since I actually did something this time.
Jabber will allow you to unsubscribe to someone's presence
without logging out and in again, this does break seeing yourself
on your buddy list, but hopefully we'll fix that again for the
next release.
Stu: Happy St. Guinness^wPatrick's day.
1.1.4 (2/24/2005):
Sean: Another bug fix release. A big thanks to Rob McQueen, Ari
Pollak, Don Seiler, and Warren Togami: some packagers who helped
debug a nasty glib 2.6 problem. Also thanks to our own Stu who
found and destroyed an MSN crash and an HTML parsing error
Luke: Early release to handle the MSN and HTML crashes, as well
as the glib crash. Maybe that makes up for having had a 4 week
period before the last release. This one should be the nice
stable release we meant 1.1.3 to be. Enjoy!
Stu: I cleaned up the whitespace in this NEWS, it was bugging me.
1.1.3 (2/17/2005):
Luke: Yet another bug fix release, many thanks to everyone who has
helped to make gaim more stable!
Stu: I fixed too many Yahoo HTTP proxy bugs, I should just go and
write some core HTTP support that works better. A good all round
bug fix release otherwise.
1.1.2 (1/20/2005):
Luke: Another Bug fix release. This one featuring a fix to the HTTP
Method for MSN users and other MSN fixes. A big thanks to Stu and
Felipe Contreras for those. Stu also spent a long time in valgrind
and so this brings you a Gaim release with fewer memory leaks. This
release is on time primarily because I want to see the MSN fixes
make it into Debian and Fedora before freezes. Expect further bug
fix only releases to come at longer intervals, at Mark's request.
Daniel: This is my first NEWS! (YaY) I didn't really do too much for
this release. There are a few bugfixes, mostly wingaim stuff. Oh, and
I like the new XP System Tray icons.
Sean: I'm down here today. I haven't really been paying too much
attention to these boring bugfix releases, but I'd like to thank
David and welcome him to the team. I'd also like to thank Steven
and Nathan from Silverorange who redid the webpage.
Tim: Another bug fix release. I didn't really fix any bugs, so
I didn't exactly do much for this one. The autopackage will now
work with mozilla-nss, if anyone has that, and not gnutls11. (It
works with either gnutls11 or mozilla-nss, but not gnutls10)
I started working on Gaim-vv again though, and I merged someone's
custom msn smiley patch into the 2.0.0 tree, so expect good things
whenever that's released (no, don't try it now, you won't like it).
Oh and welcome to the team Daniel. Of course, he was already on my
Gaim-vv team.
Stu: Welcome Daniel! you've done some good stuff already. Felipe did some
good work on MSN yet again, so you can all use the HTTP method now. I
didn't do all that much, other than let valgrind tell me what to fix, and
a couple of easy bug fixes from the bug tracker. Hopefully Ethan will get
well soon, so he can get back to merging patches and fixing things.
Nathan: I think I made some Jabber fixes, at least one of which is
ChangeLog'd. I will continue to make empty promises about new features,
especially for 2.0.0. Until then, welcome Daniel!
1.1.1 (12/28/2004):
Luke: This bug fix release features msn improvements, drag and drop
improvements, and some translation stuff. Thanks for everone who has
helped with it, and hopefully we can get 2.0.0 out soon. On a side
note, i'm still looking for someone to look at the perl plugin loader.
1.1.0 (12/02/2004):
Luke: Another in our series of bug fix releases, with a slight twist.
Everyone thank Ethan for implementing a fall back encoding for IRC,
it has been much requested and should make a number of users very
happy. See the ChangeLog for details on other fixes.
Stu: Much thanks to Miah Gregory and Felipe Contreras, a bunch of
memory leaks have been fixed. Felipe also fixed a good number of
other MSN bugs. I didn't do much except apply these guys fixes. It's
good to see fixes from Gary coming in again too ;-). I like the
docklet adjustments Christian made. Btw, we have a new MSN protocol
icon, and I think you'll love it.
Tim: I made Gaim binary relocatable this release, so Gaim can find
itself if it gets lost, and I'm going to try to make autopackages
for this release, if the autopackage guys release their new version
soon like they're talking. I also "fixed" a scrolling bug, by
realizing it was all Gentoo's fault. The IRC encoding thing Ethan
did is pretty nice, no more encoding error messages!
Ethan: Rumor has it that I did some work this release, but it's just
that, a rumor. I think Luke started it. I did lay the hammer down
on bogus word wrapping in the NEWS, so you can thank me for that.
Keep your powder dry.
1.0.3 (11/11/2004):
Luke: Not much to see here, some bug fixes that you all will enjoy as
the semester draws to a close and everyone still in school gets bogged
down with projects, papers, and exams. Enjoy! Oh, and if you are interested
in the perl or gadu-gadu functionality, please step up to help write
patches, as both of these code blocks are currently unmaintained.
Tim: I fixed a couple bugs this time. In other news, Kim wants to get
a pet cockatiel or two.
Nathan: I was gonna put a new feature in this release, but decided
not to because I found a bug in it today, and I'm tired. Also, I haven't
consulted the powers-that-be about putting new features into oldstatus.
Stu: I'm writing this at 11:11:11pm on 11/11. Eleven. It's 3 really. Or B.
It's the 5th smallest prime number. Himalia is the 11th moon of Jupiter.
Hendecagon. There are 1011 players on a football team. XI. 16 hours. Eleven
is the smallest positive integer requiring three syllables in English. This
entry is my 11th lie for today.
1.0.2 (10/19/2004):
Stu: I'm new around here. I tried to reduce the number of bugs in the bug
tracker, but it turns out that the only way to achieve that is to actually
_fix_ the bugs. So I fixed a couple, and then sneaked some patches out of
the patch tracker to fix some others. Sadly the bug tracker was not
significantly affected, maybe if I learn C I'll be able to make more of an
Luke: Don't let Stu fool you, he has done a marvelous job on this release,
and deserves a lot of credit for it. And a number of those bug fixes are
critical ones that he discovered and fixed himself. So go update. Now.
Nathan: On the other hand, Nathan has done nothing for this release. Why
do we keep him around again?
Tim: So, I'm married now, and in Huntsville. I don't remember if I did
anything for this release or not, probably not. Bleeter has been more
active lately though, perhaps we'll see lots of cool things from him
Sean: I'm down here with the "didn't do anything" guys.
1.0.1 (10/07/2004):
Congratulations to Tim & Kim on their wedding!
Sean: So, if you're playing along at home, you're aware that
incrementing the micro version number means that the API has
not changed at all. Although that itself is insignificant to
most everyone but plugin developers, but users won't find too
many significant changes. Consult ChangeLog. We're currently
branched for some major changes, so expect a really great 2.0.0
sometime relatively soon.
Luke: Nothing much to see here, some bug fixes. Most of the work
is going towards the 2.0.0 release. We aren't quite sure when
that will be, and will keep the bug fix releases coming untill
all is ready.
Christian: I would call this a ground-breaking release, but it isn't.
It seems like a good one, though. I dunno. I've been too busy at VMware,
unfortunately, but have some work that's just waiting to be finished up
for Gaim. Gaim 2.0.0 is going to rock. Gaim 3.0.0 will rock more.
Do you see a pattern? Thanks go out to Henry Jen for fixing up parts of
the gevolution plugin to support multiple addressbooks, and to all our
moms, for believing in us. Or something.
Nathan: I got a new computer. It's fast. And has twice the bits!
1.0.0 (09/17/2004):
Nathan: Hah! Bet you weren't expecting this! OK, if you were
paying any attention to the flame^H^H^H^H^Hthread on gaim-devel,
you might have been expecting this. But here it is, 1.0.0. Our
new versioning scheme has slightly more meaning than the older
one (expecially for plugin authors), but our 1.0(.0) release is
just as meaningless as we could have hoped. Enjoy!
Luke: We've changed our pattern for version numbers with this
release, we are no longer simply counting versions. This release
then marks, not something traditionally "1.0" but the current
version of the api. When backwards compatability with that breaks
you'll see 2.0, more details in the faq. As a side note, if you
are reading this and are good with proxy code or with perl's XS C
bindings, please get in touch with me, my contact info is on the
website. Gaim could use your help.
Mark: I love a circus.
0.82 (08/25/2004):
Rob: Woah, where did I come from?
Mark: Lately I've been doing a lot more code maintenance/patch
accepting/bug fixing type of work. And I think that's a really
good thing. I feel like Gaim is becoming more stable. It
seems like we're lacking fewer features. It makes me warm.
Quick Robin! To the traverse wall!
Nathan: Well, it looks like we stuck to the schedule again. Had
we taken our dear sweet time, I might have had a chance to do
something cool for this release, but instead I stuck to the minor
stuff. <insert empty promises for the cool stuff i'll code for
next time here>
Tim: Lately I've been doing a lot more patch accepting, and a
lot less actual coding. Unfortunately it has more to do with my
laziness than Gaim's progress. Like Nathan, I'm going to blame
our on time release schedule. But that didn't stop our Crazy
Patch Writers, or cpw's as grim now calls them, from writing
some good patches. So, instead of promising to code something
cool for next release, I'm going to promise that the cpw's will
code cool things for next release, and I might apply some of them.
Luke: I've been doing what I always do, committing patches, some
better than others, and bugging other people to code stuff. Oh
and closing some bugs. Thanks to Dave West for joining the cpws
in helping to handle triage. This is mostly a bug fix release,
so PLEASE upgrade to it before submitting new bugs.
Kevin: Herman's been away, so Daniel Atallah and myself were given
the task of preparing 0.82's Windows packages. After some feverish
plotting, we decided to update GTK and Daniel prepped an update to
libpng to address recent security advisories. Besides plotting and
a little bit of testing, this NEWS is all I really did. Oh, I also
rerefixed the transparency plugin... again! Our beloved Hermanator
should be back next time around, for 0.83.
0.81 (08/05/2004):
Sean: Three weeks again! Sticking to schedules is awesome! Just
like Gaim v0.81. This is what we in the industry call a "bugfix
release." We closed over TWO HUNDRED bugs since 0.80. That's
awesome. Thanks to everyone who helped report, triage, fix, and
Christian: Yay for three weeks working so well. Boo for me not
doing much of anything this release, aside from a small memory
leak fix. I'm starting a new job and leaving my current one, so
when the dust settles and my schedule is a bit better, the very
cool status rewrite will be finished up. Especially now that I have
some help! I'd like to second Sean's thanks to all the people who
helped with this bug fix release. Gaim should be a bit more stable
for a lot of you. For those experiencing MSN problems still, we'll
get that nailed for you soon, promise.
Mark: I was going to point out that we closed an insane amount of
bugs for this release, but Sean already did that. I feel like
we've had some really talented new contributors contributing
recently. I won't say names... but watch your backs. Or something.
Nathan: I did next to nothing for this release. I am however
settled in to my new job, and in a couple days, I should be settled
into my new domicile. If the DSL gods are in a good mood, I'll
have a connection there shortly, and can start being useful again.
0.80 (07/15/2004):
Sean: Three weeks! Hooray for timeliness! I didn't do much here
but drag-and-droppable file transfers. Drag something into a
conversation window, and it will be sent. Kinda neat.
Mark: We have a small ant problem here. I can't help but think
I somehow brought this upon myself.
Tim: I don't really have any news, but at least I don't have an
ant problem either. You might think I've been hard at work on
Gaim-vv, but I haven't, I've just been lazy. I plan on doing
some cool things "soon" though, both with Gaim and Gaim-vv.
Bleeter sent me some nice dumps I need to implement yet.
Luke: We have a nice timely release, with a Changelog that seems
small, but remember, this is summer, and people have lives. SILC
and Zephyr are making good progress from our Crazy Patch Writters,
and everyone begging to send files to people not on their buddy
list will be happy. good stuff. No, the msn buddy icon scalling
problem isn't fixed yet, maybe next release
0.79 (06/24/2004):
Sean: We've moved to a three-week release cycle which we'll
hopefully be able to keep up more realistically than a two-week
cycle. Yahoo! went and broke last night, but it's fixed now thanks
to a quick fix sent in by Cerulean Studios this morning. Reports say
they'll continue to try to break us, though, so don't be surprised
if your Yahoo cuts out again.
Luke: I was really distracted this cycle, I want to thank my co-
developers and our crazy patch writers for keeping things going.
We have a fairly long changelog for you this release, including some
nice bug fixes and some much-requested new features, the ChangeLog
has all the details there of course. Enjoy!
Christian: Great release! MSN buddy icons and file transfer. A big round
of applause to Felipe! Too bad about the Yahoo thing, but.. eep! I have
to go! Movie with the girls and Farmer's Market.
Tim: This release brings us /commands in the core, which hopefully
works better, and Yahoo! buddy icons. Thanks to all the people I
bugged for packet captures, like Simguy, Bleeter, and odl. Yahoo!
broke again, so I did a little last minute work on the web
messenger stuff, but then Cerulean Studios was cool and fixed the
problem already, so all that code's disabled. I also finally added
the Yahoo! Japan support, for those of you with Yahoo! Japan
Mark: I fixed that icon animation thing that caused Gaim to lock-up.
I also stepped on something at the beach and I think there might be
a little rock or something in my foot now.
Nathan: I've been really busy, what with having a new job and all.
I didn't think I had done anything, but apparently I fixed some
Jabber stuff, and some IPv6 stuff. I must have been sleepcoding
or something, because I haven't had time for such things. Ah well,
enjoy this release. We'll see what I can get to in the next 3 weeks.
0.78 (05/30/2004):
Luke: A very long time, once again, since the last release. I think
its mostly worth it. A few of you will still have trouble with msn
but we've worked out a number of bugs even there. Thanks to heroic
efforts on the part of Mark, we closed 400 some odd reports this
month. We are also welcoming Tim to the project, a very active
crazy patch writer who has brought massive improvements to WYSIWYG
and direct im this release. Again, it still won't work for every
one, but it will work for more people than it used to. Most
noticably, this release brings a LARGE simplicfication of the
preferences available. Please don't complain if your favorite
preference is no longer there. Take some time to think about
how and if it could be useful to a majority of people who use
Gaim in ways nothing like you. You'll find that the answer will
usually be that the preference isn't all that important.
Tim: I continued with the other crazy patch writers in fixing those
WYSIWYG bugs. Then they went and made me a developer. Which is cool.
They told me I could commit WYSIWYG and Yahoo! changes. So I went
and fixed IM Image and Direct Connect in AIM for some reason. I also
added some new Yahoo! smileys at least. Also you change your link
color in your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file now. I might work on some of those
new Yahoo! features for next release, like buddy icons. But don't
count on it. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me. And thanks
to all our Crazy Patch Writers, who now expect me to apply all their
Crazy Patches.
Christian: First of all, congrats to Tim! He's our latest Gaim
developer, and we're all glad to have him on board. He's been a
valuable contributor for awhile now. Thanks again to Felipe Contreras
for all his MSN work this release. He has some exciting stuff that
we'll be seeing in 0.79. And last, but not least, thanks to all our
crazy and not-so-crazy patch writers. There's been a lot done this
release. I've been taking a small break, first due to school and now
work, but I'll be coming back strong in the next couple of releases. In
the meantime, enjoy.
Gary: Congrats to Tim, no more competing for most ChangeLog entries.
This means you _should_ be winning every release. Anyways, I didn't
finish nearly as much as I wanted to for this release but all of that
and then some should appear in 0.79.
Sean: I'll write my entry down here tonight. Removing preferences
was my big crusade this week, and the team did a great job at it,
but I still have a nagging feeling that our preferences are still
overwhelming. Everyone's been doing a real great job; it's entirely
my fault we keep failing to meet our three-week schedule. Send your
complaints this way.
Nathan: I really didn't do much thanks to exams, and graduation, and all
of that fun stuff. For next release, I'll have all new excuses, like my
new job, or maybe something I haven't even thought of yet. Oh yeah, and
a big warm welcome to Tim!
0.77 (04/22/2004):
Sean: We're back to a somewhat regular release cycle now. Hooray!
WYSIWYG is much improved in this release, and you can now copy and
paste rich text to and from Gaim and other applications (see: Mozilla,
Evolution OpenOffice). Also, Novell has released their first release
of their GroupWise plugin, included in this release. Good stuff all
Luke: Only a week "late" this time around, much nicer than the delay
before the last release. Anyway, this release sees a HUGE number of
improvements to the WYSIWYG support, much thanks to all involved. If
you weren't impressed before, you should be now! This release also
sees the end of our TOC support, no one has been working on this in
some time and its causing problems. DON'T USE IT!. Also plugin
authors will want to take note of the fact that the plugin api version
changed. A nice solid release for you all :-)
Ethan: Once again I thought about doing some things and committed
things that other people did. This development model is awesome. I
helped Mark refactor some stuff and our collective code ownership
helped us utilize a coherent system metaphor during our pair program-
ming sessions. It was extremely extreme. Look for some hard crypto
lovin' from yet another crazy contributor in the near future...
Ka-Hing: I actually did something for this release... or rather, the
previous release, but LSchiere2 didn't commit that until this release.
So blame him. System logging is back, so you can log people's signon/
off/away/idle-ness again. There may be bugs with it, I don't know, not
like I use it. I will try to work on something that I will actually use
for the next release.
Etan: Looking for someone to pair program with.
Christian: A round of applause to our crazy patch writers! Their
contributions this release is impressive. WYSIWYG has come a long way
since 0.76 thanks to them. Also, thanks to Felipe Contreras for his
MSN contributions. We should see some good stuff going into there soon.
I myself didn't do a huge amount, aside from breaking everybody's
plugins, although I have some work going on in the background that will
hopefully make it into release soon.
0.76 (04/01/2004):
Sean: Yeah, it's been a long time since the last release, and despite
what others may tell you, we were just really lazy. This is pretty
much just 0.75 again, but, like, someone changed the "Info" icon and
I think, like, the Chinese translation may have been updated. We did
nothing interesting on it at all. Others may tell you "we haven't just
been lazy," or "you guys will find that we've managed to do some neat
stuf in this one." They lie. All of them.
Luke: Okay, normally I wait for Sean to go first, but he said to commit.
Its been a few months since the last release, but we haven't just been
lazy. A very long ChangeLog for you all. Most notably of course is the
addition of WYSIWYG input for chats and conversations. Many thanks to
DAYS of long work by Sean, Gary Kramlich, Kevin Stange, Tim Ringenbach,
and Stu Tomlinson for their efforts writting, fixing, and testing
this. Without the dedicated support of our crazy patch writters, this
release would have taken yet longer. Sean also has yahoo working again,
with some assistance from our friends over at Trillian, you may all
officially rejoice. We also have a large number of bug fixes, closing
more than 200 bug reports this month alone.
Christian: It's been a long time between the last release, but I think
you guys will find that we've managed to do some neat stuff in this one.
So many bug fixes and new features. It's enough to drive a wombat mad!
The new WYSIWYG input is cool stuff. You'll either love it or hate it,
I guess. I'm working on some stuff that some of you are going to love,
but I'm not promising it for a few more versions. It's a secret!
Mark: Our crazy patch writers rock. Gary Kramlich, Tim Ringenbach,
Kevin Stange, and Stu Tomlinson did an amazing job of tying up
loose ends and helping get this release out the door. Thanks guys!
Rob: My birthday is in a few days. I like cool stuff. Buy me something
Tim: Luke said write a NEWS, so I thought I would. There's a room
list dialog now. And Nathan and I doubled the number of protocols that
can transfer files. After that I got lazy/busy and let Gary, Kevin,
and Stu fix all the bugs.
Nathan: Rob happens to share a birthday with my sister. So far she's
been very vague about what she wants. She's not an easy person to shop
for. As for things you probably care more about, this release has so
much in it that I've forgotten about most of it. The stupidest of the
bugs from 0.75 are fixed. Jabber has a first pass at file transfer
support (no proxy support yet). SOCKS 5 proxy support may have gotten
a little better as a side-effect. Twinkies and penguin points to all
of the crazy patch writers, who did more than their fair share this
Ethan: My birthday was yesterday, and not on the same day as Rob
and Nathan's sister. And I don't mean that Rob and Nathan have the
same sister. For this release, I thought about making IRC better, I
thought about making Tcl better, and I committed patches from several
others who actually did these things. And probably some other
things, too. Let's hear it for crazy patch writers, and for the open
source philosophy that lets them get so CRAZY.
0.75 (01/09/2004):
Rob: Woah, what's this? Me? Making a NEWS post!? Say it ain't so!
That's right, kiddos, I'm finally coming out of my reclusiveness.
I had a pretty shitty few months, and also just needed a break from
things. But, I'm back, and that's good. Right? Yes. And now,
a little word from Eric Warmenhoven.. :P
Eric: Ah, Rob and Eric. Just like the good ol' days. Now, if
you'll excuse me, I have to go make some commits with Led Zeppelin
lyrics as my commit logs. heh. What do you mean, I look a lot
like Sean Egan? I'm... oh fine, you got me. It's really just Sean
in an Eric Warmenhoven costume.
So, Yahoo! works again, and that's good. And 0.76 is going to have
something _very_ neat.
Nathan: You're running out of excuses to not use Jabber. Our chat
support is now bar-some, quickly approaching bar-none! Everything
else in Jabber got neat improvements too. I'll leave it up to you
to figure out what they were.
<boilerplate promises for cool features in $version++>
Christian: I've been a bit absent this release, due to life stuff
and working on some other projects. Some MSN goodies are going to be
available in an upcoming version, and I have some neat Gaim-related
stuff I'm working on that will hopefully see the light of day. I'd
like to say good job to the other developers. Good release. (Of course,
every time I say that, something breaks horribly right after we
release it.)
Luke: Okay, so Sean rocks and got Yahoo working again in 12 minutes.
Unfortunately, he took out the chat support in doing so. So use
conferences for now if you use yahoo. Users begging for file
transfer support should thank Tim 'marv' Ringenbach for Yahoo ft,
and everyone should be happy to note that 0.75 leaks far less than
0.74. Also, a lot of other bug fixes happened that escape my notice
right now.
Ethan: I just want to say that now logging really doesn't eat
memory 'till the cows come home. We don't think.
I would like to thank each and every one of these people, and
I think you should, too:
Paul A, Daniel Atallah, Patrick Aussems, Brian Bernas,
Jonas Birmé, Ethan Blanton (hi Mom), Joshua Blanton, Herman
Bloggs, Jason Boerner, Graham Booker, Craig Boston, Chris
Boyle, Jeremy Brooks, Sean Burke, Cerulean Studios LLC,
Ka-Hing Cheung, Arturo Cisneros Jr., Vincas Ciziunas, Joe
Clarke, Todd Cohen, Felipe Contreras, Jeramey Crawford, Mark
Doliner, Nuno Donato, Jim Duchek, Tom Dyas, Andrew Echols,
Sean Egan, Brian Enigma, Stefan Esser, Larry Ewing, Jesse
Farmer, Gavan Fantom, Rob Flynn, Nathan Fredrickson, Free
Software Foundation, Decklin Foster, Adam Fritzler, Michael
Golden, Ryan C. Gordon, Christian Hammond, Andy Harrison, G.
Sumner Hayes, Mike Heffner, Iain Holmes, Karsten Huneycutt,
Akuke Kok, Tero Kuusela, Dennis Lambe Jr., Ho-seok Lee, Moses
Lei, Ambrose C. Li, Nicolas Lichtmaier, Artem Litvinovich, Syd
Logan, Matthew Luckie, Brian Macke, Paolo Maggi, Willian T.
Mahan, John Matthews, Ryan McCabe, Robert McQueen, Robert
Mibus, Benjamin Miller, Kevin Miller, Paul Miller, Arkadiusz
Miskiewicz, Andrew Molloy, Matt Pandina, Ricardo Fernandez
Pascual, Havoc Pennington, Ari Pollak, Robey Pointer, Nathan
Poznick, Brent Priddy, Federicco Mena Quintero, David Raeman,
Etan Reisner, Kristian Rietveld, Tim Ringenbach, Andrew
Rodland, Neil Sanchala, Carsten Schaar, Luke Schierer, Torrey
Searle, Jim Seymour, John Silvestri, David Smock, Mark
Spencer, Lex Spoon, Kevin Stange, David Stoddard, Stu
Tomlinson, Brian Tarricone, Peter Teichman, Arun A. Tharuvai,
Philip Tellis, Bill Tompkins, Tom Tromey, Junichi Uekawa,
Bjoern Voigt, Nathan Walp, Eric Warmenhoven, Jason Willis,
Matt Wilson, Ximian, Jaroen Zwartepoorte.
Thanks, all.
0.74 (11/25/2003):
Sean: Christian and Nathan were wrong.
Ethan: I don't know how solid or good this release will be, but
hopefully it's better than 0.73! Not that 0.73 didn't rock or
anything, but for those users bit by its peculiar little bugs
it wasn't as nice as this will be.
Nathan: Jabber got some good tweaks, and logging doesn't eat
memory until the cows come home. Which is good, because they
said they'll be out until late.
Luke: Always nice when directories get created correctly ;-)
0.73 (11/21/2003):
Nathan: This should be a really solid release. I fixed most if not
all of the idiotic Jabber bugs from 0.72, and re-enabled the SASL
login stuff, now that it is finalized in the XMPP drafts. Oh, and
we now have a release notification plugin, so you can find out when
the latest and greatest version of Gaim is out without breaking that
reload button in your browser. There's other fun new stuff, but I
forget what it is.
Christian: This is a good release, as Nathan said. For all those who
hated all the disconnect dialogs, we now have a {dis,re}connect{ed,}
dialog that replaces all of them and shows every account that became
disconnected. Also, there were some MSN fixes thrown in, such as
the problem with unblocking users. My personal favorite, since it's
really been bugging me for awhile, is the bug with the border on the
close buttons is fixed. Oh yes, and let's not forget the new logging.
It simply rocks. This is a pretty stable release, so get it. 0.74 is
going to have some niceties that people have been waiting for.
0.72 (10/30/2003):
Sean: I think I'll go as the Gaim logo guy for Halloween. That
would be a cool costume.
Luke: We've had a record month for number of bugs submitted (395 as
of now) this month, but the total number of bugs open has grown by
less than 20, so while it might be fustrating for those of you out
there who think your bug report is being ignored, know that we are
doing our best to look at them all :-). This release fixes a goodly
number of bugs including the troubles with signing on icq (thanks
to Mark). Enjoy!
Christian: Last release brought forward a lot of bug reports, such
as the ICQ bug, and also trouble with installing SSL. I can't count
how many people were confused as to why their MSN plugin wasn't
loading. Now, it'll load regardless, and when you try to connect,
it'll give you an error dialog saying to install SSL (if you don't
have it installed, of course). I didn't do a whole lot this release,
but that'll change with the next. There are some fun things coming.
Ethan: In complete defiance of history, I did something this
release. It had to do with IRC. If I type here for long
enough, I'm sure I'll remember what it was... Oh yeah, all of
you paranoid people can hide your local username by changing
your IRC account settings. I also want to note that we are
aware that building Gaim is Harder than it Should Be on
Solaris, and I am seeking solutions to some of the issues
there. Everyone remember to give some love to the developers
who actually did something of note this release (i.e. not me)!
Nathan: Jabber got a ton better this release, as I fixed most of the
bugs introduced in the last release. Registration works again, and
the next person to break it is going to suffer. I also fixed a
handfull of other little things that I can't remember. This should
be a good release.
0.71 (10/09/2003):
Rob: It's been a while since I've commited some news. I've had a
very hectic few weeks/months. Thing are finally coming together
again for me. This release features much copying and pasting. Yeah.
Sean: I can't wait for everything to be core/ui split!
Christian: This is a good release, and I don't think people will have
too many problems. There are a lot of little nice feature additions,
and much progress has been made on the core/UI split. We should be done
in a couple of releases, assuming we can get the remaining two or three
parts core/UI-split. Oh, and plugin authors are going to hate me again,
as a lot of code (specifically, the conversations code and utility
functions) changed names. This is a Good Thing (TM), as always, but may
require modifications to some plugins. Not all, fortunately, but some
:) Many SSL problems were fixed, though we still have some to go. If
you don't have SSL, you now need it for MSN. MSN won't even load without
it. Starting October 15th, the old protocol won't be supported
anymore, so there's no reason to support the old one anymore.
Herman: I bet some plugin authors have resorted to making voodoo dolls
of Christian. Nothing new for Win Gaim users other than a fix for
missing aim buddy icons, and removal of gtk-wimp (until it matures).
Mark: People are going to make a voodoo doll of me and shower it with
kisses and chocolate women: When an AIM user is away, you can now view
the person's away message in their tooltip. This is very similar to
what iChat does, only our tooltip will wrap lines rather than displaying
off your screen :-)
Nathan: Chocolate women are cool, but I'm a bigger fan of the real kind.
I re-wrote the Jabber support from scratch, so now there's at least one
person who knows what's going on with it. I got lost in the old code,
even in the parts I wrote. It now supports the SASL login stuff from
the XMPP protocol specs, and will automagically upgrade the conncetion
to SSL if it's supported. If anything doesn't work like it did before,
it's probably better, and you should be thankful for it.
Ethan: I'm sure I'll be showered with all kinds of wonderful things,
but I doubt it's because I did anything. The reason being that I
really don't think I did anything. I meant to do some gaim_
prepension and documentation for IRC and Tcl, and handle IRC errors
more responsibly, but I've been meaning to do that for months.
Except the Tcl part, the Tcl plugin hasn't even existed for months.
I figure if I write enough NEWS no one will notice I didn't do
anything during the release cycle. Oh, I did close some bugs. I
didn't fix them, mind you, I just closed them. With abandon.
Don't tell Luke.
Luke: Mmmm, I probly did even less than Ethan, except I closed rather
more bugs for other reasons. Lots of you submitting duplicate bugs.
This should be a pretty good release. We still have a couple crashes
in ssl stuff, but we fixed a number of the bugs in the tracker, and
the code cleaning helps alot as well. Enjoy!
0.70 (9/28/2003):
Sean: Yahoo! works (for now). That's good NEWS if I've ever heard it.
Huge thanks to our dear friends over at Cerulean Studios, creators of
Trillian, for helping us out.
Nathan: This release also works out most of the kinks in the new
contact support. The Jabber goodies I promised will have to wait
for now.
Christian: I didn't really do anything except fix a couple of issues
loading protocol plugins that had plugin dependencies and getting perl
to install where we tell it to. I had hoped that 0.70 would include
a finished libgaim, but Yahoo kind of wrecked that dream. We'll see it
within the next few releases. Life has been busy in a good way :)
0.69 (9/24/2003):
Sean: MSN and Yahoo! work. That's good NEWS if I've ever heard it.
Herman: Win Gaim has been around for more than a year now.. Time Flies.
Nathan: {{Meta,}{Contact,Buddy},Person} support for all! Also, SSL
support for Jabber makes its debut. More Jabber goodies next release.
Christian: It's a good release. The main highlight really is
Nathan's Contact support, which is just beautiful. My buddy list
shrunk considerably. As Sean stated, MSN and Yahoo! work. MSN
does not support the new MSN buddy icons and stuff, unfortunately,
but we'll see about 0.70. There were a whole bunch of Perl fixes,
so hopefully there will be less complaints directed to my code in
that area ;) Among other new additions of mine are SSL support
(both Mozilla NSS and GNUTLS), Plugin IPC (letting plugins talk to
each other), and some visual niceties in the Accounts window.
Ka-Hing Cheung put in animated smileys, which should please many.
Yeah, good release. Just you wait until 0.70 though.
Robot101: Hi mom. My patch isn't in this release. Watch for the next
Mark: Metacontact support, yeah. Right click on a dude and
select "Expand."
Ethan: God bless the USA.
0.68 (09/01/2003):
Rob: Wow. I am so incredibly tired.
Sean: School starts tomorrow! How fun! I'll have more time to hack
gaim (isn't that supposed to be the reverse?)*
*Some NEWS recycled from v0.10.0
Nathan: I didn't do much for this release, except make Jabber
registration work, and put in a slight tweak to make Gaim work a
little better with jabberd2. Next release you'll all see what I've
been spending my time on, but for now enjoy the fruits of everyone
else's labor.
Mark: I've been really busy with other stuff, but I've spent my
Gaim-time on working towards a more formal translation process.
Hopefully this will result in Gaim shipping with more complete
translation files. Also, all our awesome translators are mentioned
in the about window now.
Christian: I've been really busy with this stuff. Gaim got a new
signal architecture, which is just really cool. The old events system
is gone. Now you connect a signal from a handle (which can be
a plugin or whatever) to a function, and plugins can register their
own functions, and other neat things. Oh yeah, and perl was rewritten.
There's a new HOWTO in the Doxygen docs (make docs), but no API
reference yet. Developers, look at the plugins/perl/common/*.xs files
for now. I also wrote plugin dependencies, which will be more useful
down the road. Gaim v0.69 is going to have the new MSN plugin that
works with the latest MSN protocol. Please be patient for that, as
we're getting a lot of MSN questions we answer over and over.
Luke: Wow, I actually did something for this release besides commit
translations! Well, sorta. I got permission to commit some patches
so gaim now has color support for yahoo, and you can fetch some
basic info on yahoo and msn users. Yay for people submitting patches!
0.67 (08/14/2003):
Rob: I live in Georgia. I don't care about blackouts. We only
have to deal with floods and tornadoes.
Sean: Fortunately me for me, I live in the only place in New York
that still has power tonight! New features in 0.6@%f)*2.{\
Christian: I guess Sean couldn't be here to tell you about all the
great new things. New stuff was done! It's simply amazing. Yeah. So,
new IRC protocol plugin, tab text is greyed on events (like "So and
so has signed off!"), protocol icons on tabs (thanks to Etan Reisner),
some dialog rewrites.. Great stuff. Gaim's looking more teh perrty.
My big "wow" thing is that the core and UI were split enough for me
to remove the remaining UI code and make a patch, and libgaim was born,
for experimental purposes. However, using it, I was able to make the
second UI ever for Gaim - Gaim for Qtopia (Zaurus and iPaq PDAs).
This is viewable at (shameless plug?). More
UIs to come I hope! :) Exciting time in Gaim.
0.66 (07/18/2003):
Rob: Oops!!!! This reminds me of other silly things that we've
done. I agree with what Herman is going to say. ;-)
Sean: Man, 0.65 was so super lame and boring. But 0.66? WOW!
This is the most incredible thing EVER. We've done tons of work
since 0.65, and I'm really proud of what we came out with. Thanks
to everyone who helped!
Christian: Wow, I can't even begin to describe how long we've worked
on this one. Monstrous release. Best ever! You won't even recognize
it. If you've had account import problems, delete your accounts.xml
and upgrade to 0.66. Just, wow.
Herman: This is to make up for slipping off the two week release cycle.
Luke: Okay, people, yes we did test 0.65 for bugs, but hey, some things
slip through. This release makes up for that. This should fix the bugs
0.65 introduced, at least the ones that most of you would otherwise hit.
Nathan: We are so smart. S-M-R-T...I mean S-M-A-R-T.
0.65 (07/16/2003):
Rob: Wooo! We're finally ready for 0.65. Are you guys excited? I
haven't worked on anything in this release, either. I've been
working offline on a MacOSX UI. No, you're not allowed to ask
me when it will be ready. If you ask me then I won't answer
you. You've been warned! :-D
Sean: Although I tend to go right here in the two slot in NEWS,
we don't always commit in this order. This is the third time I've
rewritten this because the jerks below me keep commiting while I'm
writing causing mass conflictination. Grrr. Stupid jerks. Anyway,
this is Gaim 0.65. Like other Gaim releases, this allows you to
converse with people far away over the "Internet." That's about it.
It's really not that interesting. In fact, I wouldn't even bother
reading the other people's NEWS. It's all boring. There's some
crap about forest fires and fangs and claws. It's really boring.
Great, now Luke just committed NEWS causing more conflictination.
I wouldn't bother reading his either. Oh, and I don't want to thank
Megan (Cae) or Kevin (SimGuy). They're stupid jerks too. Grrr...
Mark: I actually did stuff for this release. Go me. I probably
shouldn't speak for all of us, but I'm going to anyway: We feel that
this release is one of Gaim's best. It should be relatively bug
free, and the code is cleaner than ever, thanks to lots of work by
Christian and Nathan. We had some help from a few civilians
finding and fixing bugs. Thanks to Megan (Cae), Ka-Hing Cheung
(javabsp), and Kevin Stange (SimGuy) for their work. Man, I was just
looking at Sean's NEWS entry for 0.64--that's talent. Also, stay
in school. Just say no. Only you can prevent forest fires.
Christian: This has been a great release. faceprint rocks, as he got
things moving in the core/UI split by redoing preferences, which forced
us to think about how things would be split. We now have XML
preferences, accounts, pounces, and away messages. No more .gaimrc
ugliness. The accounts and connection code now have new core/UI split
APIs, and there is very little to do before our split is ready to be
used. Rob and I are working off an experimental tarball of what will
eventually be libgaim. He's working on a MacOS X UI (don't ask him
about it, he'll ignore you) and I'm doing a Qtopia UI (you can ask
about that, it's usable!). We added a new protocol, Trepia.
Information about it can be found at It's not
complete, so don't send in bug reports about it not finding people in
your local area, please. Oh, and lots of MSN bugs were fixed.
Practically all the known ones. I feared 0.65 would be unstable due to
our rewrites, I believe this is going to be one of the most stable
releases we've had in awhile (knock on wood), thanks to Megan (Cae),
who has done an amazing job at locating, categorizing and documenting
the various bugs she has run into, and kevin (SimGuy). Stay tuned for
upcoming releases. Neat things are coming, but if it has fangs and
claws, curl into a ball. Or yell at it. I can't remember which is
Luke: Wow! Finally releasing 0.65! Christian, Nathan, and Mark have
worked really hard for this release, all the credit goes to them.
The new preferences are awesome, and there are more bugs fixed for
this release than in the last 3 or 4 releases. Your MSN should work
reliably again, your preferences saved, your accounts resort, the
list goes on and on. A couple preferences, most notably your buddy
list sorting preference won't be imported, but almost all of them
will be and its probly a good idea for you to take a second look
through preferences again anyway, alot of you are starting to
forget that things are optional again. :-)
Nathan: I think I did something for this release a while ago. I've
got a mailbox full of commit emails, and some have my name on them,
so I must have done something, right? Probably some minor jabber stuff,
and lots of crazy bugfixes. It was a team effort, I'd like to thank the
academy, our producer Rob Flynn, and of course all the fans. You rock.
Herman: I was told to write something.. so here it goes. Windows users
will be happy to know that they can now rearrange their Buddy Lists.
I finally got stuck into GTK+ code and fixed the bug in question (this
release will include a patched version of GTK+ 2.2.1). I integrated
the WinGaim systray code into the docklet plugin bringing those nice
docklet features (i.e. Message queuing) to WinGaim. Another major
WinGaim change of note is that debug versions of all dlls can now be
built, providing useful backtraces not only for gaim.dll but for the
plugins as well.
0.64 (05/29/2003):
Rob: I didn't do anything this release either. We're under a crunch
week at work. Friday is the end of the crunch. Hooray!! Thanks for
all of your hard work, guys :).
Sean: Unlike every other time we say, "the next release will be loaded
with cool new features, this time, we really mean it. In fact, they're
already in CVS (don't use CVS). The only obvious new feature for 0.64
is buddy list sorting. This has been much requested and can be set in
the buddy list preferences. You can sort by name, by status, and even
by log file size--putting people you talk to most at the top. Plugins
can even easily add their own sorting methods. It's all very cool. I
want to thank Luke and Ka-Hing for their initial work on it. And yes,
I did make my entire NEWS entry justified on purpose.
Christian: I have a few new goodies in 0.64, but they're mostly
back-end stuff that people like us care about. The things that most
of you will like the most is that almost all of the reported MSN
bugs were fixed. Users with an empty contact list can now login again.
The friendly name bug is gone. E-mail notifications work again. Yay!
We have some big changes in store for 0.65. Careful if you use CVS...
Things will break. :)
Mark: I never really have anything important to add. I'd just like to
thank Jack Daniels for his exquisite bug reports. And whiskey.
Nathan: I don't think I did anything for this release. I'm a bum.
0.63 (05/16/2003)
Rob: Wow, so, what can I say? I've been rather AWOL for the past few
releases. However, that's okay. Work has been pretty friggin hec-
tic, so, that's my excuse. Work is finally going to be slowing down
some. I plan to be doing more Gaim work. That makes me happy. That
makes you happy. That makes us all happy. Now, I just need to
finish rebuilding my car's engine. Engine rebuilds put the FU in
Sean: Yay! School is finally over. I have to give tons of cherry-
flavored props to everyone whose been helping out while I stayed away
from Gaim to keep myself from failing again, especially Christian and
Luke: Okay, this is NOT a bug fix release, at least for those of you
who use MSN. Christian put in a TON of effort rewritting the MSN prpl,
mega props to him on this release. In other news, we have alot of bugs
fixed, and a goodly number of the translations are more up to date
than they were in earlier releases. There are some other significant
changes, but they are mostly backend stuff, yay for core/ui splits ;-)
Christian: As Sean and Luke said, I did a tiny bit of work in this
release. The MSN prpl was rewritten, and should now work better. It's
compatible with the MSNP7 protocol that MSN v4.x uses. Unfortunately,
MSNP9 is being worked on. Bah. Also, it has MSN Mobile support, so you
can register your MSN account with and people
can page your mobile device. You can also page other MSN Mobile users.
Groups are now stored on server. Oh, and due to the nature of MSNP7,
conversations are timed out after 5 minutes, so you'll unfortunately
see a message indicating that. Sorry! I wrote experimental support
for my own implementation of MSN buddy icons. You can set them in your
account settings much like with AIM, and when you talk to other gaim
users, they'll get your buddy icon. This will last for a few releases,
until the buddy icon implementation in the upcoming MSNP9 protocol is
figured out, and we have support for that. That'll be a couple months
away at least. Also, we have a rewrite of the plugin interface, so
rewrite your plugins! Things are going to get very cool from it. The
debug API was core/UI split, and some enhancements were made to the
debug window. I think that's all from me. It's been a fun release.
Stay tuned, I have some great things coming up!
Nathan: It seems like 0.62 was forever and a day ago. I had to look
at the ChangeLog to remember what I did. Apparently I made it so you
can put chats in your buddy list. And then I tweaked a bunch of stuff
and fixed a bunch of crashes. Then exams came, and then I went home
for a week and left my laptop's power cable here at school, so I didn't
get anything done. Jabber will get all sorts of fun new stuff for
the next release. Really. ;-)
0.62 (04/23/2003):
Sean: This is just another standard bi-weekly Gaim release. Nothing
really interesting, but it has some good bugfixes. Personally, I've
been a bit removed from Gaim development lately what with school getting
tough and stuff, but the rest of the guys have really been doing great
work without me. Thanks, guys.
Christian: I can't remember what I did here.. Think I'll take a quick
look at the ChangeLog.... Okay, guess I was useless. That's okay,
though, because I have some really cool stuff going into 0.63. Plugin
authors will hate me for it. A rewrite of the plugins interface! This is
actually a Good Thing (TM). Anyhow, upgrade to this release, and tell
your friends. 33 Gaim users can't be wrong!
Luke: I didn't do much here besides the odd translation patch and a
couple bug fix patches. This is primarily a bug fix release, and much
needed at that. Didn't get a chance to write sorting code, work has been
busy. Hopeefully it will happen for 0.63.
Mark: Gaim is coming along quite beautimously. I'm going to eat
my Pop-tarts now.
Nathan: oh dot sixty two. There are a lot of bugs fixed in this
release, and one major new feature. Our Jabber plugin now supports
XHTML-IM. In plain english, this means that you can now format your
jabber messages, and other people will see the formatting. GtkIMHTML
still needs some work to get it to parse valid XHTML-IM better, but that
will come in time. That time would come sooner if my CS prof accepted
"I was hacking on Gaim" as a valid excuse for an extension ;-)
0.61 (04/07/2003):
Rob: Nathan commited his news first. However, I'm cooler so I'm putting
my entry above his. Yeah, so, there were some DnD issues with 0.60. I
blame it on the rain. It was falling, falling. I blame it on the
faucet. It drips all night.
Sean: I committed my news after Rob. I'm cooler than Nathan (by far)
but not as cool as Rob. So I go here. Actually, I didn't do anything
since 0.60 other than commit some other peoples patches. The one from
Dave Camp is cool. How 'bout this snow? Isn't that crazy? Oh, and
thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.
Nathan: You want frequent releases? You got 'em ;-) Chip wrote some
cool new pounce stuff, and things shouldn't get weird when you drag
groups and buddies around. It's bad enough having 1 of some of my
buddies on my list, I definitely don't need duplicates. Being that I
have class in the morning, I'll just raise my juice glass for this one.
Christian: I'm not as cool as Rob, Sean, or Nathan, so I go down here.
Well, among some of the fixes is my new buddy pounce code! This adds new
buddy pounce types, core/ui splitifies the code, and makes the dialog
box spiffy. Yay frequent releases! Erm, I can't think of anything else
cool to say here. Have fun, everyone!
Luke: Okay, i'm probly the least cool, so I'll go last. I committed a
few patches from other people here, nothing earth shattering though. The
biggest thing in this release is the group re-ordering bug fix, having
that fixed will make for fewwer questions. Get used to using releases
people, we want to use cvs for actual development :-).
Mark: I didn't want to write any news without actually having done
anything, so I fixed a meaningless compile warning. Boo-yeah.
Sean: Luke can't spell "fewer". How un-cool is that?
0.60 (04/04/2003):
Rob: Wow. So, it has been a really long time since we started the
gtk2 fork. It's finally ready for public consumption. Sean is about
to go out and buy a case of beer. My roommate is downstairs right
now pouring me a shot of his choice. Everyone, raise your beers if
you've got them. It's been a cool almost 10-months of development.
I hope you all enjoy. Drink'em if you got'em!
Sean: I'm writing this 3 minutes before my 21st birthday. Nobody can
believe we're finally ready to relase 0.60. Many thanks to everyone
who helped out; I'm convinced that Gaim 0.60 is the best IM client to
date (only to be bested by 0.61). There's WAY too much stuff to mention.
Even the ChangeLog is somewhat incomplete. Yay, I'm 21 now! Everyone
enjoy! :)
Nathan: Happy birthday Sean! Rob decided to let me start cleaning up
after everyone, so here I am. "sexy" is the only word that can be used
to describe 0.60. Prepare to be shocked and amazed. /me raises his
(shot) glass ;-)
Christian: Geeeeeze this took a long time. Worth it though! Personally,
I thought we'd all just give up on releases altogether and tell
everybody just to grab CVS. I'm pretty happy with this release. I was
able to contribute quite a bit to it. Makes me feel proud to be a gaim
developer! I'm really looking forward to the future releases. I have
some neat stuff planned. Yay, I'm still 19! Mmmm, Sierra Mist. Make me a
Mark: Whoops, I started drinking a little earlier than I was supposed
to. I guess I missed the memo. Hmm, I ate at a restaurant somewhere,
I think it was at Snowshoe, and the menu had "sammiches" on it. It was
pretty sweet. I'd like to give a shout out to all the Gaim
devizelopers for rizocking the hizzy the past few months. Word.
0.59 (06/24/2002):
Rob: I guess Sean is busy at home or something and Jim is asleep.
I'm very tired but it's time for a release. Enjoy. :)
Sean: It's been a long time since our last release, and for no
good reason either. Rob and I just haven't been able to get together
to do it. But now we have. Aside from some Jabber changes and some
crucial MSN fixes, most of this release's changes are transparent,
but none-the-less important. Well get some better changes when my
computer works again, you have my word*
*My word is worthless.
0.58 (05/13/2002):
Rob: Yeah, so, my computer has been bad which is why the release
didn't go out on time. Oh well. I would like to welcome
Jim Seymour aboard the development team. He's going to be taking
over the work on our Jabber code as well as doing various other
nit picking. He likes to pick nits, nats, and umm, knots, I think.
Sean: This release has a long ChangeLog. Higlights include an
important security fix for MSN and a few nice new features.
Not *much* cooler than 0.57--but we're making progress ;)
Jim: Hmmm... Rob said I have to say *something*, so here it is:
Rob's a mango.
0.57 (04/25/2002):
Rob: Not too much in this release, as Sean said below. (This is
what happens when the bottom person goes first.) New translation,
a few fixes, secure msn hotmail logins, blah blah blah. As Sean
said, the next release will be cooler. If only you could read
our minds ;-).
Sean: Nothing too special here, but a critical Yahoo fix that
ensures Yahoo! will work when they discontinue the old protocol
all the other 3rd party clients are using. Next release will be
cooler, I promise.
0.56 (04/11/2002):
Rob: Well, what do you know. I have another headache. I always have
these damned headaches. I got pissed off with the way GtkTree looks.
I wanted to move to using GtkCTree. I think they're pretty.
Unfortunately, GtkCTree sucks. After a little digging through
the code, I managed to molest GtkTree into looking like
GtkCTree. Thanks to everyone that helped track down that one
annoying style problem.
Sean: Hello. This is another minor release while Rob and I finish
up on some bigger projects. We're reworking a lot of the UI to make
it easier to use, nicer looking, and more compatible with gtk2.
I've also been trying to bring the Yahoo plugin up to date, so it
will work for Indian users and avoid a potential problem in the near
0.55 (03/29/2002):
Rob: 0.55 is here. I've been away for a few days on business. Sean
has been on Spring Break. Therefore, this release is mostly a patch
release. It does fix some bugs and makes a few thing slightly cooler,
so it's better in that aspect, I suppose. Enjoy.
Sean: This is mostly a bugfix release. I'm on Spring Break, not
doing any coding at all. But lots of people sent in great patches
anyway. Thanks guys!
0.54 (03/14/2002):
Rob: Well, here we are. 0.54. We got a lot of fun things in this
release. Better working SSI, Image sending, protocol specific
smiley faces, and a whole lot of triscuits. *gobble*
Sean: We fixed a lot of bugs in this one, and probably introduced
a bunch too. ;) We were both really busy, and did all the coding
late at night when we were tired, so if something isn't working,
it's probably just tired code. Enjoy the triscuits!
0.53 (02/28/2002):
Rob: Well, we missed yesterday's release. That's Okay, I head a
nasty headache. You can all just deal. ;-)
Sean: Neat Goodies! Whee!! Oscar got a lot of great additions.
It can do Screen Name formatting, it can save and store your buddy
list on the server, it can do typing notifications in Direct
Connections, and yes, it can receive IM Images! Sending images will
be added in the next release. MSN and Yahoo! can do typing
notification too. Hooray!
0.52 (02/17/2002):
Rob: Well, after a long delay we're finally ready for another release.
I finally got settled into my new apartment, the new job is going
well, and I finally have internet connectivity again. You can expect
us to be back on our usually bi-monthly schedule. Enjoy these fixen,
as they resolve a few connectivity issues. :-)
Sean: It looks like things are back on track now. Eric left which is
sad. He's done so much for Gaim, and I know we're all thankful.
Thanks Eric! I'll be stepping in and do more development, but I can
never replace Eric. This release fixes a long-standing problem in
MSN. If you've gotten errors when trying to connect to MSN, you want
this release. If you've suddenly found yourself unable to connect to
Yahoo!, you want this release too. The "neat goodies" will be in the
next release ;)
Rob: Operation Evil does not exist! ;-)
0.51 (01/24/2002):
Rob: Well, here we go. I FINALLY got around to making a release
after over a month, Sorry for the delay, all. Things got really
hectic around the gaim house hold. This release isn't as complete
as I had hoped, but I promised to get something out. There's some
neat goodies in mind for the next release, right Sean? :-)
0.50 (12/13/2001):
Rob: I am tired. Tonight was weird. Bleh!!!!
Eric: I second that.
0.49 (11/29/2001):
Rob: *still mamboing*
Whew! That was a bad little mambo. I hope everyone had a nice
little Holiday, if you celebrate. If not, then I hope you had
a sucky weekend. :-D.
Oh, lots of cheese for everyone!! (Beware the duffle)
It's getting cloudy. I think it's going to storm somethin'
fierce. That's my southern talk. Do you like it?
Eric: I want to be like you.
Do the cha cha cha!
0.48 (11/18/2001):
Rob: Hi! It's 4:12am! I'm watching The Simpsons. :).
Oh boy, sleep! That's where I'm a viking! :) There's not
too much for me to say in this release. I'd just like to
thank Eric for his hard work. :)
Eric: Everybody mambo!
0.47 (11/01/2001):
Rob: Hi. Gaim v0.47 has been released, as you should already
know. I hope all of you had a nice little halloween. There are
quite a number of changes in this release. There are a few too
many to list here, so I will redirect you to ye olde ChangeLog.
Eric: Remember back in the day when TOC was the only protocol
Gaim could use? Remember the login window from back then? Back
before Gaim had perl or plugins or multiple connections or
10 different protocols. Things have changed so much since then.
Many more changes in this release as well. All good things.
Don't forget to talk to SmarterChild.
0.46 (10/18/2001):
Rob: Hey guys! The smores were great! I really enjoyed meeting
up with all of you guys and singing campfire songs. It was
really awesome. Thanks for the beer, too. Next time, it's on me.
This release has quite the number of bug fixes. I won't bother
going into detail here. Just ust it, love it, live it - SEGA!
Eric: Lots of fixes. Things compile well now. ICQ has stopped
crashing on PPC and Sparc. If you know someone who isn't using
Gaim because it was unstable, please get them to try this
version. It's much better, I promise.
0.45 (10/04/2001):
Eric: Well, it seems that the time has come for yet another
release. There are several yummy additions in this release, and
quite a few useful bugfixes as well. Unfortunately it seems that
Rob is currently unavailable; he joins us in spirit. He'll be
joining us later for a group sing-along and smores by the
campfire. But for now, you'll need to keep yourselves occupied
with 0.45. And remember, a happy hacker is a pimpin' penguin.
0.44 (09/20/2001):
Rob: Another release has come upon us. There were actually quite
a number of things in ye old ChangeLog for this release. I don't
feel like talking about them here, so you can read about them
in ... you guessed it .. the ChangeLog. Oh, and if you're
wondering about setting buddy icons, wait til 0.45 or
use CVS shortly after this release. ;-)
Eric: You should all be using CVS anyway. This has become the
slogan in our IRC room, #gaim on The IRC
plugin got lots of updates (mostly because I felt bad about using
X-Chat for IRC when gaim supposedly had an IRC plugin), so you
should load the plugin and join us. :)
0.43 (09/06/2001):
Rob: Well, I knew that the day would eventually come. I just didn't
expect it to be so soon. ;-). Yes, that's right, Eric and I finally
got sick of all of the pre releases. We didn't want to make this
release an official 0.11.0. We thought that it would cause a lot
of confusion. We didn't want to continue our trend of prereleases
either. So, since gaim was first released officially, there
have been 42 releases. This is number 43, hence the 0.43 version
number. We're going to stick with this trend from now on. :-).
Eric: We're also going to be starting a release early, release
often trend, that hopefully we'll stick to this time. Hopefully
we'll be putting out a new release every two weeks or so. You
should all be using CVS anyway :) And as always, don't forget to
report bugs! Anyway, since there's only been 9 days since the
last release not much has changed. A bug-fix release and a version
change mostly :)
0.11.0-pre15 (08/28/2001):
Eric: This isn't a real release. Really. It's just a quick thing
because pre14 doesn't cut it for some people. Also not counting
the month break that I took it's been a month since the last
release, so it's about time. You should all be using CVS anyway.
Instructions are at And
don't forget to report bugs!
Rob: Hey guys. I've been rather inactive as well. It's a long
story, but essentially, my company layed off a bunch of people,
myself included, due to poor management. I've taken a new
job which required moving across the country. I'm finally back
online. Once I manage to actually get a desk at home I'll be
able to code with out infliciting intense pain upon my lower
back and neck. So, basically, we were inactive, but not dead.
Also, just to keep you all updated, the AOL battle is still
in progress. Our lawyers are still in negotiation with thiers.
We'll keep you updated with what happens.
0.11.0-pre14 (06/17/2001):
Eric: Wee. Lots of fun things. BIG bug fix release. I did a lot of
stupid things in the last one, hehe. You all forgive me though,
Reality is always controlled by the people who are most insane.
Remember that. It's a great Scott Adams quote.
Rob: I feel naughty. I should have released this a lot earlier
in the day. I have a problem though. I started cooking, invited
a couple friends over for dinner and then took a walk to a
24hr doughnut shop where I sat outside and talked about
random stuff. Oh well, at least it's still before the 18th.
Enjoy this release guys! :-)
0.11.0-pre13 (06/06/2001):
Rob: \O. Howdy doodie! This release isn't coming too far behind
the previous release but hey, what can ya say, there were a couple
of good fixes in this one. Jabber & IRC can set / view the topics
of chat rooms now, napster doesnt crash on bad login names and
passwords, and the man page got a big update.
Well, that's about all, folks. Next release, I hope to try to get
group MSN chat support added as well as DCC support in the IRC
Eric: I apologize if any of you had to restart your X server because
of me. This release won't make you have to do that, I promise. There
were a couple other minor fixes with the buddy icon stuff, it still
has a way to go but at least it's better than it was before. Oh yeah,
and Oscar is able to sign on again.
0.11.0-pre12 (05/29/2001):
Rob: Hi! O/. My girlfriend was visiting me so I've been busy being
unavailable online. Hooray.
There have been a lot of good changes in this release. Some improved
dialogs, some updates to IRC and MSN, as well as a nifty little thing
that Eric did that I'll let him tell you about.
Oh yeah, I also got food poisoned by bad eggs. Ugh!
Eric: Every protocol except TOC has been improved since the last
release. All of them except Zephyr and ICQ now use the same proxy
options, which you can set in the preferences. ICQ can use them if
you set it to Socks5 though.
There are a bunch of other good additions and fixes for each
protocol which you can read about in the ChangeLog. And, there's one
super cool feature that everyone seems to be asking for: Buddy Icons.
Right now you can only receive them and only in Oscar, but hey, they're
So that's it. Have fun with it :)
0.11.0-pre11 (04/30/2001):
Rob: I bought a big carton of juice today. It is now 50% empty.
A lot of the plugins got some new options and/or improvements. I
have a headache right now, though, so I won't say much. I'll let
Eric talk :)
Eric: I uh. I bought 72 cans of soda yesterday. It only cost $15
or so. I figure I'll be through it in less than two weeks. A
dollar a day on soda isn't so bad. For the fourth release in a row,
Oscar is fixed. Isn't that exciting. Judging from history I'd say
that it won't stay fixed long; but judging from what I know has
changed, we shouldn't have any more troubles.
Rob: --. .- .. -- / .. ... / --. .-. . .- - --..-- / --. .- .. -- /
.. ... / --. --- --- -.. .-.-.-
I don't have a headache anymore! Hooray! Eric got a good deal on those
drinks. I bought some bananas. They're very green. Oh, and I cooked
a steak last night. It was 16 oz. It was good.
0.11.0-pre10 (04/13/2001):
Rob: EEP! It's Friday the 13th!!! I think I fixed a few buggies
in MSN and then added some new features to IRC. I have a headache
right now, though, so I won't talk much. I think I'm going to go
to sleep. Next release, I should have a good bit more done on
IRC and will have made Napster more stable. Have fun!!
Eric: There's a new protocol plugin, Zephyr. Don't use it! unless
you know what Zephyr is, and have zhm set up correctly. Also there
were a lot of other good bugfixes (like registering for Jabber
accounts!) and a few neat features. In this release, Oscar is also
working, but we'll see how long that lasts, eh?
0.11.0-pre9 (03/26/2001):
Rob: Well, looks AOL was doing something naughty earlier this
morning. Thanks to a very nice guy named Adam Fritzler (you
all know him from libfaim) we're now back online. Thanks,
Adam. I'll buy you a drink sometime :-).
0.11.0-pre8 (03/23/2001):
Eric: Oo wow :) So I guess the big news is that this release should
help you avoid the battle between Jabber and AOL. Most protocols
got a few good bugfixes; thanks to people who pointed them out :).
Hopefully for the next release I'll make it so you can register a account, and then you can support Jabber using Gaim.
I think (I *think*) Oscar blocking is working now. Haha, get it?
Oscar blocking? It took me a while to get it, too. But no, really,
I think that the permit/deny list in Oscar might be working.
Rob: MSN got some fixes and should be really stable now. It had
a little 100% CPU eating bug but that's taken care of now. Next
on my list of repairs is the napster plugin. It works -- sorta --
sometimes. Heh. As all of you probably know already, our Oscar
support was broken yesterday. There's a little battle going on
between AOL and Jabber and we caught a bullet during the crossfire.
I think I just won the award for the most cliches used in one
paragraph, as a matter of fact. ;-).
** Good luck to the Jabber guys in getting this resolved **
0.11.0-pre7 (03/16/2001):
Rob: Hey! I finally rewrote the MSN plugin. Sorry, I'm just
a lazy code whore sometimes, heheh. It pretty much has the same
functionality as before with the exception of instability. I
didn't really like that feature very much so I removed it. I hope
you guys don't mind too terribly much ;-).
Eric: In this week's installment of gaim you'll find a new Yahoo!
library and an option to have all conversations in one window,
in addition to numerous bug fixes and other improvements. Don't
forget to send us your feedback. If there's something you want
added, changed, or fixed, head over to our SourceForge page at and tells us about it.
0.11.0-pre6 (03/06/2001):
Eric: Yay! I get to go first!
The biggest change in this release is the TODO file. Lots of things
got added. There's going to be a lot of prereleases. Please help.
Other than that it's mostly just a lot of bugfixes. Oscar got a few
new features. Head on over to
and tell us what you'd like to see in gaim. We've gotten a lot of
great requests so far, thanks.
I think I like releasing every week.
Rob: I've been bad so Eric got to go first. The biggest change
In this release is the NEWS file. It's the only thing I contributed
to! heh, just kidding. This is a bug fix release, as Eric said.
Next release will contain my newly rewritten MSN plugin. You guys
should be happy with it :).
Oh yeah, TUCAN rocks :) Oh yeah, Eric rocks too.
0.11.0-pre5 (02/26/2001):
Rob: Yeah, I promise this is the last pre-release :-D. That seems
to be a pretty common saying around here, huh? Well, I must first
appologize. The protocols that I was working on really should be
much more developed at this point -- they should be completed,
actually. Unfortunately, my real life job (yes, I have one hehe) got
a little too busy and ate up all of my free time. I promise that
things will get better now :).
Eric: I don't promise that this is the last pre-release. :) But
hopefully releases can start coming more often than once every two
months. I don't really have much else to say. It's been a slow
couple of months.
Rob: I promise to hack gaim again. Please don't hate me.
Eric: One more prerelease. I'm actually starting to think these
prereleases are a good idea; a lot of people reported a lot of
bugs in pre3 and most of them are fixed now. Also, it helps with
the whole release early-release often philosophy.
The big news in this prerelease is two more protocols: Jabber and
Napster. Both of them don't have any of the features that make
these services cool, yet. You can't use the transports in Jabber
and you can't download file in Napster. But you will be able to,
soon :)
Rob and I are going on vacation starting today until after New
Year's, which is a lot of the reason we wanted to get this release
out; it's much improved over pre3. Happy Holidays everyone.
0.11.0-pre3 (12/15/2000):
Rob: Well, I hadn't initially planned on an 0.11.0pre3 but it
looks like it was needed. That's not necessarially a bad thing,
mind you. It just means you get to see more goodies!
This release includes some other fun features. See the ChangeLog
for more information. Also found in this wonderful release is
an MSN plugin. For all of you who have been holding onto Windows
simply because you have friends on MSN Messenger that you don't want
to leave, this plugin is for you! :)
Guys, make sure you send us bug reports; preferably on the
SourceForge bug report forum at This will allow both
Eric and I to handle the bugs and will prevent either one of us
from losing the bug reports that are sent via AIM :-)
Eric: Hey everybody, Rob and I really want to hear what you guys want
to see in gaim. Head over to and
leave a message in the Open Discussion forum. We've gotten a lot of
good ideas so far (most of them didn't make it into this release,
If any of you want to test out your mad coding skills, I can think of
a few projects that would be incredibly useful. Send me or Rob an IM
and we'll let you know how you can help. And don't forget to read the
HACKING file to see how gaim's put together.
This is hopefully going to be the last prerelease; now that all the
protocols that we're going to be doing for 0.11.0 are available it's
mostly just going to be hacking on them and getting them in usable
condition before the final release. Don't forget to send us bug
reports ;)
0.11.0-pre2 (12/04/2000):
Rob: I messed up. Oh well, it's fixed.
0.11.0-pre1 (12/03/2000):
Rob: Hey guys! Guess what!? Yup, you're correct! It's the pre1
release of 0.11.0. We have all sorts of goodies in this release!
Check out the ChangeLog file. As always if you find any bugs,
please report them on
You may find several small bugs as this is still a prerelease.
You may want to note that my IRC plugin does not have full
functionality as of yet. All of the important / commands will be
added before the final release. Also, if someone could send me
some good buddylist pixmaps for the irc plugin then I'd much
appreciate it. Thanks to everyone who made this new release possible!
If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions, please let us know
either by e-mail or via the source forge message board at the URL
above. :)
Eric: So what was Yay! For Gaim!? Yay was the codename for the
Yahoo plugin. The whole point of all of these changes was I wanted to
make a proof-of-concept plugin that would let Gaim sign into Yahoo. It
turned out to be pretty much impossible with the old code. So,
Rob and I hacked gaim so we could do just that. There's now a whole new
class of plugins, Protocol Plugins, that let users dynamically add new
protocols to Gaim. Just load the plugin, and create a new account that
uses that protocol, and you're set! Yay! (Oscar and TOC are both still
static. Gaim is, after all, primarily an AIM client.)
Lots of people have been very generous and contributed a lot of
time and effort to writing some really nice patches for gaim since
the last release. To all of you, a big thanks.
0.10.3 (10/09/2000):
Rob: I am dumb.
Eric: I am not dumb.
0.10.2 (10/07/2000):
Rob: What do you want me to say for yours?
Eric: What happened since the last release?
Rob: You got DSL.
Eric: Oh yeah, I'm more available now.
Rob: On a more serious note, this is just a quick release
to hold everyone over. Look for some very awesome things
coming in the next version. I can't say what, just yet,
but what I can say is, Yay! For Gaim!
0.10.1 (09/15/2000):
Rob: Hi Hi Hi! Yet another gaim release pushed out the door
for you guys. I hope you all enjoy it. There was a few minor
issues cleared up in this version as well as the repair of
OSCAR support. Hopefully we won't run into the same problem
as before. Oh well ;-). There's also a few small extra goodies
in here for you guys just check out the Change Log. I hope you all
enjoy and take care!
Eric: Wanna know what the Oscar problem was? You'll laugh. 2 bytes.
The fix was changing 0x07da to 0x0686. Anyway, aside from the fix
for that, there are a couple other good things. Beware of DSL nazis.
They won't give you service until 6 weeks after you order it. So um,
0.10.0 (09/11/2000):
Rob: Well peoples, I know that it's been a while since our
last release. Here we go. Some brand spankin' new interfaces
for you guys to oogle at. I hope you all enjoy it. Hopefully
our next release won't take as long to finish up. Real life
kind of crept up on Eric and I and took up a lot of our times.
Life sucks that way sometimes. Anyways, we're back and all
is well. Thanks for hanging in there guys and we hope
you enjoy it!
Eric: LWE was so cool. Rob and I met up there, we had a blast. But I
only got to go for one day and Rob got to go for three. Lucky bastard.
It's been so long since the last release that I don't even remember
what's changed. But all of it is good :) Like Rob said, all kinds of
new UI stuff. I think there are some new features in there too. Now
I'm headed back to school so I'll have more time to hack gaim (isn't
that supposed to be the reverse?), just as soon as I get my internet
connection back >:-/ .
Rob: Oh yeah, some of our pixmaps may need a little work. We took
a lot of them from the Gnome Stock icons. If anyone could do some
custom ones that stay within the 24x24 boundary and keep the same
idea and feel as the gnome icons then we would be more than happy
to use them. Thanks much!! Viva la LWE.
0.9.20 (07/14/2000):
Rob: Well, guys, I hope you enjoy this version. I've done quite a bit
of work to the user interface. It's still not in the state that I
would like it to be, though. Over the next few versions you will
notice a few more interface changes as we try to bring a more
professional look to Gaim. As always, we will stay true to our
pimpin' penguin atittude.
Eric: While Rob's been busy making things pretty, I've been busy
making things work :). The chat and IM windows got merged, which
means that they both have the same features (notably, IM has /me
and chat has font/color dialogs and smileys). Also smileys should
work better in general now (thanks fflew).
Rob: By the way, what Eric is saying is that he's smart and I'm
not and that he does all of the work and I sit on my butt all
day and claim to do work. WOOO! Just kidding, brother :-P
0.9.19 (06/09/2000):
All of that nonsense aside, there are a few things that DIDN'T happen
in this version of gaim. The user interface changes will wait until
the 0.9.20 release. We've decided to turn 0.9.19 into a "new feature
and major bug fix" release. All/Most major bugs should be worked out
now. We're sorry about the problem of segfaulting when your buddylist
stored on the server was null. Oops! We won't let it happen again,
we promise.
Eric: Lots of good changes in this one, including locale support. Chat
had a lot of things done to it, but it's still not finished. The UI
didn't get the overhaul we were planning, but we wanted to get a few
bugfixes out.
Lemme say something about reporting bugs. Please do. Please try to give
as much information as you can. But regardless of how much information
you give, please be POLITE. If you tell us our software is crap then
we're probably not going to respond well.
Rob: Before I close up and say goodnight, I'd like to say that I
agree with Eric. Reporting problems and/or helpful criticism in
a polite manner always yields the best results. Peace all, and
happy hacking.
0.9.18 (06/02/2000):
Rob: Talk about release early, release often - sheesh! We're going
insane. Ya know, I'm not too happy with the Gaim UI. I dont know
how the rest of you feel but it's time for a nice overhaul. In the
next few days I'll be sitting down with some of my friends and coming
up with an improved interface. I hope you all enjoy it. It'll
include better looking dialogs, icons, sounds (hopefully lol), etc.
And -- for your random silly message of the day --
"Beans and Franks, Beans and Franks, Wine And Beer, Have No Fear!
I can sing! I can dance! I have a penguin in my pants!"
- Rob Flynn after not having enough sleep.
Eric: I've had less sleep than Rob, I can guarantee you that. There's
actually a lot going on in this release, despite 2 releases 2 days ago.
Don't ask me how; I think the elves had something to do with it.
Oscar support is almost to the point where I'm considering removing
the 'experimental' label from configure. For those of you brave enough
to try it, I'd like feedback. (And if you happen to write a patch to
fix some of the stuff that would be really cool too.) Hopefully for the
next release, in addition to the cool new UI, Gaim/Faim will be able to
do nearly everything Gaim/TOC can do. (Big things coming in 0.9.19, I
can feel it....)
And just remember, you *can* have too many gummi candies. Especially if
you eat nearly a whole kilo of them. Believe me. I know. But the gummi
cherries are damn good.
0.9.17 (05/31/2000):
Rob: I am an e-mail fiend!
(after receiving 60 emails within a 5 minute period about a problem
and responding to all of them immediately)
I am stupid.
Eric: Heh heh. 2 releases in one day. I'm impressed. Maybe one of these
times we'll actually get some of it right ;) Anyway, yeah. Just bug fixes in
this one.
Rob: Yeah, we wouldn't be ourselves if we released it once and got it
right, would we? :-)
Rob: Blah Blah Blah.
Eric: Looks like Rob didn't have much to say, so I'll write something
instead :)
There's a few good things in this release, the most important of them
being: Better proxy support, of course. Oh yeah, and you can sign on now,
so that's a good thing too. There's a few more good things going on in this
release, so check out the ChangeLog.
Play nicely, and we'll keep hacking away at it.
Rob: Go Watch `Road Trip'.
Hey boy's and girls. There's not much to say here this time.
We're loving Southern California, the new job's going great. We just
got our company website up and the product development is going pretty
smooth. Life's pretty sweet now.
We've hacked up all kinds of goodies for you in 0.9.15. There's
some file transfer (receive) support for those of you who have been
wanting it for a while. There's some other misc. goodies tossed in as
well. Enjoy!! Oh yeah, we need a new website. Come up with a sweet
design and get in touch with me. The current site is at:
Thanks much!
Well, there's a few random hacks and fixes in here, along with
a little suprise. You guessed it, kiddos, support for plugins! Happy
Not much to say for this release. Bug fixes, That's all. Look
for the goodies I promised in 0.9.13 to appear in 0.9.14 which should be
released very soon now.
By the way, our CVS is now hosted over at source forge. Go check
it out at Please check there before submitting
any bug reports (You can read our CVS comments to see if we have fixed any
Well guys, looks like we got some nifty things in this version.
TrueType Fonts are supported for those XFSTT buffs out there (or whatever
else you use). A crap load of those plaguing memory leaks have FINALLY been
fixed. My brother, Jeramey, and a new friend Peter Teichan helped stomp
those babies out. A rad guy by the name of Eric Warmenhoven has been
really sweet lately and has all but rewritten the Gnome Applet support :).
He submitted patch after patch. I finally got annoyed with him (just kidding bud)
and gave him CVS access. Look for Gnome Applet support in Gaim to start improving.
That's about all for now. I wanted to get this release out there. File Receive
support will be in 0.9.13 which is due out soon.
Jeramey got a new Comfy Chair! Its very very comfy! Whee!
Jim also had a little hyper-drunken moment and started hacking away at
a new configuration format for Gaim. Looks like we're running .gaimrc
version 1 now. Gotta love it. I got bored and hacked in a couple font
properties that will, in time, contain more features. That's about it
for this version -- cept for that memory leak we fixed. Shush! We're
not plumbers! -- rob
** Extra special update **
Well guys, it looks like we all stopped working on gaim, moved to California,
and took up a new job. Don't worry though, those beach bums out here havent
worn off on us yet. I've decided to pick up the Gaim torch myself and continue
development ont he prohect. Hopefully we wont have any more five month braks in
the project. Sorry about that, guys :)
Umm. Dont ask. Silly memory leak. For those of you who
wondered, you were losing about 256 bytes every 25 seconds for each
person you have on your contact list. Make fun of us. Better yet ..
Send us beer. We'll do better :)
Welp, All of you boys and girls who run Mandrake and have some
problems with Gaim working properly, please check out the FAQ file. It
contains a nice fix submitted by one of our users. I hope this works for
you guys!
Jim appears to have intoxicated himself. This is, as always, a
Good Thing (tm). His late-night adventure with the liquid-bread food group
lead to the birth of a nice little feature called `The Lag-O-Meter'. Dont
ask, just try it out :). It is pretty pointless if you have a super-fast
connection but if you are a modem user, like many of us are, then try it out.
There's also some idle preferences and some other little random
bug fixes. Check'em out yo :)
Get Along Lil' Doggies. Heh. Looks like we have yet another new
version of gaim for you guys to play with. Be gentle now, it has a few
new fetures. The HTML widget is now more robust and we have *da da da*
HTTP proxy support.
Oh By The Way, Do not pay too much attention to what we are doing
with this release. We are all a little bit happy tonight. You must love
life. This is a special release of gaim. We will be releasing some wonderful
photographs soon .. or perhaps if we get the bloody webcam working then we
will take a couple of quick snapshots.
Looks like the Gaim developers convention (cool name huh) that we
had this weekend in Auburn, AL went wonderfully :). yum yum yum. Hahahah. Oh
by the way. Beware of insecure rednecks in the deli. Bad things.
In (non)related news, Jeramey could not successfully slaughter the
one pound hamburger that he ordered. (I think he could have done it but he
wasn't feeling very well at the time).
Oh Yes, New Logo Too :) You likes? Thanks, Naru!
Just a little side-note: it looks like we didnt make the release that
we had expected during the Gaim Convention. Maybe we partied too much? I am
not sure. I remember watching the sun rise before I went to bed, though.
Oh well. Here's your release! Enjoy!
By The Way, we have uploaded our party pictures to a website. They are nothing spectacular but I hope you
enjoy them! :).
Well, boys and girls, it's that time again! Yup, time for the good
release fairy to come bless us with her infinite wisdom and divine presence.
Umm, yeah, something like that. Anyways, this release has several little
"bad" network fixes (as Jim likes to say) and a couple touch-ups to a few
other features. It also features preliminary oscar support. Thanks to Jim
and Adam ("the libfaim guy") hehe :) We have also corrected a problem with
gaim not wainting to correctly save your password if you have an underscore
in it. Thanks to w1za7d for pointing out the underscore problem. ' and \
have also been fixed in passwords. :o)
Sorry about the little segfaulting bugs in the past release. Rob
is stupid. :). Anyways, they have been patched up and a couple new features
have been added. I hope you guys enjoy.
Well we added a myriad of new features to this release. (A lot of
small buggie fixes too.) If you need a detailed list just check out the
ChangeLog. We now have a new webpage design and have added a FAQ to the
distribution. Before coming to us with any problems please take a quick
look through the FAQ to make sure we havent already covered your question.
Also, thanks to our beloved Web Monkey, FlynOrange, we have all
learned the true power of foam weapons, slinkies, and whoopie cushions. Hmm
gotta love those pranks, eh?
Well, just starting the NEWS file. I'll try to remember what's new
from the last version. Hmmm. BIG code reorg. Import/export, buddy pounce
among the major new features. Autoconf script too, which is a big win.
Apologies to those who submitted patches which haven't made it in.. I
promise, the next version! This code reorg took up a lot of my time, and I
want to get it out there.