Use G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE for PurpleConversation and additional cleanups

The setters for PurpleConversation are kind of crappy because of the
conversation cache in the purple_conversations api, which we'll address at a
later time.

Testing Done:
Compiled and ran locally, parted a chat and just signed out to verify no new issues.

Reviewed at
Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clients That're Good for the Soul
This file intends to list all changes to libpurple, Pidgin, and Finch's public
API. We sometimes forget to add changes to this file--sorry.
If your plugin fails to build with a new major version (e.g. 3.0.0) we
suggest checking this list first, in case a function was simply renamed.
You may still need to consult our API docs or our source code.
If you notice something missing from this list, please let us know and we'll
add it.
version 3.0.0 (??/??/????):
* displaying-emails-clear signal (notification signal)
* purple_plugin_get_dependent_plugins
* purple_plugin_is_internal
* purple_plugin_info_new
* purple_plugin_get_info
* purple_plugin_info_get_actions_cb
* purple_plugin_info_get_error
* purple_plugin_info_get_extra_cb
* purple_plugin_info_get_pref_frame_cb
* purple_plugin_info_get_pref_request_cb
* purple_plugin_info_get_ui_data
* purple_plugin_info_set_ui_data
* PurpleProtocol, inherits GObject. Please see the documentation for
* PurpleProtocolAction
* PurpleProtocolOverrideFlags
* PurpleProtocolClientIface
* PurpleProtocolServerIface
* PurpleProtocolChatIface
* PurpleProtocolXferIface
* PurpleProtocolRoomlistIface
* PurpleProtocolAttentionIface
* PurpleProtocolMediaIface
* PurpleProtocolFactoryIface
* purple_protocol_get_* for PurpleProtocol members
* purple_protocol_class_* for class methods
* purple_protocol_server_iface_* for server interface methods
* purple_protocol_factory_iface_* for factory interface methods
* purple_protocol_action_new
* purple_protocol_action_free
* purple_request_certificate
* purple_request_field_certificate_new
* purple_request_field_certificate_get_value
* purple_request_field_choice_add_full
* purple_request_field_get_tooltip
* purple_request_field_group_get_fields_list
* purple_request_field_list_has_icons
* purple_request_field_set_tooltip
* purple_request_fields_get_ui_data
* purple_request_fields_set_ui_data
* purple_roomlist_get_account
* purple_roomlist_get_proto_data
* purple_roomlist_get_ui_data
* purple_roomlist_room_get_expanded_once
* purple_roomlist_room_set_expanded_once
* purple_roomlist_set_proto_data
* purple_roomlist_set_ui_data
* purple_time_parse_month
* purple_whiteboard_get_account
* purple_whiteboard_get_draw_list
* purple_whiteboard_set_draw_list
* purple_whiteboard_get_protocol_data
* purple_whiteboard_set_protocol_data
* purple_whiteboard_get_state
* purple_whiteboard_set_state
* purple_whiteboard_get_ui_data
* purple_whiteboard_set_ui_data
* purple_whiteboard_get_who
* purple_xfer_get_fd
* purple_xfer_get_message
* purple_xfer_get_protocol_data
* purple_xfer_get_ui_data
* purple_xfer_get_watcher
* purple_xfer_set_fd
* purple_xfer_set_local_port
* purple_xfer_set_protocol_data
* purple_xfer_set_remote_user
* purple_xfer_set_status
* purple_xfer_set_ui_data
* purple_xfer_set_watcher
* purple_xmlnode_get_default_namespace
* purple_xmlnode_strip_prefixes
* account.h has been split into account.h (PurpleAccount GObject) and
accounts.h (Accounts subsystem)
* blist.h has been split into buddylist.h (PurpleBuddyList and
subsystem), blistnode.h (PurpleBlistNode and PurpleCountingNode
GObjects), blistnodetypes (Buddy, Chat, Contact, Group GObjects)
* circbuffer.h renamed to circularbuffer.h
* conversation.h has been split into conversation.h
(PurpleConversation), conversationtypes.h (PurpleIMConversation and
PurpleChatConversation) and conversations.h (Conversations subsystem)
* Renamed ft.h file to xfer.h
* Renamed plugin.h file to plugins.h
* prpl.h has been split into protocol.h (PurpleProtocol GObject and
protocol interfaces) and protocols.h (protocols subsystem)
* status.h has been split into status.h (Status API) and presence.h
(Presence API)
* account-authorization-requested signal merged with
account-authorization-requested-with-message signal
* purple_account_add_buddy now takes an invite message as the last
* purple_account_add_buddies now takes an invite message as the last
* PurpleAccount is now a GObject. Please see the documentation for
* purple_account_get_alias renamed to purple_account_get_private_alias
* purple_account_set_alias renamed to purple_account_set_private_alias
* purple_account_set_status_list renamed to
* purple_account_option_get_type renamed to
* PurplePrivacyType renamed to PurpleAccountPrivacyType
* purple_privacy_* functions are now purple_account_privacy_*
* Removed arguments local and restore from purple_account_privacy_allow
and purple_account_privacy_deny
* PurpleBlistNode is now a GObject. Please see the documentation for
* purple_blist_alias_buddy renamed to purple_buddy_set_local_alias
* purple_blist_alias_chat renamed to purple_chat_set_alias
* purple_blist_alias_contact renamed to purple_contact_set_alias
* purple_blist_get_root now takes a PurpleBuddyList parameter;
use purple_blist_get_default_root to work on the default buddy
list as before
* purple_blist_merge_contact renamed to purple_contact_merge
* purple_blist_rename_buddy renamed to purple_buddy_set_name
* purple_blist_rename_group renamed to purple_group_set_name
* purple_blist_server_alias_buddy renamed to
* purple_blist_update_buddy_status renamed to purple_buddy_update_status
* purple_buddy_get_local_buddy_alias renamed to
* PurpleContact and PurpleGroup inherit PurpleCountingNode
* PurpleBuddyList is now a GObject. Please see the documentation for
* purple_find_buddies renamed to purple_blist_find_buddies
* purple_find_buddy_in_group renamed to purple_blist_find_buddy_in_group
* purple_find_buddy renamed to purple_blist_find_buddy
* purple_find_group renamed to purple_blist_find_group
* purple_get_blist renamed to purple_blist_get_default
* PurpleBuddyIconSpec has been moved to buddyicon.h
* purple_certificate_check_signature_chain now returns a list of failing
PurpleCertificate*s as the second parameter
* PurpleConversation is now an abstract type, and is a GObject. Please
see the documentation for details.
* purple_conv_* functions are now purple_conversation_*
* purple_conv_im_* functions are now purple_im_conversation_*
* purple_conv_chat_* functions are now purple_chat_conversation_*
* purple_chat_conversation_find_user renamed to
* PurpleTypingState renamed to PurpleIMTypingState
* PurpleConvChatBuddy changed to PurpleChatUser, is now a GObject.
Please see the documentation for details.
* purple_conv_chat_cb_* functions are now purple_chat_user_*
* Replaced 'chat-buddy' with 'chat-user' in conversation signals
* Replaced chatname, buddyname arguments of 'chat-user-flags' (formerly
'chat-buddy-flags') signal with PurpleChatUser *
* PurpleCircBuffer changed to PurpleCircularBuffer, is now a GObject.
Please see the documentation for details.
* purple_circ_buffer_* functions are now purple_circular_buffer_*
* purple_connection_error now takes a PurpleConnectionError
as the second parameter
* PurpleConnection is now a GObject. Please see the documentation for
* PURPLE_CONNECTION_* prefix of PurpleConnectionFlag enum names changed
* PURPLE_* prefix of PurpleConnectionState enum names changed to
* purple_conversation_get_gc renamed to
* purple_dnsquery_a now takes a PurpleAccount as the first parameter
* PurpleIconScaleRules renamed to PurpleBuddyIconScaleFlags
* purple_imgstore_add renamed to purple_imgstore_new
* purple_imgstore_add_with_id renamed to purple_imgstore_new_with_id
* PurpleLog, purple_log_new, purple_log_write and
PurpleLogLogger->write take a GDateTime instead of a time_t
and struct tm
* PurpleNotifyMsgType renamed to PurpleNotifyMessageType
* purple_notify_user_info_add_pair renamed to
* purple_notify_user_info_get_entries returns a GQueue instead of
a GList
* purple_notify_user_info_entry_get_type renamed to
* purple_notify_user_info_entry_set_type renamed to
* purple_notify_user_info_prepend_pair renamed to
* PurplePlugin is now a GObject (alias for GPluginPlugin). Please see
the documentation for details.
* PurplePluginInfo is now a GObject, inherits GPluginPluginInfo. Please
see the documentation for details.
* PurplePluginAction no longer has a context field. Use
PurpleProtocolAction for protocol actions.
* PURPLE_INIT_PLUGIN(pluginname, initfunc, plugininfo) is now
PURPLE_PLUGIN_INIT(pluginname, query_func, load_func, unload_func).
See "C Plugins tutorial" (tut_c_plugins.xml) for an example.
* purple_plugin_load and purple_plugin_unload now use an error argument
to return load/unload errors
* purple_plugins_get_all is now purple_plugins_find_all, and the
returned list of plugins MUST be free'd using g_list_free
* purple_plugin_get_* functions for plugin info are now
* purple_plugin_get_author is now purple_plugin_info_get_authors, and
returns a NULL-terminated list of authors
* purple_plugins_probe is now purple_plugins_refresh
* purple_plugins_find_with_id renamed to purple_plugins_find_plugin
* purple_plugins_find_with_filename renamed to
* purple_plugin_pref_get_type renamed to
* purple_plugin_pref_set_type renamed to
* purple_prefs_get_type renamed to purple_prefs_get_pref_type
* proto_chat_entry has been renamed to PurpleProtocolChatEntry
* purple_proxy_info_get_type renamed to purple_proxy_info_get_proxy_type
* purple_proxy_info_set_type renamed to purple_proxy_info_set_proxy_type
* purple_request_field_get_type renamed to
* PurpleRoomlist is now a GObject. Please see the documentation for
* purple_request_field_list_get_items now returns list of PurpleKeyValuePair
* purple_roomlist_room_get_type is now
* purple_roomlist_field_get_type is now
* purple_savedstatus_get_type renamed to
* purple_savedstatus_set_type renamed to
* purple_savedstatus_substatus_get_type renamed to
* serv_* functions are now purple_serv_*
* purple_srv_resolve now takes a PurpleAccount as the first parameter
* purple_srv_txt_query_get_type renamed to
* PurpleStatus is now a GObject. Please see the documentation for
* purple_status_attr_* functions are now purple_status_attribute_*
* purple_status_set_active_with_attrs_list renamed to
* PurpleStatusAttr renamed to PurpleStatusAttribute
* PurplePresence is now an abstract type, and is a GObject. Please see
the documentation for details.
* update_idle method has been added to PurplePresenceClass to update the
idle state of a presence
* StunCallback renamed to PurpleStunCallback
* purple_str_size_to_units now takes a goffset as the size parameter
* PTFunc renamed to PurpleThemeFunc
* purple_txt_resolve now takes a PurpleAccount as the first parameter
* UPnPMappingAddRemove renamed to PurpleUPnPMappingAddRemove
* purple_util_fetch_url_request now takes a PurpleAccount as
the first parameter
* purple_util_fetch_url_request now takes a length as the eighth
* purple_util_fetch_url_len now takes a length as the fifth parameter
* purple_uuid_random. Use g_uuid_string_random.
* PurpleWhiteboard is now a GObject. Please see the documentation for
* purple_value_destroy is now purple_value_free
* purple_value_new, purple_value_dup and purple_value_free now operate
on GValue instead of PurpleValue
* Signal registration now uses GTypes instead of PurpleValues. See
SIGNAL-HOWTO for more information.
* purple_whiteboard_create renamed to purple_whiteboard_new
* purple_xfer_get_bytes_remaining now returns a goffset
* purple_xfer_get_bytes_sent now returns a goffset
* purple_xfer_get_size now returns a goffset
* purple_xfer_is_canceled renamed to purple_xfer_is_cancelled
* PurpleXfer is now a GObject. Please see the documentation for details.
* purple_xfer_get_type renamed to purple_xfer_get_xfer_type
* PurpleXferStatusType renamed to PurpleXferStatus
* PURPLE_XFER_* prefix of PurpleXferType enums changed to
* purple_xfer_set_bytes_sent now takes a goffset as the bytes_sent
* purple_xfer_set_size now takes a goffset as the size parameter
* PurpleCertificateVerificationStatus enumeration is now merged with
internal flags, thus removing PURPLE_CERTIFICATE_INVALID and
replacing it with more precise errors.
* PurpleConnectionUiOps.report_disconnect now passes a
PurpleConnectionError as the second parameter
* PurpleXfer.bytes_remaining is now a goffset
* PurpleXfer.bytes_sent is now a goffset
* PurpleXfer.size is now a goffset
* PurpleCertificateScheme.get_times now uses gint64 instead of
time_t to represent times
* purple_certificate_get_times now uses gint64 instead of
time_t to represent times
* xmlnode renamed to PurpleXmlNode
* XMLNodeType renamed to PurpleXmlNodeType
* xmlnode_* functions are now purple_xmlnode_*
* buddy-added and buddy-removed blist signals
* privacy.h file
* value.h file
* _PurpleCmdFlag
* _PurpleCmdPriority
* _PurpleCmdRet
* _PurpleCmdStatus
* _PurplePrefType
* _PurplePrivacyType
* _PurpleSoundEventID
* _PurpleSslConnection
* _XMLNodeType
* account-authorization-requested-with-message signal
* file-recv-accept, file-recv-cancel, file-recv-complete,
file-recv-start, file-send-accept, file-send-cancel,
file-send-complete, file-send-start signals. Use
notify::status on #PurpleXfer objects instead.
* network-configuration-changed signal
* PurpleAccount->ui_data
* PurpleAccountPrefsUiOps
* purple_account_add_buddies_with_invite
* purple_account_add_buddy_with_invite
* purple_account_get_check_mail
* purple_account_get_password. Use
purple_credential_manager_read_password_async instead.
* purple_account_get_public_alias
* purple_account_set_check_mail
* purple_account_set_current_error
* purple_account_set_password. Use
purple_credential_manager_write_password_async instead.
* purple_account_set_public_alias
* purple_base16_*
* purple_base64_*. Use g_base64_* instead
* purple_blist_get_ui_data
* purple_blist_load
* purple_blist_new
* purple_blist_node_get_ui_data
* purple_blist_node_set_ui_data
* purple_blist_set_ui_data
* purple_set_blist
* purple_blist_update_buddy_icon
* purple_buddy_get_local_alias
* purple_buddy_icons_has_custom_icon
* purple_buddy_icons_find_custom_icon
* purple_buddy_icons_set_custom_icon
* purple_build_dir. Use g_mkdir_with_parents instead
* PurpleCertificateScheme
* purple_certificate_check_signature_chain
* purple_certificate_check_signature_chain_with_failing
* purple_certificate_compare_pubkeys
* purple_certificate_display_x509
* purple_certificate_get_fingerprint_sha256
* Purple Cipher API (PurpleCipherContext and friends).
Use GLib's GHmac or GChecksum instead.
* purple_connection_error_reason
* purple_connection_new
* purple_connection_new_unregister
* purple_connection_destroy
* purple_connection_set_account
* purple_contact_set_alias
* purple_conv_chat_set_users
* PurpleConversationType
* purple_core_ensure_single_instance. Check via GApplication
or whatever is appropriate for your UI.
* purple_core_migrate
* Removed the general Purple DBus interface
* purple_date_format_long, use g_date_time_format instead.
* purple_date_format_short, use g_date_time_format instead.
* purple_dnsquery_a_account
* purple_event_loop_{get|set}_ui_ops. Manually drive the GLib
event loop yourself. See GLib Main Event Loop docs.
* PurpleEventLoopUiOps. Manually drive the GLib event loop
yourself. See GLib Main Event Loop docs.
* purple_fd_get_ip. Use GSocket instead.
* purple_find_pounce
* PurpleGetPublicAliasSuccessCallback
* PurpleGetPublicAliasFailureCallback
* purple_get_host_name. Use g_get_host_name, instead.
* purple_get_tzoff_str(). Use g_date_time_format, instead.
* purple_ip_address_is_valid, purple_ipv4_address_is_valid, and
purple_ipv6_address_is_valid. Use g_hostname_is_ip_address()
or #GInetAddress instead.
* purple_markup_extract_info_field
* PurpleMimeDocument, PurpleMimePart,
purple_mime_document_new, purple_mime_document_free,
purple_mime_document_parse, purple_mime_document_parsen,
purple_mime_document_write, purple_mime_document_get_fields,
purple_mime_document_get_parts, purple_mime_part_new,
purple_mime_part_get_fields, purple_mime_part_get_field,
purple_mime_part_set_field, purple_mime_part_get_data,
purple_mime_part_get_length, purple_mime_part_set_data, and
purple_mime_decode_field. Use the GMime library, instead.
* purple_network_convert_idn_to_ascii. Use g_hostname_to_ascii,
* purple_network_get_all_local_system_ips. Use libnice instead.
* purple_network_get_my_ip
* purple_network_get_local_system_ip. Use libnice instead.
* purple_network_get_port_from_fd
* purple_network_ip_atoi
* PurpleNetworkListenData
* PurpleNetworkListenCallback
* purple_network_listen
* purple_network_listen_cancel
* purple_network_listen_family
* purple_network_listen_map_external
* purple_network_listen_range
* purple_network_listen_range_family
* purple_notify_searchresults_column_get_title
* purple_notify_searchresults_get_columns_count
* purple_notify_searchresults_get_rows_count
* purple_notify_searchresults_row_get
* purple_ntlm_*
* PurplePluginType
* PurplePluginPriority
* PurplePluginLoaderInfo
* PurplePluginUiInfo
* purple_plugin_ipc_*
* purple_plugin_is_unloadable
* purple_plugin_new
* purple_plugin_probe
* purple_plugin_register
* purple_plugin_reload
* purple_plugins_destroy_all
* purple_plugins_enabled
* purple_plugins_find_with_basename
* purple_plugins_find_with_name
* purple_plugins_get_protocols
* purple_plugins_get_search_paths
* purple_plugins_register_load_notify_cb
* purple_plugins_register_probe_notify_cb
* purple_plugins_register_unload_notify_cb
* purple_plugins_unregister_load_notify_cb
* purple_plugins_unregister_probe_notify_cb
* purple_plugins_unregister_unload_notify_cb
* purple_plugins_unload
* purple_plugins_unload_all
* purple_pounce_action_get_attribute
* purple_pounce_action_is_enabled
* purple_pounce_action_register
* purple_pounce_action_set_attribute
* purple_pounce_action_set_enabled
* purple_pounce_destroy
* purple_pounce_destroy_all_by_account
* purple_pounce_destroy_all_by_buddy
* purple_pounce_execute
* purple_pounce_get_data
* purple_pounce_get_events
* purple_pounce_get_options
* purple_pounce_get_pouncee
* purple_pounce_get_pouncer
* purple_pounce_get_save
* purple_pounce_new
* purple_pounce_set_data
* purple_pounce_set_events
* purple_pounce_set_options
* purple_pounce_set_pouncee
* purple_pounce_set_pouncer
* purple_pounce_set_save
* purple_pounces_get_all
* purple_pounces_get_all_for_ui
* purple_pounces_get_handle
* purple_pounces_init
* purple_pounces_load
* purple_pounces_register_handler
* purple_pounces_uninit
* purple_pounces_unregister_handler
* PurplePounceCb
* PurplePounceEvent
* PurplePounceOption
* PurpleProxyConnectData
* PurpleProxyConnectFunction
* purple_proxy_connect
* purple_proxy_connect_cancel
* purple_proxy_connect_cancel_with_handle
* purple_prefs_set_generic
* purple_prefs_update_old
* purple_presence_add_status
* purple_presence_add_list
* PurplePresenceContext
* purple_presence_new
* purple_presence_new_for_account
* purple_presence_new_for_buddy
* purple_print_utf8_to_console
* PurplePluginProtocolInfo
* pidgin_protocol_option_menu_new
* purple_proxy_connect_socks5
* purple_proxy_connect_socks5_account
* purple_quotedp_decode. See the GMime library if needed.
* purple_restore_default_signal_handlers
* purple_request_certificate
* purple_request_field_choice_set_data_destructor. Use
purple_request_field_choice_add_full instead
* purple_request_field_list_add
* purple_request_field_list_get_icons
* PurpleSetPublicAliasFailureCallback
* PurpleSetPublicAliasSuccessCallback
* purple_socket_get_family
* purple_socket_speaks_ipv4
* PurpleSoundUiOps
* PurpleSoundStatus
* PurpleSoundEventID
* purple_sound_ui_ops_get_type
* purple_sound_play_file
* purple_sound_play_event
* purple_sound_set_ui_ops
* purple_sound_get_ui_ops
* purple_sound_init
* purple_sound_uninit
* purple_sounds_get_handle
* purple_sound_theme_get_type
* purple_sound_theme_get_file
* purple_sound_theme_get_file_full
* purple_sound_theme_set_file
* purple_sound_theme_loader_get_type
* purple_srv_cancel
* purple_srv_resolve_account
* purple_srv_txt_query_destroy
* PurpleStunNatType
* PurpleStunNatDiscovery.type
* PurpleSslConnection
* PurpleSslErrorFunction
* PurpleSslInputFunction
* purple_ssl_close
* purple_ssl_connect
* purple_ssl_connect_fd
* purple_ssl_connect_with_host_fd
* purple_ssl_connect_with_ssl_cn
* purple_ssl_get_peer_certificates
* purple_ssl_init
* purple_ssl_input_add
* purple_ssl_input_remove
* purple_ssl_read
* purple_ssl_strerror
* purple_ssl_uninit
* purple_ssl_write
* purple_status_set_attr_boolean
* purple_status_set_attr_int
* purple_status_set_attr_string
* purple_status_type_add_attr
* purple_status_type_add_attrs
* purple_status_type_add_attrs_vargs
* purple_status_type_get_primary_attr
* purple_status_type_set_primary_attr
* purple_strlcat
* purple_strlcpy
* purple_str_binary_to_ascii
* purple_str_has_prefix. Use g_str_has_prefix instead
* purple_str_has_suffix. Use g_str_has_suffix instead
* purple_str_size_to_units. Use g_format_size() instead.
* purple_time_build. Use g_date_time_new* instead.
* purple_time_format. Use g_date_time_format instead.
* purple_timeout_*. Use g_timeout_* or g_idle_* instead.
* purple_txt_cancel
* purple_txt_resolve_account
* PurpleType, use GType instead.
* purple_utf8_salvage. Use g_utf8_make_valid instead.
* purple_util_write_data_to_file_absolute. Use g_file_set_contents
* purple_util_fetch_url_len. Use purple_util_fetch_url, instead.
* purple_util_fetch_url_request_len. Use
* purple_util_fetch_url_request, instead.
* purple_util_fetch_url_request_len_with_account. Use
purple_util_fetch_url_request, instead.
* purple_util_get_image_checksum. Use
g_compute_checksum_for_data(G_CHECKSUM_SHA1, ...), instead.
* purple_uts35_to_str
* purple_xfer_add
* purple_xfer_get_ui_data and purple_xfer_set_ui_data. Use
GObject data functions instead.
* purple_xfer_update_progress
* PurpleCertificateVerificationStatus.PURPLE_CERTIFICATE_INVALID
* PurpleConnectionUiOps.report_disconnect_reason
* PurplePluginProtocolInfo.add_buddy_with_invite
* PurplePluginProtocolInfo.add_buddies_with_invite
* PurplePluginProtocolInfo.get_cb_away
* PurpleValue, use GValue instead.
* purple_whiteboard_get_ui_data and purple_whiteboard_set_ui_data, use
g_object_set_data instead.
* PurpleXferUiOps.add_thumbnail. Use PurpleXfer::add-thumbnail
* PurpleXferUiOps.add_xfer. Use notify::visible on #PurpleXfer
objects instead.
* PurpleXferUiOps.cancel_local and
PurpleXferUiOps.cancel_remote. Use notify::status on
#PurpleXfer objects instead.
* PurpleXferUiOps.data_not_sent. Use PurpleXfer::data-not-sent
* PurpleXferUiOps.destroy
* PurpleXferUiOps.ui_read. Use PurpleXfer::read-local instead.
* PurpleXferUiOps.ui_write. Use PurpleXfer::write-local instead.
* PurpleXferUiOps.update_progress. Use notify::progress on
#PurpleXfer objects instead.
* serv_got_attention
* serv_send_attention
* struct _PurpleAttentionType
* struct _PurpleCipherCaps
* struct _PurpleConversation
* struct _PurpleConvChat
* struct _PurpleConvChatBuddy
* struct _PurpleConvIm
* struct _PurpleConvMessage
* struct _PurpleMenuAction
* struct _PurplePounce
* struct _PurpleProxyInfo
* struct _PurpleRequestField
* struct _PurpleRoomlist
* struct _PurpleRoomlistField
* struct _PurpleRoomlistRoom
* struct _PurpleWhiteboard
* struct PurpleAccountOption
* struct PurpleAccountUserSplit
* struct PurpleNotifySearchColumn
* wpurple_g_access
* xmlnode_set_attrib_with_namespace
* xmlnode_set_attrib_with_prefix
* purple_user_dir
* purple_util_write_data_to_file
* purple_util_read_xml_from_file
* pidgin_create_webview
* PidginDockletFlag
* pidgin_gdk_pixbuf_new_from_image
* PidginPluginInfo, inherits PurplePluginInfo
* Various WebKit-related functions in gtkwebview.h
* gtkft.h file renamed to gtkxfer.h
* pidgin_blist_sort_method renamed to _PidginBlistSortMethod
* DndHintPosition renamed to PidginDndHintPosition
* DndHintWindowId renamed to PidginDndHintWindowId
* dnd_* functions renamed to pidgin_dnd_*
* pidgin_account_option_menu_* renamed to
* pidgin_new_item_from_stock renamed to pidgin_new_menu_item and
removed the accel related parameters.
* pidgin_setup_screenname_autocomplete now takes a filter function and
its data as final two arguments
* smiley_list renamed to PidginSmileyList
* smiley_parse_markup renamed to pidgin_smiley_parse_markup
* smiley_theme renamed to PidginSmileyTheme
* PidginWindow renamed to PidginConvWindow
* conversation-timestamp (gtkconv signal)
* GtkIMHtml.clipboard_html_string
* GtkIMHtml.clipboard_text_string
* GtkIMHtmlFontDetail
* gtk_imhtml_animation_free
* gtk_imhtml_animation_new
* gtk_imhtml_image_add_to
* gtk_imhtml_image_free
* gtk_imhtml_image_new
* gtk_imhtml_image_scale
* pidgin_blist_get_theme
* pidgin_blist_layout_get_type
* pidgin_blist_set_theme
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_background_color
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_collapsed_background_color
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_collapsed_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_contact_color
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_contact_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_expanded_background_color
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_expanded_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_idle_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_offline_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_online_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_online_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_opacity
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_opacity
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_status_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_type
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_unread_message_nick_said_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_get_unread_message_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_loader_get_type
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_away_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_background_color
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_collapsed_background_color
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_collapsed_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_contact_color
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_contact_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_expanded_background_color
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_expanded_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_idle_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_layout
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_offline_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_online_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_opacity
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_status_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_unread_message_nick_said_text_info
* pidgin_blist_theme_set_unread_message_text_info
* pidgin_blist_update_account_error_state
* PidginBlistLayout
* PidginBuddyList.connection_errors
* PidginButtonStyle
* pidgin_check_if_dir
* PidginConvPlacementFunc
* pidgin_conv_get_tab_icon, use PidginPresenceIcon instead.
* pidgin_conv_placement_get_name
* pidgin_conv_placement_add_fnc
* pidgin_conv_placement_remove_fnc
* pidgin_conv_placement_get_fnc
* pidgin_conv_placement_set_current_func
* pidgin_conv_placement_get_current_func
* pidgin_conv_update_buddy_icon
* pidgin_create_dialog, use pidgin_dialog_new instead.
* pidgin_create_small_button, use pidgin_close_button_new instead.
* pidgin_create_status_icon
* pidgin_create_window, use pidgin_window_new instead.
* pidgin_dialogs_alias_contact
* pidgin_make_pretty_arrows
* pidgin_menu_position_func_helper
* pidgin_mini_dialog_links_supported
* pidgin_pixbuf_button_from_stock
* pidgin_pixbuf_toolbar_button_from_stock
* pidgin_pounce_editor_show
* pidgin_pounces_get_handle
* pidgin_pounces_init
* pidgin_pounces_manager_hide
* pidgin_pounces_manager_show
* pidgin_protocol_option_menu_get_selected
* pidgin_set_custom_buddy_icon
* pidgin_set_sensitive_if_input
* pidgin_set_urgent, use gtk_window_set_urgency_hint instead.
* pidgin_setup_screenname_autocomplete_with_filter
* pidgin_sound_get_event_label
* pidgin_sound_get_event_option
* pidgin_sound_get_handle
* pidgin_sound_get_ui_ops
* pidgin_sound_is_customized
* PidginStatusBoxItemType
* pidgin_status_box_add
* pidgin_status_box_add_separator
* pidgin_status_box_pulse_connecting
* pidgin_status_box_set_buddy_icon
* pidgin_status_box_set_network_available
* pidgin_stock_id_from_presence
* pidgin_text_combo_box_entry_set_text
* pidgin_theme_font_free
* pidgin_theme_font_get_color
* pidgin_theme_font_get_color_describe
* pidgin_theme_font_get_font_face
* pidgin_theme_font_get_type
* pidgin_theme_font_new
* pidgin_theme_font_set_color
* pidgin_theme_font_set_font_face
* pidgin_toggle_sensitive, pidgin_toggle_sensitive_array, and
pidgin_toggle_showhide; use g_object_bind_property instead
* PidginThemeFont
* struct _GtkIMHtmlAnimation
* struct _GtkIMHtmlFontDetail
* struct _GtkIMHtmlHr
* struct _GtkIMHtmlImage
* struct _GtkIMHtmlScalable
* struct _GtkSmileyTree
* struct _PidginChatPane
* struct _PidginImPane
* FinchPluginInfo, inherits PurplePluginInfo
* gntft.h file renamed to gntxfer.h
* gnt_append_menu_action renamed to finch_append_menu_action
* gnt_ui_init renamed to finch_ui_init
* gnt_ui_uninit renamed to finch_ui_uninit
* finch_pounce_editor_show
* finch_pounces_get_handle
* finch_pounces_init
* finch_pounces_manager_hide
* finch_pounces_manager_show
* finch_pounces_uninit
* finch_sound_get_active_profile
* finch_sound_get_profiles
* finch_sound_get_ui_ops
* finch_sound_is_enabled
* finch_sound_set_active_profile
* finch_sounds_show_all
* g_hash_table_duplicate renamed to gnt_hash_table_duplicate
* GDupFunc renamed to GntDuplicateFunc
* _GntFileType
* _GntKeyPressMode
* _GntMouseEvent
* _GntParamFlags
* _GntProgressBarOrientation
* _GntTreeColumnFlag
* _GntWidgetFlags
version 2.11.0:
* account-status-changing signal (account signals)
* buddy-removed-from-group signal (blist signals)
version 2.9.0:
* Hash table to PurpleConvChat struct, used to make
purple_conv_chat_cb_find O(1).
* ui_data pointer to PurpleConvChatBuddy struct.
* deleting-chat-buddy signal (conversation signals)
* pidgin_pixbuf_from_data
* pidgin_pixbuf_anim_from_data
* pidgin_pixbuf_new_from_file
* pidgin_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_size
* pidgin_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_scale
* purple_conv_chat_set_users
* PurpleConvChat in_room list
version 2.8.0 (06/07/2011):
* account-authorization-requested-with-message signal (Stefan Ott)
* cleared-message-history signal (conversation signals)
* purple_account_add_buddy_with_invite
* purple_account_add_buddies_with_invite
* purple_dnsquery_a_account
* purple_notify_user_info_add_pair_plaintext
* purple_media_get_active_local_candidates
* purple_media_get_active_remote_candidates
* purple_media_manager_get_video_caps (Jakub Adam) (#13095)
* purple_media_manager_set_video_caps (Jakub Adam) (#13095)
* purple_pounce_destroy_all_by_buddy (Kartik Mohta) (#1131)
* purple_proxy_connect_socks5_account
* purple_srv_resolve_account
* purple_txt_resolve_account
* Added add_buddy_with_invite to PurplePluginProtocolInfo
* Added add_buddies_with_invite to PurplePluginProtocolInfo
* Added PurpleSrvTxtQueryUiOps which allow UIs to specify their
own mechanisms to resolve SRV and/or TXT queries. It works
similar to PurpleDnsQueryUiOps
* purple_marshal_BOOLEAN__POINTER_BOOLEAN (kawaii.neko) (#12599)
* purple_account_add_buddy
* purple_account_add_buddies_with_invite
* purple_dnsquery_a
* purple_proxy_connect_socks5
* purple_srv_resolve
* purple_txt_resolve
* add_buddy from PurplePluginProtocolInfo struct
* add_buddies from PurplePluginProtocolInfo struct
* pidgin_make_scrollable (Gabriel Schulhof) (#10599)
* chat-nick-clicked signal (kawaii.neko) (#12599)
* chat-nick-autocomplete signal (kawaii.neko) (#12599)
version 2.7.11 (03/10/2011):
* libpurple:
* Four entries in the GHashTable passed when joining
an XMPP chat room which allow the UI to request a limited
amount of history. See XEP-0045 7.1.16 for details; the
entries are named history_maxchars, history_maxstanzas,
history_seconds, and history_since. history_since must be
interpretable by purple_str_to_time, and the prpl takes care
of formatting the time properly.
* Perl:
* Purple::find_conversation_with_account
* Purple::Conversation::Chat::send_with_flags
* Purple::Conversation::IM::send_with_flags
version 2.7.10 (02/06/2011):
* No changes
version 2.7.9 (12/26/2010):
* No changes
version 2.7.8 (12/19/2010):
* No changes
version 2.7.7 (11/23/2010):
* No changes
version 2.7.6 (11/21/2010):
* No changes
version 2.7.5 (10/31/2010):
* No changes
version 2.7.4 (10/20/2010):
* Purple::BuddyList::Chat::get_components
* Purple::BuddyList::Chat::new now works properly. Thanks
to Rafael in for reporting and
version 2.7.3 (08/10/2010):
* purple_account_[gs]et_public_alias no longer crash when
called for a protocol that doesn't support the underlying
calls and the caller does not specify a failure callback.
* Exposed log-subsystem signals.
* Changing the visibility (gtk_widget_hide/show) of
the widgets in the GtkIMHtmlToolbar should now affect
the visibility of the entries in the 'lean' view
(the default toolbar view).
* pidgin_check_if_dir
* gnt_tree_row_get_key, gnt_tree_row_get_next,
gnt_tree_row_get_prev, gnt_tree_row_get_child and
version 2.7.2 (07/21/2010):
* No changes
version 2.7.1 (05/29/2010):
* No changes
version 2.7.0 (05/12/2010):
* Account signals (see account-signals.dox); useful for D-Bus
* account-signed-on
* account-signed-off
* account-connection-error
* purple_account_get_name_for_display
* purple_account_get_privacy_type
* purple_account_get_public_alias
* purple_account_set_privacy_type
* purple_account_set_public_alias
* buddy-caps-changed blist signal
* Added media_caps to the PurpleBuddy struct
* purple_buddy_get_media_caps
* purple_buddy_set_media_caps
* purple_certificates_import for importing multiple
certificates from a single file (and corresponding
import_certificates member of PurpleCertificateScheme struct)
* autojoin connection signal
* purple_contact_get_group
* sent-attention conversation signal
* got-attention conversation signal
* ui-caps-changed media manager signal
* purple_media_candidate_copy
* purple_media_codec_copy
* purple_media_manager_get_backend_type
* purple_media_manager_set_backend_type
* PurpleMood struct in status.h
* purple_network_get_all_local_system_ips, which returns all
local IPs on the system. On systems with the getifaddrs()
function, this will return both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
(excluding link-local and loopback addresses). On others,
it returns just IPv4 addresses.
* purple_network_listen_family and
purple_network_listen_range_family. These will replace the
versions without _family in 3.0.0 and allow the caller to
specifically request either an IPv4 or IPv6 socket. IPv6 is
only supported if the getaddrinfo() function is available
at build-time (not the case on Windows, currently).
* purple_prpl_got_media_caps
* purple_request_action_with_icon
* purple_request_action_with_icon_varg
* purple_socket_get_family
* purple_socket_speaks_ipv4
* purple_unescape_text
* purple_uuid_random
* purple_xfer_get_thumbnail
* purple_xfer_get_thumbnail_mimetype
* purple_xfer_set_thumbnail
* purple_xfer_prepare_thumbnail
* pidgin_dialogs_buildinfo (should not be used by anything but Pidgin)
* pidgin_dialogs_developers (should not be used by anything but Pidgin)
* pidgin_dialogs_translators (should not be used by anything but Pidgin)
* gtk_imhtmltoolbar_switch_active_conversation
* 'paste' signal for GtkIMHtml (more in gtkimhtml-signals.dox)
* 'drawing-buddy' signal for gtkblist (more in gtkblist-signals.dox)
version 2.6.6 (02/18/2010):
* purple_xfer_cancel_local is now called instead of
purple_xfer_request_denied if an error is found when selecting
a file to send. Request denied is still used when a receive
request is not allowed.
* xmlnode_from_str now properly handles parsing an attribute which
contain "<br>", which were previously transformed into a
newline character (libxml2 unescapes all entities except
representations of '&', and libpurple's purple_unescape_html
converts "<br>" to a newline).
* Corrected the package names for the PurpleProxyType and
PurpleLogReadFlags enums to have the correct number of colons
(from Purple::ProxyType::::<type> to Purple::ProxyType::<type>
and Purple::Log:ReadFlags::::<type> to
Purple::Log::ReadFlags::<type>) (Chris Foote)
version 2.6.5 (01/08/2010):
No changes
version 2.6.4 (11/29/2009):
No changes
version 2.6.3 (10/16/2009):
No changes
version 2.6.2 (09/05/2009):
* Purple::XMLNode::get_next(), which returns the next neighbor tag of
the current node.
* Purple::XMLNode::get_child() will return the first child node if
passed "" or undef as the name of the node.
version 2.6.1 (08/18/2009):
No changes
version 2.6.0 (08/18/2009):
* PurpleMedia and PurpleMediaManager API
* Account signals (see account-signals.dox)
* account-actions-changed
* account-created
* account-destroying
* blist-node-added and blist-node-removed signals (see
* Three Blist UI ops used to overload libpurple's built-in saving
of the buddy list to blist.xml. If a UI implements these, it probably
wants to add the buddies itself and not call purple_blist_load.
* Three File Transfer UI ops used to overload libpurple's use of fread
and fwrite for saving a file locally. These allow a UI to stream a
file through a socket without buffering the file on the local disk.
* Jabber plugin signals (see jabber-signals.dox)
* purple_account_remove_setting
* purple_buddy_destroy
* purple_buddy_get_protocol_data
* purple_buddy_set_protocol_data
* purple_buddy_get_local_buddy_alias
* purple_blist_get_buddies
* purple_blist_get_ui_data
* purple_blist_set_ui_data
* purple_blist_node_get_ui_data
* purple_blist_node_set_ui_data
* purple_certificate_check_signature_chain_with_failing
* purple_chat_destroy
* purple_connection_get_protocol_data
* purple_connection_set_protocol_data
* purple_contact_destroy
* purple_conv_chat_invite_user
* purple_debug_is_unsafe
* purple_debug_is_verbose
* purple_debug_set_unsafe
* purple_debug_set_verbose
* purple_global_proxy_set_info
* purple_group_destroy
* purple_ipv4_address_is_valid
* purple_ipv6_address_is_valid
* purple_log_get_activity_score
* purple_markup_is_rtl
* purple_markup_escape_text
* purple_network_convert_idn_to_ascii
* purple_network_force_online
* purple_network_set_stun_server
* purple_network_set_turn_server
* purple_network_get_stun_ip
* purple_network_get_turn_ip
* purple_network_remove_port_mapping
* purple_plugins_get_search_paths
* purple_proxy_connect_udp
* purple_prpl_get_media_caps
* purple_prpl_got_account_actions
* purple_prpl_initiate_media
* purple_request_field_get_group
* purple_request_field_get_ui_data
* purple_request_field_set_ui_data
* purple_ssl_connect_with_ssl_cn
* purple_strequal
* purple_utf8_strip_unprintables
* purple_util_fetch_url_request_len_with_account
* purple_xfer_prpl_ready
* purple_xfer_ui_ready
* xmlnode_from_file
* xmlnode_get_parent
* xmlnode_set_attrib_full
* PURPLE_STATUS_MOOD as a new PurpleStatusPrimitive
* xmlnode_remove_attrib now removes all attributes with the
same name. Previously, it would remove the first one found,
which was completely non-deterministic. If you want to remove
the attribute with no namespace, then use NULL with
* Plugins may now emit the jabber-sending-xmlnode signal in order
to send stanzas; this method is preferred to the prpl send_raw
function as other plugins listening to the signal see them.
* The conversation-updated signal with a PURPLE_CONV_UPDATE_TYPING
update type is emitted when receiving an IM. Previously, the
typing state was modified (and the buddy-typing-stopped signal
emitted), but this signal was not emitted.
* Added a client_type field in the get_ui_info core UI op. See
core.h for details.
* Added introspection of signals exposed via the D-Bus API.
* purple_find_buddies is now more efficient in the case where
it is enumerating all the buddies for an account.
* purple_find_group is now more efficient for large numbers of groups.
* purple_find_conversation_with_account is more efficient for large
numbers of concurrent conversations.
* All DNS routines support internationalized domain names (IDNs) when
libpurple is compiled with GNU libidn.
* status is set before emitting signals in purple_xfer_set_status.
* Creating multiple distinct chats with the same name (i.e. "MSN Chat")
is deprecated and will be removed in libpurple 3.0.0.
* purple_xfer_start now accepts -1 as the fd parameter if the protocol
plugin will administer the transfer itself. 0 is still accepted for
backward compatibility since older versions of libpurple will not
accept -1.
* buddy-added and buddy-removed blist signals
* purple_blist_destroy
* purple_blist_new
* purple_buddy_get_local_alias
* purple_certificate_check_signature_chain
* purple_ip_address_is_valid
* purple_notify_user_info_remove_entry
* purple_set_blist
* purple_status_type_set_primary_attr
* purple_status_type_add_attr
* purple_status_type_add_attrs
* purple_status_type_add_attrs_vargs
* purple_status_type_get_primary_attr
* purple_status_set_attr_boolean
* purple_status_set_attr_int
* purple_status_set_attr_string
* purple_presence_add_status
* purple_presence_add_list
* purple_util_fetch_url_request_len
* xmlnode_set_attrib_with_namespace
* xmlnode_set_attrib_with_prefix
* gtk_imhtml_class_register_protocol
* gtk_imhtml_link_get_url, gtk_imhtml_link_get_text_tag,
gtk_imhtml_link_activate functions to process GtkIMHtmlLink
objects from GtkIMHtml protocol callbacks.
* gtk_imhtml_set_return_inserts_newline
* gtk_imhtml_set_populate_primary_clipboard
* pidgin_blist_set_theme
* pidgin_blist_get_theme
* pidgin_prefs_labeled_password
* pidgin_smiley_editor_set_data
* pidgin_sound_is_customized
* pidgin_utils_init, pidgin_utils_uninit
* pidgin_notify_pounce_add
* PidginBlistTheme, PidginBlistThemeLoader API
* PidginIconTheme, PidginStatusIconTheme, PidginIconThemeLoader
* pidgin_stock_id_from_status_primitive
* pidgin_stock_id_from_presence
* GntProgressBar and functions (Saleem Abdulrasool)
* Purple::XMLNode::get_name()
* Made a bunch of functions act more perl-like. Call the new()
functions as Class->new(...) instead of Class::new(...):
* Purple::Request::Fields::new
* Purple::Request::Field::new
* Purple::Request::Field::account_new
* Purple::Request::Field::bool_new
* Purple::Request::Field::choice_new
* Purple::Request::Field::int_new
* Purple::Request::Field::label_new
* Purple::Request::Field::list_new
* Purple::Request::Field::string_new
* Purple::Request::Field::group_new
* Make the XMLNode API more perl-like. Don't pass len
parameters and call them like:
* $xmlnode->copy()
* $xmlnode->to_str()
* $xmlnode->to_formatted_str()
* Purple::XMLNode::from_str(...)
version 2.5.9 (08/18/2009):
No changes
version 2.5.8 (06/27/2009):
No changes
version 2.5.7 (06/20/2009):
No changes
version 2.5.6 (05/19/2009):
No changes
version 2.5.5 (03/01/2009):
* purple_status_type_new now defaults "saveable" to TRUE.
This was necessary in order to maintain the current behavior
while fixing non-saveable statuses not to be saved.
* xmlnode_get_prefix, xmlnode_to_str and xmlnode_to_formatted_str
now all take a const xmlnode* instead of an xmlnode*
version 2.5.4 (01/12/2009):
* Purple::PluginPref->get_bounds no longer takes two integer
arguments it now returns two integers.
* Removed a handful of string-related utility functions that
can generally be better handled with perl's built-in string
functions rather than using pidgin's:
* Purple::Util::strcasereplace
* Purple::Util::strcasestr
* Purple::Util::strreplace
* Purple::Util::str_strip_char
* Purple::Util::chrreplace
version 2.5.3 (12/20/2008):
* purple_util_fetch_url and purple_util_fetch_url_request can
now fetch https URLs
version 2.5.0 (08/18/2008):
that the connection supports sending and receiving custom smileys.
* PurpleSmiley and the Smiley API.
* purple_serv_got_join_chat_failed
* chat-join-failed signal (see conversation-signals.dox)
* chat-invite-blocked and blocked-im-msg signals (see
converation-signals.dox) (Thanks to Stefan Ott)
* purple_blist_update_node_icon
* purple_buddy_icons_node_has_custom_icon
* purple_buddy_icons_node_find_custom_icon
* purple_buddy_icons_node_set_custom_icon
* purple_buddy_icons_node_set_custom_icon_from_file
* purple_notify_user_info_prepend_section_break
* purple_notify_user_info_prepend_section_header
* "website" and "dev_website" items to the ui_info hash table
* purple_cmds_get_handle, purple_cmds_init, purple_cmds_uninit
* cmd-added and cmd-removed signals
* purple_get_host_name
* purple_util_fetch_url_len (temporary function overload to add max_len param)
* purple_util_fetch_url_request_len
* purple_prpl_send_attention
* purple_prpl_got_attention
* purple_prpl_got_attention_in_chat
* purple_blist_update_buddy_icon
* purple_buddy_icons_has_custom_icon
* purple_buddy_icons_find_custom_icon
* purple_buddy_icons_set_custom_icon
* pidgin_set_custom_buddy_icon
* purple_util_fetch_url_len
* purple_util_fetch_url_request_len
* serv_send_attention
* serv_got_attention
* xmlnode_copy now copies the prefix and namespace map for nodes.
* gtk_imhtml_smiley_create, gtk_imhtml_smiley_reload and
gtk_imhtml_smiley_destroy to deal with GtkIMHtmlSmiley's.
* pidgin_pixbuf_from_imgstore to create a GdkPixbuf from a
* pidgin_themes_smiley_themeize_custom to associate custom smileys to
a GtkIMHtml widget.
* GTK+ Custom Smiley API.
version 2.4.2 (05/17/2008):
* Purple::Prefs::get_children_names.
* Purple::timeout_remove.
* Purple::timeout_add now returns a handle which can be used
to remove the timeout.
* Callbacks to Purple::Util::fetch_url and the
Purple::Request::* functions can now be specified as both
strings (the name of the callback function) and as coderefs.
* Added gnt_bindable_check_key to check if a keystroke is bound.
version 2.4.0 (02/29/2008):
* purple_certificate_add_ca_search_path. (Florian Qu├Ęze)
* purple_gai_strerror.
* purple_major_version, purple_minor_version,
purple_micro_version variables are exported by version.h,
giving the version of libpurple in use at runtime.
* purple_util_set_current_song, purple_util_format_song_info
* purple_ip_address_is_valid
* Some accessor functions to the Roomlist API:
* purple_roomlist_get_fields
* purple_roomlist_room_get_type
* purple_roomlist_room_get_name
* purple_roomlist_room_get_parent
* purple_roomlist_room_get_fields
* purple_roomlist_field_get_type
* purple_roomlist_field_get_label
* purple_roomlist_field_get_hidden
* unlocalized_name field in PurpleAttentionType for UIs that need it.
* Some accessor and mutator functions for PurpleAttentionType:
* purple_attention_type_set_name
* purple_attention_type_set_incoming_desc
* purple_attention_type_set_outgoing_desc
* purple_attention_type_set_icon_name
* purple_attention_type_set_unlocalized_name
* purple_attention_type_get_name
* purple_attention_type_get_incoming_desc
* purple_attention_type_get_outgoing_desc
* purple_attention_type_get_icon_name
* purple_attention_type_get_unlocalized_name
* Add some PurpleBuddyListNode accessor functions:
* purple_blist_node_get_parent
* purple_blist_node_get_first_child
* purple_blist_node_get_sibling_next
* purple_blist_node_get_sibling_prev
* Added last_received to PurpleConnection, the time_t of the
last received packet.
* Added some more accessor functions:
* purple_chat_get_account
* purple_chat_get_components
* purple_connection_get_prpl
* purple_xfer_get_start_time
* purple_xfer_get_end_time
* purple_serv_got_private_alias for prpls to call after receiving a
private alias from the server.
* pidgin_create_dialog to create a window that closes on escape. Also
added utility functions pidgin_dialog_get_vbox_with_properties,
pidgin_dialog_get_vbox, pidgin_dialog_get_action_area to access the
contents in the created dialog. (Peter 'fmoo' Ruibal)
* pidgin_dialog_add_button to add buttons to a dialog created by
* GTK_IMHTML_NO_SMILEY for GtkIMHtmlOptions means not to look for
smileys in the text. (Florian 'goutnet' Delizy)
* pidgin_auto_parent_window to make a window transient for a suitable
parent window.
* pidgin_tooltip_setup_for_treeview, pidgin_tooltip_destroy,
pidgin_tooltip_show and pidgin_tooltip_setup_for_widget to simplify
the process of drawing tooltips.
* pidgin_add_widget_to_vbox to simplify adding a labeled widget to a
* finch_roomlist_get_ui_ops and finch_roomlist_show_all
* finch_request_field_get_widget to get the widget for a request
* finch_blist_get_tree to get the GntTree widget representing the
buddy list.
* FinchBlistManager structure to manage the buddylist view, and some
util functions finch_blist_install_manager,
finch_blist_uninstall_manager, finch_blist_manager_find and
* Added finch_log_show, finch_log_show_contact, finch_syslog_show,
finch_log_init, finch_log_get_handle, finch_log_uninit
* Added gnt_tree_set_row_color to set the color for a row in a tree.
* Added gnt_style_get_string_list
* Added gnt_color_add_pair to define a new color.
* Added gnt_colors_get_color to get an ncurses color value from a
* Added gnt_style_get_color to get a color pair from an entry in
* Added gnt_tree_get_parent_key to get the key for the parent row.
version 2.3.0 (11/24/2007):
* a PurpleConversation field and an alias field in PurpleConvMessage
* account-authorization signals (see account-signals.dox for
details) (Stefan Ott)
* libpurple/purple.h, which includes #define's and #include's
required to compile stand-alone plugins
* PURPLE_STATUS_TUNE as a new PurpleStatusPrimitive
* purple_plugin_disable(), which is intended to be called when
a purple_plugin_unload()--which was called when a user tried
to unload a plugin--fails. This then prevents the plugin
from being saved in the saved plugins list, so it'll won't
be loaded at the next startup.
* PurpleDisconnectReason enumeration of machine-readable
types of connection error.
* purple_connection_error_reason(), to be used by prpls
(instead of purple_connection_error() and setting
gc->wants_to_die) to report errors along with a
* PurpleConnectionUiOps.report_disconnect_reason, to be
implemented by UIs (rather than .report_disconnect) if
they want to use the reported PurpleDisconnectReason
to give a more specific error.
* A connection-error signal, fired just after the UiOp is
called with the same information.
* purple_connection_reason_is_fatal(), acting as a hint
to whether automatic reconnection should be attempted
after a connection error (rather than checking
* PurpleConnectionErrorInfo, a struct to hold a
PurpleConnectionError and a const char *description.
* purple_account_get_current_error() to get the most recent
PurpleConnectionError and description (or NULL if the
account is happy with life), to allow bits of the UI to know
the last error without caching it themselves (as
PidginBuddyList does).
* purple_account_clear_current_error() to reset an account's
error state to NULL.
* An account-error-changed signal, firing when
purple_account_get_current_error()'s return value changes.
* PidginMiniDialog, a Gtk widget-ified version of
* purple_util_init()
* purple_util_uninit()
* purple_network_listen_map_external() to temporarily disable
mapping ports externally via NAT-PMP or UPnP.
* purple_plugin_unload() now honors the return value of a
plugin's unload function and can actually return FALSE now.
* purple_plugin_unload() no longer does its own notifications
when a dependent plugin fails to unload. The UI should do
something appropriate.
* pidgin_make_mini_dialog() now declares its return type to be
GtkWidget * rather than void *. This should not break any
existing code since any code using it must already rely on
the return type actually being GtkWidget * all along.
* pidgin_dialogs_about()
* pidgin_log_show_contact()
* pidgin_log_show()
* pidgin_plugin_dialog_show()
* pidgin_pounce_editor_show()
* pidgin_pounces_manager_show()
* pidgin_syslog_show()
* purple_connection_error()
* pidgin_blist_update_account_error_state()
* PidginBuddyList.connection_errors
* purple_network_listen_map_external()
* A new independant status type with PURPLE_STATUS_TUNE primitive, and
* A new independant status type with PURPLE_STATUS_TUNE primitive, and
YEAR, URL} attributes.
* Added gnt_color_pair, which will try to intelligenty set text
attributes in place of colors if the terminal doesn't have color
support. (Bug: #3560) All future code should use gnt_color_pair
instead of COLOR_PAIR.
* Added gnt_menuitem_set_id and gnt_menuitem_get_id to set and get the
string id of a menuitem respectively.
* Added gnt_window_get_accel_item, which returns a the id of a menuitem
bound to a keystroke.
* Added gnt_menu_get_item to get a menuitem of the given id from a
* Added gnt_menuitem_activate, which triggers the 'activate' signal on
the menuitem and calls the callback function, if available.
* Added GntEntryKillRing in GntEntry.
* Added gnt_window_set_maximize and gnt_window_get_maximize, and
GntWindowFlags enum.
version 2.2.2 (10/23/2007):
* The size parameter of purple_util_write_data_to_file_absolute
has been changed to gssize instead of a size_t to correctly
indicate that -1 can be used for a nul-delimited string.
* The documentation for purple_savedstatuses_get_popular used to
incorrectly claim that the active status is excluded from the
returned list. The documentation has been corrected. Also, the
function now returns a correct list when called with a value of 0.
version 2.2.0 (09/13/2007):
* PURPLE_MESSAGE_INVISIBLE flag, which can be used by
purple_conv_im_send_with_flags to send a message, but not display it
in the conversation
* serv_send_attention(), serv_got_attention(), as well as send_attention
and attention_types in PurplePluginProtocolInfo. This new API is used
for zapping in MySpaceIM, buzzing in Yahoo, and nudging in MSN.
* PurpleConvMessage structure to represent a message in a
conversation. purple_conversation_message_get_sender,
purple_conversation_message_get_flags and
purple_conversation_message_get_timestamp to get information about a
* purple_conversation_get_message_history() to retrieve a list of
PurpleConvMessage's in a conversation, and
purple_conversation_clear_message_history to clear the history.
* purple_certificate_* functions in libpurple/certificate.h - "A public-key certificate API"
* purple_ssl_get_peer_certificates() and associated field in PurpleSslOps to retrieve a server's presented SSL certificate chain.
* PurpleSslConnection::verifier to provide a "how to verify the peer's certificates" callback to the SSL handlers. See certificate.h for more on this.
* purple_ssl_connect_with_host_fd() to create an SSL connection from a file descriptor and provide a hostname with it to authenticate the peer against.
* purple_prefs_load is now called within purple_prefs_init.
The UI no longer needs to call it.
* writing-im-msg now receives the conversation name as the who
argument if the caller of purple_conversation_write didn't
provide a value for who.
* pidgin_set_accessible_relations, sets up label-for and labelled-by
ATK relations (broken out from pidgin_set_accessible_label)
* pidgin_conv_attach_to_conversation, to reattach the Pidgin UI to a
* conversation-hiding and conversation-displayed signals.
* pidgin_text_combo_box_entry_new, pidgin_text_combo_box_entry_get_text
and pidgin_text_combo_box_entry_set_text
* pidgin_conversations_fill_menu now also adds a separator and a 'Show
All' item if there are more than one conversations in the list.
* finch_sound_is_enabled
* The reserved field in the FinchConv is now used to store information
about the conversation (using FinchConversationFlag)
* finch_account_dialog_show
* gnt_slider_set_small_step, gnt_slider_set_large_step to allow more
fine tuned updates of a GntSlider
* gnt_util_parse_xhtml_to_textview to parse XHTML strings in a
GntTextView (this works only if libxml2 is available)
version 2.1.1 (08/20/2007):
* PurpleAccountUiOps.request_authorize's authorize_cb and
deny_cb parameters now correctly have type
PurpleAccountRequestAuthorizationCb rather than GCallback.
(You'll want to change your UI's implementation's signature
to avoid warnings, and then remove some now-redundant casts
back to the proper type.)
version 2.1.0 (7/28/2007):
* purple-remote: added getstatus command
* conversation-extended-menu signal (See Doxygen docs)
* OPT_PROTO_SLASH_COMMANDS_NATIVE protocol option to indicate that
slash commands are "native" to the protocol
* PURPLE_MESSAGE_NO_LINKIFY message flag to indicate that the message
should not be auto-linkified
* PurpleEventLoopUiOps.timeout_add_seconds
UIs can now use better scheduling for whole-second timers. For
example, clients based on the glib event loop can now use
* purple_blist_node_get_type
* purple_conversation_do_command
* purple_conversation_get_extended_menu
* purple_core_ensure_single_instance
This is for UIs to use to ensure only one copy is running.
* purple_dbus_is_owner
* purple_timeout_add_seconds
Callers should prefer this to purple_timeout_add for timers
longer than 1 second away. Be aware of the rounding, though.
* purple_xfer_get_remote_user
* purple_pounces_get_all_for_ui
* purple_prefs_get_children_names
* added displaying-email-notification and
displaying-emails-notification signals
* The documentation of the following functions now properly
declares that the returned value must not be modified or
freed, which was always the case:
* purple_accounts_get_all
* purple_connections_get_all
* purple_connections_get_connecting
* purple_conv_chat_get_ignored
* purple_conv_chat_get_users
* purple_get_chats
* purple_get_conversations
* purple_get_ims
* purple_notify_user_info_get_entries
* The following functions now return a GList* instead of a
const GList*, as const is not very useful with GLists. The
returned value still must not be modified or freed:
* purple_account_get_status_types
* purple_mime_document_get_fields
* purple_mime_document_get_parts
* purple_mime_part_get_fields
* purple_request_fields_get_required
* purple_request_field_list_get_selected
* purple_request_field_list_get_items
* purple_status_type_get_attrs
* purple_presence_get_statuses
* purple_request_field_list_set_selected now takes a GList*
instead of a const GList* for items, as const is not very
useful with GLists. The passed list is still not modified
or freed.
* purple_presence_add_list now takes a GList* instead of a
const GList* for source_list, as const is not very useful with
GLists. The passed list is still not modified or freed.
* gtk_imhtml_setup_entry
* pidgin_create_window
* pidgin_retrieve_user_info and pidgin_retrieve_user_info_in_chat,
shows immediate feedback when getting information about a user.
* gtk_imhtml_animation_new
Can be used for inserting an animated image into an IMHTML.
* pidgin_menu_position_func_helper
* pidgin_blist_get_name_markup, returns the buddy list markup
text for a given buddy.
* pidgin_blist_draw_tooltip and pidgin_blist_tooltip_destroy
for creating blist tooltips from outside of buddy list code
* pidgin_themes_remove_smiley_theme
* pidgin_append_menu_action returns the menuitem added to the menu.
* pidgin_separator returns the separator added to the menu.
* PidginConversation has struct members to handle the new info
* infopane
* infopane_hbox
* infopane_model
* infopane_iter
* finch_retrieve_user_info
* GntWS for workspaces
* gnt_tree_set_column_title
* GntSlider widget
* "completion" signal for GntEntry
* "terminal-refresh" signal for GntWM, with a corresponding entry
in GntWMClass
* New flags for GntTextView to decide whether to word-wrap or show
scrollbars (GntTextViewFlag) which can be set by
* gnt_style_get_from_name
* gnt_window_present
* gnt_tree_set_column_width_ratio
* gnt_tree_set_column_resizable
* gnt_tree_set_column_is_right_aligned
* gnt_tree_set_search_function, gnt_tree_set_search_column,
* 'file-selected' signal is emited for GntFileSel
* gnt_style_parse_bool
* gnt_util_set_trigger_widget
* gnt_tree_get_rows() now returns a GList* instead of a const
GList*, as const is not very useful with GLists. The
returned value still must not be modified or freed.
* Instead of keeping an 'invisible' item, the GntTreeColumns now
maintain 'flags' with the appropriate flags set
version 2.0.2 (6/14/2007):
* pidgin_dialogs_alias_contact: This will be removed in 3.0.0
unless there is sufficient demand to keep it.
version 2.0.0 (5/3/2007):
Please note all functions, defines, and data structures have been
re-namespaced to match the new names of Pidgin, Finch, and libpurple.
All gaim_gtk_* functions are now pidgin_*, former libgaim functions are
now purple_*. Please consult our doxygen documentation for a complete
The gaim-compat.h header exists to provide an API compatibility layer
for libpurple functions. As an API compatibility layer, it must be
included at compile time to be of use.
* All the status stuff. Yay!
* gaim_prefs_connect_callback(), added handle parameter
* gtk_imhtml_toolbar now descends from GtkHBox making it easier to add your
own widgets to it
* gaim_find_conversation_with_account, added a "type" parameter
* gaim_gtk_prefs_labeled_spin_button, the "key" parameter is now a
const char* instead of just a char*
* gaim_gtk_prefs_labeled_entry, the "key" parameter is now a const char*
instead of just a char*
* the add_buddy perl sub. The sub now takes the account as the first
argument, and buddy and group as the second and third. It also adds
the buddy to the server-side buddy list of the given account.
* gaim_connection_new, gaim_account_connect and gaim_account_register no
longer return a GaimConnection
* keep_alive in GaimConnection is renamed to keepalive
* gaim_mkstemp, added a second argument, a boolean, of whether or not the
file is binary
* gaim_log_logger_new, rewritten
* gaim_conv_window_remove_conversation()'s last argument to be a
* A new blocked icon: pixmaps/status/default/blocked.png
* In pixmaps/status/default: extendedaway.png renamed to extended_away.png
* In pixmaps/status/default: na.png renamed to unavailable.png
* gtk_imhtml_toggle_bold(): No longer returns a value
* gtk_imhtml_toggle_italic(): No longer returns a value
* gtk_imhtml_toggle_underline(): No longer returns a value
* gtk_imhtml_toggle_strike(): No longer returns a value
* gtk_imhtml_scroll_to_end(): Added the smooth paramter
* gaim_log_new(), added conv parameter
* gaim_buddy_icon_new(), leaves a reference which the caller owns. Use
gaim_buddy_icon_unref() immediately if you don't want a reference (the
old behavior).
* GaimConversationUiOps.write_conv, Replaced const char *who with
const char *name, const char *alias
* gaim_conv_chat_add_users(), added extra_msgs and new_arrivals (pass NULL
and FALSE respectively, to get the same behavior as before)
* chat_add_users in GaimConversationUiOps, added cbuddies and
new_arrivals and removed buddies.
* chat_rename_user in GaimConversationUiOps, added new_alias
* gaim_conv_chat_cb_new(), added alias. (pass NULL to get the same
behavior as before).
* GaimConversation.log became GList * GaimConversation.logs, so that a
conversation can have multiple logs at once
* gaim_conv_chat_add_user, added extra_msgs
* gaim_notify_userinfo, removed primary and secondary parameters
* GaimNotifyUiOps.notify_userinfo: removed title, primary, and
secondary parameters
* Idle timers are now added and removed in gtkidle.c in response
to the signed-on and signed-off signals
* GaimXfer->, GaimXfer->ops.write, gaim_xfer_set_read_fnc(),
gaim_xfer_set_write_fnc(), gaim_xfer_read(), gaim_xfer_write():
Changed ssize_t to gssize
* serv_got_im, serv_got_chat_in, serv_send_im and serv_chat_send all use
GaimMessageFlags instead of GaimConvImFlags / GaimConvChatFlags
* All core<->prpl message passing now uses html. This was previously true
for receiving messages, it's now also true for sending them. prpls that
don't support html need to gaim_unescape_html() the message.
* Notify API: GCallback -> GaimNotifyCloseCallback,
void *user_data -> gpointer user_data
* gaim_notify_searchresults_get_rows_count,
gaim_notify_searchresults_get_columns_count: return type now guint
* gaim_account_notify_added: No longer checks if there is a
GaimBuddy for the added user, that's left up to the prpls. See the
documentation for this function and gaim_account_request_add.
* gaim_accounts_reorder: new_index is now a gint instead of a size_t
* displaying-message signals: displaying-[im|chat]-msg and
displayed-[im|chat]-msg signals are emitted for all messages
(ie, for received messages, sent messages, system messages, error
messages etc.), and the signals now have
gaim_gtk_conversations_get_handle() for their handle.
* conversation-switched: This signal has been moved from conversation to
the UI and the signal-handlers only receive the
conversation that has been switched to.
* GaimPluginProtocolInfo: Added offline_message
* GaimPluginProtocolInfo: Added whiteboard_prpl_ops
* GaimPluginProtocolInfo: Added media_prpl_ops
* GaimPluginProtocolInfo: Added "user_info" argument to tooltip_text,
changed the return type to void
* GaimPluginProtocolInfo: Added "full" argument to tooltip_text
* gaim_pounce_new(): Added option argument for pounce options
* gaim_network_listen() and gaim_network_listen_range(): Added
socket_type parameter to allow creation of UDP listening. Modified
to be asynchronous with a callback to allow for UPnP operation.
Returns a data structure that can be used to cancel the listen
attempt using gaim_network_listen_cancel()
* GaimPrefCallback: val is now a gconstpointer instead of a gpointer
* gtk_imhtml_get_current_format(): the arguments are now set to TRUE or
FALSE. Previously they were set to TRUE or left alone. Also, you
may now pass NULL if you're not interested in a specific formatting.
* Smiley Themes: Backslashes must be backslash-escaped.
* Plugins: Depedencies are now honored when unloading plugins.
* gaim_markup_extract_info_field(): Added format_cb parameter.
* gaim_markup_extract_info_field(): Changed GString parameter to a GaimNotifyUserInfo paramter.
* gaim_str_to_time(): Added support for parsing the MM/DD/YYYY format.
* gaim_plugin_action_new(): label is now const char *
* gaim_plugin_pref_new_with_name(): name is now const char *
* gaim_plugin_pref_new_with_label(): label is now const char *
* gaim_plugin_pref_new_with_name_and_label(): name and label are
now const char *
* gaim_plugin_pref_set_name(): name is now const char *
* gaim_plugin_pref_get_name(): return type is now const char *
* gaim_plugin_pref_set_label(): label is now const char *
* gaim_plugin_pref_get_label(): return type is now const char *
* gaim_plugin_pref_add_choice(): label is now const char *
* struct proto_chat_entry: label is now const char *
* struct proto_chat_entry: identifier is now const char *
* All network activity has been updated to use non-blocking sockets.
This means that plugins must be updated to expect such a socket from
gaim_proxy_connect() and gaim_network_listen*().
* gaim_proxy_connect(): changed to return NULL on error and a pointer
to a GaimProxyConnectInfo object which can be used to cancel
connection attempts using gaim_proxy_connect_cancel(). Also added
a 'handle' parameter that can be used to cancel the connection
attempt using gaim_proxy_connect_cancel_with_handle().
* gaim_gethostbyname_async(): Renamed to gaim_dnsquery_a() and
changed to return a pointer to a data structure that can be
used to cancel the pending DNS query using gaim_dnsquery_destroy()
* gaim_url_fetch(): Renamed to gaim_util_fetch_url() and changed
to return a pointer to a data structure that can be used to cancel
the pending HTTP request using gaim_util_fetch_url_cancel().
Corresponding callback has changed to accept this data structure
as its first argument, and to accept an error message as an
additional final argument.
* gaim_gtk_create_imhtml(): Added sw_ret() parameter
* gaim_account_get_log(): Added create parameter
* gtk_imhtml_search_find(): Now wraps around to the top instead of
clearing the search at the end.
* gaim_gtkxfer_dialog_show: Can now take NULL to show (and possibly
create) a default gtkxfer dialog.
a change in the values stored in the column.
* gaim_find_buddies() returns a list of all buddies in the account if name
is NULL.
* gaim_gtk_set_custom_buddy_icon() sets custom icon for a user.
* Hid the definition of _GaimStringref, which already had a warning to
avoid accessing it directly.
* notify_userinfo() UI op is passed a GaimNotifyUserInfo instead of a char*
for the user information
* gaim_buddy_icon_get_scale_size() and was changed to ALWAYS scale
the icon instead of only when icon_spec->scale_rules contains
GAIM_ICON_SCALE_DISPLAY. Callers should be changed to check the
scale_rules before calling this function.
* gaim_gtk_buddy_icon_get_scale_size() was changed to accept an
additional parameter which is used to determine what kind of
scaling should be done, if any.
* purple_request_input(), purple_request_choice(),
purple_request_choice_varg(), purple_request_action(),
purple_request_action_varg(), purple_request_fields(),
purple_request_yes_no(), purple_request_ok_cancel(),
purple_request_accept_cancel(), purple_request_file(), and
purple_request_folder() was changed to accept account, who, and
conversation parameters for associating the request with an account, a
buddy, or a conversation.
* Significant changes to the buddy icon and imgstore APIs. If you
were using any of it, it's best to look at the header files or
Doxygen documentation, but here are some significant changes:
purple_buddy_icon_new() now takes ownership of ("frees") icon_data
purple_buddy_icon_set_data(): likewise for data
purple_buddy_icon_set_for_user(): likewise for data
purple_buddy_icon_set_for_user() now takes a checksum parameter
purple_imgstore_add() was renamed to purple_imgstore_add_with_id()
which takes ownership of data
* gaim_gtk_sound_{get,set}_mute() (replaced by the /gaim/gtk/sound/mute
* gaim_escape_html(const char *html) (use g_markup_escape_text(html, -1)
* gaim_accounts_sync, account changes are now scheduled to be saved
* gaim_connection_connect
* gaim_connection_disconnect
* gaim_connection_register
* gaim_accounts_auto_login
* gaim_find_conversation, use gaim_find_conversation_with_account instead
* gaim_chat_get_display_name
* gaim_conversation_set_history, gaim_conversation_get_history, and
GaimConversation->history. Use gtk_imhtml_get_markup instead.
* set_gaim_user_dir to gaim_util_set_user_dir
* create_prpl_icon to gaim_gtk_create_prpl_icon
* Window flashing support in the core: gaim_conv_window_flash, and flash UI
operation for conversations. Use signal "received-im-msg" or similar.
* All warning stuff from the core.
* gaim_gtkconv_get_dest_tab_at_xy(), instead use gaim_gtkconv_get_tab_at_xy()
* chat_add_user from GaimConversationUiOps: only chat_add_users is used
* chat_remove_user from GaimConversationUiOps: only chat_remove_users is used
* uc from the GaimBuddy struct
* gaim_sound_get_handle()
* gaim_debug_vargs()
* serv_add_buddy(); use gaim_account_add_buddy() instead
* serv_add_buddies(); use gaim_account_add_buddies() instead
* serv_change_passwd(); use gaim_account_change_password() instead
* serv_close()
* serv_finish_login()
* serv_login()
* serv_remove_buddy(); use gaim_account_remove_buddy() instead
* serv_remove_buddies(); use gaim_account_remove_buddies() instead
* serv_rename_group()
* serv_set_buddyicon(): use gaim_account_set_buddy_icon() instead
* serv_touch_idle(): use gaim_gtk_check_idle() instead
* GaimGtkImPane->a_virgin
* gaim_str_strip_cr(); use gaim_str_strip_char(str, '\r') instead
* gaim_find_buddys_group renamed to gaim_buddy_get_group
* gaim_gtkpounce_menu_build()
* gaim_gtkpounce_dialog_show()
* GaimGtkBuddyList->bpmenu
* GaimConvImFlags and GaimConvChatFlags; use GaimMessageFlags instead
* cb and user_data from the ops in GaimNotifyUiOps: This is now handled
by the notify API in the core.
* GaimConversationUiOps.updated: use the conversation-updated signal
* GAIM_SUBTYPE_CONV_WINDOW: windows are now only represented in the UI,
so GAIM_TYPE_BOXED is used for the signal types
* gaim_gtk_privacy_is_showable(): We do fallback privacy in the core
now, so this would always be TRUE now.
* GaimBlistNodeAction: See GaimMenuAction
* gaim_blist_node_action_new(); use gaim_menu_action_new() instead
* gaim_date()
* gaim_date_full(): See gaim_date_format_full()
* gaim_strftime(): See gaim_utf8_strftime()
* user_data from gaim_notify_searchresults_new_rows and from
notify_searchresults in GaimNotifyUiOps.
* gaim_conversation_get_send_history(), and send_history from
* Removed ui_ops from GaimBuddyList. Use gaim_blist_get_ui_ops() instead
* GaimGtkConversation: dialogs ( moved to GaimGtkWindow)
* gaim_show_xfer_dialog: Use gaim_gtk_xfer_dialog_show(NULL) instead.
* GaimGtkRoomlistDialog: Nothing used it outside of the file it was in.
* gaim_gtk_roomlist_dialog_new: use gaim_gtk_roomlist_show
* gaim_gtk_roomlist_dialog_new_with_account: use gaim_gtk_roomlist_show_with_account
* binreloc functions
* gaim_prefs_disconnect_by_handle()
* a password field to GaimConnection, which only persists for the
session (when "remember password" is false, account->password is
NEVER set) Use gaim_connection_get_password(GaimConnection *gc)
* gaim_log_common_writer, gaim_log_common_lister, gaim_log_common_sizer,
and gaim_log_get_log_dir to allow log formats that use standard Gaim
log directory to use Gaim's built-in code for these purposes.
* GaimLogCommonLoggerData struct for a basic logger_data struct to be
used with "common" logger functions.
* gaim_gtk_blist_node_is_contact_expanded, returns TRUE if the given
blist node is a buddy inside an expanded contact, or is itself an
expanded contact
* GaimLogSet struct, get_log_sets function to GaimLogLogger,
gaim_log_get_log_sets, gaim_log_set_compare
* gaim_privacy_check(), to check if a given user is allowed to send
messages to the specified account
* gtk_imhtml_clear_formatting()
* gtk_imhtml_delete to clear out part of a imhtml buffer
* gtk_imhtml_get_protocol_name()
* gaim_buddy_icons_get_full_path(), to get the full path of a buddy
icon setting
CHAT_USERS_BUDDY_COLUMN to the list of columns for the chat
user list
* gaim_account_add_buddy()
* gaim_account_add_buddies()
* gaim_account_remove_buddy()
* gaim_account_remove_buddies()
* gaim_account_change_password()
* gaim_account_supports_offline_message()
* gaim_conversation_close_logs(), to force a conversation's log(s) to
be closed. New logs will be opened as necessary.
* gaim_got_protocol_handler_uri()
* gaim_plugin_get_id()
* gaim_plugin_get_name()
* gaim_plugin_get_version()
* gaim_plugin_get_summary()
* gaim_plugin_get_description()
* gaim_plugin_get_author()
* gaim_plugin_get_homepage()
* gaim_gtkconv_switch_active_conversation(GaimConversation *)
* gaim_str_strip_char() to strip a given character from
a given string
* gaim_util_chrreplace() to replace a given character with a
different character
* gaim_gtk_blist_toggle_visibility() to intelligently toggle the
visiblity of the buddy list
* gaim_gtk_blist_visibility_manager_add() to indicate the addition of a
visibility manager - see the docs for more information
* gaim_gtk_blist_visibility_manager_remove() to indicate the removal of
a visibility manager - see the docs for more information
* gaim_gtk_conversations_find_unseen_list() to get a list of conversations
with an "unseen" state >= to the specified state and other criteria
* gaim_gtk_conversations_fill_menu() fill a menu from list of conversations
* gaim_gtk_create_prpl_icon()
* gaim_gtk_create_prpl_icon_with_status()
* gaim_gtk_pounces_manager_show()
* gaim_gtk_pounces_manager_hide()
* gaim_gtk_pounce_editor_show()
* GaimPounceOption
* gaim_pounce_set_options()
* gaim_pounce_set_options()
* gaim_account_request_add: Notifies the user that they were added to
someone's buddy list, and offers them the choice
of adding that person to their buddy list.
* gaim_blist_alias_contact()
* gaim_cipher_http_digest_calculate_session_key()
* gaim_cipher_http_digest_calculate_response()
* gaim_notify_searchresults_labeled()
* gaim_conversation_present()
* GaimConversationUiOps->present(GaimConversation *)
* GaimPlugin.unloadable
* gaim_plugin_is_unloadable()
* gaim_plugin_pref_get_format_type()
* gaim_plugin_pref_set_format_type()
* GaimStringFormatType
* gaim_log_get_handle()
* gaim_log_uninit()
* gaim_utf8_ncr_encode()
* gaim_gtk_log_init()
* gaim_gtk_log_get_handle()
* gaim_gtk_log_uninit()
* gaim_util_fetch_url_request()
* GaimMenuAction
* gaim_menu_action_new()
* gaim_menu_action_free()
* GaimInfoFieldFormatCallback
* gaim_utf8_strftime()
* gaim_date_format_short()
* gaim_date_format_long()
* gaim_date_format_full()
* gaim_time_format()
* gaim_plugin_action_free()
* GaimRequestType: Added GAIM_REQUEST_FOLDER
* GaimRequestUiOps: Added request_folder
* gaim_request_folder()
* gaim_gtk_setup_screenname_autocomplete()
* gaim_gtk_set_cursor()
* gaim_gtk_clear_cursor()
* gaim_proxy_get_setup()
* GaimNotifySearchResultsCallback: Added user_data.
* gaim_notify_searchresults: Added user_data.
* gaim_network_listen_cancel(): Can be used to cancel a previous
call to gaim_network_listen() or gaim_network_listen_range()
* gaim_proxy_connect_cancel(): Can be used to cancel a pending
gaim_proxy_connect() request
* gaim_proxy_connect_cancel_with_handle(): Can be used to cancel
a previous gaim_proxy_connect() request using a specified handle
* gaim_dnsquery_destroy(): Can be used to cancel a pending DNS
* gaim_util_fetch_url_cancel(): Can be used to cancel a pending
call to gaim_util_fetch_url() or gaim_util_fetch_url_request().
* GaimGtkWindow: (previously in GaimGtkConversation)
* gaim_buddy_get_server_alias()
* gaim_conv_send_confirm()
* GaimConversationUiOps.send_confirm
* gaim_gtk_roomlist_dialog_show_with_account
* gaim_gtk_tree_view_search_equal_func to be used with
* gaim_xfer_set_bytes_sent(). Sets the offset in the file to
read from or write to.
* gaim_privacy_deny and gaim_privacy_allow
* gaim_gtk_blist_set_headline
* gaim_gtk_set_urgent
* GtkGaimScrollBook and its functions.
* purple_markup_unescape_entity()
* purple_markup_get_css_property()
* purple_group_get_name()
Signals - Changed: (See the Doxygen docs for details on all signals.)
* Signal propagation now stops after a handler returns a non-NULL value.
This value is now returned. Previously, all registered handlers were
called and the value from the last handler was used.
* "buddy-typing" and "buddy-typing-stopped": replaced the GaimConversation*
with GaimAccount*, const char *name. Also, the signal is now emitted
regardless of whether a conversation exists and regardless of whether
the user is on the buddy list.
* "chat-buddy-joined": added the new_arrival argument
* "chat-invited" handlers can now return a value to control what happens
to the invite (accept, reject, prompt the user).
* "chat-left": Emitted *after* setting chat->left to TRUE.
* "drawing-tooltip": the second argument is now a GString* instead of
a char**
* "drawing-tooltip": added the "full" argument
* "received-im-msg" and "received-chat-msg" to match, both now pass a
conversation pointer and flags
* "receiving-im-msg" and "receving-chat-msg" to match, both now pass a
conversation pointer and a pointer to the flags.
* "writing-im-msg", "wrote-im-msg", "writing-chat-msg", "wrote-chat-msg":
Now emitted from a difference place in the message handling code.
The arguments also changed.
* "displaying-im-msg", "displayed-im-msg", "displaying-chat-msg",
"displayed-chat-msg": Added "who" argument, which changes the order
of the existing arguments.
Signals - Added: (See the Doxygen docs for details on all signals.)
* "account-disabled"
* "account-status-changed"
* "account-alias-changed"
* "cipher-added"
* "cipher-removed"
* "conversation-dragging"
* "dbus-method-called"
* "dbus-introspect"
* "file-recv-accept"
* "file-recv-start"
* "file-recv-cancel"
* "file-recv-complete"
* "file-recv-request"
* "file-send-accept"
* "file-send-start"
* "file-send-cancel"
* "file-send-complete"
* "buddy-added"
* "buddy-removed"
* "blist-node-aliased"
* "buddy-status-changed"
* "buddy-idle-changed": A buddy's idle status changed.
* "buddy-icon-changed"
* "buddy-got-login-time": The login time for a buddy is now known
* "displaying-userinfo"
* "gtkblist-hiding"
* "gtkblist-unhiding"
* "log-displaying"
* "network-configuration-changed"
* "savedstatus-changed"
* "sendto-extended-menu"
* "uri-handler"
Signals - Removed:
* "account-away": replaced by account-status-changed
* "account-warned"
* "buddy-away": replaced by buddy-status-changed
* "buddy-back": replaced by buddy-status-changed
* "buddy-idle": replaced by buddy-idle-changed
* "buddy-unidle": replaced by buddy-idle-changed
* "buddy-icon-cached": replaced by buddy-icon-changed
* "conversation-drag-end": replaced by conversation-dragging
* "conversation-switching"
version 1.5.0 (8/11/2005):
* Added: gaim_xfer_conversation_write
Writes a messages to a conversation window with the use
of the associated file transfer.
version 1.4.0 (7/7/2005):
* Added: gaim_buddy_icon_uncache()
Deletes a cached buddy icon for a specified buddy
* Added: gaim_buddy_icon_get_type
Attempts to determine the type of a given buddy icon.
* Added: buddy-icon-cached signal
Emitted when a new buddy icon is cached.
version 1.3.1 (6/9/2005):
* No changes
version 1.3.0 (5/10/2005):
* Added: gaim_blist_schedule_save()
This should be used instead of gaim_blist_sync when you
want the blist.xml file to be written to disk. There
should not be many occasions when you want to do this,
as the functions in the blist API that modify the buddy
list will normally call it for you.
Tells the conversation API to not normalize screen names
in conversations. This is used by the Jabber PRPL.
version 1.2.1 (4/3/2005):
* No changes
version 1.2.0 (3/17/2005):
* You can use gaim_signal_connect_priority() and
gaim_signal_connect_priority_vargs() to connect to
Gaim signals with a given priority (Will Gorman)
* Added: gaim_conversation_set_features
These allow plugins (notable prpls) to change the
formatting capabilities of an existing conversation.
This comes with a new "features" field in
GaimConversation (Christopher O'Brien)
* Added: GAIM_CONNECTION_NO_IMAGES to GaimConectionFlags
(Christopher O'Brien)
* Added: GAIM_CBFLAGS_TYPING to GaimConvChatBuddyFlags
(Christopher O'Brien)
* Added: gaim_account_request_add which takes the same arguments as
* gaim_account_notify_added but always asks the user if they want to add
* the buddy to the buddy list
* Added: An accompanying request_add GaimAccountUiOp
version 1.1.4 (2/24/2005):
* No changes
version 1.1.3 (2/17/2005):
* No changes
version 1.1.2 (1/20/2005):
* No changes
version 1.1.1 (12/28/2004):
* No changes
version 1.1.0 (12/02/2004):
* Added: gaim_utf8_salvage
* Added: binary relocation support in prefix.h
WARNING: If your plugin uses anything inside the
#ifdef ENABLE_BINRELOC from prefix.h, it won't be
loadable on a copy of Gaim compiled without binreloc
support. In particular, watch out for the autoconf-like
macros, and accidently including them through internal.h,
which you probably shouldn't be including anyway.
version 1.0.0 (09/17/2004):
* Added: get_chat_name to the GaimPluginProtocolInfo struct
* Changed: gaim_blist_update_buddy_presence(), presence changed to
type gboolean
* Changed: the versioning scheme, and all the plugin structs
version 0.82 (08/26/2004):
Gaim API:
* Removed: gaim_gtk_get_dispstyle(), gaim_gtk_change_text()
* Removed: multi.h
* Renamed: ui.h to gtkdialogs.h
* Renamed: gtkinternal.h to gtkgaim.h
* Renamed: show_info_dialog to gaim_gtkdialogs_info
* Renamed: show_log_dialog to gaim_gtkdialogs_log
* Renamed: show_warn_dialog to gaim_gtkdialogs_warn
* Renamed: show_im_dialog to gaim_gtkdialogs_im
* Renamed: gaim_gtkdialogs_new_im to gaim_gtkdialogs_im_with_user
* Renamed: destroy_all_dialogs to gaim_gtkdialogs_destroy_all
* Renamed: alias_dialog_bud to gaim_gtkdialogs_alias_buddy
* Renamed: alias_dialog_contact to gaim_gtkdialogs_alias_contact
* Renamed: alias_dialog_blist_chat to gaim_gtkdialogs_alias_chat
* Renamed: show_confirm_del to gaim_gtkdialogs_remove_buddy
* Renamed: show_confirm_del_group to gaim_gtkdialogs_remove_group
* Renamed: show_confirm_del_blist_chat to gaim_gtkdialogs_remove_chat
* Renamed: show_confirm_del_contact to gaim_gtkdialogs_remove_contact
* Renamed: show_about to gaim_gtkdialogs_about
* Added: gaim_notify_userinfo() and the associated notify_userinfo() UI op
which pass account and contact information associated with the
Buddy List API:
* Changed: gaim_blist_request_add_chat(), added name parameter
* Added: gaim_contact_on_account()
* Added: flags parameter to the GaimBlistNode struct
Conversation API:
* Added: gaim_gtkconv_button_new()
Protocol Plugin API: v7
* Added: chat_info_defaults to the GaimPluginProtocolInfo struct
* Added: conversation-updated for any update to the data associated
with the conversation (topic, icon, adding to buddy list, etc.)
Conversation API:
* Changed: gaim_conv_chat_add_user() (added new_arrival parameter)
version 0.81 (08/05/2004):
Commands API:
* Most functions now have a void *data argument.
Blist API:
* Added: gaim_buddy_get_contact_alias
* Renamed: gaim_get_buddy_alias to gaim_buddy_get_alias
* Renamed: gaim_get_buddy_alias_only to gaim_buddy_get_alias_only
Conversation API:
* Changed: gaim_conv_chat_add_user(), added flags parameter
* Changed: gaim_conv_chat_add_users(), added GList of flags parameter
* Changed: gaim_conv_chat_get_users(), now returns a GList of
* Changed: gaim_conv_chat_set_users() now expects a GList of
* Added: gaim_conv_chat_set_user_flags()
* Added: gaim_conv_chat_get_user_flags()
* Added: gaim_conv_chat_find_user()
* Added: gaim_conv_chat_cb_new()
* Added: gaim_conv_chat_cb_find()
* Added: gaim_conv_chat_cb_destroy()
* Added: gaim_conv_chat_cb_get_name()
Conversation UI ops:
* Added: chat_update_user()
* Changed: chat-buddy-joining & chat-buddy-joined now include the user's flags
* Changed: chat-buddy-joining & chat-buddy-leaving are now booleans, return
TRUE if you don't want the join/leave to be displayed in the UI.
* Added: chat-buddy-flags for when user's flags change
gaim_marshal_VOID__POINTER_POINTER_POINTER_UINT_UINT (required for the new
chat-buddy-flags signal)
* Added: account-modified for when account settings have been changed.
version 0.80 (07/15/2004):
Gaim API:
* Removed: PRPL numbers : gaim_account_set_protocol(),
gaim_account_get_protocol(), gaim_accounts_find_with_prpl_num,
gaim_prpl_num_to_id(), gaim_prpl_id_to_num(), GaimProtocol
Protocol Plugin API: v6
* Added: can_receive_file & send_file to the GaimPluginProtocolInfo struct
* Changed "chat-invited" to also include the components hash table so
plugins can use serv_join_chat when the signal is emitted.
* Added "chat-topic-changed" signal plugins know when a topic is changed.
version 0.79 (06/24/2004):
Gaim API:
* gaim_url_parse() now takes two additional parameters, which are used
for returning the username and password from the URL, if they exist.
* Added: has_focus UI op to GaimConversationUiOps and
* Added: gaim_conversation_has_focus() and gaim_conv_window_has_focus().
* Removed: gaim_blist_save()
Protocol Plugin API: v5
* Changed: add_buddy, add_buddies, remove_buddy, remove_buddies,
rename_group and remove_group to take GaimBuddy's and
GaimGroup's consistently.
* Removed: OPT_PROTO_BUDDY_ICON (replaced by icon_spec)
* Added: icon_spec to the GaimPluginProtocolInfo struct
version 0.78 (05/30/2004):
Plugin API: v4
* Added: actions - for plugins to add to the new Plugin Actions menu
Loader Plugin API: v2 (no changes)
Protocol Plugin API: v4
* Removed: set_dir, get_dir and dir_search (not used, AIM-centric)
* Removed: actions (replaced by generic plugin actions)
Perl Plugin API: v2 (no changes)
TCL Plugin API: (no changes)
* Added: "blist-node-extended-menu" for extending Buddy, Chat and
Group right-click menus
* Added: "drawing-tooltip" for plugins to allow plugins to change text
appearing in tooltips
* Added: "gtkblist-created"
* Added: "receiving-im-msg" and "receiving-chat-msg" (these behave
exactly like received-*-msg used to)
* Added: "buddy-idle-updated" signal, for when the idle time changes.
* Changed: "received-im-msg" and "received-chat-msg" no longer pass
pointers to who, message and flags, and are now void.
* Removed: "drawing-menu" - it was UI sepecific and
"blist-node-extended-menu" is superior
version 0.77 (04/22/2004):
Loader & Protocol Plugins independantly versioned
Plugin loading now checks versioning on plugins (Standard, Loader &
Plugin API: v3
* Added: prefs_info for UI independant plugin prefs
Loader Plugin API: v2
* Added: api_version at top of GaimPluginLoaderInfo struct
Protocol Plugin API: v2
* Added: api_version at top of GaimPluginProtocolInfo struct
* Added: chat_menu for protocol specific extensions to the chat menu
* Removed: get_away "Nada used it. Pink elephants on parade."
* Removed: protocol_prefs (replaced by generic plugin prefs_info)
Perl Plugin API: v2 (no changes)
TCL API: (no changes)
* Added: "conversation-drag-ended"
version 0.76 (04/01/2004):
Plugin API: v2
Perl Plugin API: v2
Loader Plugin API: (not versioned)
Protocol Plugin API: (not versioned)
* Added: protocol_prefs for protocol specific preferences
* Added: reject_chat so protocols can act on chat invite rejection
TCL Plugin API: (not versioned)
* Changes to plugin registration to show descriptions