First draft of a launch post

2020-01-13, Gary Kramlich
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First draft of a launch post
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- website
-Good news everyone! The site has launched!
+Greetings Programs!
+We're excited to announce the launch of our brand new website. This new site
+brings the [old]( website and the wiki from
+[]( into a single website.
+Development has been lead by Jason Allan who is the a new contributor to the
-<!-- TODO: actually write a post -->
+We haven't quite gotten everything transfered over yet, so if you're looking
+for something and the search isn't being helpful, all of the old content is
+still available at [old]( and
+We have a lot more going on in the near future so be sure to watch this
+section or subscribe to our [RSS](://rss.xml) feed with your RSS aggregator of