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Add a blog post announcing DigitalOceans 2022 sponsorship

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+title: "DigitalOcean Sponsorship Renewed"
+date: 2022-09-29T07:25:02-05:00
+ - blog
+ - sponsorship
+[DigitalOcean]( has graciously renewed their
+support of Pidgin for another year! Without their sponsorship we wouldn't be
+the independent project that we are today!
+We run just about every one of our services on their
+[Managed Kubernetes]( All of
+which are configured via
+and are available for your auditing or learning needs at
+As for our other services, well those are just running on a normal DigitalOcean
+[Droplet]( Those configurations
+are available as an [Ansible]( playbook as well at
+DigitalOcean has been a great partner with a great product! If you'd like to
+give them a try, feel free to use our
+[referral link](