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Pidgin is under constant development. Releases are usually frequent and driven
-by user contributions, such as [bug reports]( and
+by user contributions, such as
+[issues]( and
Pidgin is free and contains no ads. All our code is open source and licensed
under the GNU General Public License. This means you can get Pidgin's underlying
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* help translate this repo
* other suggestions?
* Convert wiki pages to markdown for inclusion in this repo.
- * Walk the links on [ThirdPartyPlugins](
+ * Walk the links on [ThirdPartyPlugins](
and mark broken ones as such. This is another really easy way to start!
* Participate in discussion on IRC, XMPP, and/or the Mailing Lists.
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If you're unable to contact the designated translator(s) or if Pidgin does not
yet have a translation for your language, email the [translators mailing
-list]( and ask if anyone
+list]( and ask if anyone
is already working on translating that language.
### When should I submit a translation update?
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The translations are shipped with each Pidgin release, so there is no great
advantage to submitting a translation multiple times during a release cycle. We
announce a string freeze on the [translators mailing
-list]( before each
+list]( before each
release. This is a promise to you that we will not add any new strings or change
any existing ones. During this time you should finish translating any new
strings and submit a new translation to us.
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designated translator for your language then you can request to create a new
language team for your language in Transifex (and please also send an email to
the [translators mailing
-list]( and let us know!).
+list]( and let us know!).
If you're opposed to using Transifex there are two other methods you could use
to send us translations. These cause slightly more overhead for us, so we try to
avoid them.
- 1. By [creating a new ticket]( and
+ 1. By [creating a new ticket]( and
attaching your translation file. Please provide your full name, a contact
email address, and the language and country code for your translation
1. Or you can ask a Pidgin developer to give you commit access directly to our
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### Helpful links
* [Transifex](
-* [Translation statistics](
-* [Our translators mailing list](
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+* [Translation statistics](
+* [Our translators mailing list](
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able to specify an alternative file transfer proxy in the "Advanced" settings
of your XMPP account.
* The file transfer proxy in use may be broken. (See
- [Ticket 5840](
+ [Ticket 5840](
### Does Pidgin support Service Discovery or Transports?
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If you are looking to **modify** Pidgin, you may want to look at our
[instructions for checking out the code from our
# Finch