Add all cve advisories from 2012

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Add all cve advisories from 2012

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+title: cve-2012-6152-00
+date: 2012-01-28T00:00:00.000Z
+cveNumber: cve-2012-6152
+summary: Yahoo! remote crash from incorrect character encoding
+discoveredBy: Thijs Alkemade and Robert Vehse
+fixedInRelease: 2.10.8
+type: security
+layout: cve
+hidden: true
+### Description
+Many places in the Yahoo! protocol plugin assumed incoming strings were UTF-8
+and failed to transcode from non-UTF-8 encodings. This can lead to a crash when
+receiving strings that aren't UTF-8.
+### Mitigation
+Depending on the context, either validate that a string is UTF-8 or transcode
+the string from the appropriate encoding to UTF-8.