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Add blog post for the 2.14.2 release of pidgin

Include full changelog for the release and a link to download it on sourceforge

Testing Done:
1. Build image with `docker build -t pidgin-nest -f Dockerfile .`
2. Run image with `docker run -p 3000:3000 -it --rm pidgin-nest:latest`
3. Verified site being served from container was rendering post correctly using a web browser

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+title: "2.14.2 Released!"
+date: 2021-04-01T00:00:00-00:00
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+**Notice for Windows users:** After releasing version 2.14.2 some users reached
+out to us about having issues with the Windows installer for 2.14.2. We are
+currently investigating the issue and expect to have a 2.14.3 release out soon
+which fixes it.
+A new minor version of Pidgin has been released, 2.14.2. Amongst other changes
+we can highlight the fix for two issues related to pasting content with `<p>` or
+`<hr>` HTML tags.
+The complete changelog for this release is the following:
+* Fix a build issue when compiling with gstreamer but without voice and
+ video. (RR #25)
+* Enable cyrus-sasl by default. (RR #26)
+* Fix an issue with opening link in Firefox. (RR #503) (PIDGIN-16589)
+* Fix a regression from 2.14.0 where extra whitespace would be displayed
+ when pasting <p> elements from HTML. (RR #504) (PIDGIN-17437)
+* Require Python 3 for generating the D-Bus bindings. (RR #550)
+* Fix an issue where pasting <hr>'s and other HTML elements would
+ eventually lead to a crash. (RR #514) (PIDGIN-17446)
+You can find 2.14.2 on
+We hope everyone enjoys this release and the fixes it brings. Remember that if
+you have any questions or comments we have a [variety of channels]({{< ref
+"about/community" >}}) where you can reach out to us.