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Improve protocols index page

Make the protocols index page more detailed:

- Explain what are services/protocols.
- Make it clear that we will only answer questions for protocols that come
built into Pidgin.
- Explain that for third party protocol plugins users need to ask questions
directly to their respective authors.

Testing Done:
Ran `` and verified contents look as intended.

Bugs closed: NEST-33

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-This group of pages houses Service-specific questions.
+The most unique feature of Pidgin compared with other instant messaging clients
+is that Pidgin enables users to log into their accounts on multiple chat
+networks (also known as services or protocols) simultaneously, all from a single
+Pidgin supports a variety of protocols out of the box. In this group of pages
+you will find answers to the most common Service-specific questions.
+In case you have questions about a protocol plugin[1] that you found in our
+[plugins]({{< ref "plugins" >}}) section, then our advice is to ask it's authors
+(usually you can find a method to reach out to a project authors in the
+repository where its code is hosted). These plugins have been developed by third
+parties and thus we don't have the knowledge or capacity to support them.
+[1] A protocol plugin is what allows Pidgin to support a protocol that doesn't
+come out of the box with it.