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+title: "HGKeeper and Mercurial 5.8 Issue"
+date: 2021-06-08T23:29:09-05:00
+We recently noticed an issue with version 5.8 of Mercurial after it got deployed
+on []( that causes freshly cloned
+repositories to be in a bad state.
+As of right now we believe this is only affecting the main Pidgin repository.
+Our repository has 20+ years of history and has been converted from
+[CVS]( to
+[Subversion]( to
+[Monotone]( and finally to
+[Mercurial]( Almost none of those
+conversions happened without issue, some more than others. Regardless to say
+our repository isn't very pristine and this is not the first time we've broken
+a version control system.
+We are still working with the amazing Mercurial team to figure out exactly
+what's happening, but for the time being we rolled the version of Mercurial
+on []( back to version 5.7.1.
+We also recommend rolling back your client version back to 5.7.1 as we have
+been able to reproduce the issue with the server running 5.7.1 and the client
+running 5.8.
+Most of the discussion around this has been in #mercurial on freenode, but
+we have opened an issue on Mercurial's
+[Bugzilla]( if you're
+interested in keeping up to date on what's going on. We will of course post an
+update here when we have everything figured out.