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Add a note about our upcomming public xmpp instance.

This is mostly for our GSoC application, but I will be setting this up VERY

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Ran locally.

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- `#pidgin` on `` on IRC
- ``, a Jabber/XMPP MUC (Multi-User Chat)
+In the very near future we will be launching a limited public chat instance
+where people without an existing XMPP account can reach us via XMPP. This
+limited instance will allow you to talk in all Pidgin and IMFreedom chat rooms
+but it will not allow server to server communication. This is primarily due to
+resources. We're trying to create and support a chat client and not a public
+chat network which would require a large investment in moderation, among other
## Helping
We often get people asking how they can help. Take a look at the
[Contributing](/development/contributing) page for suggestions! There are lots of things to