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Inspired by a question asked in the r/pidgin subreddit, add a bit more
clarification that an account at Hub is required for PidginChat.

Testing Done:
Ran hugo locally and verified that the page appeared as expected.

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--- a/hugo/content/about/pidginchat/ Thu Apr 29 22:15:00 2021 -0500
+++ b/hugo/content/about/pidginchat/ Sat May 01 16:20:38 2021 -0500
@@ -13,7 +13,9 @@
talk to each other without needing an existing XMPP account. Once you have an
account on our [JetBrains Hub]( instance at
[]( you will automatically be given
-access to the XMPP server.
+access to the XMPP server. Please note that there is no other way to register
+for a PidginChat account--you _must_ register at
+[]( to access PidginChat.
This service is purely for communication within the Pidgin community and as
such is not federated with the rest of the XMPP network. This means you can