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Add a new page to cover some things Gary and I discussed.
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+## Philosophy
+Pidgin has a number of design goals that we consider our philosophy. For
+### Protocol/Service Agnosticism
+We believe that once all your accounts are configured in Pidgin, it shouldn't
+matter what protocol or service is being used when messaging a contact. The
+purpose of using Pidgin is to communicate; the communication itself is more
+important than the gritty details of how it's happening. This is exemplified
+as "I want to talk to John" versus "I want to talk to John on his XMPP account
+at" It's our belief that "I want to talk to John" is our users'
+expectation, and we aim to make Pidgin that simple.
+## Project Goals
+Pidgin, as a project, has overarching goals for the future of the project:
+### Protocols/Services
+The main protocol-related goal for the Pidgin project is to remove support for
+the proprietary services from the libpurple source code and have them as
+separate plugins. This protects the core project from some legal issues and
+allows much faster response to protocol-level changes if the owners of a given
+service make changes that break the plugin. There is no specific timeline to do
+this; we simply aim to do it at some point in the future.