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Update the NSIS section to only recommend the official version and the plugins that are needed

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ran `npm run hugo:server` verified everything looks right and that the links worked.

Bugs closed: PIDGIN-17524

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If you would like to build the Pidgin installer, you'll need to setup
[NSIS]( Once you have installed
NSIS, please make sure that it is in your shell's `PATH`. Note if you're
-building with msys2 you can just run `pacman -S mingw-w64-i686-nsis` to
-install it.
+building with msys2 do not use the version available in pacman. There are
+multiple issues with it including that executables produced by it will not be
+able to run if Mandatory ASLR is enabled.
-Next you'll need to download the
-[nsis inetc plugin](
-and extract `x86-unicode/INetC.dll` to the `Plugins/unicode` directory of your
-NSIS installation.
+Next you'll need to download a few plugins and put them into the
+`Plugins/x86-unicode` folder of your NSIS install.
+ * [nsis unzip plugin](
+ * [nsis inetc plugin](
+ * [nsis crypto plugin](
Finally, you'll need to decide if you would like to sign the executables though
this is not necessary for personal use.