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A bunch of changes here to address Gary's comments.
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page for community-maintained plugins for these and other services.
### What happened to Facebook Chat support?
-Facebook terminated their XMPP support in April 2014. Pidgin doesn't have the
-developer resources to support an alternative implenetation ourselves. See the
-[Plugins](/plugins/) page for community-maintained plugins for this and other
+Facebook terminated their XMPP support in April 2014. An alternative Facebook
+Messenger plugin was developed as a
+[Google Summer of Code](/gsoc/#previous-years) project. That plugin is
+currently in the Pidgin 3 source tree and has been backported to Pidgin 2. The
+backport can be found either
+[here]( or on the
+[Plugins](/plugins/) page, but it is _not_ maintained by Pidgin's developers.
### Why doesn't Pidgin support CyanChat, Microsoft LCS/Skype for Business, Skype, NateOn, NetSoul, etc.?
It is an incredible amount of work to implement and maintain support for a
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time. As spare time is a limited resource, Pidgin's developers can maintain
only a limited number of protocols.
+That said, there are a number of people in the Pidgin community that have spent
+the time to develop plugins for additional services including Skype, Microsoft
+LCS/Skype for Business, and others. A list of known community-maintained
+plugins is available on the [Plugins](/plugins/) page.
If you are willing and able to implement and maintain a plugin for a protocol
that you use, we welcome and encourage you to do so! The beauty of Pidgin and
libpurple is its plugin system, allowing anyone to enhance and extend Pidgin.
-You can find community-supported (third-party) plugins on our
-[Plugins page](/plugins/).