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+title: "2.14.0 Released!"
+date: 2020-06-10T04:05:23-05:00
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+Well it's been awhile, but we've finally released Pidgin 2.14.0. This is a
+special release for a number of reasons, which we'll get into below. That
+said, you can find the source release on
+[SourceForge]( as
+well as on [Bintray](
+First of all we moved libgnt, the GLib NCurses Toolkit, to its own
+[repository]( It is the user
+interface library that was created for Finch. We did this for a number of
+reasons most notably to let libgnt step outside of Pidgin's shadow and get the
+attention it deserves as a stand alone project. That said, if you want to
+build Finch, you need to first install libgnt. You can find the source for it
+at [SourceForge](
+or [Bintray](
+Secondly, this is most likely the last release that will be on Bitbucket. As
+many of you know, on July 1st Atlassian is deleting all Mercurial repositories.
+We are mostly done with migrating off of Bitbucket but there's still some loose
+ends that need to be dealt with. Gary will be addressing this in an up coming
+townhall style meeting who's details will follow in the near future. In the
+mean time those loose ends need to be taken care of before that meeting.
+However, you can find the new home of the repository at
+Also due to the deletion of Mercurial repositories from Bitbucket we have added
+a new mirroring site for our downloads. We understand that many people still
+have trust issues with SourceForge but they are still the primary source for
+our files which we do cryptographically sign. For those of you that still
+prefer another option we have started mirroring our downloads on
+[Bintray]( We will eventually be putting
+all of our previous releases there as well, but right now it just contains
+the 2.14.0 releases.
+Finally, this release will be the last 2.x.0 release of Pidgin. What that
+means is that we will no longer be writing nor accepting new features into the
+Pidgin 2 code base. We are doing this to put all of our focus going forward on
+Pidgin 3. However, if there are bug fixes or security issues we will of course
+release Pidgin 2.14.1, 2.14.2, etc as necessary.
+With that, I hope everyone enjoys the release and if you have any questions or
+comments please feel free to
+[reach out to us](
+Gary Kramlich