Add pgp public key and refer to it in our security disclosure method

The idea behind this is to make sure people that choose to use email to let us
known about a potential security issue in Pidgin encrypt the content of the
emails using a set of pgp keys of trusted Pidgin developers. For now we only
have the pgp key of grim but more keys can easily be added later on.

At the same time, since Hugo does not currently have a built-in shortcode for
linking directly to static resources, I had to add a new shortcode for doing so

Testing Done:
Ran `` and made sure content looked as intended and links worked.

Bugs closed: NEST-46

Reviewed at
# Pidgin Nest
The place we like to call home.
This repository contains the source for the site.
## Dependencies
This project uses [hugo](, get it
## Developing Docs
To start development server run:
`hugo server -s hugo -D --disableFastRender -v --verboseLog --noHTTPCache --i18n-warnings`
- `--disableFastRender` Disabling fast render is needed because hugo starts to
ignore new content in the data dir
- `-v --verboseLog` Better logging and debugging experience
- `--noHTTPCache` To prevent caching issues
If you want to have your development server accessible from other computers or
devices on your network, you'll want to add some additional arguments to the
hugo command line:
`hugo server -s hugo -D --disableFastRender -v --verboseLog --noHTTPCache --i18n-warnings --bind= --baseURL=`
The additional arguments assume that your workstation's local IP address is
- `--bind=` instructs hugo to bind to the specified IP address.
- `--baseURL=` sets the base URL to allow connections
from other devices to work with proper URL's.
## Docker
1. `docker build -t pidgin/nest:latest .`
2. `docker run -it --rm -p 3000:3000 pidgin/nest:latest`
## Formatting
These are some regexes to quickly format templating
| regex | replace |
| -------------------- | -------- |
| `\{\{(\w|\.|\$|\()` | `{{ $1` |
| `\{\{-(\w|\.|$)` | `{{- $1` |
| `("|\w|\.|\))(-)?}}` | `$1 }}` |
## Hugo config
To disable **Copy Code to Clipboard** the `disableInlineCopyToClipBoard` switch
can be used either in **config** `[params]` **or** in the front matter of the
individual page.
## Tools
- **Visual Regression**
1. [Run dev server](#Developing-Docs)
1. To run the visual diff tool call `node tools/visual-diff.js` or
`npm run regression`
## Alert Notification
Notifications are configured in `hugo/config.toml`:
notificationMessage = "Great News Everyone!"
notificationCode = "nest-launch"
- `notificationMessage` is the message and is fully HTML
- `notificationCode` is used as the key to remember if the notification has been cleared
If either of these are unset, the template will not render.
The notification template is rendered `display: none` in the
`hugo/layouts/partials/custom-footer.html`, and then hoisted to the top of the
page if the cookie is not equal to the code.
## Submitting to Review Board
To submit a pull request you will need:
1.[RBTools]( (see
for details)
1.[A JetBrains Hub Account]( from our Hub