Add an announcement for the 2022 Q4 State of the Bird
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2 weeks ago, Gary Kramlich
Add an announcement for the 2022 Q4 State of the Bird

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title: "State of the Bird Q3 2021"
date: 2021-10-07T22:41:38-05:00
We are pleased to announce that our next State of the Bird will be held on
October 14th, 2021 at 21:00 UTC. You can use this
to get the time in your time zone.
The State of the Bird is a quarterly update on what has been happening in the
world of Pidgin, Finch, and libpurple. The event will be held live on
[Gary's Channel]( The presentation is
scheduled for roughly one hour and will be followed by a question and answer
During the event you can ask a question at any time by typing `!ask <the text
of your question>` into chat and it will be queued up for the question and
answer session.
If you're unable to make it, the presentation as well as the question and
answer session will be posted on
[Gary's YouTube Channel]( as soon as it is
Hope to see you there!