Add a blog post announcing DigitalOceans 2022 sponsorship
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2 days ago, Gary Kramlich
Add a blog post announcing DigitalOceans 2022 sponsorship

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title: Nest Launch
date: 2020-01-14T02:55:01.000Z
- blog
- website
lastmod: 2020-01-14T02:55:01.000Z
Greetings, Programs!
We're excited to announce the launch of our brand new website. The new site
aims to bring the [old]( website and the wiki from
[]( into a single website.
Development has been led by Jason Allan who is a new contributor to the
We haven't transferred everything over yet, so if you're looking for something
and the search isn't being helpful, all of the old content is still available
at [old]( and
We have a lot more going on in the near future so be sure to watch this
section or subscribe to our [RSS](/rss.xml) feed with your RSS aggregator of
Finally, if you would like to contribute please see the
[contributing]({{< ref "development/contributing" >}}) page.
Gary "grim" Kramlich