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title: "Libera Wallops"
date: 2022-02-05T05:32:26-06:00
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## Introduction
In December of 2021 []( made a decision to [turn
on wallops by default for all users](
The Pidgin project has no stance on this change, but a few users have asked us
how to disable it.
Unfortunately there isn't a way to do this in a stock Pidgin install, but the
`IRC More` plugin in the [Purple Plugin Pack](
is up to the task.
## Installation
The Purple Plugin Pack has been around for a very long time so it's probably
already available to you in the usual way that you install packages.
For Windows users, you can download a zip file of all the plugins from
To complete installation please see the README.txt inside of the zip file.
## Enable The Plugin
Once you have the plugin installed you will need to enable it in the `Plugins
Dialog` via the `Tools -> Plugins` menu item in the `Buddy List` window. You
don't need to restart Pidgin as it will check for new plugins when you open the
`Plugins Dialog`.
Scroll down until you find `IRC More` and check the box to enable the plugin.
{{< figure title="Enable irc-more plugin" src="plugins.png" >}}
Once the `IRC More` plugin is enabled you can close the `Plugins Dialog`.
## Configuration
Each IRC account is configured independently, so you'll need to open the
`Account Edit Dialog` for your account. There's number of ways to
do this, but the easiest is to select the `Accounts -> Manage Accounts` menu
item in the `Buddy List` window.
With the `Accounts` dialog open, find your account and select it.
Then click the `Modify...` button and you should be presented with a dialog
similar to the one shown here.
{{< figure title="IRC Account Basic Settings" src="account-basic.png" >}}
Click on the `Advanced` tab at the top. This is where the `IRC More` plugin has
added the additional settings.
In the `Unset User Modes On Connect` text box, we want to enter a single `w`.
By entering this `w` we are telling the `IRC More` plugin to turn off the
`see wallops` mode that is now turned on by default while connecting.
{{< figure title="IRC Account Advanced Settings" src="account-advanced.png" >}}
You can now click on `Save` which will close the dialog. However, remember that
`IRC More` only unsets that mode while connecting to that IRC account so it
has not yet turned it off.
## Verifying
The easiest way to verify that everything is setup correctly is to reconnect
your account and verify that you no longer have that mode set. To
do this, you can quickly disable and enable your account in the
`Accounts Window`.
Verification is a little bit tricker as Pidgin doesn't typically show these
kinds of messages to users. So the first thing we need to do is open the
`Debug Window` via the `Help -> Debug Window` menu item in the `Buddy List`
Once that's open, find any conversation window in Pidgin that is from your account. Once you have found one, type `/mode <your-username>` into
the input box of that conversation, replacing `<your-username>` with whatever
your username is on Be sure to hit enter to send the command.
Now back in the `Debug Window` you should see a new line like the following:
(06:21:14) irc: Unrecognized message: 221 grim-demo +Zi
This output says that the current user modes are `Z` and `i` which means this
user was connected via TLS and will be hidden from `who` and `whois` commands
from normal users.
Since there is no `w` that means we successfully disabled the `see wallops`
mode, which means you are now done and can close the `Debug Window`!
## Additional Reading
You can find more information about additional user modes on in
their [documentation](