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title: "Gsoc 2021"
date: 2021-05-23T15:30:37-04:00
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As many of you may know, Pidgin was accepted into the [Google Summer of
Code]( for 2021. We've been accepted to the
Summer of Code several times before, and were in fact one of the projects
accepted in the very first Summer of Code.
You can find our project listing on the Summer of Code site
Scroll down to the bottom for the projects.
This year we were given two student slots for projects. We accepted the project
proposals from James Culver and Prateek Pardeshi. Both students will be working
on some major improvements to our currently in-development version 3.0.0. James
will be working on a number of key improvements surrounding our message history
functionality, and Prateek will be working on a replacement for our aging
account management interface.
Our lead developer, Gary Kramlich, will be mentoring these two students, however
there will be assistance from other members of the project as much as possible.
It's our hope that both students will excel in their projects and bring some
much-needed modernization and improvement to our code base and improve our user
experience significantly.
Join us over on [PidginChat]({{<ref "/about/pidginchat">}}) in the
`` chat room if you'd like to follow the development
activities this summer!