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title: "GSoC 2021 Retrospective"
date: 2021-09-13T05:14:36-05:00
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Well it's September now, which means that the
[Google Summer of Code]( has ended. If you
missed our announcement post earlier this year you can find it over
[here]({{< ref "gsoc-2021" >}}).
James Culver worked on the History API which is key to our future support of
such features as message editing, message reactions, read/delivery receipts,
server side history, reactions, etc. The work James has done is currently up
for [review]( and will hopefully be merged
in the very near future.
Prateek Pardeshi worked on the Account Creation Assistant which is a guided
assistant to help users add accounts to Pidgin. This is an important feature
to make Pidgin more approachable to non-technical users who may be a bit lost
in our current account creation user interface. Unfortunately due to unforeseen
circumstances, Prateek was unable to complete this project.
We're considering this year a success and will be applying to be a mentoring
organization again next year.
We wish both James and Prateek the best in their future development work and
hope to see them continue working in Open Source in the future!