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title: "Facebook Takedown"
date: 2023-08-06T19:55:30-05:00
- blog
I opened Facebook today to see an interesting notification.
{{< figure alt="A Facebook notification saying our page was taken down for not following community guidelines." src="notification.png" >}}
Apparently we are misrepresenting ourselves as the official Facebook page for
ourselves. I appealed the decision and they upheld their decision which can be
seen below.
{{< figure alt="A Facebook message stating that our page was removed for going against community standards for misrepresentation." src="mirepresentation.png" >}}
I've been unable to find a method for how we can prove who we are but maybe
this post will do it? I reached out via the Meta Business Manager but I'm not
holding my breath there.
We only have about 1,700 followers on our Facebook page, and I do end up
supporting users there every few months. If the page is gone for good, it's one
less thing I need to check and post to which is good for me, but it sucks for
the users that were using it.
Either way, time will tell what's going to happen here, but if you have any
suggestions, please reach out on our
[Discourse post](
for this issue.