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Right now it says Anon for all pages and even if we were to automate that from the repository commits it's not really useful to see who modified a page and their email

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title: "Bintray Sunsetting"
date: 2021-02-04T22:13:17-06:00
replaces: []
Today [JFrog]( announced that they will be sunsetting
Bintray. You can read the announcement
Overall this doesn't affect us too much, but this does mean that we will be
relying on [SourceForge]( for our downloads going
forward. Also, we have updated previous articles that were pointing to Bintray
to mention this update.
A few ideas have been thrown around like using [IPFS](, but
due to our current timelines we can't afford to spend a lot of time
investigating and deploying new solutions. If you would like to help in this
regard please contact us!