Update the links for the groupme protocol to the active repository

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Ran the devserver and verified everything looked okay.

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title: "DigitalOcean Sponsorship Renewed"
date: 2022-09-29T07:25:02-05:00
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- sponsorship
[DigitalOcean]( has graciously renewed their
support of Pidgin for another year! Without their sponsorship we wouldn't be
the independent project that we are today!
We run just about every one of our services on their
[Managed Kubernetes]( All of
which are configured via
and are available for your auditing or learning needs at
As for our other services, well those are just running on a normal DigitalOcean
[Droplet]( Those configurations
are available as an [Ansible]( playbook as well at
DigitalOcean has been a great partner with a great product! If you'd like to
give them a try, feel free to use our
[referral link](