Add a blog post about the Facebook page getting republished
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6 weeks ago, Gary Kramlich
Add a blog post about the Facebook page getting republished

Testing Done:
ran `npm run hugo:server` and verified everything looked alright.

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title: "2.14.12 Released!"
date: 2022-12-31T21:36:21-06:00
replaces: []
We've released another bug fix version of Pidgin, version 2.14.12. This
release has many random bug fixes so be sure to check out the full ChangeLog
You may have noticed we didn't announce 2.14.11, that's because this release
got spiked as there was an error with a translation with the Windows installer.
I tested building the installer before merging translations which was a mistake
that I'll try to avoid in the future.
You can find links to the download from our
[Install page]({{< ref "/install" >}}).
### 2.14.12
* Remove a string from the Romanian translation that's breaking iconv on
Windows. ({{% review 2157 %}}) (Gary Kramlich)
### 2.14.11
* Add Markus "ivanhoe" Fischer to the Crazy Patch Writers! Congrats Markus!
({{% review 1952 %}}) (Gary Kramlich)
* Fix a crash when closing a group chat with spellchk plugin enabled.
({{% review 1951 %}}) (Markus Fischer)
* Fix network interface detection on Windows to fix broken file transfers.
({{% issue PIDGIN-17123 %}}, {{% issue PIDGIN-17293 %}},
{{% issue PIDGIN-17516 %}}, {{% issue PIDGIN-17704 %}})
({{% review 2018 %}}) (Gary Kramlich)
* Update the about box to point people to Discourse instead of the mailing
lists. ({{% review 2154 %}}) (Gary Kramlich)