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title: Windows-Specific Questions
date: 2019-05-20T03:45:13.000Z
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### Can I manually install spell-checking support?
Yes! If the installer isn't able to successfully download and install the
dictionaries, you can do so manually.
First, upgrade to the newest release if you aren't on it!
Pidgin on Windows uses the dictionaries available from the [
Extensions Download
You need to download the appropriate language extension file(s). These files
are extensions named with a file extension of `.oxt`; these are
simply ZIP files with some extra data in them. Once you have downloaded one of
these files, you can rename it to have a `.zip` extension and then extract the
`*.dic` and `*.aff` files in it. These files need to be placed into
`%PIDGIN_INSTALL_DIR%\spellcheck\share\enchant\myspell\`. Create the
directories if they don't already exist. (`%PIDGIN_INSTALL_DIR%` is _usually_
`C:\Program Files (x86)\Pidgin` or `C:\Program Files\Pidgin`.) If Pidgin is
already running when you place the dictionary files, you will need to restart
Pidgin for it to recognize the files.
### Can I script unattended installations or silent installations?
Absolutely! The [_Offline_ Pidgin
installer]( has a "silent" mode accessed
with the following syntax:
pidgin-x.y.z-offline.exe /DS=1 /SMS=0 /L=1033 /S /D=C:\Pidgin
The `/S` flag activates the silent mode for the installer. The `/L` flag
specifies the language using Windows LCID, and this affects both the installer
and Pidgin itself. The `/DS` and `/SMS` flags enable (`=1`) or disable (`=0`)
the desktop shortcut and Start menu shortcuts, respectively. The `/D` flag
specifies the installation directory. If you wish to use this flag, it _must_
be the last argument specified on the command line and may not contain any
quotes, even if the installation path includes spaces. All flags are optional,
except `/S` if silent mode is desired. Omitting the other flags will default to
LCID 1033 (English), with Desktop and Start menu shortcuts enabled, and a
default install path of `%PROGRAMFILESx86%\Pidgin\` or `%PROGRAMFILES%\Pidgin`
depending on your version of Windows.
### What should I do if I get a Download Error while installing?
The installer will, if necessary, download and install the GTK runtime, which is
needed for Pidgin to run. If you need to use a proxy server to connect to the
Internet, it is possible that the Pidgin installer will not be able to reach the
resources it needs. The installer automatically checks for proxies configured
in Internet Options. If you know the proxy settings, you can configure them by
opening Internet Options directly from Control Panel, or by opening Internet
Explorer and selecting Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings.
Alternatively, and likely preferred if errors occur, you can download the
[offline version of the installer](
### Can I run Pidgin on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista?
It is possible using old versions of Pidgin and GTK, but we do not support
this. Don't do it.