Make asset busting depend on deployment environment
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3 weeks ago, Jason Allan
Make asset busting depend on deployment environment

At the moment CSS and JS resources have a cache busting tag at the end of their href/src to force a reload when re-rendered. This is deependant on an unused setting, and is present in prod as well, this is really only a feature for development. So, it's been a PITA when diffing outputs

Testing Done:
I've run the `hugo` and `hugo serve` commands with deployment env between prod and dev, and behaviour is as expected

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title: GroupWise
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### What is GroupWise?
GroupWise is a messaging and collaboration platform originally developed by
WordPerfect Corporation and later acquired by Novell but now owned by [Micro
Focus]( (See [this
Wikipedia article]( for details.) The
Groupwise protocol within Pidgin specifically supports the instant messaging
portion of the GroupWise platform. Much of Pidgin's support for the GroupWise
Messenger service was generously provided by Novell several years ago.
### Are there any public servers?
No. This protocol is designed to connect with a GroupWise Messenger server
running on a corporate LAN. There are no known public servers.
### I can't get it to work.
We are told this protocol plugin works only with the GroupWise Messenger for
Linux server or the GroupWise Messenger SP2 (or later) server running on NetWare
or Windows, and then only if the server is secure (SSL/TLS-enabled).