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title: Voice and Video
date: 2019-03-17T23:11:17.000Z
lastmod: 2019-08-23T02:53:18.000Z
## Voice and Video
Voice and video in libPurple is being worked on using
[​Farstream]( (formerly
Farsight). There are a few parts to this implementation. Firstly, basic API
support needs to be added to libPurple. Then Pidgin and Finch need to be able to
initiate, participate in, and terminate the voice and video sessions. After
these two requirements are met, each protocol will require both the signaling to
be implemented (such as SIP or Jingle) and the proper Farstream plugins.
Farstream has rawudp, iceudp, and multicast transmitter plugins and an MSN
webcam plugin. Basic voice and video support for libPurple, Pidgin, and Finch
(voice support only) have been added to the "default" development branch.
XMPP/GTalk/Gmail is working, but not complete. None of the other protocols have
had much work done.
### Protocol Specific Information
#### XMPP/GTalk
XMPP, GTalk, and Gmail use RTP. XMPP uses Jingle. GTalk and Gmail use their own
flavor of Jingle. XMPP uses rawudp and XMPP, GTalk, and Gmail use the libnice
Farstream transmitter plugin.
Voice and video support for XMPP/GTalk was worked on for a
[Summer of Code project]({{< ref "development/gsoc/#previous-years" >}})
in the year 2008.
#### Sametime
Sametime seems to support at least voice chat according to
[​this IBM document](
#### Gadu-gadu
This is a placeholder for information regarding GG voice.
[An announcement that might be of
### Building with Voice and Video
Please be familiar with compiling and installing code from source. Please also
submit any bugs you find to our issue tracking platform, checkout our
[Contributing page]({{< ref
"development/contributing#how-to-submit-a-bug-report" >}}) for more details.
Make sure you are using the latest release of Pidgin.
Farsight 2 0.0.9 and libNice 0.0.7 are the minimum versions required, but the
newest versions you can get are best. Make sure to check Farsight2's README and
make sure you have all of the dependencies for it. gst-plugins-base is also
required for the gstreamer-interfaces-0.10 interface. Some distros call it
libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev. If everything in order, the configure script
should output this line:
> Build with voice and video.... yes
For help with building, see
[Building Pidgin]({{< ref "development/building" >}}). Please carefully read
through that section and any extra information for the distribution you're
#### Codec Configuration
If a certain codec isn't working for you, you need to create an "fs-codec.conf"
file in your purple config directory. See this for the specification:
So, for example, if you want to disable the MPV codec you'd put this in the
fs-codec.conf file:
### Links
- [​](
- [​](
- [​](
- [​](