Make asset busting depend on deployment environment
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3 weeks ago, Jason Allan
Make asset busting depend on deployment environment

At the moment CSS and JS resources have a cache busting tag at the end of their href/src to force a reload when re-rendered. This is deependant on an unused setting, and is present in prod as well, this is really only a feature for development. So, it's been a PITA when diffing outputs

Testing Done:
I've run the `hugo` and `hugo serve` commands with deployment env between prod and dev, and behaviour is as expected

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title: Version Control
date: 2019-02-01T05:09:48.000Z
anchor: development
lastmod: 2019-08-29T20:33:38.000Z
All of the source code relating to Pidgin and its libraries is hosted in
[Mercurial]( repositories and are specified
### Repositories
Pidgin itself lives in the {{< repo link="1" name="pidgin" >}}, repository.
This include Pidgin 2 on the `release-2.x.y` branch as well as Pidgin 3 on the
`default` branch.
The default branch has moved libgnt out to its own repository at
{{< repo link="1" name="libgnt" >}} to make it more accessible to other
developers. The intent here is to have it be a separate package on all
distributions to make it more accessible to users as well as developers. This
will help on distributions such as Slackware that enforce rules of one
distribution package per source package.
Pidgin 3 also depends on {{< repo link="1" name="talkatu" >}} for reusable
[GTK]( widgets that are geared towards messaging clients.
Purple 3 has adopted {{< repo link="1" name="gplugin" >}}, which is a library
that handles plugins in multiple langauages leveraging
[gobject-introspection]( It currently
supports C/C++, Python, and Lua plugins, with more languages planned for the