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title: Google Summer of Code
date: 2019-01-15T03:38:25.000Z
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Pidgin has been involved in the
[Google Summer of Code]( for many years
since it was started. This section contains a running list of project ideas as
well as some documentation on our participation for the years we participated.
If you're a student and interested in Pidgin please feel free to drop in to
``. If you don't have an XMPP account, check out
our [PidginChat XMPP Service]({{< ref "/about/pidginchat" >}}).
## Project Ideas
You can find our current list of ideas on the [Ideas]({{< ref "ideas" >}})
page. If you have any ideas, feel free to email the mailing list or open a
pull request.
## Instructions for Applications
We have some detailed directions on how to make yourself stand out from the
crowd on the [instructions]({{< ref "instructions" >}}) page.
## Previous Years
{{< gsoc >}}