The long-overdue blog post we owe DigitalOcean as part of their sponsorship.

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Ran server locally and verified page appears as I expected.

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title: Contributing
date: 2017-09-19T02:00:55.000Z
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Pidgin is a huge project with a ton of things to be done, even if you're not a
coder. Below is a short list of things you can do to help get involved!!
* Triage the issue tracker
* Try to reproduce described bugs. If you can find an easy way to
reproduce, leave a comment to explain how to do it.
* Find/mark/close duplicates. Seriously, even just one or two duplicates
found and properly marked is a huge help to our backlog!
* Suggest patches be turned into pull requests, or bring patches to the
attention of the core dev team.
* Help users
* IRC: #pidgin on freenode
* XMPP (formerly Jabber):
* Mailing Lists:
* Proofread the documentation--this is a really, really easy way to start!
* Help facilitate translators and translations
* via [transifex](
* help translate this repo
* other suggestions?
* Convert wiki pages to markdown for inclusion in this repo.
* Walk the links on [ThirdPartyPlugins](
and mark broken ones as such. This is another really easy way to start!
* Participate in discussion on IRC, XMPP, and/or the Mailing Lists.
For the coders out there:
* Find/fix build warnings
* Find/fix bugs on your own or via the issue tracker
* Participate in design discussions
* Add cool features!