Make asset busting depend on deployment environment
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2 weeks ago, Jason Allan
Make asset busting depend on deployment environment

At the moment CSS and JS resources have a cache busting tag at the end of their href/src to force a reload when re-rendered. This is deependant on an unused setting, and is present in prod as well, this is really only a feature for development. So, it's been a PITA when diffing outputs

Testing Done:
I've run the `hugo` and `hugo serve` commands with deployment env between prod and dev, and behaviour is as expected

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Building Pidgin can be tricky, but hopefully we've made it pretty clear in the
following pages. First thing first is that we you need to decide which version
of Pidgin you are going to build.
If you are just trying to build Pidgin to run it, then you probably want the
[2.x.y](2.x.y/) release which is our stable version.
If you're interested in developing Pidgin itself or just want to live on the
edge then you may want to try out the development version which we call