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Pidgin is a huge project with a community that helps to provide support. We
have a number of ways you can get in touch with us.
## Chatrooms
If you prefer chat-based contact, the Pidgin community has a number of primary
chat resources where you can reach us.
- ``, a Jabber/XMPP MUC (Multi-User Chat) for
general discussion.
- ``, a Jabber/XMPP MUC (Multi-User Chat) for more
development-oriented discussion.
- `#pidgin` on `` on IRC for both general and development
discussion. Check out the [web chat](
to reach easily!
- The officially unofficial [Pidgin Discord](
If you don't already have an XMPP account, you can use our free
[PidginChat XMPP Service]({{<ref "/about/pidginchat">}}) to reach us there!
## Social Media
Of course we also have a presence on social media!
- [Facebook](
- [Reddit](
- [Twitter](
## E-mail
The Pidgin team can be reached via mailing lists for support and development
- []( ([List Info]( ([List Archive](
- []( ([List Info]( ([List Archive](
- We offer a few other mailing lists. [See the full list.](
## Security
If you need to reach us about a security issue, please see our [security]({{< ref "security" >}}) page.