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title: Contact
date: 2019-05-19T17:51:27.000Z
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- /about/community
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Pidgin is a huge project with a community that helps to provide support. We
have a number of ways you can get in touch with us.
## Discourse
[Discourse]( is our new preferred contact
method. We are still figuring out exactly how to organize this, but there are
sections for everything and we'll figure out the rest as we go!
## Chatrooms
If you prefer chat-based contact, the Pidgin community has a number of primary
chat resources where you can reach us.
- ``, a Jabber/XMPP MUC (Multi-User Chat) for
general discussion.
- ``, a Jabber/XMPP MUC (Multi-User Chat) for more
development-oriented discussion.
- `#pidgin` on `` on IRC for both general and development
discussion. Check out the [web chat](
to reach easily!
- The officially unofficial [Pidgin Discord](
If you don't already have an XMPP account, you can use our free
[PidginChat XMPP Service]({{<ref "/about/pidginchat">}}) to reach us there!
## Social Media
Of course we also have a presence on social media!
- [Facebook](
- [Mastodon](
- [Reddit](
- [Twitter](
## E-mail
We are currently in the process of shutting down our mailing lists and moving
all of the discussions that would happen there to
You can find archives of the mailing lists
## Security
If you need to reach us about a security issue, please see our [security]({{< ref "security" >}}) page.