Add an alias for /development/wiki/GetABacktrace to the debugging page

Testing Done:
Ran `npm hugo:server` and verified that `/development/wiki/GetABacktrace` redirected to `/development/debugging'

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title: independent-20040826-00
date: 2004-08-26T00:00:00.000Z
summary: Content-length DOS (malloc error)
discoveredBy: Sean (infamous42md)
fixedInRelease: 0.82
type: security
layout: cve
hidden: true
### Description
Remote crash. When a remote server provides a large `content-length` header
value, Gaim will attempt to allocate a buffer to store the content, however
this allocation attempt will cause Gaim to crash if the length exceeds the
amount of possible memory. This happens when reading profile information on
some protocols. It also happens when smiley themes are installed via drag and
### Mitigation
The call to `g_malloc()` was replaced with a call to `g_try_malloc()`. If the
memory could not be allocated the function returns instead of causing the
application to crash.