Update the changelog for the 2.14.7 release
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8 days ago, Gary Kramlich
Update the changelog for the 2.14.7 release

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title: cve-2004-0500-00
date: 2004-08-22T00:00:00.000Z
cveNumber: cve-2004-0500
summary: MSN strncpy buffer overflow
discoveredBy: Sebastian Krahmer, SUSE Security Team
fixedInRelease: 0.82
type: security
layout: cve
hidden: true
### Description
In two places in the MSN protocol plugins (`object.c` and `slp.c`), `strncpy`
was used incorrectly. The size of the array was not checked before copying to
it. Both bugs affect MSN's MSNSLP protocol, which is peer-to-peer, so this
could potentially be easy to exploit.
### Mitigation
Bounds checking was added in both places.