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PidginChat is a public XMPP service that we run so the Pidgin community can
talk to each other without needing an existing XMPP account. Once you have an
account on our [JetBrains Hub]( instance at
[]( you will automatically be given
access to the XMPP server. Please note that there is no other way to register
for a PidginChat account--you _must_ register at
[]( to access PidginChat.
This service is purely for communication within the Pidgin community and as
such is not federated with the rest of the XMPP network. This means you can
message users within the ``, ``, and ``
domains, but nothing external. Likewise, you can also join multi-user chats in
these domains as well.
***We the operators of the PidginChat service reserve the right to terminate
access for any individual at any point in time.***
You can connect to this account by using `` as your
username and using your normal password for Hub. However, if you have two
factor authentication turned on for your account you will need to create an
application password in order to successfully connect. You can find more
information on how to create an application password in the official JetBrains
## Connecting with Pidgin
Using Pidgin to connect to your PidginChat account is pretty straightforward.
But to make it even easier, we'll guide you through it.
First you'll need to create the account using the `Accounts -> Manage Accounts`
menu item in the Buddy List window. In the Accounts window hit add. Fill out
the fields accordingly, of course setting your proper username and optionally
storing your password.
{{< figure title="Add Account Dialog" src="add-account.png" >}}
When you're all set, you can click the add button and Pidgin will automatically
attempt a connection. If everything went well, you should now see that your
status is `Available` in the Buddy List window.
{{< figure title="Buddy List Window With Available Status" src="buddy-list.png" >}}
You can now join a chat from the `Buddies -> Join Chat` menu item in the Buddy
List window. There are a few options for rooms to join but right now we'll
just join the `general` room.
{{< figure title="Join Chat Dialog For" src="join-chat.png" >}}
Once you click join you should be in the chat and can start talking to others
in the Pidgin community!
{{< figure title=" Chat Room" src="general-chat.png" >}}