Make asset busting depend on deployment environment
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3 weeks ago, Jason Allan
Make asset busting depend on deployment environment

At the moment CSS and JS resources have a cache busting tag at the end of their href/src to force a reload when re-rendered. This is deependant on an unused setting, and is present in prod as well, this is really only a feature for development. So, it's been a PITA when diffing outputs

Testing Done:
I've run the `hugo` and `hugo serve` commands with deployment env between prod and dev, and behaviour is as expected

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title: Philosophy and Goals
date: 2019-08-22T03:45:43.000Z
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## Philosophy
Pidgin has a number of design goals that we consider our philosophy. For
### Protocol/Service Agnosticism
We believe that once all your accounts are configured in Pidgin, it shouldn't
matter what protocol or service is being used when messaging a contact. The
purpose of using Pidgin is to communicate; the communication itself is more
important than the gritty details of how it's happening. This is exemplified
as "I want to talk to John" versus "I want to talk to John on his XMPP account
at" It's our belief that "I want to talk to John" is our users'
expectation, and we aim to make Pidgin that simple.
## Project Goals
Pidgin, as a project, has overarching goals for the future of the project:
### Protocols/Services
The main protocol-related goal for the Pidgin project is to remove support for
the proprietary services from the libpurple source code and have them as
separate plugins. This protects the core project from some legal issues and
allows much faster response to protocol-level changes if the owners of a given
service make changes that break the plugin. There is no specific timeline to do
this; we simply aim to do it at some point in the future.