WCAG 2 fixes for contrast and empty header

11 months ago, Jonathan Champ
WCAG 2 fixes for contrast and empty header

Testing Done:
Ran WAVE tool browser extension. They have a no-install, web version at

As an example, improvement goes from 3+24 errors to 2+0 errors on

The colors are directly-scaled, viable suggestions, but it would be possible to make the green more green by exchanging red/blue for green while maintaining the same level of contrast. As an example #0c8a0c might be a bit more vibrant green. Please let me know if you would like me to suggest other slight color variations.

Bugs closed: NEST-45

Reviewed at
Alan Hoskins <>
Elliott Sales de Andrade <>
Frederick F. Kautz IV <>
Gary Kramlich <>
Harrison <>
Jason Allan <>
John Bailey <>
Richard Laager <>
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