Update plugin lists

2020-08-19, Elliott Sales de Andrade
Update plugin lists

Update plugins that moved off Bitbucket.
Shorten GitHub raw links for plugin logos.
Fix plugin links to anchors.
Use https links where available.
Update some redirecting links.

Testing Done:
Viewed the result, and logos didn't seem to break. Some were even fixed now due to Bitbucket repo deletion.

Reviewed at
"version": "0.1",
"language": "en",
"words": [],
"dictionaryDefinitions": [
"name": "Pidgin",
"path": "./tools/pidgin-words.txt"
"dictionaries": [
"flagWords": [],
"ignorePaths": [
"overrides": [
"filename": "hugo/content/**/*",
"language": "es"
"enabledLanguageIds": [