Pidgin Nest

The place we like to call home.

This repository contains the source for the site.


This project uses hugo, get it here

Developing Docs

To start development server run: hugo server -s hugo -D --disableFastRender -v --verboseLog --noHTTPCache --i18n-warnings

  • --disableFastRender Disabling fast render is needed because hugo starts to ignore new content in the data dir
  • -v --verboseLog Better logging and debugging experience
  • --noHTTPCache To prevent caching issues


  1. docker build -t pidgin/nest:latest .
  2. docker run -it --rm -p 3000:3000 pidgin/nest:latest


These are some regex's to quickly format templating

regex replace
`{{(\w . $ ()` {{ $1
`{{-(\w . $)` {{- $1
`(" \w . ))(-)?}}` $1 }}

Hugo config

To disable Copy Code to Clipboard the disableInlineCopyToClipBoard switch can be used either in config [params] or in the front matter of the individual page.


  • Visual Regression
    1. Run dev server
    2. To run the visual diff tool call node tools/visual-diff.js or npm run regression

Alert Notification

Notifications are configured in hugo/config.toml:

notificationMessage = "Great News Everyone!"
notificationCode = "nest-launch"
  • notificationMessage is the message and is fully HTML
  • notificationCode is used as the key to remember if the notification has been cleared

If either of these are unset, the template will not render.

The notification template is rendered display: none in the hugo/layouts/partials/custom-footer.html, and then hoisted to the top of the page if the cookie is not equal to the code.

Recent Changes