Instant Messaging Freedom Ansible

This repository contains the ansible configuration for running our non kubernetes infrastructure.


Before you can run our ansible playbooks, you need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • create a file named vault_password in the repository root with the proper decryption password of the ansible vaulted file with our secrets.

  • download all the collections our roles depend on with the following command

    ansible-galaxy collection install \
      --requirements-file collections/requirements.yml


There are a number of playbooks that you can run.

  • mail_servers.yaml is for setting up our e-mail servers.
  • status_page_servers.yaml is for setting up the hosts that run
  • teamcity_convey_agents.yaml sets up the TeamCity build agents that use Docker and convey.
  • teamcity_coverity_agents.yaml sets up the TeamCity build agents that run Coverity directly on the agents.
  • teamcity_simple_agents.yaml sets up the TeamCity build agents that run directly on the agents.

To run one of these playbooks you just need to run

ansible-playbook <playbook>

If you just want to run against specific hosts you can use --limit host1,host2.

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