Review Board Jetbrains Hub

This is a plugin for Review Board that allows you to use Jet Brains Hub as an authentication source.

Since Review Board 3 does not yet support OAuth2 for authentication, this uses the Resource Owner Password Credentials OAuth2 flow in Hub. This means that users will use their normal JetBrains Hub username and password to login. This also means that two factor authentication methods are not supported and users with 2FA on will need to create an application password in their Hub settings.


To setup this plugin you will of course need both Review Board and JetBrains Hub up and running.

Review Board

You can find the official documentation for installing Review Board here.

JetBrains Hub

You can find documentation for installing JetBrains Hub here.

Once JetBrains Hub is up and running, you'll need to create a Service for Review Board. A service in JetBrains Hub's terms is another service that is using JetBrains Hub for authentication. You can find documentation on creating JetBrains Hub services in the official documentation.


Installation should be done via:

pip install rbjbhub

Once the plugin is installed, just make sure to rescan for extension in Review Board and you should be able to enable it.

review board admin extensions page with the plugin enabled

Once you have enabled the extension, head over to the Authentication settings and configure the plugin to match your settings from JetBrains Hub.

review board admin settings authentication page

All of these settings should be the values of the service you created in JetBrains Hub above, with the exception that value for Scope is the ID of the Hub service in your JetBrains Hub instance, which in my experience has always been 0-0-0-0-0.

When you're all done, go ahead and save your settings. Then try to login as a user that exists in your JetBrains Hub instance. If you're able to log in, you are good to go!


User email addresses are ONLY set, if the email address has been verified in JetBrains Hub.

User information is ONLY synchronized when a user logs in. This means that if a user has changed their email address in Hub and are added to a review request before they log into Review Board, the user will not receive an email for that review request.

If a user has 2FA turned on, they will have to use an application password to login.

If a user changes their username in JetBrains Hub a new Review Board account will be created for them on their next login. To avoid this, they should have a Review Board administrator change their username in Review Board.

If a user already existed before logging in with JetBrains Hub, they will still be able to login via that password. As a Review Board administrator you can change this password to something that the user does not know.

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