Initial support for building the installer
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12 months ago, Gary Kramlich
Initial support for building the installer
(23:47:21) Gary Kramlich: now
(23:47:24) Gary Kramlich: s/w//
(23:47:49) Gary Kramlich: you know you're geek when your regex correction is
longer than the correct word
[00:19] rekkanoryo i'm not above theft when it's NOT illegal :)
09:41> CIA-7: grim * guifications2/ ( src/gf_item_text.c
themes/funky/theme.xml): This is very crappy looking, but working, of
drawing text from a pango layout to a pixbuf. I _AM_ working on
cleaning it up.. but I want to get this is already...
09:42> grim: grr!!
09:42> grim: s/is/in/
09:42> grim: :P
09:42> nosnilmot: s/ of/ way of/
09:42> grim: eh.. it works without 'way' :P
09:42> nosnilmot: you fix the code, I'll fix the bugs in your commit
09:43> grim: rofl
09:43> grim: good deal :)
05:37> grim:
05:38> grim: that still cracks me up..
05:38> grim: wish i new what it said though :/
05:39> nosnilmot: It says "look how crap this is, it sits over the top
of the toolbar, and because it wasn't i18n we couldn't find the pref to
change that"
05:39> grim: lol
21:46> datallah: bah... it is pango's fault
21:46> grim: or pango..
21:46> grim: heh
21:46> nosnilmot: EVERYTHING is pango's fault
21:47> grim: that it is
21:47> datallah: at some level
(14:50:14) me too entered the room.
(14:50:23) me: ok i think i may have this..
(14:50:24) me too left the room.
(14:50:29) me: then again..
09:34> Alver: nosnilmot: it's only got 4 wires
09:34> Alver: 10Mbit baby
09:34> Alver: But seems like I did it ;)
09:35> Alver: working alright
09:35> nosnilmot: it's not CAT-5 then, but yes, for networking only the
blue & green pairs are used
09:37> Alver: it's got orange/white and blue/white pairs
09:39> nosnilmot: fortunately most electrons are not fasion conscious so
don't care too much about the actual colours of the wires they're
whizzing down
05:06> stu|laptop: running windows is definitely a case of having
something "badly misconfigured"
05:06> stu|laptop: you've got the wrong OS installed
[01:16] grim you know whats funny?
[01:16] grim when i started uber hacking on thursday, it was at like
revision 88 or something..
[01:18] bleeter always thought you were a crap coder :-P
[01:18] CIA-9 grim * r201 /trunk/gflib/gflib/gf_color.h: this was
annoying me..
[01:18] grim remind me not to credit you for anything... :P
(23:15:08) friend: how be you?
(23:15:11) John: i'm ok
(23:16:18) John: hacking away at this plugin i'm trying to write
(23:16:54) friend: sounds so violent
[23:43] <rekkanoryo> grim suggested then that it was timestamps and he was right
[23:43] <grim> of course i'm right!
[23:43] <grim> i'm always fucking right
[23:43] <Bleeter> except when yer fucking wrong :P
<grim> 1m42s minesweeper ;)
<rekkanoryo> how in the hell do you go thru that many mines that fast?
<grim> fast fingers..
<grim> i'm a guitar player too..
<grim> the chicks dig me when they see what i'm capable of ;)
* rekkanoryo won't touch the first comment with a 10 foot pole
<rekkanoryo> or the third
12:30 < grim> shhh :P
12:34 * Bleeter ssshhh's
12:36 < datallah> you boys are fucked up :)
12:36 < grim> we try :)
12:42 < Bleeter> it passes the time
15:14 < rekkanoryo> shell commands generally work better in bash than in gaim without /exec...
[00:14] rekkanoryo bleet|lap: if my committing forces you to quit being lazy, then my purpose in life is fulfilled :P
[00:14] bleet|lap hopefully not so complete you end it, 'coz then where'd I be
15:45 * bleet|lap nominates EvilDennisR as the Gayer of the Village
15:45 < grim> "Channel gayer: EvilDennisR"
16:10 < EvilDennisR> y'all just jealous that I give way better head than you ever will
16:11 < EvilDennisR> get your tongue pierced, then maybe you'll have a fighting chance
09:44 < grim> 3
09:44 < grim> this is not blender
08:44 < Bleetaarrrrrr> methinks someone lost their sense of humour in the sargasso sea
08:44 <@rekka|laptop> maybe, maybe not
08:44 < Bleetaarrrrrr> or maybe it be lookin' at the mermaids that did it to him
08:47 < grim> we were only supposed to look at the mermaids..
08:47 < grim> fuck what happened to my legs..
08:47 < grim> wtf is this fin shit?!
08:48 < Alvyarrrrr> Yarrr, me be thinkin grim would make a daymn fine fish soup now
goes on ;-)
08:48 * grim swims away as fast as possible, and decides to make the best of being a merman and bone some mermaids..
08:49 < Alvyarrrrr> grim: yarrrrrr, ye cowardly scumbag :P stand and fight ye soupbowl destiny like a man!
08:50 < grim> i have a fucking fin.. i'm a god damn fish!! and i'm not hungry, so i'm goning to bone!
11:14 < grim> hey look at me, i'm java, instead of doing constructor chaining on the declaration line i make you have to use super() but it has to be the first line..
11:14 < grim> what a bunch of horseshit
11:18 < grim> also C isn't like "hey crotchstain, I'm only going to let you do that this way"
16:08 random_user_in_private_message: geez I'm fed up with buying clothes on ebay that dont fit X-(
18:05 < r0bby> grim write a book
18:05 < r0bby> make it dirty too
18:06 < r0bby> and give me a shout out
18:07 < Alver> "Pimpin bitchez & coding stuff - the Gary Kramlich story"
18:07 < Alver> "with an introduction by Evil 'ho' DennisR"
19:10 < BWS> HEHE
19:10 < BWS> you guys remind me of my roomates last year..
19:10 < BWS> but I don't have to smell you :)
22:49 < rekkanoryo> sadrul: we just have a couple plugins that don't do anything yet
22:50 < sadrul> yeah, but that's because you are too lazy :-p
22:50 < rekkanoryo> actually, no, it's because i don't care that much ;)
22:50 < sadrul> which is clearly a mistake
23:27 < rekkanoryo> i prefer to think of it as a perk of being a developer. to an extent i have the right to selectively care or not care ;)
23:40 < sadrul> i don't want to go back to sleeping 12 hours a day
23:40 < grim> sadrul: ..|.,
23:41 < sadrul> grim: is that a text-replacement? :-p
23:41 < rekkanoryo> sadrul: no, he's just typed it so frequently he fires it of in about 0.5 seconds flat
20:28 < grim> anyways, bbiaf
20:29 < i686> be back in a fart..?
20:29 < i686> ;)
20:46 < grim> oh yeah..
20:46 < grim> it was a 18min fart :)
20:46 < i686> ooooh, gassy..
20:48 < rekkanoryo> you know, if it wasn't for knowing for a fact that grim is the most insane person
ever to exist i'd have to wonder which of you is worse
20:49 < grim> rofl
17:01 < bleeter> if you think about it, some of our forebears must've been real sickos
17:02 < esquilax> chicken ass
17:02 < bleeter> 'oh, look what just fell out of this chicken's bum.. I think I'll eat it'
17:02 < bleeter> 'hey, I wonder what'll happen if *I* squeeze that cow's tits'
17:02 < bleeter> and so forth
11:03 < EvilDennisR> I want funpidgin to rub my balls
11:03 < EvilDennisR> I'll request that feature
23:24 < grim> well reading would be helpful :P
23:24 < rekkanoryo> ok, mom :-P
23:25 < grim> i'm not commenting on that, because it's going to be awkward..
21:48 < EvilDennisR> Gary always has time to stab a mother fucker
18:39 -!- Gothgirl quit ["Now if you will excuse me, I have a giant ball of oil to throw out my window"]
18:47 < grim> anyone get her quit message?
18:48 < rekkanoryo> nope
18:48 < grim> k, so i'm not being stupid, just average ;)
18:48 < rekkanoryo> ..|.,
18:48 < grim> rofl
18:48 < rekkanoryo> :-P