Initial support for building the installer
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16 months ago, Gary Kramlich
Initial support for building the installer
The end all, be all, toaster popup plugin!
## About
Guifications, are notifications windows styled after those found in msn,
deadaim, and newer version of aim, yahoo instant messenger, and a lot of
other applications. I've fashioned them after being as user customizable
as possible. It is entirely gtk based and therefore should compile on
anything that Pidgin will compile on.
## Building/Installing
### Non-Windows
#### Dependencies
Guifications 2 depends on the following:
* glib >= 2.14.0
* gtk+ >= 2.14.0
* cairo
* freetype2
* pango >= 1.1.0
* libpurple >= 2.0.0
* pidgin >= 2.0.0
#### Building
Guifications2 uses the [meson]( build system for all
operating systems.
For non Windows operating systems you just need to run the following commands
to install Guifications2.
meson build
ninja -C build install
### Windows
You need to have a recent Pidgin build directory that has meson support. This
includes the files `meson.ini` and the custom `pkg-config` script that should
be in the root of the `win32-dev` directory.
Once your `win32-dev` directory has those files in it, you can build with the
following commands:
meson --cross-file <path to win32-dev directory>/meson.ini build
ninja -C build installer