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To install Guifications, simply extract the contents of this zip file
to your pidgin install directory, which is C:\Program Files\Pidgin by
To Compile
You need a complete Pidgin build environment set up, and Pidgin already
If you're using a version of MinGW 3.1-1 or lower you'll need to update
some of the api, and extract/copy it into your MinGW directory. You can
get the updated api from:
You also need fontconfig and freetype2 development bits, which you can get
from: and
extract those in ~/win32-dev/gtk_2_0 (where ~/win32-dev is part of your Pidgin
build environment)
Then extract the Guifications source into:
pidgin-source being what ever path you extracted the pidgin source tree to.
For example, if your pidgin source tree is in /home/user/pidgin-VERSION
you want to "cd" over to /home/user/pidgin-VERSION/plugins/ and type:
tar zxvf guifications-VERSION.tar.gz
Then cd into the source dir
cd guifications
Followed by
make -f Makefile.mingw
make -f Makefile.mingw install
When it's done building copy
to your pidgin install dir, (Keeping the already defined tree structure of
And you should be good to go. Restart pidgin and try it out.