A bunch of random ruby work
2018-08-27, Gary Kramlich
A bunch of random ruby work
There are a few notes about building on OSX.
First off, building has *ONLY* been tested against homebrew. If you want to
support fink or macports, please let me know and I will merge your pull
For the Lua loader to work, you need to install lgi from luarocks either
systemwide or to a virtual environment created by LuaDist, vert, or something
along those lines.
When you're building lgi against homebrew you'll have to set the
PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable since homebrew does not install libffi
systemwide. This is easily done via:
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$(brew --prefix libffi)/lib/pkgconfig
and then running "luarocks install lgi"
If you're using homebrew, you need to install pygobject3 with
brew install pygobject3 --with-python3